Response to mej Feedback

Response to mej Feedback


The following is a mej feedback sent to us on July 9, 2007:

“Just a comment, I am a believer in Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje and have been there 21 times, and I am, in fact, returning soon to Medjugorje. However, I can understand why people get turned off by statements like, ‘Our Lady WILL appear to Ivan tonight,’ and little yellow pin tags announcing such things on a web page. Shouldn’t it be more like, we pray that Our Lady will appear to Ivan again tonight? Wording is so critical, and I hear it from skeptics all the time, and I can understand, even being an ardent believer, that how can anyone say with certainty that Our Lady WILL appear at such and such a time, at such and such a place. Thanks for listening.”


We cannot always respond publicly to comments, but because the above was suggested in sincerity, we respond.

We can never operate on the premise of what skeptics think as ardent believers. We operate on the premise of truth and let God take care of the results. Yes, wording is important, but being scared of what detractors might think and not saying what needs to be said is what is wrong with the world today. Our Lady comes and operates in our world. A sticky note as a reminder might look, sound, or appear to be base, but it was Our Lady Herself who repeatedly, here on the Caritas grounds, would tell us the next day where (the bedroom or Field) She would appear to Marija and what time. It became somewhat of a joy on several occasions because Our Lady would tell us through Marija that “tomorrow’s apparition will be at the ‘same time, same place.’” A statement that would give a skeptic something to make fun of or even ridicule, but not if one understands it is our Mother who is coming to be a Mother. The following is from our publication Words of the Harvesters from several years ago.

Our Lady’s apparitions receive complaints of doubts from priests, theologians, and others. They say that they cannot be authentic because they are everyday. Others have said the messages are nothing, repetitive, too simple to be of real value, or ask how they are expected to believe that everyday Our Lady is going to appear at a certain time – it is too much!

A Protestant psychotherapist who became a Catholic through the Eucharist, after going to Medjugorje, told the late Fr. Slavko a profound statement, full of wisdom. Once you read what follows, it is hard not to see the truth of family and Our Lady’s call for the return of Motherhood and Wifehood.

Psychotherapist: ‘I am convinced that it is truly the Holy Virgin who appears in Medjugorje.’

Fr. Slavko: ‘For what reasons?’

Psychotherapist: ‘For three reasons: the first, because She appears in a very punctual way. The second, because She says simple things, and the third, because She appears every day.’

Fr. Slavko: ‘But it is just these three things which present difficulties to the theologians! Why did these points convince you?’

Psychotherapist: ‘Because as a psychotherapist I regularly see in people the anguish and profound problems that today are due to the absence of the mother in the families. Society itself is ill because of this absence. There are divorces. And the mothers prefer to go out to work, they have areas of interest other then their children. Now it is precisely these three points ‘punctuality, simple language, and the daily presence of the mother’ which are the most necessary for the proper development and for the balance of the child. In Medjugorje, it is truly the Mother who comes, because she remains with us. She gives us precisely these three things which we are lacking. It is the way in which She appears that touches me: She heals us from any of the ill effects of absence.’

In addition, in Juan Diego’s apparition, Our Lady told him to come the next day. St. Catherine was told by Our Lady where to come and when to come for her apparition at Rue de Bac (Miraculous Medal). The Fatima children were told the date and time in advance. They announced it to others who announced it to others. In the book of Matthew, Jesus told the women disciples, after His Resurrection,“Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me.“

The character of Our Lady as Mother makes it an impossibility for Her to suddenly not come when She stated She would. Ivanka, Mirjana, and Jakov, all were told by Our Lady that their daily apparitions would end before they ended. Ivan announced Our Lady would appear last Monday. People had a whole day to plan to prepare for the apparition and they did. We pre-announced the apparition across the world and people prayed from many different countries at the same time, welcoming Our Lady to the earth and to receive Her blessing. Why would we want to say,“we pray that Our Lady will appear to Ivan again tonight” for a few skeptics? Why be sensitive to such a sentiment? We could only be so if we ourselves lack faith in Our Lady’s words that when She says She is going to appear, She, in fact, will appear. We will always announce Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s apparitions without shyness or quietism. Quietism was a heresy condemned by the Church of which many Christians practice today.


Friend of Medjugojre

From the Booklet “Quietism”

Many Christians are buying the lie of darkness, that they can’t bring faith to the workplace. Watching evil take place all around them and not stepping up to contradict it, is termed quietism. For the Christian to succumb to the tactics of darkness to the point of allowing his Christian faith to be suppressed, through quietism, contradicts all the apostles who were commanded to go and teach all nations. Quietism is slowly creeping in everywhere, even to the point that Christians squirm in their seats when religion is discussed in public. The Scripture relates that if you save one soul, you save your own. If you reach out to another to help him know God, and he rejects God, he will lose his soul, but you still save yours. But if you do not reach out you are accountable. This is the reality of what is taking place in the world today. Christians are not standing up for what their faith represents and so are passively allowing Christianity to be altogether silenced. This important writing will convict all who read it to take greater responsibility in responding to Our Lady’s call to be witnesses and apostles of Her messages in this time of grace.

To order Quietism, call 205-672-2000, ext. 315. Quietism will be available on mej-mart in the next couple of days.

“And besides if you say “we pray that Our Lady will appear to Ivan again tonight” and then say Our Lady appeared and said this and that, the skeptics will say “see they made up the story of Our Lady’s appearance to save face and to fool everybody. So you can’t win either way. As the old saying goes “Those who believe will go on believing and those who don’t, even a miracle won’t help them believe!”

Keep up the good work! A believer!”

Deacon J. G.
Tavares, Florida

“I read your article on skeptics after praying on it momentarily I heard a voice in my heart say “if today you hear my voice harden not your heart” so I say ask the question Does our Mother Mary work for Herself? or does She work for Her son? Church history will show She has always worked for God /Her Son & our Redeemer. Why should anything be different with Medjugorie or Caritas? The “skeptics” are called “skeptic” for a reason, just as “believers are believers” If you are a skeptic today and hear His Word through Our Lady, harden not your heart. Put down your arrogant heart and listen to the Humble heart of Jesus & HIS Mother Mary.”

May God grant you Jesus’ & Our Lady’s Peace of mind & Heart.

L. B.
Tamarac, Florida

“Dear Caritas: Thank you for your comments concerning “quietism.” Yet, as Our Lady has told us, we must become EXAMPLES of God’s love in the world rather than just preach (lest we become “noisy gongs.”) Less hypocrisy and more sincerity is needed. May our devotion to God increase as we pray!”

Salt Lake City, Utah

“I love the yellow pin tag when I open the web cause I know that Our Lady has taken the time to be with Her children on a given day and time. And to prepare myself for that time is a blessing which I am truly looking forward to Her message. The pictures brings me back to Apparition Hill and some how brings peace to my heart right where I am at. Please don’t change anything; I truly believe this is how Our Lady wants it for Her children. A reminder of Her love and presence. God bless always, Caritas. Let us all persevere and pray hard! Praise be Jesus and Mary!”

Milpitas, CA 

To order the Booklet “Quietism” Click Here

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