July 19, 2019
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We Have Entered Into the Antichrist Time… But

We Have Entered Into the Antichrist Time… But [Podcast] Mejanomics July 18, 2019 – Want to know more about the antichrist? When is the time, and what will defeat it? A Friend of Medjugorje shares more in this important broadcast.

Episode Transcript

The subject matter contained in this presentation is based on Biblical principles and designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that neither the presenter nor the broadcaster is engaged to render legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Since your situation is fact-dependent, you may wish to additionally seek the services of an appropriately licensed legal, accounting, real estate, or investment professional.


“No one can serve two masters. He will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life– what you shall eat or drink– or about your body– what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?
“Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap. They gather nothing into barns, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they? Can any of you, by worrying, add a single moment to your life span?


“Why are you anxious about clothes? Learn from the way the wildflowers grow. They do not work or spin. But I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendour was clothed like one of them. If God so clothes the grass of the field, which grows today and is thrown into the oven tomorrow, will He not much more provide for you, oh you of little faith?
“So do not worry and say, what are we to eat? Or what shall we drink? Or what are we to wear? All these things the pagans seek. Your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all.


“But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides. Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for a day is its own evil.”


This is Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.


Our Lady said on January 28, 1987 to Mirjana on behalf of me, you, everyone else in the world. “…satan has influenced you… Do not let that happen!”


This was 1987. What’s happening in the world at that moment? The biggest thing in technology was the fax machine. It would take us hours to talk to the parish house to get the messages or whatever source we could do at that point. And when the fax machine came along, it was like a miracle. We were able to have that instantly.


So, during this period of time, it’s interesting to see what Our Lady says because She speaks in real time at the moment as well as tomorrow, and next year, and 10 years. As I have given you my experiences, this is the way it works, and breaking the messages open for you. They will always be speaking to you. But particularly we should evaluate at that moment in 1987 what was changing. We were going from analogue phone systems to a new system that was the dawn of where we are today. And so it makes sense when Our Lady says,

“…You have forgotten all this my children. satan has influenced you also in this. Do not let that happen! Pray with me! Do not deceive yourselves into thinking, ‘I am good, but my brother next door is no good.’ You would be wrong…”


And She continues in the message and She says, “…I am warning you about this…” People can interpret the message ok about my brother, or I think he’s bad and I’m good. Well, Our Lady shines light on this by what She says after that. “…I am warning you about this…” And then She says, “…Concerning the secrets, my children, these are not known by the people But when they will learn of them, it will be too late. Return to prayer! (Exclamation point) There is nothing more important!” Exclamation point.


And then Our Lady is going to continue with another statement because She wants to tell us more about the secrets. She wants to warn us more. But what She’s already said to this point, just telling us that there are secrets and it’s going to be too late for many people if you wait for that. So, She adds this sentence, “…I would dearly wish that the Lord would permit me to enlighten you a little more on these secrets…”


See, Our Lady wants to talk. She wants to leak it. She’s dying to do it. This is 1987. That’s over 30 years ago. So She says, “…permit me to enlighten you a little more on these secrets, but the grace which is offered to you is already great enough…”


And in the context of that moment She further adds, “…Think how much you have offended Him…”


Can you imagine, 1987, compared to now, what we’re doing, how much more? One hundred times more offenses taking place. We have to reflect on the moment we’re living today. What is the culture? What has it turned into? It’s amazing how dumbed down women are today as far as the way they dress and how they let their daughters dress and how the fathers allow that. And a lot of times, I know, fathers are shut down because it’s the woman who goes and buys the fashions.


We’re living in a degraded time that people just 50 years ago would be appalled by. But we’re progressing. Progressing to what? To an antichrist system. Oh, people have always talked about the antichrist. They said Nero was the antichrist. He was a type of antichrist. They said Napoleon was. They said Hitler was. All this was true. But also Elijah was a prophet. So he was calling up for the Christ. You could say he was a Christ of the time, bringing the prophetic news. And you go all through the prophets. You go to John the Baptist and all those prophets in between and many thought John the Baptist was the Messiah. So, we can’t discount our present time as an antichrist time because we’ve had all these other people in the past called antichrist.


I’m telling you, we are in the antichrist time. The world is going to end through what’s taking place right now. It is coming. It is going to be destroyed. We’re going to see the antichrist. I stake my life on it. I’m telling you. I’m prophetically telling you this right now, this is the antichrist. But, one thing, one thing is stopping it. And it’s She, the Woman. The Babel Tower of the antichrist is built. It is here. And it will be fulfilled except for one dead end. They’re going to crash into the holy Virgin Mary, the woman of Revelation chapter 12. She will crush his head. And that’s why it’s important for us to look around at the signs, my dead children, as She says. God has sent Her because the world would have destroyed itself had She not come. I’ve quoted that message from Ivan from 1984 many times to you about how Our Lady had told him that.


So, if Our Lady’s going to stop it, what’s the significance? A lot of souls are dying right now into hell eternally. Our Lady wants to save them and we have people sitting on Medjugorje. We have people saying don’t interpret the messages. Marija just said in Medjugorje, many people are saying Medjugorje has passed. I’m not going to go too deep into that, but I’m going to in the future. Because there are some dangerous things and it’s not anti-Medjugorje people, it’s Medjugorje people.


satan is not going to go with people who can’t stop it. They can slander it. They can resist it. satan has to get it into the movement which I don’t call it a movement. It’s a happening of what Jesus came down to Jerusalem about now, Our Lady comes down to the earth. This is no movement. This is an exercise for the big game. What do I mean by that? Our Lady is here to show how to conquer the antichrist. And what She’s going to do for us. Because we’re the prototype to save souls in the future for when the fullness of the antichrist comes to reign.


he’s not going to be allowed to make it. But don’t think you can relax. In the meantime, eight people per second die on this earth. Taking a spiritual educated guess, how many go to hell? You could say one third of them. Why? Because one third of the angels rebelled. And we also know Vicka said that most people go to purgatory. The second most go to hell. The least go directly to Heaven. Yes, those in purgatory will make. So, we have two thirds going to be in Heaven ultimately. But who wants to suffer in purgatory for 1,000 years?
The point I’m making is what we do is going to be looked at, observed, copied, emulated into the life of future people who have to live that three and a half years of tribulation that is going to be extremely difficult. Our Lady appeared on January 2, 2000, the first apparition of the new millennium to Mirjana. This is the new millennium. What is She going to say? What is She going to talk about? She says this, “Never as much as today, my heart is begging for your help! I, your Mother, am begging my children that they help me to realize what the Father has sent me for…”


Just go read chapter 12, Revelation. Go read Her message where She says May 2, 2016, “…observe well the signs of the times…be apostles of the revelation…”


Our Lady says help me to realize what the Father has sent me for, it’s to beat down, to crush this system, this tower of Babel before it centers on one individual who incarnate will be satan. If you go to Maria Valtorta, her Notebooks, who wrote the Poem of the Man-God, seeing the life of Christ. In 1944, you can look it up on page 109 and 110, Jesus is talking about the antichrist. This is 1944. “The antichrist will be the son of man’s lust, born of the marriage of lust with the beast.” And then Jesus says, “I do not change my mode of expression.” He goes on and says, “What I say is true.” And He goes on and says, “The antichrist, the perfection of horror, just as I was the perfection of perfection.” So, this is no small matter.


And Jesus says, “he will have,” quote, “he will have numberless weapons.” In other words, it can’t be numbered. Do we see these signs around us? We can’t even keep up with the technology, where it’s going to. Where is it going to? What is it doing to the culture? Jesus says this to Maria Valtorta. He says this of satan, “The extreme hatred of which satan will endow his son who will corrupt mankind. As he seduces it with his lying mouth, having himself worshipped as God. he will excessively torment those who, as a little flock, will remain my followers.” It’s not going to be a lot of people. Jesus continues, “he will grow in power as I grew in wisdom and grace.” And this is the bombshell. He says, “Armed with eyes to read the thought of holy men and will kill them through that thought.”


There is no way in God’s green earth that we could even imagine that thoughts could be read in 1944. Yes, you could say, oh maybe one day. But no, we have the reality of it. We have now a science about cranium transplants. Cranium meaning your head. So, you can transplant, put two probes in your head, in the brain. This is happening. They’re looking at it. And they have broken codes for this technology. Oh, it’s always put out for good reason. Someone in a wheelchair, to gain more mobility or arms that can’t move, they can do this. And what are the probes they’re doing now? They’re talking about connecting these probes that you can plug your brain into a computer. You laugh about that? You think no way? No, it’s here. And everything always comes up front with good things. Oh, man, people will be able to get out of wheelchairs. But there are scientists out there that are saying there are certain things we shouldn’t go into.


And that’s the big ethical question because this thing is going to go quickly downhill what they’re looking at and theorizing years ago, which now they know that almost factually can take place, that you can connect your brain into a computer. And one of the gifts that you can have is when you have a thought, you know all how that plays out. But to put that on paper and write it down or do it, it’s difficult. In other words, Marija gets the message, Mirjana gets the message. It’s instant. Nobody can read this 1987 message from Mirjana, hear it from Our Lady, and write that down without being connected divinely to write that verbatim. Marija, within 10 – 15 minutes of writing down the 25th messages cannot recall a lot of it. She can give points, but she cannot write it down verbatim.


See, there is something divine, a divine connection to their heart. But intellectually, because intellectually the brain has to work, tell her hand what to do, what she just heard, and repeat that. That happens. We know it happens. And now the reality is we’re playing God and we’re going to have the thoughts transmitted, because what your thoughts are so quick, you can’t keep up with it through verbiage. You can’t express it, you can’t write it down. But a computer can record it and output that. What the thoughtful scientists are thinking about is this will create a whole new class of people, which is already has said, that tech-class who will rule above everybody else. And that’s why Our Lady said ethically, just because this can be done, is it right to do this? That’s no longer theoretical. They’re climbing that. They’re already doing that, they have breakthroughs.


But the most astounding this is what in 1944, Maria Valtorta said about the antichrist, “The satanic intelligence will grow.” See, she didn’t say just going to happen. “Will grow, will make the mouth tell the most distressing lies.” And that’s what they’re talking about, to be able to express through the computer what they’re thinking. And if their mind is darkened, and they express lies, where will this go to? We can’t even conceive all the variables to it. “Tell the most distressing lies. He will grow in power as I grew in wisdom and grace armed with eyes to read the thoughts of holy men and will kill them through that thought.” That’s an amazing statement to be written down in 1944. There is no way that science fiction, it’s only a dreamy thing.


We spoke about a year ago that they now already have people walking down the street that they can scan their brain, the police, and by the waves and the thought patterns, if they’re walking just normally, that they’re ok, but if they pass someone that is about to go rob a bank, they know what those waves or the signals or whatever they define, that they are about to commit a crime. And now we have it where we connect directly to the brain.
Many of you may have heard this, but I want to replay this because this is what I wrote in 2003, in my thoughts, in my mind, can be written only on that date because I already had that in my heart. So, go way before 2003. Go all the way back to 1986, or maybe 1983 when I heard about Medjugorje. I started to understand things about the messages and what Our Lady is here for, because I did what She asked to do.


So what you’re about to hear is an impetus to look at the signs of the times which you say, well I’ve been doing that. Well, we’re climbing toward something. So listen carefully what follows.


Our Lady’s apparitions are to prepare the world for a time of peace and victory. But these same messages will be used by those in the ultimate battle in which through the gospel of Mary, She, the Woman, shadowed not even by the greatest angel or saint and in the light of Her Son will crush the serpent’s head. And who, at His glorious return, will cast the serpent into the eternal flame forever.

He who chokes at the words gospel of Mary does not know Her. Jesus said, “You do not know Me because you do not know My Father. If you knew Him, you would know Me. Because you do not know Me, you do not know He who sent Me.” If you do not accept Mary’s words, you do not accept Her Son’s words. If you knew Her Son was the Word, you would recognize Her words and Her Son who sent Her.

His Mother said that She would give messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word became Flesh. For you who do not accept Her words, how then do you accept the Word? Mary’s gospel, the echo of the Word given in a new way, a new understanding, are immense in that their effects will affect all creation until the final battle in which the serpent’s head will be crushed, never to rise again.


Whether the final battle be ten years or 1,000 years from now, we are being given a gift, a grace, incomprehensible in this moment which will give passage to many future Christians to survive amidst the great tribulation, the suffering under the anti-Church, until Jesus in the glorious moment, comes back.


As men confided in mortal bodies, limited in so much humanness, we are not able to see Mary as God sees Her. We can pray to comprehend, to rise above the confines of the flesh in better knowing Mary. But we will never know and understand Mary as She is known by God. She, who is in the midst of the Trinity comes on the second day of the new born millennium and says, “Never as much as today, my heart is begging for your help. I, your Mother, am begging my children that they help me to realize what the Father has sent me for.”


Shudder, o man, that She who alone can dwell deep in the midst of the Trinity where no being can dare go, not even the angels. And now, She is before you begging. How, man, have you responded to Her words?



Do you think this is just going to fade away? Our Lady gives Her little secrets and the apparitions are over? There are 7 billion people to convert. It is going to take something so profound to touch all those people. Not all will convert, but they will have the final mass of grace to turn toward God.


A Friend of Medjugorje will conclude in just one moment. First, we wish to take a short pause to express our gratitude to all those who support this mission with your prayers and support. Thank you for giving new life to tens of thousands across the world who come in contact with this mission daily. But we cannot continue without your prayers and continued financial help. Our mission and the Medjugorje world are at a crossroads. It is vitally important to support the plans of Our Lady. As each day passes, we come nearer to the time of the secrets, future events which will drastically change the world. We must reach as many people as possible to evangelize them with the messages towards a new way of life.


We ask you to give, and we ask you to give generously. We must have your generous donations to break out into new areas of evangelization. To make your generous donation, contact Caritas in the U.S. at (205) 672-2000. When dialing from outside the United States, dial 001-205-672-2000. Or, you can visit mej.com spelled m-e-j.com and click on donate. To all who give, a Friend of Medjugorje will gladly share with you one free copy of today’s broadcast. When calling on the phone or making your donation online, please mention today’s broadcast and the CD number, CD2458MJ. Thank you for your help.
Now, here is a Friend of Medjugorje to conclude today’s broadcast.


We have so many people that pick up one book in Medjugorje or here, or somebody gives it out there to somebody else. Like the Q book, who knows nothing about Mary, who converts to Her. We don’t have the money to put these books into other languages. They’re proven. We have it written in English where they work in another language. We’ve got over 100 short books and major books in Croatian. And they’re converting. So we know it works in other languages.


We have to have your support. It is urgent. You need to donate to this mission because when you’re out of debt, to the measure we give is to the measure we can produce more materials. It’s critical. Be serious about supporting this place. It’s the only place you’ll get the messages. No where else. No where in Medjugorje can you get the messages, only the Mission House. No where else can you go and talk about the messages and ask questions except in the Mission House.


I’m speaking strongly to you because I’m demanding this of you because Our Lady demanded it of us. And She’s given us tremendous things here about the messages to unlock for people across the world. And it’s getting stronger. And even Marija just said that people are saying Medjugorje has passed because they want to go into the Church with it. That’s complicated to explain to that, but that’s where the devil jumps in to minimize, to take it away, to stop it.


I originally wrote to you saying there are three vital critical components of Medjugorje that you stay focused on. It’s Our Lady, secondly it’s the six visionaries, thirdly it’s the messages. And we’re in that category of the third messages because we are about the message. We live it all day of life. We fail at it. But we understand what the messages tell us or how to stand back up to do the messages.


We are propagated for that. This place here is a place of conversion. We need your help! Why? Because Our Lady says, “…[I am] begging for your help! I…am begging my children that they help me to realize what the Father has sent me for…”


We’re the only one telling you this. You can’t go to Medjugorje anywhere while the Father is coming. They won’t say it. Because if they do say it, they get slam dunked. I’ve been slam dunked, this mission’s been slam dunked, the Community’s been slam dunked, but we’re not going to go away. And we’re not going to be silent because of what’s been deposited in our hearts, what’s been deposited to me directly from Marija, or through Our Lady, or the other visionaries. I will say it! And it can get you in trouble, a lot of trouble. Because satan hates that.


I want to finish this important message to you or everything you’ve heard on this broadcast with what the last words from January 2, 2000 message is when She says, “…I, your Mother, am begging my children that they help me to realize what the Father has sent me for…Pray and wait!”


And here it is, we changed millenniums to the second millennium after Christ. And She gives this message for you to understand why I’m here? And She says “…Pray and wait!” Wait for what? Because She says, preceding that, “…At this great and holy time in which you have entered…” So, we’re at that point, a change in the millennium. We’ve entered into another time.


But there are things in that time that we have to wait for. And this is why She finishes this message with these three words, “…Pray and wait!” That’s 19 years ago. We’ve waited and we’ve prayed and now we have engaged the antichrist and souls are at stake.


Prioritize Medjugorje. Prioritize what you support. Prioritize us for your prayers. We need them because we have so many things that we can do that we’re not doing because we can’t go forward without you, prayer, and your donations. This is not about money. What comes here goes out. We use very little for our keep, the minimal. And we labor out of the soil so that we can put everything into the propagation of the messages of the world. And that’s what John Paul named the third mysteries of the Luminous, The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God and the Call to Conversion. That’s what we do! This was a prophetic mystery of the Luminous Rosary. Because coupled with propagation for the Kingdom of God and the call to conversion is the propagation of the messages for conversion. On every level, on every perspective, Medjugorje is at the top of the food chain. And the more fully you come in union with Medjugorje and understand it and realize it, you’re at the top of the food chain. And we claim that.


There’s no ministry, there is nothing out there, there is no project of evangelization efforts by the Church that surpasses what we do. Nothing! Even comes close, there’s no second place. So why spend time on anything else except this? I know I’m being very strong with you, but we’ve prayed and we’ve waited and it’s here. You move. You take action. Come here and make a retreat. Revitalize yourself. This place is open for that purpose, to open your heart and your intellect. Not to computers and cell phones and this way of the world, but to be connected just like when Marija gets her 25th message and can write it out because she’s divinely connected.


This place is a porthole from Heaven to earth. It’s an abode of God. So, we recommend that you come here and pray, climb the Cross, Grotto la Pluie. When we open the Bedroom, come pray there. Pray in the Field. It strengthens you. You need it, I need it, the world needs it.


We wish you Our Lady. We love you. Goodbye.



The subject matter contained in this presentation is based on Biblical principles and designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that neither the presenter nor the broadcaster is engaged to render legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Since your situation is fact-dependent, you may wish to additionally seek the services of an appropriately licensed legal, accounting, real estate, or investment professional.

This ends the Mejanomics broadcast with a Friend of Medjugorje. These broadcasts are available as CDs which are sent directly to your doorstep on a monthly subscription. For information, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000.

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