Sometimes I Get Angry-Jakov speaks

Sometimes I Get Angry-Jakov speaks

Monday July 30, 2007 


Talk Given by Visionary Jakov Colo, June 16, 2007

medjugorje visionary jakov

Jakov Colo speaks to a large group of pilgrims on June 16, 2007. Our Lady took Jakov and Vicka physically to Heaven, hell, and purgatory. Jakov does not like to speak about his experience with hell. Once when asked about hell, all he said was that he would not want his worst enemy to go to hell.

I greet you all. I am very happy that you are all here. And I’m sure of something else; that you are not here by accident. You are here because Our Lady invited all of you to be here. You are here because Our Lady wished you to be so. A friend of mine, who is a priest, once said something that I like very much. Our encounters here in Medjugorje, they have been prepared for centuries by Our Lord. Those who may think they are here by pure coincidence, it is not at all the case. We are here because Our Lady wants us here.

I shall tell you my story, my apparitions and what I believe to be the most important to why Our Lady is inviting us here in Medjugorje. I had my first apparition on the 25th of June, 1981. I was the smallest of the six. I am still the smallest, as you can see (laughter). I was ten years old at the time. Before the apparitions, I lived like all other children in the village. I loved being with them. I played lots of football, like all the other children. I had the faith of a child, what my parents told me, what they transmitted to me. I knew Our Lady existed, that the Lord existed. I prayed every evening in my family…very often by force, very often going to Holy Mass. I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

On the 25th of June, 1981, I found myself in the house of Marija, the visionary. After awhile, Vicka came and told us the story that the day before they had seen Our Lady. Now, in that moment, they were going back to that place where they had been yesterday. I don’t know if it was curiosity or something else, but we said to Vicka, if Our Lady is there, we shall come also. After awhile, we went to where Vicka went. She screamed and was crying, “Our Lady’s on the Hill.” We were running after her. We found ourselves at the foot of the Hill. We saw, up there, a figure of a Woman, with Her hand She was waving to all of us, to make us come. What I felt at that moment was an immense fear. I had the desire to run. At the same time, within my heart, I wished to meet that Person. I cannot remember how we went up the Hill. But I remember it was a beautiful moment when I looked into the eyes of Our Lady for the first time, when I saw this immense love of Hers, how I felt at that moment…protected. I saw my very Mother in front of me. I can guarantee you, words do not exist for that moment. In that moment, only your heart speaks. In my heart it was saying, “I hope this moment shall never be over.”

I can tell you that from that moment on, a new life began, a new life which was much more beautiful. When it began, I understood something. I had received a big gift from Our Lord…to see Our Lady. But at the same time, I have received even a greater gift and that is to know Jesus Christ through Her. That is the very reason why Our Lady comes to Medjugorje. She wants to bring us all to Jesus Christ. She wants to bring us to His peace and to His joy. When you come here, all pilgrims, and those who don’t think of themselves as being pilgrims, I can tell you, you are pilgrims. Do not mistake me here.

Let me tell you something really simple and that is…surrender to Our Lady. Tell Her in your own words, like I did myself. “I am ready. I want to accept to what you are inviting me. I want to give you my heart. I want you in my heart. I always wish to be with you.” We just need to say our simple “yes” to Our Lady because Our Lady said many times, “Dear children, it is enough to open yourselves to what is here and I will do the rest by Myself.” That is very important. Here when pilgrims come, I always tell everybody to begin a true pilgrimage, we need to have a purified heart. To have a purified heart, we can go to Confession. First, we need to go to Confession. Only with a purified heart, can we accept what Our Lady is inviting us to.

I know that many are surprised because Our Lady has been coming for so long. Twenty-five years! Almost 26 years. Many ask, why? Many ask why Our Lady gives so many messages. Unfortunately, others say those messages are always the same. I always tell everybody, instead of rather asking why, we need to say another word and that is “thank you.” Thank the Lord for all the gifts He has given us. Thank the Lord that He allows Our Lady to be with us and to feel by ourselves, to open our hearts, so we shall understand why Our Lady comes. It is so simple. Our Lady comes for us. She didn’t come just for us six or for our parish. She came for the whole world. She’s a Mother who loves Her children. As I said before, She wants to bring Her children to joy and peace. We need to thank the Lord for this. This is the message Our Lady gives in Medjugorje.

Those people who say that the messages are always the same, they are people who don’t believe the messages, because every person who has accepted the messages, they will understand that the messages are a strength for our life. And something else, they give an answer to all our questions. Because Our Lady has said so many times, “Pray and you will have all the answers that you are looking for.” Our Lady wants to guide us on our road, and that road guides us to Jesus Christ. That is the road of prayer, conversion, fasting, peace, and Holy Mass. Our Lady only says to pray. Our Lady says renew the prayer of the Rosary. But when Our Lady says pray, She says “pray with your heart.” Feel the joy and peace in prayer. Transform your prayer into joy, because none of us can pray if we feel obliged. We understand this from Our Lady because She never says you “have to.” She invites us only. In our hearts, we need to feel the necessity, the need for prayer. We need to feel prayer to be our daily food, which gives us answers to everything.

medjugorje visionary jakov

Jakov was only 10 years old when Our Lady first appeared to him. Our Lady has told the six visionaries that No one in the world has had the grace which you, your brothers, and sisters have received.” The way they see Our Lady, the frequency, and with messages for the world, this has never happened in Church history. — A Friend of Medjugorje

Our Lady is always saying in a special way to pray in the families, to put the Lord in the very first place, to find time for the Lord in the family. Because if the Lord is in our family, we shall have everything. We will have joy. We will have peace. We will have love…love that we can give to our children. The Lord is everything. Those families who have to live without Him, this is why there are so many divorces. Our Lady told us, there is nothing greater to unite the family than prayer. Our Lady said yet another thing, “I wish all of your families become holy families.” I was surprised at that message. Because also I think very often, if in order to be a saint, I have to be on my knees many hours and pray. But in truth, it is not like that. To have holiness, the most important thing is the Lord, Himself, because holiness is also educating our children, helping our neighbor, sometimes just taking somebody’s hand, smiling, so many small things, that are very good things at the same time.

Our Lady speaks about fasting, Wednesdays and Fridays, with bread and water. Today is Friday. No problem (laughter). Those pilgrims who come here to Medjugorje, they have many problems with fasting, and they always talk about it. They want to live their own way. Why fast? Our Lady said simply fasting is bread and water. Then why fast? I always say it this way. We fast because She’s asking us. Let us remember what Our Lady always says, “Dear children, with prayer and fasting you can obtain everything, you can even stop wars.” This is why we need to fast. Many times we don’t understand that when we fast, when we pray, for whom do we do it? For ourselves, for our futures, for our salvation.

Very often, I am surprised. Sometimes I get angry. Our Lady comes for 25 years. She gives us the recipe of how to be fine. We don’t want to accept. We wonder and ask what must we do? Let’s take an example. When we are sick, we go to the doctor. He gives us the prescription, the recipe. We go to the pharmacy. We take the medicine and we begin to be healed. Here, Our Lady gives us the recipe on how to be well. We don’t want to take the medicine. Unfortunately, what happens often is when we have crosses to carry, there are people who say, “Lord, where are you? Why don’t you help me? Have you forgotten me?” I tell you, instead, we need to say something else. We need to ask ourselves something. Where have we been? What have we done in our lives? If the Lord had been in the first place in our lives, the Lord is always close. Unfortunately, we are the ones who do not want His presence very often, with our failings, with our sins. We remember the Lord only when we need Him. Then we ask for things to happen immediately. The Lord needs to be present always in our lives. He is our strength. When you come here to Medjugorje, I always say to all of you, don’t come to see us visionaries in the first place, because we are normal like everybody else. Here we don’t’ come to look around for signs. What is the most important thing? What is the sign that we can receive? It is our very conversion. Begin a new life here, a new life together with Our Lady. That is the most important thing. Bring that new life back to your homes. I believe your true pilgrimage begins when you go back into your homes. It is not important to say that you have been to Medjugorje. Let the others recognize Medjugorje within you, that they can see the Lord within you and how the Lord works through you. That is the true example of Medjugorje. That is the example Our Lady is asking of all of us. We can say simply…not at all to speak with the tongue, but speak with life. That is the most important. Those are the most important things.

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