Smoke Closes Apparition Tonight

Smoke Closes Apparition Tonight

August 31, 2012 A.D.

Because of fires on the mountain and smoke, the apparition tonight to Ivan was closed. While we do not have a lot of information of the particulars, we do know that as pilgrims were making their way to Apparition Mountain this afternoon for Our Lady’s apparition during the prayer group, they were met by other pilgrims coming down the mountain, and from Ivan’s house who stated that because of smoke caused by fires on the mountain, the 10:30 pm apparition was closed. The fires had been burning on the back side of Cross Mountain, and were making their way across the top and causing much smoke to engulf the mountain and surrounding area. At this time, no fires are threatening directly the apparition spot on the mountain, but, we ask everyone to please keep this in prayer.

Fire at Apparition Mountain August 31, 2012

This was the scene that greeted pilgrims tonight, August 31, 2012. Apparition Mountain is to the left, and fire is coming over the top, where Apparition Mountain and Cross Mountain meet. One can see the smoke cloud rising and covering the mountain.


Fire at Apparition Mountain August 31, 2012

Here, pilgrims watch the fire, that is behind Cross Mountain, from the Blue Cross which is at the base of Apparition Mountain.


Fire at Apparition Mountain August 31, 2012

This is what could be seen tonight as pilgrims were leaving Apparition Mountain. Again, while the fire is not directly at the place of the apparition spot, we pray that Our Lady continue to protect Her mountain and all those who gather there to pray.

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42 thoughts on “Smoke Closes Apparition Tonight”

  1. Vida & JohnWisnoski

    Our love & prayers go out for the safety of all from the fires. May the BLESSED MOTHER protect her mountains for future generations. GOD BLESS ALL

  2. This is a divine mountain where the Heaven communicate with the world. Fire is a sign of Holy Spirit and God’s presence. God appeared to Moses in the mount like burning fire. This is only a sign from heaven. It is not for any bad thing. Let us wait and listen the message of Our Lady. John

  3. I feel in my heart that the Holy Mother of God has something very important to tell us through Ivan tonight. I pray and ask Our Dear Lord to forgive us all of our sins and to bring us all to His Holy Will.

  4. I’m praying for all of you i hope to be one day in Medjugorje, that fire is strange but lets keep praying the rosary our world need us,God bless you all and Holy Mother help us.

  5. Therese A. Ward

    Our hearts go out to all of you near the fires. We pray for all who are affected by the fires and remember you in our daily prayers. May the peace of God be with all of you. In Christ Love, Therese

  6. All the the fires are still there, the wind has changed and I think its going to be ok, Ivan had the apparition in his little chapel. I have every confidence that Our Lady will protect these mountain x. Thank you Our Lady, Love you xx

  7. Mother Mary please protect the closest place to Heaven on earth, and all your family who gather there; peace and happiness to all

  8. I pray to our Lord Jesus through Our Lady that rain may come and stop all fire, and that Our Lord may protect that holy area from any probable visible or nonvisible dangers . AMEN

  9. Estela Valenzuela

    I’m so sorry to hear about the fire. Yes, you have my prayers for everyone’s safety and the sparing of the apparition area from the fire. Everyone, be safe! Love you!

  10. There appears to be Angels in both photos. There is one in the smoke praying, with hands together and you can also see two Angels at the top of the mountain in the second photo. Our Lady is always with us. We will pray as she has asked us to do and we will not be afraid.

  11. OH my!!! Yes I see it 2 sweet angel faces are appearing over the mountain top… Trust in the Lord…We must not fear… May Christ’s peace be with all of you…My prayers be with all of you..

  12. The fire is a side show. The main show is that we are loved by Our Heavenly Father . No wonder He sends Mother Mary to us to re-affirm that love. We will not loss focus Jesus is Mightier! Lets fix our eyes to The Main Show!

  13. mangaka Motsamai

    Our Blessed Mary knows every thing knows that what happened on that mountain at that time because this work is for Heaven now we are waiting for the say from Our Lady. We thank even in this moment. Mangaka

  14. Dear Mother Mary, although initially it saddened me, I realise that Your Power can undo any of satan’s crafty plans. I know that You and Jesus are in total control of everything. I trust You and I Love You Mother.

  15. Ave Maria thank you very much for the information. I know God has a reason for everything that is happening now, and He is in control of all these events. Praised be Jesus and Mama Mary. I will join you in prayer. God bless.

  16. Denise M. Sibilly

    Medjujorje will stay in my prayers.May our Blessed Lady continue to protect Her blessed mountains in Medjugorje, and Her children in this world as She continue to draw us ever close to Her Son Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  17. God is control and lets events happen for a reason… perhaps this was the message… more prayer and fasting…World wake up!

  18. May God Bless and protect all of you there and I know that Our Lady also will protect all of her children with her heavenly mantle. We will keep all of you in our prayers. We pray also for the intentions of Our Lady and Her Blessed Son Jesus and for forgiveness for all of our sins. May we all be open to Receive and accept Gods Will and Love for us all. Love to everyone from the U.K.

  19. Medugorje is so precious. It is Holy ground. Our Blessed Mother and Her Precious Son protect Medugorje and us all. I love that place and visit it every year. We pray.

  20. This saddens me so much. The devil is doing everything he can do stop this! The devil will not prevail! We must continue to pray, fast, and say the rosary as Our Dear Lady has instructed us to do!

  21. I have looked at the picture of the people leaving the mountain where the flames are rising and you can see the face of it looks like children. I am sure they are angles looking after Our Lady and all the people on the mountain at this time. I pray everyone will be safe. and that the fires will be quinched by rain.

  22. I too felt its devils work. But Mother Mary will stamp over him. I pray that She will chase him through intercession of Jesus. Jesus and Mary pray for us.

  23. Dear Holy Mother, please protect your Holy mountain, keep everyone safe,that they may enjoy the sweetness and Love of this Holy Place .

  24. I hope that Ivan received the message in the chapel. My only solution is to pray that Our Lady will continue appearing to the seers so that they can continue being the voice of Heaven to the world. In God we trust. Thank you.

  25. I was waiting up for the apparition time in India, which iwas 3 a.m. on the First of September, to say my four Rosaries, but I could not sleep the whole night, so I woke up and started saying my prayers at about 2 a.m. It seemed as though Our Lady wanted prayers before apparition time, to prepare us for this eventuality. We Christians and even Hindus and Muslims in India love Our Blessed Mother and this incident has come between two big feasts of Our Lady, i.e the Assumption and the Nativity when big Novenas and Masses are attended. We pray;’ Heavenly Mother, help us to surrender to the Will of the Father, through your Son and the Holy Spirit.’Mother I have come to Medjugorje once and received many graces, continue to watch over my family who are all thine My Queen and Mother and all that we have is thine.We love you too much.Thank you for all you are doing for the world through Medjugorge and otherwise.Your obedient child always. Rita

  26. Dear Lord and Mother Mary, I believe there is a reason for this and I pray that our Mother will intercede to Her Son to reveal the reason to the visionaries. Thank you Mother there will be no greater disaster due to this fire. With prayers and God’s blessings.

  27. Mother Mary will be asking Jesus to protect that Holy place. We will all pray for the fire to be extinguished by God’s power

  28. angela casebier

    I am Praying For the Blessed Mother To Protect Her Mountain From The Fires That Are Near ! Blessed Mother Please Help Medjugorje And Your Apparition Mountain From These Fires And Please Protect All the People Who Are There ! Keep them Safe From Harm and Please Clear The Air There and Let The Fires Quit Burning if Its The Lord”S Will ! Amen !

  29. We pray for all of you at Medjugorje. Mother, we know that you will protect your Apparition Mountain and the people there. Mother this is the closest place to Heaven. Please take care of it. I want to come over there very soon. May God Bless You All! We love you all very much. You all are in our daily prayers.

  30. So sorry to hear about sad things. I am praying to Our Lady for your safety. May Jesus and Mother Mary help and protect you.

  31. We Hope that the fires don’t get worse and our Blessed Mother Mary appears to Ivan. We pray for safety of the people. The Devil is trying hard to stop these visits..

  32. My thoughts and prayers are with the pilgrims and townsmen that the fire and smoke not cause damage nor be the cause of believers being forced to leave the area. I also pray that Blessed Mary guide my country as she embarks on an election year that must bring us peace and religious freedom.

  33. fergus misquitta

    Whilst I firmly believe that Our Blessed Mother is always there to help protect us and intercede for us; it would be nice to be made aware of The Vatican’s official position on these apparitions; lest some unbelievers scoff at this great miracle

  34. Does anyone see in the middle picture above- the pilgrims watching the fire- the fire looks like two young angels looking over the mountain, which may mean everything will be ok. Keep trusting on our Lord.

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