Simple and Profound Words from Vicka

Simple and Profound Words from Vicka


July 13, 2011 A.D.


Talk from Medjugorje Visionary Vicka – June 1, 2011

Medjugorje Visionary Vicka

Medjugorje Visionary Vicka, known for her joyful witness of Our Lady. Vicka, the oldest of the six visionaries still continues to see Our Lady on a daily basis. For more on Vicka visit this page.

The main messages of Our Lady are prayer, peace, conversion, confession and fasting. Our Lady recommends that every single day, we all pray all three parts – all 15 decades of the Rosary. She also recommends that we fast twice a week on Wednesday and Fridays on bread and water.


One of the most beautiful things Our Lady recommends is that we pray for a strong faith. When Our Lady invites us to prayer, She does not just want us to say the words with our lips. Our Lady would like us, every single day, day by day, to open our hearts a little bit more so that the prayer can finally become the joy for us. Our Lady has given us a beautiful example. She says, all of you back home; you have a pot with flowers. If you, every single day, put a few drops of water into that flower, you will see how that flower will gradually develop and become beautiful, as a beautiful rose. The same example is with our hearts. If we every day, with our first few words we offer prayer with the heart, into our hearts, we will see how our hearts will develop and become as beautiful as roses. If we do not water that flower for a few days, we will see how that flower will vanish. It will be as if it never existed before. Our Lady says that each one of us, every single day, when the time for prayer comes, says, “I am tired now. I cannot do it now. I will pray tomorrow.” But when tomorrow comes and the day after tomorrow, and yet we did not pray those days, our hearts are open to all the influences from the other side. Everything bad comes into our hearts. Our Lady says that as a flower cannot live without the water, our hearts cannot live without the grace of God. Our Lady says that prayer with the heart cannot be something that is studied or learned. Prayer with the heart is something we need to experience every single day – we need to go a step forward.

When Our Lady speaks and invites us to fasting, She says that those people who are sick, they don’t have to fast on bread and water, but on those days, they need to give up something most dear to them. But Our Lady says, those people who are healthy, who say they cannot fast because they have a headache or various other health problems, Our Lady says that if they do it for the love of God, the love of Her, there will not be any problems. There will not be any difficulties. The only thing that is missing is their strong faith. Our Lady requires our complete conversion, and She says, “Dear children, when you have a problem or an illness, all of you think that Jesus and I are far away from you,” but Our Lady says, “No, we are always close to you, but you need to open your hearts to be able to see how much we love you all.”

Our Lady wants us to make and do little sacrifices in our lives. She would be the happiest if we gave up sinning, and She says, “I am giving you my peace and my love, and you need to bring it to your family and to your friends.” She is giving a blessing to all of us, and She is praying for all of us. Our Lady says She is happiest when we go back to our communities, back in our families, and pray the Rosary together. Our Lady is happiest when parents pray together with their children, when children pray together with their parents. In that way, they are united and satan cannot do any harm. Our Lady says satan is always trying to disturb. He wants to take away our peace and destroy our prayers.

Our Lady recommends that we pray a little bit more. The only weapon against satan is the Rosary in our hands. Our Lady also recommends all the time that we carry something that has been blessed with us, a little medal, a crucifix, something that will be our protection against satan. She invites us to place the Holy Mass in the first place in our lives. She says that moment is the most important moment, the holiest of all. In those moments, the living Jesus is coming amongst us. Our Lady wants us to go to the church and take the Living Jesus without fear, without hesitation.

She also recommends once a month, to go to Holy Confession. She said do not go to Confession just because you have sinned, but when you go to Confession, go to the priest and ask him for advice on how to move on and how to progress in your own life.

Our Lady is also very worried for all the young people throughout the world. She said that young people are in a very difficult situation. She said that we can help them with our love and with the prayer with the heart. She says, “Dear young people, everything that this world is offering to you is just going to pass by.” In these moments, satan is waiting for any free moment in our life to attack us. But what satan is eager to do in our days especially, is to destroy young people and to destroy our families.

Our Lady says these moments are the moments of great graces. She wants us to take Her messages and to accept them in our lives and to start living Her messages. She wants us to become carries of Her peace and bring Her peace to the whole world. The first thing Our Lady invites us to do is to pray for peace in our hearts, peace in our families and in our communities, and later with that peace, we pray for peace in the whole world. Our Lady says that if you yourself are praying for peace in the whole world, and yet you do not have peace in your heart, that prayer will not be able to do much. In these moments, Our Lady recommends that we pray a little bit more, that we pray for Her intentions and for Her plans, that every single day we take the Holy Bible, that we read a couple of verses from the Holy Bible and live those lines throughout our day.

Our Lady also recommends that we pray for the Holy Father, for all the Bishops and priests. That we pray for the whole Church because our Church is in need of our prayers. But in a special way, Our Lady recommends to pray for one of Her plans that needs to be realized. One of the things that makes Our Lady especially sad in these moments are young people and families. She suffers a lot. Our Lady says we need to pray for peace, but we need to pray together with Her to pray for Her intentions, that we help Her plans be realized. Also tonight, when Our Lady appears at 6:40 p.m., I am going to recommend each one of you, and pray for all of you and all of your intentions. But you yourselves at 6:40 p.m., open your hearts and offer up everything to Our Lady.

I don’t know if you are aware, but Jakov and I have received a great grace. Our Lady has taken us by our hands and took us, with our bodies to see Heaven, Purgatory and hell. We were in the house of Jakov and Our Lady appeared to us. The first thing She said was, “Now you are going to go with me.” In those moments, when Our Lady appeared and She said She was going to take hold of us, Jakov said immediately, “Our Lady, please take Vicka, she has eight brothers and sisters, I’m the only child.” He thought we were going to go and not come back ever. In those moments, I was thinking, “My God, how long are we going to have to travel? Do we go up? Do we go down?” Our Lady only took me by my right hand and Jakov by his left hand. She was in front of us and She only took us up. The ceiling opened just enough for us to go through. Within a second, we were in Paradise. We were able to see a huge space. We were able to see the light that does not exist here in this world. We were able to see people who were all looking quite the same. There we not fat or slim ones. They all wore robes that were grey, pinkish, and yellow colors. There were circulating around and the angels were flying above. The people were singing and praising the Lord. Our Lady showed us and said to us, “Look how joyful people here are.” It was a joy that was indescribable, a joy that does not exist here in this world.

Purgatory was another huge space, but in Purgatory you could not see people. You were only able to see a big space. You could hear how people were suffering. Our Lady said these people who are there in Purgatory are expecting our prayers to be able to go to Heaven. When we came to hell, we were able to see a big fire there. Then, we were able to see the people before entering the fire were looking like human beings, but upon entering the fire, they were no longer the same. They were like beasts, like animals. There was screaming all over the place. Our Lady said those people who are in hell are there because of their own will. Our Lady said those people who are living here on earth as if God doesn’t exist, who are doing everything against God, are living in hell already here. When they die, they just continue that.

Our Lady said that there are so many people who live here on earth, who are thinking when they die, everything finishes. Our Lady said that is the biggest mistake. We are all passengers here. When we die, our life continues.

For more on Vicka visit this page.

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3 thoughts on “Simple and Profound Words from Vicka”

  1. There are people  who were raised by a bad mother,  so they have are hard time believing in the Blessed Mother (tho. She is the greatest Mother  ever)  and like wise Those who were raised by a bad father, have a hard time believing in Jesus and God tho(JESUS  and GOD are the greatest and Almighty,  Our  world is full of turmoil, and only the Holy of  Holies can help us.  But those who have been poorly raised need to believe this.

  2. The broadcast music was very touching as I just found out I am pregnant for my second child. My first is a boy. Though I had no preference of the gender beforehand, God seems to be telling me this one is a girl. I prayed to God for a name as I did for my first, and He made it so easy. Rose was the name that immediately came to me after I found out. When I told her father I thought it was a girl, he said “We can call her Rose.” If it is indeed a girl, her name will be Rose Liberty. We are going to see the first ultrasound next week. What a wonderful message to hear before carrying this new life into the world – God-willing. There are a few things I need to work on..We will also have to make sure our new husky knows his place in the family. :)Thank you for your boldness and giving teachings like no one else does. So many are too afraid or do not have the wisdom.

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