Spanning 2000 Years of Christian History


When, O Christian, has there been a more glorious time to be alive?

• Where, O Christian, in what age would thou choose to live?

• What age has had the Woman of Nazareth – the same Woman who is the Queen of every title – come and speak to its people?

• When in history have so many been able to pilgrimage to a sanctified site to encounter an ongoing supernatural event?

• Which age did Mary come and say this is “my time?”

• When in history has the Virgin Mary said She would bring a people into a new time, just as the Israelites were led out of Egypt by Yahweh?

• When has it been in history that all who would listen would be individually chosen to be used in a plan for the salvation of mankind?

• Span time and find where it was revealed that satan had special plans in the works to destroy the whole planet.

• When, O people of God, has the possibility to hear about God been so available through so many avenues of media, churches, communication and technologies, and yet He is so closed out of it that He must set up a direct voice through Christ’s Mother, to those who would heed Her call to come back to Him?

• In what time did those who have had a broader view live? Was it the time when the twelve walked with Christ for three years, or the time of those who have the window of 2000 years of Church history and who now have daily walked with Mary for over a quarter of a century?

st james medjugorje

A recent picture, Nov 8, 06, of St. James Church shows the simple setting of the church as it appeared years ago. Sadly, it is becoming more and more difficult to find such a view that blocks out development. Thoughtlessness of what ‘is’ Medjugorje is destroying aspects of its beauty and traces of Medjugorje’s original little village. Insensitive development on and near church grounds is reckless in maintaining St. James Church and what Our Lady came to in 1981. The physical Medjugorje spoke of the mystical happenings in the beginning years, and sadly this part of the voice of Medjugorje is being taken away. Future generations will be at a loss to explain how those alive during one of the greatest happenings of Christianity could have been so careless.

June 26, 1986

“Dear children, God is allowing me along with Himself to bring about this oasis of peace. I wish to call on you to protect it and that the oasis always be unspoiled. There are those who by their carelessness are destroying the peace and the prayer. I am inviting you to give witness and by your life to help to preserve the peace. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

– A Friend of Medjugorje



The answer to all these questions, of course, is ‘NOW’ – the present time. This is the “time of grace” that Our Lady repeatedly refers to in describing the times in which we live. Her words, “This is a time of grace” holds within them every element that has long been foretold of a special time of Our Lady. Through reflection, we understand that now is the awaited time – the time for the Queen to reign, the Woman of Revelation to be victorious in squashing the kingdom of darkness. It is the time to advance against and conquer the all-time reigning king of darkness and to expose his shameful face. It will be done, through enlightening those who have been seduced by him, lighting up souls with the sweet, fresh Words of the Queen. WORDS, that he, the king of darkness, hates. So much are these words hated, that Marija, the visionary of Medjugorje, who herself receives these words of light from the Virgin’s lips, says on the 25th of each month, when she receives the messages for the world, that satan causes much confusion in her life. Imagine an individual being used to repeat the words of the Mother of the Christ Child for the world, and these words being used to free the world from its exile in darkness to lead it to the light. Why would the dreadful prince of unpeace not cause havoc in that individual’s life? And if Marija suffers from this difficulty, should anyone in the missionary work of spreading Our Lady’s messages escape the wrath of the sinister one through temptations, torments, persecutions, etc.? All his actions against those who consecrate themselves to Our Lady serve to wear these souls down and weaken them or distract them. We must not back off or stagnate or get comfortable in the spiritual life. We must be growing constantly, constructing ourselves spiritually for the rest of our lives.

We must never rest, because he who created evil never does. We must never cool off to Our Lady’s messages, because it is to his evil consolation and design for those who once followed Our Lady to quit living Her messages or at least become lukewarm, or no longer be enthusiastic about Our Lady’s messages and plans of Medjugorje.

Spanning through all of history, since the death of the last Apostle, there is no greater time to be living.

Friend of Medjugojre

Taken from the booklet Spanning 2000 Years of Christian History. We encourage you to read this important booklet.

To download free this 24-page booklet, click here.

altNo event, spiritual or secular, since the direct events associated with Christ’s life, can compare to the event of Medjugorje. Without contest, it is the greatest event since the birth of the Church, two thousand years ago. After reading the contents of this writing, you will understand why this is stated so assuredly.

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