March 5, 2021
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This Vaccination Stuff is Coming from hell

This Vaccination Stuff is Coming from hell [Podcast] – Vaccines, China, apostates… What else? A Friend of Medjugorje packs a lot into this broadcast.

Episode Transcript


The subject matter contained in this presentation is based on Biblical principles and designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that neither the presenter nor the broadcaster is engaged to render legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Since your situation is fact-dependent, you may wish to additionally seek the services of an appropriately licensed legal, accounting, real estate, or investment professional.




“No one can serve two masters. He will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life– what you shall eat or drink– or about your body– what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?


“Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap. They gather nothing into barns, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they? Can any of you, by worrying, add a single moment to your life span?


“Why are you anxious about clothes? Learn from the way the wildflowers grow. They do not work or spin. But I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendour was clothed like one of them. If God so clothes the grass of the field, which grows today and is thrown into the oven tomorrow, will He not much more provide for you, oh you of little faith?


“So do not worry and say, what are we to eat? Or what shall we drink? Or what are we to wear? All these things the pagans seek. Your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all.


“But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides. Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for a day is its own evil.”




This is Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.




The pastor of a church in the Edmonton area is under arrest for violating public health orders, repeatedly holding sermons that exceed Alberta’s capacity limits.



This church near Edmonton has repeatedly violated public health orders, holding sermons that surpass the fifteen percent gathering capacity. Coates has been charged with breaching the Public Health Act and is due in court at the end of March.



While Premier Kenny was sending out his Ash Wednesday greetings, Pastor James Coates was locked up in an Alberta prison for exercising his charter freedoms of conscience with legitimate association, expression and peaceful assembly.



Do you know it’s against the criminal code to obstruct a clergyman. I’m reading section 176. So, who’s guilty here?



Well, Danielle, no clergyman [INAUDIBLE] is obstructed from leading their congregation in worship in Alberta.



He’s in jail…



They’re all permitted to…



Hold on, hold on Tony. He’s in jail…



No, Danielle. Every…every…



…and he was not released because the court, the provision of the court was he had to agree not to go back to his church. That is standing in the way of this 176 provision in the criminal code.



Free Pastor Coates! Free Pastor Coates!



If in the communist country of Cuba, churches are open, and we are jailing our pastors?! What is happening to us?!



Even if you’re not Christian, pull back the camera a bit. Restaurants are allowed to be open. Big box stores like Wal-Mart and Costco. Throughout the entire time, liquor stores, marijuana stores. But the church has harsh limits on it.



And it isn’t the government’s responsibility to protect us from a virus. What’s their responsibility to protect our God-given rights?




What do you think about that? I would say, today, there’s not a lot of thinking going on, because everything thinks for you. The news gives you information. Your phone talks to you all the time. All the gadgets, all the electronics, all these things assail us. Visually, billboards, everything, all over the place. There’s no contemplation. Little reflection.


Why do you think Our Lady came? We just heard the reason. Wal-Mart’s open. Costco’s open. The pastor can’t preach? And because he went past the fifteen percent, he’s in jail. Nobody would have imagined that ten years ago, even five years ago. Our Lady’s been walking with us, since 1981, to bring us to holiness. At the same time, the world exposes itself for what it is. And we’re not supposed to call that out?


Our Lady came on January 8, 1987 and said,


“…The time has come when what my Lord desired has been fulfilled…”


I was just getting things cranked up. I remember where I was. I remember what I thought when I said this. “Mary, here it is, I’m giving up everything to go into Medjugorje, and now, you’re saying it’s over, it’s fulfilled.” She formed the six visionaries to March 1, 1984. And then She took a step differently. She began to give messages every Thursday for the villagers. And that continued all the way to January, 1987. So, She converted the visionaries. Then, She converted the parish. And now, She starts on another level, and now, we know what that was. The conversion of the world. It starts with a nucleus, and then the parish around the visionaries, and then it opened up to all through the world.


So, when She said, “fulfilled,” She meant She had the foundation now to launch of what God desired. And what is that?


She continues in that January 8, 1987 message,


“…I beseech you, [to] listen to my messages and live them, so I can guide you…”


We’ve got our deacons. We’ve got our priests. We’ve got our bishops. We’ve got our cardinals. We’ve got the pope. And She says, “I’m going to guide you”? The holy Church is there. But She saw more than what we saw. She can see behind the curtain. She knew where the direction of the Church was going. And if She didn’t build up a body of apostles, the Church would have ended. But Jesus said, the gates of hell will never prevail. This puts Medjugorje and what Our Lady’s doing as a huge category. It’s not just a Fatima thing. It’s not just a Miraculous Medal thing. It’s not just a Lourdes where you go get cured. All those were billboards to create a following of Our Lady, a devotion, that way She would be known and loved when She came to make the big show and the last show upon the earth.


So, those words,


“…I beseech you, listen to my messages…”


I’m not hearing them. You don’t hear the voice. Our Lady does not want you to reduce Her messages to reading. If you’re just reading these words, you’re going to say they’re repetitious. She wants you to hear Her talking to you. Don’t read Her messages; listen to Her messages. That’s Her words.


“…I beseech you, listen to my messages and live them, so I can guide you…”


From January 8th starts the first monthly message, January 25, 1987.


“…You are not able…”


What does that mean? Are you listening to that? You can’t do this. She’s telling them, “I’m telling you, you can’t do it.”


“…You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God’s design…”


If She says that, and we’re listening to that, we have to take it for the words that She says it, that we won’t comprehend it.


Then, Our Lady says, that,


“…in prayer you may be able to comprehend what God’s plan is in your regard…”


And then, She says,


“…[Do you realize] that God has chosen each one of you, in order to  use you in a great plan…”


We’re experiencing something never upon the earth before, and we’re seeing something evil we never have before.  We have many good people in the Medjugorje world, many people that’s holy, really discerning correctly. They love Our Lady. And you can meet a Medjugorje person halfway around the world and be friends immediately like family. They can discern falsehood, untruths. But then, you have other people in the Medjugorje world that are snowflakes. They think Our Lady’s here only just to pray, fast, go to Mass, mind my own business, and not critique what’s happening in the world.


What’s happening today is what happened in Jesus’ day. He built a big following. But the closer to the Crucifixion, those who wanted to be Christians and following Jesus fell away from Him. And we see this in the Medjugorje world. There’s a division with the mentality that we’re not to call out evil. And if you do, they think it’s political. Political? Because we saw what’s in our country and what we’re doing now, what happened, the stealing of the election? And some are writing to us saying, “Take me off your mail list,” which we gladly do, “because you’re politicizing Our Lady.” Really? You don’t know Medjugorje.


November 2, 2016

“…my apostles will live, will conquer and will expose evil…”


We’re supposed to be doing this, and few people out there who are following Our Lady and think you’re just supposed to sit there and be a snowflake and just do your play, you’re off base. You’re off discernment. Our Lady came here for a great plan, January 25, ’87, and what was it? “…a great plan for the salvation of [the world]…” Our Lady wants to expose Governor Cuomo. Are you against that? Is that politicizing everything? This man brought in infected Corona people into an old nursing home, killing people. That’s political? We’re supposed to bury that? We’re not supposed to talk about it? We’re commanded to do that. It is Our Lady, when She said, “…my apostles…will conquer…” means we have to do something. How are we going to do it? But you have the people say, “Oh, it’s just by prayer. It’s just by prayer. God’s going to do it.” No, God acts through man. Those people who cannot believe are in reality negating what Our Lady is here for: a great battle against the darkness by the light.


Our Lady’s messages, when you listen to them, and not read them, but listen to them by reading them, tells us to be aware what is happening around us, and we have to stop it. We have to fight it. Don’t tell me George Washington wasn’t chosen by God to break the United States of America from England. God is active in these things. For you who have that mentality that Our Lady’s not involved with these things, then explain the Battle of Lepanto. Our Lady was very involved with that, through the Rosary. Throughout history, we have this, and for you, now, to suppress Our Lady—and I say that, “suppress,” because She just said, February 25th, that word, “suppress wars.” Why would She come down from Heaven and say that, except She’s very involved with this? This is a cancerous mentality in Medjugorje people. Their numbers are very small, but it amazes me that they can’t see truth.


We’re in a very dangerous situation these days, very unstable. Those in office are collaborating with the enemy who wants to conquer us. Biden is collaborating with China. George Washington had the three perils. The last one was the red dragon, and it’s manifesting. They want to destroy us. They want to control us. They want to conquer us. And we’re supposed to expose those things.


We’re going to play a series of commercials about China and what their plans are.




America has long treated China as a friendly trading partner. But that partnership is unreliable.


The COVID-19 virus has exposed how much America is relying on critical products purchased from China. Our antibiotics, medical safety supplies and critical components for smart phone, computers and even military hardware are manufactured by Chinese companies. These companies are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and these supplies can be cut off in an instant.


China is also expanding its influence in America by funding university agendas, and they have acquired majority ownership in 2,400 American companies in aerospace, energy, technology and other critical industries.


This soft power is designed to gain access to technology and resources and manipulate Americans and bury the truth about the real nature of the Chinese communist government.


Learn more about Chinese power and control of America at




When a government controls the media, they can control what we see…and what you don’t see.


The Chinese government has a long history of censorship and is now expanding their influence. Hollywood has recently started censoring themselves in order to increase their chances of getting access to the Chinese market, adding positive references to China in films like Transformers 4 and The Martian.


But now, Chinese companies with ties to the Communist Party are buying up Hollywood studios and movie houses, amassing more power when it comes to what Americans see and don’t see. Is that what we want?


To learn more, visit



I pledge allegiance to America’s debt and to the Chinese government that lends us money…



China produces 97% of our antibiotics. They ship us many of our generic drugs and billions in poorly regulated and contaminated foods. We’re also vulnerable with our trillion-dollar debt to this Chinese Communist government. Should you trust China with your health? Should our government?


Get the facts at



A rising China is a positive development…


They’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what?


They’re not a competition for us…


We do not fear China’s rise…


Well, I think the biggest threat to our security is Russia…


China is going to eat our lunch? C’mon, man.




Rosemary Gibson, author of China Rx: Exposing America’s Risk of Dependence on China for Medicine. Do you know what’s rampant right now? IBS: irritable bowel syndrome. And no one understands why, all of a sudden, we have this huge thing everywhere. Many people are talking about it. They’ve got new medicines trying to fix it, and it doesn’t work. Many point back to antibiotics. Did you know 97% of all antibiotics come from China? These people are genius. Soft power. Sun Tzu said avoid fighting. You don’t want to kill your people, nor the people you want to conquer. You want to enslave them. And they’ve got a good plan. Ninety-seven percent of all antibiotics come from China.


The website you heard about,, when they say, “us,” they mean U.S. They say that we import billions of dollars of food from China. “Food made in China has been contaminated by aluminium, lead, cadmium and plastics.” They know this is in there. Poison the people. Poison your enemies.


“Eighty percent of the U.S. imports of rare-earth minerals comes from China, which are vital for smart phone, electric cars, defense and other technology.”


Did you know that China owns 8,200 U.S. movie theater screens? And they control it, so there won’t be any anti-China sentiments, but rather, a pro-message for China.


Did you know that ninety-seven percent of high purity fentanyl comes from China? Not Mexico. Not South America. China! They discovered 500,000 food safety violations found by the Chinese government in just a nine-month period. And everybody here has immunity diseases and problems? The United States doesn’t make good medicine anymore. We dangerously are relying on China for our medicine.


It doesn’t stop it there. China Owns US reports that Americans unknowingly have invested three trillion dollars in China’s activities and their plans. They have been buying exchange trade funds—ETFs—in the pension plans of the ordinary Americans.


Chinese television reaches 78 million Americans. They control things like ibuprofen ninety-five percent of it. It’s not just to make money. It’s to destroy you. Where did Corona come from? China! And Corona is surrounded with control, everything about it. And that’s what China wants to do, and people buy into it.


Are you thinking, when you hear all the news talking about vaccination? I heard the other day, this woman being interviewed, “Oh, I’m so happy! I just got my vaccination.” And the newscaster saying, on the radio, “What do you feel like? Isn’t it wonderful?” She says, “I feel wonderful!” He says, “Well congratulations!” This is over the top. The way they sell these things and pushing about vaccination, sometimes putting music behind it and everything, is self-identifying an agenda.


Yesterday, March 3rd, a twenty-eight-year-old mom, who was forced because of her employment, required a vaccination. And she texted her husband that she was in line for her second shot. She says, quote,


“I’m getting the Corona vaccine now. If anything happens to me, promise you will always be there for [their son]…”


And then she pauses,


“…like, if I go brain dead and can’t walk.”


You know what happened? She dropped dead. This is not isolated, people. This is everywhere. Start doing your research. Don’t depend on CNN, even Fox or any of the people. You have to start studying and looking and expose evil just for your own family. This vaccination stuff is diabolical. It’s coming from hell. And we heard about the Canadian pastor. What are they going to do if you refuse the vaccination? Nobody has the right to go against your person. That’s a violation. Our Lady wants you to know these things, through listening to the messages, because you’ve got to fight this system, and the system is the antichrist.


I’m finishing up Ten Secrets in the next few weeks. I need your prayers. It’s been written for twenty-four years. Our Lady’s shown me over and over, when I got ready to publish it, “Wait.” Because what I saw in an antichrist, before I even started twenty-four years ago, that She was here because the antichrist is here. And nobody would have said that five years ago, much less twenty, twenty-five, thirty years ago. That book’s going to expose, clearly, all the way back to the late ‘80s, why She’s here, but nobody else could see it, because I was listening to the messages. Everybody else was wanting to do testimonies, and, “Oh, how wonderful. This person converted.” That’s great. That’s beautiful. Okay. But Medjugorje is the message. Not the village. It’s the message is the roadmap of identifying and not fall underneath the antichrist system. “Get your shot. Do this. Do that. Go here. Buy and sell.” No bishop’s going to do that. They just came out yesterday in several places, like the Diocese of Little Rock, that we can’t really use the vaccination and allow them because it was derived from cell lines of aborted babies. And there’s a moral concern, they say. And they say Johnson & Johnson used testing for the vaccination and also for use, the cell line, for the production of it. So, they say don’t use Johnson & Johnson. Use Pfizer and Moderna because they only use the derived cells for the testing but not in production. So, they say it’s morally okay to take the one with the least use of the cell line. Apostate. Bad teachings. The early Christians didn’t do that to save themselves for a morally good. Say, a father of a family, if you’re going to get killed because you believe in Christ. You say, “Well, I’ve got to take care of my family. I believe in Jesus, but I’ll say I don’t just so I can provide for my family.” This is the rationale that got here. This is amazing. This is shocking. The letter from Bishop Taylor in Little Rock says,


“We should continue to insist that pharmaceutical companies stop using abortion-derived cell lines given the worldwide suffering of the pandemic is causing. We affirm, again, that being vaccinated can be an act of charity that serves the common good…”


Either you’re an idiot, or we’re an idiot. Speaking out of both sides of the mouth. But it’s for the common good to get a vaccination! Then we have to go with it. And he continues,


“…In practical terms, here in Arkansas, we are not currently giving a choice regarding which vaccine to receive…”


You said don’t use Johnson, but, what are you saying? Let’s find out. Let’s read this. Listen to this real carefully.


“…currently giving a choice regarding which vaccine to receive. Each place has only one option to offer. Therefore, unless this changes, Catholics here [in Arkansas] and in the interest of the common good, should receive whichever vaccine offered, including the Johnson & Johnson vaccine…”!


What in the world is happening to our Church? What’s happened to our bishops? How stupid, how ignorant can they get? Quote again,


“…If for reasons of personal conscience, any Catholic refuses a vaccine when it becomes available, that person has a moral obligation to do the utmost to avoid becoming a vehicle of transmission to others.”


Did you understand what he just said? You take even Johnson & Johnson’s, filled with the cell line of aborted babies, and that you don’t want to put that in your body, this bishop, and many of the other bishops going along with this, that, “that person has a moral obligation to do their utmost to avoid becoming a vehicle of transmission to others, especially the most vulnerable.” He can easily say and defend himself and say, “Oh, well, I’m talking about masks and social distance.” No. That’s not what that means. You should have said that if that’s what you mean. You mean because, just before that, you said it’s okay to get Johnson & Johnson for the common good. I am sick of this.


I’ve got another letter coming to the bishops. The last one was the atomic bomb. I don’t have time to write, but it’s coming, for this action of making apostates of your own people and yourself.


All this adds up to one thing: everything’s unstable. You have to look at things. You have to see what’s the devil behind it. You have to see what’s going to fall, because we know it’s going to, and everything is tied to money, the selling and the buying.


So, we’re going to hear a report from Century Silver because many people are catching on. Our audience is growing in a positive way because they’re not getting the food. The peasants in the pew are hungry, and you’ve got to stand out of the crowd and follow Our Lady’s messages.



You said that everything is becoming more unstable. Silver and precious metals have always been seen as a stable asset, but the precious metals markets right now, and silver in particular, the market itself is experiencing signs of instability. Not that it’s cracked open yet, but there’s a lot, a lot of talk out there about this gigantic silver short position by several major, major investment banks, these silver ETFs that are required to hold physical silver underneath their stock-like exterior. There’s a lot of talk that the physical silver simply isn’t there to back it up, and the buzz about that is growing.


The Federal Reserve chairman, just today, I believe, gave indication that he expects inflation. There’s been talk of all this money printing. Everybody’s talking about inflation, the silver markets, everything. The stock market’s unstable. We know that. And everywhere we look today, there’s instability.


The greatest stability, certainly, is Our Lady. As you’ve said, even better than silver is a way of life, is ability to draw your food from your ground to your mouth. But certainly in the interim period, the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round can be a very good place to store your wealth as a temporary store.


There’s a lot of people calling these days. There’s a lot of new people calling and getting introduced to Century Silver through their family, through their friends, and many, many people continue to just consistently add, even if it’s a small amount of silver, they continue to consistently add that to their wealth preservation and their plans for remaining as stable as possible in these uncertain times.



Give a report on what just happened this week about Reddit and putting on GoFundMe about buying silver?



Just six days ago, six or seven days ago, a young man made a GoFundMe page. For those of you who aren’t familiar with GoFundMe, you can post anything you want and ask people to donate to it. And this man made a GoFundMe page called Silver Squeeze. He’s tried to raise $100,000, and his intention was to put up billboards all over the world in strategic locations that expose as many people as possible to the concept of buying silver. Just as one example, one of the billboards, on the left-hand side, shows a $100 bill on fire, and it says, “Do you want this, or…” and then on the right-hand side, it shows a stack of physical silver. Their stated goal is to bring down these big investment banks to collapse that gigantic short position they have which would destroy a lot of these investment banks and cost them tons of money, possibly bring them down altogether.


They raised over $100,000 in just five days, and that number continues to grow. They also direct people to a Reddit page. It’s called Reddit Silver Squeeze where people are posting. It’s kind of interesting. A lot people are just posting pictures of their silver stacks on there and saying things like, you know, “Keep stacking. Let’s go! Let’s bring down the big banks.” But what you do see with this, with these billboards, with all that’s going on right now, is a lot, a whole lot of people are being exposed to the concept of physical silver, and that can put a real physical squeeze on the market.



Our Lady’s coming to us to change mentalities.


You just mentioned that they said that they’re taking pictures of their silver with their self or whatever. I don’t know. Is it just on a table? What are they doing?



It’s actually kind of humorous at times. Some people have it on their beds. Some people have it on their kitchen table. Some are holding it in their hands. We looked at one today. It was, I believe it was a seventeen-year-old boy. He said, “I’m buying two ounces a week. This is the best I can do, but this is my start.” So, you have people that are stacking, so to speak, two ounces at a time. You have people that have been purchasing physical silver and stocking it up for years and years and years. But bottom-line, the buzz, the buzz is out there, and it is waking up a lot of people. And an article we read about a year ago, there was a gentleman that was arguing that the squeeze in silver is not going to come from some major institutional investor or some major buyer of silver in industry, but rather, from a million people or five million people waking up and buying two, three, five ounces at a time. That can put a huge squeeze on physical silver supply.



Everywhere I look, what subject, countries, government, money, school, education, marriage, family, manufacturing, I always find a way to introduce Our Lady to it. This is really a seize the moment opportunity for you who have the Miraculous Medjugorje Round to take a picture of it, if you want to put a pile of it on your bed or whatever you want to. They’re not giving their names, right?



That’s right. Nobody’s identifying themselves.



This is getting exposure everywhere. So, you can make a post on that. Say something about the Miraculous Medjugorje Round, and you propagate conversion.



That’s right. This is a really incredible seize the moment for Our Lady to get Her out there in a new way, to use this new method of evangelization and expose a host of people who are already familiar with silver, but would be very intrigued by this unique specialty round, which is, we know, the number one specialty round in the world. You should say it. “This is my round. It’s the number one specialty round in the world.” Be careful. Certainly don’t identify yourself in any way. But take that step out there. The way you can navigate to this page pretty quickly is to just do, like a Google search and type in Reddit, R-E-D-D-I-T, and then silver (space) squeeze, and that should come pretty high up on the search. You can expose a lot of people to Our Lady. This is an act of charity to get an image of the round out there, to get the Miraculous Medal in front of people.



Yeah, you mean an act of charity like the bishop. “You take your vaccination.” Yeah.



Yeah, exactly. Exactly right. Make sure, if you do post an image of the rounds, put both sides on there so that people can see the beauty of the round, but also, again, just additional exposure for Our Lady and the Medjugorje phenomenon.



It’s critically important for you to listen to the message of Our Lady. Don’t ever say, “I read the messages.” That’s not what She’s looking for. Your homework is to look January 8, 1987 and look at that message and listen to it. And your second lesson, January 25, 1987, because that’s the foundation of what we’re doing now, because it’s about the great plan for the salvation for the entire world, and you are chosen and have a plan, and God has use of you in order to implement this great plan.


What we just talked about the Miraculous Medjugorje Round. You can evangelize through that. You can evangelize through other things, through your company, through your work, through your family, through the way of your life. It has to be distinctly different, and that is what the call is about.



To contact Century Silver Exchange about exchanging some of your paper dollars for physical silver, or if you would like to talk about how to make a post on this Reddit Silver Squeeze page, call us toll-free at 877-936-7686. That’s 877-936-7686. We can walk you through and exchange and also help you walk through how to get to the Reddit page and make a post.


Century Silver Exchange is a for-profit subsidiary of Caritas of Birmingham. It bears its own expenses and pays taxes on its earnings. If there is any earnings leftover at year-end, it may make a dividend donation to Caritas to further its mission efforts.



For all you people who follow the messages and you want to be holy and all those who want to stay out of controversy and want to be holy, the real way to be holy is very simple. It’s to do what God’s will is for you. You can’t get more holy than what He calls you to. Just being a daily communicant doesn’t fly if God’s got another plan for you. Yes, it’s a good thing to go to Mass every day. But what are you doing the rest of the day? That’s what’s important. So, to be holy is to fulfil the message of the 25th where Our Lady said, “…[pray] to comprehend…[what] your role is in God’s design…” And that’s the maximum holy you can get to follow His will.


We wish you Our Lady. We love you. Good night.




The subject matter contained in this presentation is based on Biblical principles and designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that neither the presenter nor the broadcaster is engaged to render legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Since your situation is fact-dependent, you may wish to additionally seek the services of an appropriately licensed legal, accounting, real estate, or investment professional.


This ends the Mejanomics broadcast with a Friend of Medjugorje. These broadcasts are available as CDs which are sent directly to your doorstep on a monthly subscription. For information, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000.

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