June 25, 2022
Radio Wave

Turn Off That Noise

[Podcast] (49 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje says where we are going, how to listen and who to listen to.

Episode Transcript



Good evening and thank you for joining us on Radio WAVE tonight.


We will be sharing with you, tonight, an encounter with a Friend of Medjugorje and the Caritas pilgrimage group which is in Medjugorje right now.


This talk was actually given previous to the message.


So, before we get into a Friend of Medjugorje’s encounter, we’ll hear first Our Lady’s message.



Our Lady of Medjugorje’s June 25, 2022 monthly message to the world:


“Dear children I rejoice with you and thank you for every sacrifice and prayer which you have offered for my intentions. Little children, do not forget that you are important in my plan of salvation of mankind. Return to God and prayer that the Holy Spirit may work in you and through you. Little children, I am with you also in these days when satan is fighting for war and hatred. Division is strong and evil is at work in man as never before. Thank you for having responded to my call.”



A Friend of Medjugorje will be speaking more on this message, and we hope to share that with you Monday night about this message as he shares to the Caritas pilgrimage group.


And so, this piece which we are going to air for you right now, about 40 minutes long, is a Friend of Medjugorje this morning, June 25, 2022, as he speaks on the messages of Our Lady to our BVM Caritas Pilgrimage Group.


You’ll hear in the background, the cicadas are very, very loud.


If you’ve ever been to Medjugorje and spent any time out in the woods or out in the fields, you’ve probably heard this sound in the summertime.


It’s very live. It’s very real. It’s very Medjugorje.


And so here is a Friend of Medjugorje, the morning of June 25, 2022.




Well, you’re here on a momentous day.


Our Lady just finished last year the beginning of the 40th Anniversary. Yesterday was the last day of the end of the 40th Anniversary.


So, where are we today?


Our Lady wants us to follow the Bible. We know what Moses did when he went into the desert for forty years, and then that first day, he came to the Promised Land.


I was with Marija last night, with the girls, at the apparition, and I told Marija afterwards, I said,


“Marija, do you realize that last year was the beginning of the 40th Anniversary? We’ve gone through forty years through the desert, and I waited and waited for the last 25th message of June last year, one year from today.”


I said, “Do you realize and remember what Our Lady said?”


And of course, she doesn’t remember. And I said,


“Our Lady said something very odd in the message.”


Because we were waiting, anticipating, thinking about our trek through this forty years of apparitions from 1981, June 25th, to now, that Our Lady was now here forty years. We never could have imagined that. Nobody could even think about that in the beginning, because we had the precedence of Guadalupe, Fatima, Lourdes, just a few apparitions. Nothing like this has every happened.


So, I told her yesterday, I said,


“Our Lady said the message last year, was very odd what Our Lady said,”


Because I was waiting. I was looking for something. And She said something very profound. She said a simple message. She said, “Through all these years, I’ve been with you, and I ask you to be open to the call…” (June 25, 2021) She said,


“…pray with me for…freedom…”


We’re underneath satan’s mandates, culture, the world, and satan has influenced us, even if we think he hasn’t.


So, we’re enslaved by the culture. We don’t recognize him.


I didn’t say those things to her. But what I said to her, what was incredible, last year, She said,


“…decide for God so that it may be good for you on the land…”


As soon as I saw that, I was shocked, because that’s Biblical. That’s Moses. He walked out at the end of the 40th year, and the first day into the Promised Land.


So, what is Our Lady saying to us?


“…decide for God so that it may be good for you on the land…”


It’s incredible.


And then She says,


“…which God gave you…”




Marija didn’t remember that. And she doesn’t go into the messages because she sees the message in front of her.


But being here now, at this first day of entering into something, and whatever Our Lady’s going to say today…But we know the clock is ticking, and She’s not here for little bitty fireworks. But She’s changing the world.


And we are going back to the land. And this doesn’t even make sense unless you look at the Bible, the Promised Land, Moses, She being Moses, for forty years.


“…That is why decide for God so that it may be good for you on the land which God gave you…”


We’re going back to the land, whether you like it or not.


You see the food shortages.


What’s your answer?


Have you been thinking about it?


Everybody’s thinking about it.


But they don’t have the infrastructure.


They don’t have the land, but we’re bound by the land in Genesis.


Our Lady’s words have power, more power than we could every contemplate. God’s mean for us is the Word.


On November 2, 2019, Our Lady said,


“…the Heavenly Father always listens to His children…”


While you’re here on these grounds, on this land, the God, Who created the universe, all that had to come out of His Being, all the galaxies, came out of His Being think about Who He is.


And Our Lady’s not lying to us. She says,


“…the Heavenly Father always listens to His children…”


While you’re here, you can have a confrontation with God. You go anywhere out here. We’re in the oasis, and the peace and the land, you can talk to God, and He will listen to you.


Our Lady said, “You can experience, through these conversations, the presence of God.” (November 2, 2019)


But you’ve got to talk to Him. You’ve got to get by yourself. You’ve got to get rid of the electronics, because He won’t compete with that, and He won’t listen to you, because you’re not listening to Him.


So, these are profound words.


“…the Heavenly Father always listens to His children…”


She says,

“…The…Father gave Himself through a human face…the face of my Son…You should pray to always feel His presence…”


If Our Lady says those words, “when you pray, you should feel His presence,” you will feel His presence.


So, don’t waste your time here in conversation, socializing, thinking about back home.


Get in these fields and talk to God.


If you ever [INAUDIBLE] and you’ve got difficulties, whatever you have, He will listen.


Our Lady can’t lie to us.


She means that.


So, you can tune into something, or something else through the world and distract.


All the distractions, it’s amazing the way the women here are dressing now. This wasn’t like it is just ten years ago. It’s trash. Just pure trash, all these girls, Medjugorje villagers. It’s worse than I’ve ever seen it. Unbelievable. Just walking around naked.


Is God going to listen to that? You’re following the culture?


No, you’ve got to turn that radio off, all those words. Cut yourself from it.


That’s why I got rid of T.V. probably thirty years ago. And these kids, like Victoria, Mary, and Faith, have never seen a T.V. show. Never. Not from birth.


What can they do?


They can pray. I don’t tell them to pray. Their life is prayer.


They have a one-room schoolhouse. What they learn and the cultures and the things they can do…


Joann has been working at Caritas for the last couple months with us.


Have you ever seen youth like this, that get on 75,000-pound track hoes, equipment, vehicles, train horses?


And you’re missing that life. And they’re in the agrarian life.


So, we’re going there, and you better be ready for it. Because if you’re forced on the land, it’s not going to be pleasant.


That’s why She said,


“…decide for God…”


And She’s been saying this for forty years.


“…decide for God so that it may be good for you on the land which…”


If you’re late, and when you go to the land now, and everything, have the ability to do what you need to do with the land, it ain’t going to be going good for you. You’re going to be sweating. You’re going to be hungry. You’ve got to learn a lot of things. Our Lady’s preparation for us has been a long, long walk, and we’re buried where we need to be.


So, we’re at the end of the 40th Anniversary. We’re going into the 41st, and we’re going to something which is going to shock the world, which is the Secrets.


In your time here right now, you have to be contemplating changing your life. What do you need to change in it. And you’ve got to do it immediately, because time is running out.


Our Lady said, “You are not time’s master.” (February 2, 2009)


What is happening out there in the world, everywhere, is the same thing we can’t hire people to help us back in Alabama. Same here in Medjugorje. Same thing in Italy.


How is it people don’t want to work right now? How is all that happening?


It’s God allowing Our Lady to take care of the world to fall apart.


God, if He did it, it’s like lightning. He’s the God of Sinai. Our Lady is a Mother. The way She’s doing it, She’s doing a soft landing. But there’s going to be a crash.


So, there’s a lot to be thinking about while you’re here.


For you to understand these things, you have to understand who you are. Our Lady says, “…My children…” She says,


“…the words of life to all of my children…”


The good and the bad and the ugly. I’m adding that.


So, Our Lady is speaking to us, and She knew Who She was, but we don’t know who we are.


Our Lady is here to teach you that really, you literally, are the sons of God the Father, and She is the Mother, and She is your Mother. And unless you learn that, you won’t be able to talk to God, talk to Our Lady, talk to Jesus right.


If you’re walking with Our Lady, if you’re here, She’s here to teach you who you are. Our Lady says, “…I am the mother…” (July 2, 2018) God said, “I AM,” and She says, “…I am…” in the message, referencing back to the Bible where God is “I AM.”


Unless you know who you are, you’re not knowing what the walk you need to walk.


And so, clean your slate. Clean your soul and realize that you literally have a Mother that you can talk to that’s been given a new efficacy to speak to you through these words.


So, contemplate that.



Sometimes I feel like my whole world is crashing down. While all my friends are being young and dumb and playing around. They’re out all night living a life that I just had to let go. I watch you sleep right next to me. It’s you and me on our own. Sometimes I feel there’s a world out there I’ll never know.


But I know who I am. Yeah, I know who I am. Tiny hearts are in my hands. Yeah, I know who I am. Yeah I know who I am.


Now I was scared to take a role that I did not understand. And at the time I considered making other plans. Now I believe all of the things we choose are for a reason. And the life I thought I missed I know they’ll soon be leaving. And when the lights go out, I know, I know what gives me meaning.


Cause I know who I am. Yeah, I know who I am. Tiny hearts are in my hands. I know who I am.


Ooh, I wouldn’t change a thing if I could go back. Ooh, I’m not missing anything. I wouldn’t go back.


‘Cause I know who I am. Yeah, I know who I am. Yeah, I know who I am. Yeah, I know who I am. Tiny hearts are in my hands. I know who I am.


‘Cause I know who I am.



The Garden of Eden.


The power of the human race forever happened through words.


Words is everything.


satan just had a conversation with Eve and talked her into turning against God. And Even talked to Adam and brought him down, and he didn’t stand up to it.


Words are everything.


And so, when you know who you are, sons of satan or God, you’re still God’s children.


Our Lady said something very profound. On September 2, 2018, She says,


“…my words are simple…”


It’s not complicated. It’s not difficult to understand. But it’s difficult to break them open if you don’t realize what these words are about and why is She speaking to us.


The apparitions are secondary. Her messages are primary.


The biggest thing happening here is the messages She’s speaking to us, because modern man doesn’t understand the Biblical words in the Bible.


And so, She’s making a preface for the Bible.


Our Lady said,


“…my words are simple but are filled with motherly love and care…”


The angel Gabriel went to Mary and said,


“Hail, full of grace…”


The Jewish people, when you said, “Hail,” then next thing, what you say, that’s their name. We added, “Mary” to that, because we know Gabriel went to Her and said,


“Hail, [Mary] full of grace…”


But what was said by the angel was,


“Hail, full of grace…”


So, when Our Lady says,


“…my words are simple…are filled…”


She’s filled with grace. Our Lady says,


“…that…seems insignificant to you…”


But what She’s saying,


“…My Son is the life of the world…”


She has told us, He is the Word.


So, the big thing here is the word.


It’s beautiful to be at the apparitions. If it’s a private apparition, last night, just about four or five or six people—that was it—in Marija’s living room. And it’s awesome seeing Marija’s face talking to the Virgin Mary, and it’s almost surreal.


But what’s surreal about this, this is the last of the apparitions. Nevermore again. And you’re here on this ground, in this time. And your great-great-great grandchildren, in your diary, they know that you were there.


Invest in this time, not every day, but every second. Don’t waste your time.


I know many of your faces, have been here before. But the more invest, the more you put into this, listen to Her words, the more you’ll be filled with Her motherly love and care.


Our Lady says in this message,


“…My children, all the more the shadows of [the] darkness…”


And then She says again, later in the message,


“…the more that you come close to Him…Love changes everything…”


So, She says, “the more” twice. You go to the Light—My Son—or you go through the shadows of the darkness.


Then, She says,


“…I am saying to you that you must love a lot if you desire to grow spiritually…”


Go down two more sentences, She says,


“…I know, apostles of my love, that it is not…easy, but, my children, also the painful paths are paths which lead to spiritual growth…”


So, She said “grow,” now “growth.” What does that remind you of? Of the soil? And we’re supposed to be growing that way?


And She says,


“…spiritual growth, to faith, and to my Son…”


She says,


“…[think of] your prayers as flowers [of] the most beautiful garden…”


So, you’ve got “grow,” “growth,” “garden.”


She says,


“…Be true apostles of my love; spread the love of my Son to everyone. Be gardens of the most beautiful flowers…be spiritual fathers filled…”


There’s the word again: “filled.” Like She’s filled with grace.


“…filled with love for all people…”


Our Lady’s messages speak in a way that She’s gives us something. What She said on November 2, 2019, She says,


“…My children, read the book of the Gospel. It is always something new…”


Our Lady’s words are infallible. What She’s saying, that every time you pick up the Bible, you’re going to get the same sentence, the same chapters, a different meaning. It’s something new.


The Bible speaks to you. She wants you to read the Bible.


Not cell phones. Not entertainment.


There’s something every day, even twice a day, five times a day, the Bible will say something to you. And that’s what Our Lady’s saying to us. Her preface. Her messages…Well, actually, the same message where it said that,


“…read the book of the Gospel. It is always something new, it is what binds you to my Son who was born to bring the words…”


Words of what?


“…words of life…”


Jesus was the Word. Our Lady’s bringing us the Word. God wants to listen to you, if you talk to Him, if you’re distracted.


You know, in school, we used to be taught…Now, I don’t know what they’re teaching now. They talked about conversations. Never interrupt, how to listen and how to speak when it was your turn.


Remember that? The older people. I doubt if they teach that now. Everybody’s talking with each other. You go to a coffee shop, you go there, and three people, four people, especially the girls, they’re all talking the same. Nobody’s listening. I mean, they’re just talking and just talking. All this chatter. And in the middle of that, they’re doing this.


So, Our Lady says,


“…My children, read the book of the Gospel. It is always something new, it is what binds you to my Son who was born to bring the words of life to all of my children…”


Our Lady says,


February 25, 1995

“…I invite you to become missionaries of my messages…”


These theologians, the education, what the priests have to go get to be a priest now, for ten years, for twelve years, fourteen years, is all intellectual. What priests used to have to do is be with another priest for a year—apprenticeship.


We’ve got a sickness in the Church. We’ve got a sickness in the bishops. We’ve got a sickness in the priests. The good priests we have out there get squashed.


We’ve got a priest back in Alabama. He’s got, like, six degrees. I was in his office. “I’ve got a PhD in this. I’ve got this. I did this.” He said, “That’s junk.” This guy gives homilies for how long? Forty-five minutes? Sometimes an hour. And nobody’s tired of it.


You know what he’s got in him? He was a Protestant Baptist minister, and he brought that into his Catholicism. And he told me, just, “All this education is worthless.”


So, we have an intellectual Church. We hear the Gospel, and you’re so stupid listening to it that it’s repeated to you the same thing. “I just heard that. You don’t have to tell me that.” Do what the Protestants do. They make stories. Tell me real life. We don’t need to repeat that. That’s why you’re bored.


And there’s a lot of things education is killing because satan is in the universities and all the school systems.


A book’s coming out. We’ve been trying to get it out for probably four or five years. It’s going to shock you and blow you away. And it’s about the whole school system. It needs to go away, completely go away.


In the Poem of the Man-God, Mary, She taught Jesus and James and John. That’s homeschooling.


So, we’re headed for something radically, completely different.


So, Our Lady’s saying to you,


“…I invite you to become missionaries of my messages…”


You’re not going to run across people’s path that you don’t know, that you can talk to them about Mary unless you’re ready to talk. People are so timid. How are you going to do it?


I got on the plane, and I was putting my luggage on top, and his guy was passing, and he says, “Excuse me, sir.” So, I knew he was military because usually when you go into Germany, you have a lot of military people. He didn’t have his uniform. But as soon as he said that, he went passed, and he said something. We were talking. He started saying something.


So, he was the seat in the front. He went back.


And so, then, he was on the wrong seat, so I saw him go over there because I thought Our Lady wanted me to talk to him. I just felt it.


So, he goes back, and then he goes across the rail, and he’s in the next cabin, and I see him there. He’s talking to a stewardess. And he comes back, and he’s sitting next to me. He said, “I’m in the second time wrong seat. This is where I’m supposed to sit.”


We immediately go right into Our Lady, immediately everything. He says he was raised Catholic, Tennessee. He’s out. He lives in Germany. He got out out of the military. He’s just dissatisfied with it.


We talked an hour about Our Lady. I pulled material out. I showed this. I got the book I’m doing now, some pictures with captions and showing the kids, what they’re doing back home, how they’re raised. He’s got a couple kids.


If you’re ready to talk to somebody, Our Lady’s going to make it happen. That guy was shocked. You know, I’m over here. “I’m supposed to be sitting with you.”


That’s not the only time I talked to somebody. It’s easy to do it to talk to anybody, a stranger.


When I got off the plane in Split, there was a couple with a son. And I said, “Where are y’all headed?”


They said, “To Split,” and they’re going to the coast, and they’re going to Dubrovnik.


And I said, “There’s a really incredible restaurant in Dubrovnik. And from there, once you go there. You’ve got to get reservations. Go on the cable car. The ambience of the restaurant is incredible. Get there before dark, so in the daytime you see it, and when it gets dark, then you’re over, just like you’re sitting in an airplane, over Dubrovnik. There’s no restaurant like that in the world.”


And I said, “By the way, here. I’ve got some material. The Virgin Mary is appearing in a village, Medjugorje.”


They said, “What?”


I said, “The Virgin Mary. Jesus’ Mother.”




I said, “Yeah.”


So, we sit there five minutes. I already had my luggage. I had a carry-on. So, we talked ten minutes right there. I gave them material after a while.


Our Lady is looking for you to be a missionary of Her messages. And you’ve got to have the material in your car. Have it in your purse. Have it ready.


That’s why we give our stuff free. That’s why, if you buy it in bulk, you’re not buying anything. You’re just paying the paper. You donated for the print shop, so that stuff’s paid for.


And I saw that a long time ago, almost three decades ago, that when you’ve talked to somebody, you have to give them something.


If you’re living the messages, and you’re willing to confront people, Our Lady will do that. And sometimes you get some sour, but it doesn’t matter. Or they might say, “Well, I don’t believe that.” That’s okay, because you’re going to believe it.


It’s like Ivan said: “I don’t believe in the devil.” Somebody asked him the question, “What do we do?”


And he says, “Don’t worry about it. When they see him, they’ll believe in him.” [LAUGHTER]


So, Our Lady’s got secrets coming. I’m never disappointed in people, once I plant that in that the Virgin Mary is here, just like…She knows Who She is. She held the tiny hands of God.


And so, you plant these seeds, and then they’ll come back to you and say, “Oh, I remember ten years ago you were talking about this Mary stuff. Now, this secret’s released.”


Don’t be boisterous, but be ready for it.


But if you’re not changing your heart, or if you’re mad at God, you don’t hear Him.


I just went to a 50th anniversary, and we have 36 people already dead in our class. And I remember these people when they’re young. I see them now and say, “Boy, they’re ugly now.” [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] And I couldn’t believe it. They said, “How do you stay slim like that?”


I said, “Well, a lot of fasting helps, and never quit working.”


I want to be working the day I die for Our Lady. I’ll be 70 in about ten months. I am not going to stop. I’m not interested I pleasures. I’m not interested in vacations. I’m not interested in coming out here. We’ve got three houses here. We can be selfish and just use that. It’s for you. You own this. You donated, many of you have.


So, anyway, when we left the reunion, one of the guys wanted some material, so he walked out to the car. And then one of the girls that I went to school said,


“What are y’all doing? What are you giving out?”


Because it was dark, and she was back to the next car, two cars away.


I said, “I’m giving some material about that” 


And so, she started walking to get it. She said, “I want some.”


She said, “What is it about?”


I said, “It’s about God.”


She said, “I don’t want anything about God.”


I said, “What?” And my over there says…He was shocked.


I said, “This is good stuff.”


She says, “I don’t want nothing about God. I gave up on Him a long time ago, what’s happened in my life. I don’t want God.”


I turned to him, and I said, “This is scary. It’s very scary.”


It’s not God’s problem. It’s your problem. God, whatever happens [INAUDIBLE], He may be saving you for some reason that you will never know until you meet Him.


We told this story on one of our broadcasts recently. There’s a lady that’s been following us for a long time. She was 91 years old. She told her family that, “I’ve done everything God has wanted me to do, and I’m ready for Him to take me.”


She went to Mass. She went to a stop sign. A car runs through it and kills her instantly. Ninety-one years old. You get killed by a car crash. But she didn’t even feel anything. She went from one moment to the next straight to Heaven. Incredible.


“…Nothing is by chance…” (September 2, 2016) You’ve heard this over and over and over. There’s a purpose to everything. Don’t let what looks like something negative make you turn away from God or from Our Lady. If you tune in to the right frequency with Our Lady, with God, with Jesus, He’ll manifest. There was a purpose for this. There’s a reason for this.


So, don’t walk around with a chip on your shoulder what God has not done for you. “He’s not helping me.” He’s helping you without you even realizing, even through tragedies.


So, when Our Lady says,


“…It is always something new…”


Talking about the Gospel, and the


“…words of life…”


Every day, you read these messages. Everything on these grounds here. The messages speak to you differently every time if you’re open to them and praying and contemplating.


So, there’s a new language that Our Lady’s giving to us, literally. That’s why She said, you heard me if you follow what we say, that, “I’m giving you messages as never before in the history of the world since its beginning.” (April 4, 1985) There’s three things She says there, to say to you that this has never happened since the Garden of Eden.


Never in history.


Why does She repeat Herself? She wants you to understand that these words are a new message because satan has a new language, and She has been given by God a new language that She can speak to you. That’s one of Her big efficacies She has.


She says, on February 25, 1995,


“…I invite you to live with love the messages I give and to transmit them to the whole world…”




You’re called to spread these messages. If you come to Medjugorje, if you haven’t come to Medjugorje, you’re supposed to be propagating these messages. That’s why we’ll tell you, get you a library of five books of every topic we have.


If you heard the radio show about a month ago, I talked about, go out there and buy old books at antique places, because you’re not going to get that. And people…And I’ve been doing that for years. If you’ve been in the library going to our Bedroom for the apparitions, you see there we’ve got six or seven different sizes  of encyclopedias, from different subjects.


Books are important, even if they’re bad because you can see and discern how bad we’ve fell.


So, you need to be ready because right now, our print shop, we can’t get paper. We can’t get it. Thank God, about a year ago, we raised some money, and we put about $50,000 just in paper. And we’re ordering some to keep it…It’s gone from $600 for a pallet to over $1,000.


A printer told us, knowing the big factory where they have it, they went to the factory. They were talking to the guy about the paper. He was trying to get some. He was familiar with it. He opened the door to the storage room. It’s full of paper.


They’re purposely not letting this stuff out. Purposely. But it’s part of the falling apart.


So, these things aren’t going to be available. You get a whole library. You order everything, because people are going to be coming to you. And books are expensive when you have to do it by hand.


“…with love the messages I give [to be] transmit[ted] to the whole world…”




I asked you that a minute ago.


“…so that a river of love flows to [the] people who are full of hatred and without peace…”


So, you’re commissioned. You’re here going through the school of Our Lady now.


“…I invite you, little children, to become peace where there is no peace and light where there is darkness…”


Our Lady wants you to be a light to the darkness. She’s not going to give you the power to make light? Then why is She saying it? She’s going to give you the power to do that. And She’ll run people across your path. What’s the purpose?


“…so that each heart accepts the light and the way of salvation…”


I want to end with this consecration card right here. I think…Have we still got some here? I stole a bunch of them when I was here. [LAUGHTER]


Well, I was here on March 25th with the consecration for the whole world. So, we got six boxes, seven boxes of these, hauled them up to Marija for the March 25th to be blessed. These in here aren’t blessed, but you can bring them.


Our Lady said,


January 1, 2001

“…now that when satan is unchained…”


And I asked Marija. I called her. I was in Colorado. I called her, and she said, “What happened last night?”


I said, “Marija, it says ‘unchained.’ I thought he’s been chained.”


She said, “he is, but he’s got a long chain.”


But what she said…Well, the message She says that night on January 1, 2001,


“My dear children, now that when satan is unchained, I desire you to be consecrated to My Heart and the Heart of…Jesus…”


That’s the only remedy.


In 2019, Marija came to Alabama to our place for my daughter getting married. She came for the wedding. And so, we were in the Field, and I thought about something that I’d never done. So, we have a consecration. I said,


“Marija,” I wanted to read this consecration in the apparition and the Community say it to Our Lady.


She said, “Well, I don’t know. I don’t think Our Lady’s going to wait.”


And so, “Marija, just do it. We’ll see what She does.”


So, Our Lady has the apparition, and we do the consecration. I tell everybody, as soon as Marija goes into ecstasy next to me, I say, so, the consecration. We start reading it. And we read it slow. And we did the consecration on the front and the back. And Our Lady stayed there when it was finished.


In the history of the world, there’s not a group of people like that can be the Virgin Mary standing there, that you’re giving a prayer of consecration to Her for Her Immaculate Heart.


When we were doing it for Her…We did Jesus first. She was praying with us about consecration with Jesus. And Marija said, then She changed when the consecration to Her, She just stood there, because we were consecrating and praying to Her. And She wasn’t doing this. She just had Her hands over us.


So, it was a beautiful thing. You know, we’re probably the only people in the world that’s done that.


The next day, we decide we would do the Prayer for the Abode of God, which asks for Her to have untold power to do whatever She wants to do in that Valley, that this Valley belongs to Her. We’ll consecrate it to Her. And some of you may be praying that prayer. We want everybody to pray it because every apparition site, whether it’s Guadalupe to Fatima to here, is damaged. All this stuff has taken away a lot of graces.


We’ve had people tell us when they leave here, one of the most favorite places is not the Cross, not here, but right there on the bleachers and this land.


So, we’ve been praying, for a long time, for Our Lady to have the place of conversion at Caritas, that the grace stays there. We’ve got a group just like you there at Caritas right now. And actually, the people that’s been here tell us that they got more graces there than even in Medjugorje. The graces are here. It’s just more that distracts you or pull you out this way or this direction.


So, what I want to tell you, invest…I don’t care how many times you’ve been here. Get away from your spouses. Get away from everything. Come out in these fields. Be by yourself. Talk to God. No matter what, how happy you are with Him or unhappy with Him. You pour out your heart.


And you open your heart. Don’t try to open God’s Heart. His Heart’s already open.


So, this apparition coming up, I can’t fathom that Our Lady’s going to keep things off, put it off and put it off, because we’re in trouble.


Of course, you may have heard, I did a little article over the phone, and they transcribed it and put it on our site. And of course, they turned over the Roe v. Wade. It’s 6 to 3.






They put it everywhere on purpose. It was some kind of garbage. So, we found out later. I was talking to people back at Caritas. And they said, no. Roberts did go with it, which, I’ve got a problem with this guy because he’s Catholic too.


There’s people rioting and everything going crazy right now. So, things are just going to get heated, more heated up now.


So, on June 24th, Our Lady appeared with a Baby.


Milka, Marija’s sister…Marija didn’t see it the first day. The first day…Today’s the official day. So, Our Lady’s there on yesterday, 41 years ago, with a Baby. And then yesterday, this 50-year sacrilege is stopped. And you think it’s not Our Lady?


So, She’s already putting things in motion


So, we put this on our site.


But Biden, I listened to a clip that was unbelievable—unbelievable—what he said. He want on ramping, “This is a horrible day today. The right of what a woman can choose to do with her body. This is dark days.”


This is the President. This is a Catholic.


And he went on and on.




There’s other things I’m not even going to say.


This man goes on and on and on and says this is a constitutional right. We will go to Congress. We’re going to reverse this. It was unbelievable.


So, anyway, my whole thing was, “Okay, bishops. What are you going to do now? When are you going to excommunicate this guy?”






You’re sending him to hell, just sending him to hell.


There’s people that’s been excommunicated…There was a theologian back in the 90s that went for twenty years with heresies on a writing about Mary, very bad. And finally, John Paul excommunicated him. He was a theologian. Not John Paul. This was a priest from Sri Lanka.


You know what happened? He started thinking about it. Because he knows what excommunication is. You are consigned to hell. So, he recanted and lifted that excommunication.


These bishops are sending Biden to hell by not telling him…And I said on the…Get just five bishops to do a press conference. Just five bishops, and the media will be there, and say, “We recognize self-excommunication, and we make it official.” That’s the only chance of saving this guy’s soul. Pelosi the same way. And it just keeps going.


Our problem is we don’t have men in the office of bishops. And these difficulties are through education, what they think, and “Let’s don’t make waves.”


You’re here to make waves.


Our Lady is here to make waves.


Jesus made waves.


I’m hated by a lot of different people, even Medjugorje people, even from right here from the parish, because they don’t want the messages to be controversial.


Jesus wasn’t controversial, but people say He is. The Pharisees said He was.


No. They make it controversial.


Truth will always be controversial for those who don’t want truth.


So, you have to walk the truth, even in your family, even if they’re going hate you, even if they’re going to turn against you. All of you lose your friends.


Jesus did.


He was by Himself, only with Mary and John, Mary Magdalene.


His friends, Peter, they’re up in the mountains.


So, don’t feel sorry for yourself, for our position at Caritas. We’ve suffered and continue to suffer. There’s a lot of things you will never know. But the peace you have when you walk with Our Lady, you know Who’s side you’re on.


So, I’m going to leave you with these words, that you know who you are.


Learn here who you are, how important you are.


Because Our Lady was using the words, repeatedly, “…I am…”


There was a message several months back, maybe a year ago, Our Lady says, “I am, I am.” She said that twice. As soon as I saw that, She was saying, “I mean God. God’s been in Me. God conceived in Me. The Trinity.” God the Father has a Daughter, and it’s Mary. He conceived Her without sin—the second Eve. She’s also the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit…The Trinity has been in Her. Nobody’s been like that. There’s nobody that can be that close to us.


So, there’s a lot of Protestants and a lot of people…There’s a lot of growing things they can’t see Our Lady right now [INAUDIBLE]


But you don’t be [INAUDIBLE] what you’re called to do being a missionary of Her messages.


So, I leave you with that.



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4 thoughts on “Turn Off That Noise”

  1. City: Scotland
    State: ON
    Country: Canada
    Thank you, friend of Medjugorje, for explaining in detail what our Lady is teaching us to do. The old saying “you’re never too old to learn something new” is apparent in our Lady’s messages. I am so overwhelmed with joy to know our identity as a child of God is confirmed. I just hope that I will be a good student and have the courage and stamina to carry through with what I must do to be a missionary of our Lady’s messages.

  2. City: ST. CLAIR
    State: MI
    Country: USA

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4 thoughts on “Turn Off That Noise”

  1. City: Scotland
    State: ON
    Country: Canada
    Thank you, friend of Medjugorje, for explaining in detail what our Lady is teaching us to do. The old saying “you’re never too old to learn something new” is apparent in our Lady’s messages. I am so overwhelmed with joy to know our identity as a child of God is confirmed. I just hope that I will be a good student and have the courage and stamina to carry through with what I must do to be a missionary of our Lady’s messages.

  2. City: ST. CLAIR
    State: MI
    Country: USA

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