Seize the Moment – 11 Minute Presentation

Seize the Moment – 11 Minute Presentation

January 5, 2021 A.D.

A remarkable and prophetic presentation from a Friend of Medjugorje, which was first published in November 2018, after the mid-term elections in the United States showed there was blatant irregularities that evidenced fraud taking place in Georgia and Florida. This 11-minute presentation was never released on Mej.com, and is well worth the time spent watching.

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17 thoughts on “Seize the Moment – 11 Minute Presentation”

  1. Watching this after returning from the Epiphany day, stop the steal  protest on Washington.  This is what we need. Boldness and courage. Restore righteousness!

  2. Very appropriate at this time.   We can’t rely on courts, DOJ or FBI;  they are compromised, to say the least.  If nothing happens now, it will be too late.  Everything has been right in our face.  They are thumbing their noses at us and daring us to do something.   I trust in God,  and believe he gave us President Trump for this time.   They can’t get away with the steal.

  3. Ron fr Makati, Philippines

    Goosebumps on every part of my body. I’m not American but I believe in my heart very deeply that what happens to the US is pivotal to what’s gonna play out in the world. Do we have already a copy of this video in YouTube? Thank you, — friend of Medjugorje — for your courage and the rest of the Community of Caritas In Birmingham 

  4. Shiela M Peterson

    It’s time to declassify and be ready to activate Martial Law; when they brought out the National Guard to control the riots and killings, it stopped within 1-2 days. We need to pray for our President and thank God for giving him to us.

  5. Kathleen Fordonski

    This was very informative and well done. I truly believe that we have reached the level of STEAM!! WE THE PEOPLE are rising once again!!

  6. Are we about to once again pay the price for our freedom? “In the end there will be Peace” Currahee!

  7. How do we stand up for our rights?  Athens was a small city. We are a Nation. Do we need to have a Civil War?  Yes we pray, but that is not enough. How do we get rid of the evil that has taken over our country? God can and probably will do it, but our whole nation will suffer along with the evil ones.  Our media has fallen. The SWAMP has taken over. Too many citizens don’t see what is happening and just vote as if we were still in the 50’s & 60’s. May God help those of us who still believe in Him and His commandments. And may He continue to bless America.

  8. That was beautiful!! We can no longer be the silent majority allowing the evil and corrupt deep state to make our country communist. It’s time to get loud and take our country back to our Christian roots. It’s time to stop giving up our freedoms out of fear. Pray for strength to stand up against tyranny and regain our freedoms. 

  9. If only we knew our history better than we do. May our Blessed Mother hold us. I feel the steam, I just don’t know what to do with it. So many emotions. Trusting in the Lord. 

  10. Nancy Montell

    Few know the Declaration of Independence! It rings loud and clear We the People and it’s up to us to Support and DEFEND OUR COUNTRY. The weakness of those in Congress is appalling at best, on both sides. 213 degrees should lead all on a holy March!

  11. I’m at 213 degrees, after attending Trump’s Dalton, GA rally last night!   THANK YOU [Friend of Medjugorje] for another God given blessing and direction for us to go.   Prayed up, armed up, and ready, blessings, gh

  12. Thank you for showing this battle once again. We the people cannot, must not let this go on in our country. evil must be defeated now. O Mary, conceived without sin pray for us who have recoursed to thee. Crush the plans of the enemy under your heel and obtain from your Divine Son an election according to His Holy will. Amen 

  13. I felt that what had transpired in the Battle of Athens, in 1946, is a great example of what could happen in our country now.  With so much derision and division in the government and it’s peoples, people may rise up again.  The last few words, I thought, were powerful-boldness is required of all of us. Boldness that is strengthened by our relationship with God.  He hears and see everything and He knows exactly what is needed and He will provide it. It was a very good clip. Thanks for providing it.  God Bless to All.  Joanne

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