satan Wants to Destroy Medjugorje

From the moment the events of Medjugorje began to unfold, conversions, on a great scale, began to take place. No sooner than this began to happen, satan began in every way possible to stop the events from continuing. Pressure from communists, from the police, from unbelieving priests, even from their parents upon the visionaries was intense and ongoing for many years. But, Our Lady continued to appear, and conversions continued to touch the hearts of thousands, eventually millions. Finally, satan realized he could not stop belief in the apparitions. He had to change his tactics, his strategy. Within this writing, you will discover satan’s master plan to lead thousands of souls away from Medjugorje, Our Lady’s messages, and Her plan to save mankind. Written in 1991, this writing is prophetic in how accurately it has pinpointed the advances satan would and did make against Our Lady. It takes a discerning heart to grasp and accept what is written, but for those who pray and seek, the reward is wisdom into the magnitude of the greatness of the times in which we live.

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