June 20, 2024
Special World Report

Something is Happening

[Podcast] (67 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje, in this prophetic broadcast from 2017, shares examples of how Our Lady’s apparitions are changing the world and influencing events on the earth.

Episode Transcript



We know that tens of thousands of you are following a Friend of Medjugorje’s reports from the important happenings in Medjugorje right now. The special apparitions that are taking place with Marija on the mountain and we’ll certainly be hearing from a Friend of Medjugorje soon, not only in his written reports but also on Radio WAVE as he will speak about the 25th message when that occurs. And so we look very much forward to that. And in light of these special events which are taking place right now in Medjugorje we want to share with you a special broadcast from October the 13, 2017 and the title of that broadcast was “Something is Happening.” And in that broadcast a Friend of Medjugorje gives us a much, much wider context for the apparitions. Much more than just a spiritual event taking place, and even a lot of other Medjugorje centers and movements are going to speak about Medjugorje purely from only a spiritual standpoint, but a Friend of Medjugorje understands these apparitions in the context of the modern world of the moment of history in which we live, its effect upon the world, nations, everything. Tonight’s broadcast is about an hour long. So here is a Friend of Medjugorje October 13, 2017.


Today is Tuesday, October 17, 2017, and this is a Radio WAVE special with a Friend of Medjugorje.



We welcome everybody here. We’ve, of course, looked for this day for some time, actually for years. We can’t know everything is happening or why it’s happening, but time always tells, in the future, what happens in the past. Prophecy, you’ve heard me, maybe, perhaps, say that it’s never understood in the moment that it’s being given. It’s only afterwards that you can understand it. And we see things happening with Medjugorje, things happening with our lives that, as Hassan, the Sufi Muslim we’ve been quoting quite a bit lately, who, in 1979 predicted that the Virgin Mary would come and that there would be people that were born for this.

So, you may have sensed some things in your contact with Medjugorje, your growth in Medjugorje, your introduction to Medjugorje, or what Our Lady’s doing now, that you are prepared for this. And that becomes more clearer as you live the spiritual life, through the messages, that you begin to see, “Hey, this happened when I was five years old,” or “I was born for this.”

The more you get into it, the more you accept apostleship from Our Lady, the more you can see that you’ve been prepared for that. You may never recognize that. There’re people born for it. They may never accept it in the sense of embracing fully what Our Lady asks for, because when conversion comes, conversion is easy to accept because it’s sweet. You feel graces. You feel the peace. You may be in deep sin. You may have been in error with the Church for years of what you’ve done in your past. But none of that is put on a guilt trip. It’s only the love of God. And, of course, we know nonbelievers is the result of people who have never known the love of God.

We had a vendor out here the other day for some water stuff we’re looking at doing, and he was an atheist his whole life. And so, “Your parents were divorced.” He says, “Yeah.” I said, “Well, that’s what makes nonbelievers in a lot of ways. It’s not that you can’t escape it.” He said, “Well, when I got married, my wife brought me into the Church.”

But he was always that way. And of course, we know now that Our Lady won’t say nonbelievers. Our Lady won’t say atheist. She says, “those people who have never known the love of God.” And we know through Jelena, the interlocutionist, that you experience the love of God by the exchange from the love of the husband to the wife and the wife to the husband. That’s where you learn God the Father’s love. That’s where you learn Our Lady’s love, from the mother.

And so, this is minused out of the family. Too many things have interfered with it, and it’s just like frequency right now on the radio with fall changing. There’s static more on some religious stations we listen to that we can’t pick up now. And that’s life. The frequency of getting clearly what we want to hear has not been there because we’ve blocked it. We haven’t walked the spiritual life.

So, Our Lady comes to give us a new way of life with all the interferences that modernism has brought to us throughout our day, that we can see, clearly, what’s taking place.

So, October 13th is a great day. You may not see any results, but what you can bet your dollar on is something is happening. We don’t always see the events immediately, but again, like I said in the beginning about prophecy, you learn about it in the future. The time of grace we are in right now, Our Lady gave a message on March 25, 2001, that said,

“Dear children! Also today I call you to open yourselves to prayer. Little children, you live in a time …”

And when I see those words, I always know She’s saying “unique,” going back to the late 90s when She kept saying, “… I am happy to see you here … in … large numbers …” I think it was ’92 and ’93, She says, “You are in a particular time.”

Nobody throughout the cavillation of man, which is estimated 80 billion people have lived since Adam, is experiencing what you’re experiencing. You say, “Of course. They didn’t have cell phones. They didn’t have this.” No. The power of the prodigies of the devil is so powerful that what people would not be getting off of 150 years ago, we’re being given mercy much more than even they because we’re so captivated, dazzled, glittered, preoccupied with modernism that has enslaved us without even realizing it.

So, when Our Lady says, “a particular time,” nobody has had a precedent that we can follow in the past to be where we are today and what we have to do to break away from this system that’s here. It’s here, and you who were listening last night, we talked about that. This guy was talking about one of the clips we pulled about reading your mind, that, literally, this is coming, not 500 years from now, and he said, “Not 20 year from now.” He said, “We’re two or three years away from it.” If you missed it, they’ve already convicted somebody for murder in India because they were able to read her mind and her intentions. Where they are with this is knowing your intentions. And she was convicted by this. And he said, “We’re only two or three years away for complex thoughts being read from peoples’ mind once you scan them.” We’re like the Neanderthal man because we don’t understand how that could be. Once you learn it and see it, you see the logic, “Oh yeah. We see how they do it and what they do in the computers, reading this, and this part of the brain lit up,” whatever. But it’s scary stuff. So, we’re here in the antichrist time, and the antichrist time is nothing but a light switch to flick. Everything’s in place, neither buy nor sell.

I don’t want to go covering any of that because that’s what we covered last night in our program, our broadcast. But Our Lady’s here for a specific reason, that without Her being here, we have no reason to break away from what She’s showing us to break away from. So,

“… you live in a time in which God gives great graces …”

I would say we’re living in a time in which we have greater graces now than we’ve ever had before. You say, “Well, what about Jesus’ day?” It’s greater now. We’ve got Redemption. We’ve got the history. We’ve got all the battles in the past. We’ve got everything that tells us what’s happened with Christianizing the world, and what now, after 300 years since the French Revolution and that period, the downfall of Christianity. We’ve been going downhill for three centuries now. And Our Lady’s coming here for what? A turning point. You’ve heard us say that. She literally said, “You are at a turning point.” And you can pivot and change the direction of your life, or you can stay where you’re going, swept along with the tsunami of all the modernism, all the electronics, everything that dictates your day. And you know it, and you don’t like it, but you go along with it because it’s too powerful.

“… you live in a time in which God gives great graces but you do not know how to make good use of them …”

Why? Because God can’t compete with the prodigies of satan. How is He going to achieve that competition from hell and when? He sends His Mother. He creates, not electronics, not televangelists. He creates a direct communication line from the Virgin Mary, the major cell phone we need to be listening to, a voice once a month, twice a month on the second, and a daily blessing. And also, She says messages like, for instance,

“… [when you need me] … call me. I will come immediately …”

You can’t even do it on cell phones now that way because people don’t call you right back, and there’s less talking to each other. In fact, we had more conversations, talking when you need to talk to somebody on landlines than we do cell phones, because now everybody doesn’t want … they’re so impersonal, “I’ll just text it and I’ll go there and leave it.”

So, God had to up the ante of all this communication that is in our heart and our minds by a direct line from Heaven to earth. It’s amazing. Nobody could have thought of that. Nobody could imagine the world would have a grace, “Okay. You mean God,” in 1900, “God’s going to send the Virgin Mary to the earth to speak to us every day, bless us every day? She’s going to be physically there just like in the Transfiguration, no different, when Jesus was transfigured, no different than when Moses and Elijah were there standing there with Him. There were physical bodies there.” Had Our Lady not come in 1981, do you think She could have broke through this cloud now? No. Fax machines weren’t even there when She appeared. She came on the eve of the fax machine, because that’s where it all started going crazy. When that came along, we would try to get the message from Medjugorje. It was Communism. We couldn’t get everything. It was very difficult. We got the messages a month later, two months later, and years later on some of them. We didn’t know what was going on. Communications were very, very difficult. To get a 25th message, you had to stay up on the phone all night long getting busy signals trying to get through to Medjugorje. There was no infrastructure with Medjugorje centers. It was you as an individual getting a hold of the parish house. I made contact with a guide and started working with her, wrote her a letter, sent it to Marija, that Marija, I didn’t know her. [I said to Marija], we don’t get your Thursday messages from you [until] months later. We don’t even have all the Thursday messages since they began. Then, I started making communication with her.

But it’s very difficult, and it’s really astounding to go from 1986 and ’87 with those ’81 to ’86 years, that we were, basically, communicating the way we had done for decades since the beginning of that century, or the 20th century. And so, when the fax machine came on, it was like unbelievable. We started getting the messages and everything. Had Our Lady waited till that point, had Our Lady waited till 1991 to come, I guarantee you, we wouldn’t be sitting here because we already have nuns in the apparitions in Medjugorje getting their cell phone during the apparition, literally, walking out of the room to answer their cell phone. Which is more important? I’ve seen this. I’ve witnessed this.

We came from this. No one grounded the roots of Medjugorje that if that’s happening now, what would have happened if She said, “Hey, we’ve got a real problem down there. The devil’s just got everybody captivated. They don’t know what they’re doing. Their whole day’s wasted. The prayer has diminished because everybody’s praying to their little idol and their phones and all this stuff and sports and pleasures and all this.” Our Lady couldn’t have done it. She couldn’t have penetrated it. She came, strategically, at the last moment, the most important moment, to come to ground us, because I’m transferring pre-technological electronics to you of what those five or six years it was formative in me, was very critical to understand Medjugorje, that now, it wouldn’t be understood. Nobody writes what we say or what we live. Nobody’s doing it. You, as an individual, are maybe, or perhaps, and you copy that. But you got that because there’s understanding that wouldn’t come right now at this moment if we hadn’t got involved with Medjugorje.

Somebody just told Joan in Medjugorje that, “I never knew, I never understood the messages until I started watching the Community.” The Community didn’t know the messages until I went to Medjugorje because the Community hadn’t existed. And I saw the messages, and I was hearing people there at the organic Medjugorje, which it was beautiful to be there, “I don’t want to go home. I’ve got a husband and a wife, kids,” whatever, “I could stay here. Literally, I could stay here. I want to move here.” I said, “No.” And I never felt that. I never felt I was called to live in Medjugorje. I didn’t like it. It was Communist, cold, rock, insecure, walking down the street, you didn’t know what would happen. I had no desire. But people going there and seeing the pilgrimages, they wanted it. And I heard this repeatedly over and over and over. I said, “No. You go home and make your home Medjugorje.” And that’s what I did. It wasn’t for you sitting here. It was to make my house that way, to bring the first community that was here, which was in my family. And we made Medjugorje here. People started coming out here before Marija came here, and they wanted to hang around our house, things we started doing, changing the direction of our life.

So, you may be doing that in your life, but what I’m saying is we didn’t have a map. We didn’t have a survey of how to navigate to be still in the world, because I had my business, and then reversing at the same time, paralleling, crossing, creating another way of life. We were creating two ways of life, which was very, very difficult, to be in business, and at the same time, to build a Medjugorje lifestyle, a “way of life.” And it took from ’83 when I knew about Medjugorje to the first time going there in ’86, to 1993 when I was with Marija in Medjugorje, or rather, in Italy, and She says, the message you know about, that “I call you to be my instruments, my extended hands,” and the whole message ends up saying,

“…[And] get as many hearts as you can…to a way of salvation…”

And our way was defined. I See Far was written. How to Change Your Husband was written. Things that we were promoting and saying was laid out, which many people follow all over the world now.

But I’m saying this for these critical moments, Our Lady cannot come now and do what She did, and we would have lost Medjugorje, the meaning of Medjugorje, because a lot of people that I knew that went to Medjugorje that had Medjugorje centers, never latched onto the messages. As far as they went was the Medjugorje conferences and everybody talk about their testimonies. Nobody was designated to put it into a way of life. And that’s why Our Lady did so much here, not because I’m so great or I’m holy or did anything. I’m a sinner. Padre Pio was holy. He got the stigmata for that. Marija was not holy that she get the stigmata. She picked six normal people. She picks normal people for Medjugorje to be the apostles to show what She can do with normal people. I said yes, and I said yes, and I said yes. And I couldn’t have said yes at first in the beginning because I didn’t have the capacity to do that. I had to grow in that, and you have to grow where you are to give up what you are called to give up, because it’s not nice. It’s not pleasant. And I would have said no if, the first time I went to Medjugorje, and She showed me what She was going to do and tell me to give up my company and all this stuff. I didn’t have the ability. I didn’t have the grace to understand it. I don’t like to see signs that say, “Don’t put plastic in this garbage can.” I put paper there. Now, I know why now, but if you don’t know why, you’ll just do it. What’s the big deal? Or “Don’t open this door.” “Why? Open the door. What happens?” If you put on the sign, “Don’t open this door because there’s a bad dog back behind and you may get bit, then you’ve got a reason not to open the door. You understand it.

So, Our Lady can tell us many things, but I want to understand why I’m not supposed to do that, why I’m supposed to get out of business, and She says, in 1986, “You’re going to get out of business.” I don’t have the capacity to understand why She would even say that. But once I did that, and once I got tormented by God, the most worst point in my life when God confronted me, “You get and close your company down, because you’ve been saying for two years you’ll give Me everything,” I barely could do it. And you know what would have happened if I said no? Because I felt the freedom. I felt God showing me in Medjugorje, “You’re free. I’m not going to…You’re not going to hell if you say no. Nothing’s going to happen. You’re free. I just want your yes, or you say yes or no.” I gave a yes. It was torturous. The hardest part was saying yes. What I didn’t know, from the point I said, “Yes,” with 26 or maybe 6 months later, having these employees, getting rid of them, shutting down my business, that within a few months, Our Lady came to our house. There’s no way I could have worked that with the pilgrims for three solid months if I was running my company. Marija, I’ve been with her. She goes to people. There’s CEOs. There’re people who run companies. They’ve got jobs, and they go to work every day with Marija in the house or the event. I didn’t have to go to work because I shut it down.  So, we would have lost the apparitions here.

So, you don’t know what your “yes” is going to bring about until you say “yes” and see it later. But I guarantee you, Our Lady would not have been here, and even if She did come, I would not have been able, with 26 employees paying on payroll, to do what I had to do and go out every day and deal with that instead of dealing with pilgrims coming in my home and my wife’s home.

So, God’s got some “yeses” He needs from you. You may not like it. You may not understand it. You may not understand, like when a news reporter asks, “Don’t you think you’re sheltering your kids?” We said, “That’s exactly what we’re doing.” Because we had pulled them out of sports. We were doing this. All I knew was, “Pull them out of sports.” I didn’t know the NFL was going to do what they’re doing now. I didn’t know it was going to become the god it’s become. But God showed me, “I want you to change your kids, change your direction. Pull them out of all this stuff. And we didn’t have a cup to fill it. It was just empty. And that’s what bothered me the most. “What are we going to do?” Well, they’ve had more fun with the agrarian way of life than they every could have with the sports. And we’re not against sports. They play soccer in the Field sometimes on Sundays.

My point is, is God’s doing things with Medjugorje that you can never understand at the moment, but you have to have the capacity, through prayer and fasting, that when She says “yes,” you go. Peter had no idea, when he said “Yes,” to leave his fish, or his fishing occupation, what he was going to be. If God showed him, “Okay, Peter. I’m going to offer you something, and I want you to follow me, and here’s the vision, and this St. Peter’s is going to be built over your grave.” People get tombstones. People have got little monuments. Rich people like Mausoleum, in Rome, was built for Mr. Mausoleum. That’s where it comes from, so he would be known as an edifice of greatness. But that thing’s a tiny gnat right two blocks, three blocks down from the Vatican, compared to St. Peter’s Cathedral. So, if Peter would have saw that, he would not have the capacity, “That can’t happen.” It wouldn’t.

So, God can’t show you everything because you can’t understand it. You can’t comprehend it. You have to walk in these baby steps, and these baby steps is where Our Lady is right now, but She’s got us so far know that She’s saying “apostle,” “apostle,” “apostle,” “apostle,” in the last several years. This came up, I didn’t have the capacity, even when I first started seeing Her saying “apostle,” just “apostles” just a few years ago, like, “She’s not meaning like apostles, because apostles is the bishops. They’re the successors of Peter.” That’s what a bishop is, an apostle. And so, She kept calling Her apostles, but I know Our Lady means what She means, and I thought, “It can’t be symbolic. It can’t be figuratively, or [rather] it has to be figuratively. She means what She’s saying. But maybe, I’m not seeing something.” So, I didn’t accept it. I didn’t accept that I could say I was an apostle because I was thinking, “Maybe I’m exaggerating or seeing something that’s too much.” But She kept saying it. Apostle, apostle, apostle. And then She comes up and says the message, in the beginning, “You are my apostles.” And then, She ends that message at the end, “My Son has His shepherds,” which His shepherds are the apostles. She’s created a second group because through the apostles and what’s happening, we need them for the Sacraments, but they will not and cannot and will not do what we do. It’s too established. It’s too erred through the centuries of the mentality of what’s entered into the Church in a way that Our Lady can’t break through it. So, She comes to the simple people. Who are they? She says, “I come from the people.” Who is She from Heaven? God sent Her, the people, to be among the people.


You are listening to a Friend of Medjugorje, October 13, 2017.


To raise up what? Louis de Montfort said, say it. Apostles of the latter days. “And they will be purified as the children of Levi.” You’re not going to walk into this apostleship without being purified, without suffering, without hurt, without pains, without difficulties. That’s part of it. It’s necessary. You have to. What happened with the early Christians? The more costly the conversion, the more powerful the Church became. It grew through that. The greater the persecution, and the greatest persecution, and the greatest growth of the Church was right before Constantine, with Diocletian, or, Caesar. He did the most vile, wicked persecution, almost 300 A.D., that had happened in the Church. And after that, Constantine legalizes it, what happens? The Church started having heresies. Things got comfortable for them, and they started having division, and one problem after another. They didn’t have that through persecution.

So, we’re being crushed, just like the grapes in the wine press, to come out pure, because Our Lady’s got to lay something on the foundation, and there’s segments. The visionaries first had an intimate relationship with each other, and they thought it was with them. Then Our Lady comes along for the village on the Thursday messages. These messages were for the villagers. And then Our Lady goes through a third phase for the whole world that can become part of the village of Medjugorje and what it is and become what the visionaries are. And so, these three phases that moved into has still continued in the now, we’re in the apostleship, and this foundation everything’s built on. And I see now, our calling, our mission, had we not documented, had we not given insights into the messages, had we not stated things in 1993, 1989, 1987, had I not written these things, they would have been lost, because nobody’s got it. Sometimes I wonder, “Why is it that we got it?” Simply a “yes.” We kept saying yes.

I know what we do here, what we live here, will be transmitted 300 years from now for those who will be under tribulation, or probably 150 years, because it’s coming back. So, we’re a bridge from those organic days to the Thursday and monthly messages, to now, to a whole nother realm above the monthly messages to the second of the month messages, a fourth phase. And now, we’re moving into a tribulation period in the sense of individual tribulation for the great things that happen when, finally, satan’s power will be killed. It will be destroyed at the release of the Secrets. We’re on the precipice of that. We’re so close to it. You feel it. You know it.

But you’re still reluctant to give everything. Are you tithing 10%? That’s minimal. Minimal. Are you fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays? “Well, I can’t do that.” We’re on, actually, I don’t know. Did you tell the story about the school, and Our Lady said it, we do it. So, you may be doing a nine-day fast. We did a ten-day fast, and I’ve been through there when Our Lady asked that message on my last nine-day fast, and I had to go six more days for the next week, sixteen days. The six days after that was more profound than the first nine days because I said yes to it, and the greatest graces was at the end of that, because Our Lady says it, we do it, we believe it.

“…Little children, you live in a time in which God gives great graces but you do not know how to make good use of them…”

Why? Because it’s competition for your time. You live in time, and in this time, you have all kind of assaults, daily, throughout what you live and what you do.

“…You are concerned about everything else, but the least for the soul and [the] spiritual life…”

People say, “Yeah, I’m religious.” “Yes, I want to be holy.” “Yes, I’d like to live the Commandments.” But they’re not really concerned about their spiritual life. If they were, there’s things that they would never, ever do.

“…You are concerned about everything else, but the least for the soul and spiritual life. Awaken from the tired sleep of your soul…”

And I forgot this was in it, but that’s the theme of the talk.

“…and say yes…”

You’re here to say yes for whatever comes, good or bad. Our wedding vows say that. “For better or for worse.” And we’ve got everybody going to worst, and they say, “No, I only want better.” It’s bitter. The cost of your conversion has bitterness in it because you have to have that.

“…and say yes to God with all your strength. Decide for conversion and holiness. I am with you, little children…I call you to perfection of your soul and…everything you do…”

Not most things you do, not some things you do, but

“…everything you do. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

We are in exciting moments. I get on these, people might say, “Man, he’s on that binge about that one message, that one message.” Where we are going through Medjugorje through our thirty years of plus here, there’s messages that speak specifically to the time you’re in the moment. The message won’t go away 25 years, 2500 years. It’s still going to have power, because not only does God send Our Lady to establish a line of communication, there will always be now, because it’s necessary to have this for when satan rears up his ugly head again of what She’s destroying and what She’s about to destroy, that we will be able to have communications directly to Heaven. Mary says, “Even when I no longer appear, my eyes and my heart will still be here.” In other words, when you call Her, She’ll be there immediately, She says, “Immediately, I’ll come.” She means that.

So, these messages have a power that when you read it, you can put your name in it, when it says, “Dear children…” Say, “Dear Betty…” Put your name in there. “I,” that’s Mary, “call you, Betty,” not yourselves. You take these messages this way. There is a group, this group gathered here for October 13th, “Dear children, this group, I call you…” So, you can apply this.

So, in the future, when Our Lady no longer appears, we’re still going to have an efficacy of power that She can communicate to you to always be able to checkmate and usurp the electronics that’s here that’s going to come back when Our Lady wipes it out when physical changes are on the earth. It will come back. We never go backwards.

It is said, after Noah and the Flood purified everything, complete within the will of God, all the earth, and all six people or seven people that was on the earth, within 60 to 80 years, it was corrupt again. So, whatever happens mortally wounding the head of the serpent Our Lady’s here for, the Bible says he’s going to come back, and nobody will believe it. But they’ll have our witness, how we broke from it, how we responded to Our Lady, to follow like we do, the early Christians and what they did when they were led to the Coliseum.

So, the message of the hour at this time is September 2, 2011.

“…Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart…”

We know that, but to have a Being come from Heaven and confirm that, Hemis that. A Hemi is something that, in the 60s, that was a V8 engine. It was made in a hemispherical position, and it was really powerful. How many remember the commercial about the guy sitting at the red light? The kid and the car, supped-up, pulls up beside him, and he says, “Hey! Has that got a Hemi in it?” He says, “You’re about to find out.” And he takes off. Our Lady is here to do this to us, to make us more powerful, just like that V8 engine when it came on the scene, really powerful. And those who were raised in the 60s and 70s, the cars now are effeminate. They don’t have the power we had. [LAUGHTER] I mean, if you want to burn rubber…

I had a friend that had a Cutlass 442 Hemi with a four-turbo carburetor, and he had already gotten in trouble for burning up the tires. And we were all out together in a parking lot, not as big as Wal-Mart, but it was big, and he said he could blow rubber off his tires all the way across the parking lot. All the guys, there was like twenty of us, “You can’t do it! Can’t do it!” He said, “Well, I won’t do it because I’ll get grounded. I won’t be able to drive the car anymore.” So, everybody made fun of him. He said, “Well you pull your spare off your tire, and I’ll put it on he car, and we’ll do it.” He did that, and the thing just squealed across the whole parking lot, just smoke everywhere. So, we had fun cars in those 60s that they don’t do that now.

But anyway, Our Lady’s here for this, and this message saying,

“…Everything around you…is falling apart…”

It’s not over there in North Korea. It’s not just here. It’s here. It’s in your house. It’s in your home. It’s in your job. It’s in your work. It’s in your church, especially.

“…Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart, only the glory of God remains…”

This message is the hour message you need to be paying attention. Have you got a company? Where do you work? What do you do with it?

Jesus said in the Scriptures, “Do as the world does. Don’t be of the world but watch how they do. How do they promote their message? And so, all these people, they grow, the IBMs, all this, and then they’ve got their agenda. And we don’t engage, we don’t put our money where our mouth is. “We want this.” They don’t think nothing about spending $100 million, Apple, for some population control in Africa or whatever they’re doing. They’re funded. They’re well-funded. We’re just now getting funded some on our side. We’re under-funded here, and there’s not something we just sit on cash if we had it. We spend every penny we’ve got because we’ve got so many avenues that Our Lady’s created here. We’re in transition of really going into a whole other phase. We’re under-funded to do it. So, we’re waiting. We don’t need to be waiting in that position.

But I don’t want to go that route. This is not about making money or asking for funds. It’s showing you the point, if you don’t… Chick-fil-a didn’t have any depression, no recession in their operation. Why? Because it glorifies God.

The sawmill people, one of the guys that owned, Dan, he owned 25% of the company. And they set up with the other guy who owned 75% of the company, that we’re setting this company up before it started, because there were no portable sawmills. They’re all over the world now. They’re in Russia, everywhere. They’re huge. But they put up a chart, just like this, “Jesus Christ is first.” The second thing is their customers. The third thing is their employees. They put their money and their profit all the way at the bottom. And they just took off. They’re a several hundred-million-dollar company if not a billion now.

But the message Our Lady says, “…Everything around you is passing…everything is falling apart…” That’s an edict. She’s echoing what God’s plans are, and if you’re in business, if you’re in an occupation, you’re not glorifying God, get out of it. Change it. You say, “Well, I can’t. I’ve been doing this for 30 years.” Then try to sanctify it everywhere you can. “Yeah, we don’t want religion here.” Send them this thing. They do this three or four times a year. We know somebody who knows the owner, Kathy, so we were able to get some of our people in pretty quick. But it’s three times a year, but you can tell your boss, “Hey, I want to go somewhere with you. We’ve got a field trip. I don’t even want to tell you where we’re even going.” And then get your other CEO of the company you work for, even if it’s a smaller business that’s got 20 employees. This affects. And then, you can get through the wall of, “We’re not going to bring religion in it. We’re not going to do that.” Everything is of God. Everything that comes out of the Ford Motor company on these cars as steel was in the ground 500 years ago. And millennials can’t see that. They don’t understand the ores and everything that comes out. They just think it’s there, just like the guy, you’ve heard me tell the story many times, from Bronx. He’s 19 years old. He sees a baby deer in our backyard, and it’s a pet. And he says, “Where did you get that little horse?” [LAUGHTER] “And it has spots on him, and he’s tiny.” And I said, “That’s a baby deer.” He said, “Well, what does it eat?” I said, “Milk.” And he says, “Where does he get the milk from, from the trees?” Later, we’re showing him a cow and said, “We’re going to eat that cow.” He says, “Gross!” [LAUGHTER] And my brother said, “Where do you think steaks come from?” He said, “The grocery store.” [LAUGHTER] I mean, this is 15-20 years ago. Now, they may think it’s a dinosaur. I mean, we’ve really got people thinking. There’s a misconnect now. And that’s another thing. These people are moving positions as you get older, and they’re going to decide who lives, who dies, who’s born, who’s not. We’re headed toward that. And they think everything statistical. They say, “Well, everybody’s going to die.”

You know God kills people? I was shocked. Vicka said out there, you know, “God kills people.” I never thought about that. But everybody’s got an appointed time, and He’s the One Who decides when that is. He’s the only one that can do it because He’s not breaking a Commandment because whatever He commands is the commandment. But also, He does it in different ways too. And literally, people are killed.


You are listening to a Friend of Medjugorje, October 13, 2017.

[A Friend of Medjugorje]

“…everything is falling apart, only the glory of God remains…”

You have to sanctify what your occupation is in every way you can. And don’t think, “I’ve got to be quiet about it.” We’re not quiet about a lot of things, and it costs us to say. It costs us to write it. It costs us to move to Medjugorje. I never wanted to move to Medjugorje! I was the only person I ever met, myself, that didn’t want to move to Medjugorje. Now, a lot of people don’t want to because there’s a lot of bad things there and it’s developed in the wrong way. But I didn’t want to go there. Our Lady drug me there. I kept telling community members, “Our Lady’s pulling us to move there, and I don’t want to do it. I’ve got enough persecution here from over there to here and everything going on. I don’t need any more.” But that’s a requirement for God to use you. I didn’t have any ambition to do it. We’re the only place in Medjugorje that gives out the messages on the second of the month, the 25th of the month, Ivan’s messages, and any external message that comes along. Nobody, including the Franciscans, give it out. Yeah, an individual might do to an individual, but there’s nothing institutionalized doing it. We give messages that go all the way to the Vatican all the way to the brush of Australia with the people living there in the woods. We give away more of the messages and material messages, than the whole village together. And I would daresay it’s probably most of the Medjugorje centers around the world. I can say that, printed material, we give way more than anybody else, because we want to glorify God, and this takes a lot of business experience to run this place. And that’s what God didn’t want. He didn’t want my money when I was giving it to Him. He wanted me to quit because He wanted my business talent to do it and how we do things.

And so, you’re called to do that. You’ve got to start a Medjugorje center? No. You are that. If you start living for God, God’s got a plan with you. Our kids here are tremendously talented. There’s nothing they can’t achieve, nothing they can’t do. But that’s because we’ve said yes to Our Lady, and Our Lady’s coming to change everything, every institution, every business, everything. Obviously, there’s always going to be some kind of commerce. Your call, now, is to change that.

So, only what glorifies God remains. Do you want to be in business? Do you want to be in what you’re doing? Do you want to be in some occupation? That’s what you have to do.

“…Therefore, renounce everything that distances you from [our] Lord…”

Our Lady said,

March 25, 1984

“Rejoice with me and with my angels because a part of my plan has…been realized. Many have been converted, but many do not want to be converted…”

Our Lady gives messages, and we don’t always know what She’s talking about. But we are to do it, just back when God asked me to give up my business. I was to do that. I had promised Him, “I’ll do anything You ask,” and I was saying in the field back then in Medjugorje behind the church, “Yes, I said I’d do everything for You God, but not that!” You know, you pray to be a saint, you’ll find out you didn’t want to do that. You didn’t want to pray for that. You’ll say, “Yeah, I want to be a saint. I didn’t know it was going to be like this!”

And so, Our Lady wants you to be… It’s like the Marines, blind obedience. We demand as men of the earth to know the consequences or to weigh out the consequences. If you know God’s calling you to something, you know Our Lady’s messages are saying something, do not weigh out the consequences. It’ll stop you. Many things I’ve done were destructive here at Caritas, destructive in my family, destructive in my decisions, destructive in my business. It was destructive! But I knew I was called to do that, and I knew, “I cannot weigh out the consequences.” That’s what they do in Washington. “Well, if we do this, this happens.” No. Do the right thing, which is the will of God, and forget everything else, and it will lead to destruction. And I’ve termed it, “construction through destruction.” We grow stronger, and something bigger comes along.

So, we have the situation of, if you remember the North Korean jet was shot down, South Korean jet was shot down in 1983. It passed over into the Pacific at air space of a small island of Russia, which was just a little outpost they have there. And if you remember that, the older people, they just blew them out of the sky, killed everybody, all the South Koreans on it. This started some tensions that were already there between the United States and Russia, and it escalated, and it started growing. And it grew and grew and grew more, and we were on the verge of nuclear war. People didn’t know at that time how close we were to a real nuclear war. Only after that time passed did we understand that.

So, as this stuff started escalating and getting stronger and stronger, of course Reagan knew he had economically destroyed Russia. But what happened is Our Lady comes up in March 25, 1984 and says,

“Rejoice with me and with my angels because a part of my plan has already been realized. Many have been converted, but many do not want to be converted…”

The Communists don’t want to be converted. Atheists don’t want to be converted. Their tenant, their religion, is to do that. Khrushchev said in 1961, “In ten years, I will put on television, the last Christian.” Ten secrets. Ten years. This comes up over and over and over. Russia, unless you lived through the Cuban crisis and those things, like many of us who are older did, you can’t understand what was taking place. We didn’t know if were being blown up. I remember, as a kid, when the Cuban crisis happened, and Alabama and Georgia is the only place to get to Florida. They had every military tank, every truck, every military canons going down our streets. I remember sitting at red lights and 15 minutes, as a kid, and seeing these armadas of convoys. Some of you probably had that through your state, but we funneled everything, all from out West, all the states, Midwest, was coming through Birmingham, and it was amazing, and it was scary. They made us walk home to see how fast we could get home in case there was a nuclear attack, or you had to stay at school. And the nuns said, “Don’t walk.” We got out of their sight, and we flew to our house because we knew, if it took too long to get home, we had to stay in that school, and we wanted to die with our momma and daddy. So, it was a scary time, and it was real, and that was about a ten-day stand-off. We backed down Khrushchev at that time.

I give you that background because this March 25, 1984 message is very crucial of what we didn’t know, even after I saw it for several years. I never realized what happened. On May 13, this is March 25, 1984, May 13, 1984, the first anniversary of the Fatima apparitions, saw the Soviet fleet’s greatest post-war catastrophe. Our Lady says,

“Rejoice with me and with my angels…”

What happened? Hnilica, Bishop Hnilica, was smuggled into Russia. He consecrated Russia to Our Lady. John Paul was planning to do it the same day. They didn’t do the timing together. They didn’t correspond. John Paul sent him over there to do that. He consecrates it, and in the Kremlin, he does Mass behind a newspaper, on top of that. It’s the first time that’s probably ever happened. So, Hnilica’s there. He’s been here. I knew him. We had different communications for different things. He’s dead now. But he’s the guy who took the statue of Our Lady, smuggled Her in, and consecrated Russia. That day they did it, was March 25, 1984.

“Rejoice with me and with my angels because a part of my plan has already been realized…”

All of Heaven was rejoicing over this! And John Paul and Hnilica both, by a mandate of Heaven, was consecrating, in St. Peter’s Basilica, and in Russia at the same moment. They didn’t rehearse that. That came from Heaven. See, we start seeing all the pieces fill in. Our Lady wanted it to be at the same moment.

May 13, March 25, April 25, May 25. Within three months.

“May 13, 1984, the first anniversary of the Fatima apparitions saw the Soviet fleet’s greatest post-war catastrophe…”

I was saying, God sometimes kills people. See, we have an island that they studied that these men were monks. They had been there over a hundred years. They never had contact with women. They became effeminate. They were monks. They were still holy, but there was nothing, not having contact with women, they got softer. They got more gentler. A woman makes a man be Hemi, [LAUGHTER] just being around them, even if you’re a priest. This is how God made things. But they did a study on this, and they know that, without contact with just women, even with women coming and cleaning the altars, that there’s something missing. And the same way with a woman. Jesus wasn’t effeminate. Jesus was not a pacifist. There’s things happening in Heaven like Our Lady, and She’s sitting there waiting for this to happen, and this catastrophe happens, and She planned it! She prayed for it. What did it mean? What did it encompass? I’m saying this because I want you to understand, sometimes God will kill people for a purpose, because through prayer, they’re evil, and things have to change in the world. And we’ve got a wrong mindset. We are so passive. We need somebody in our office of President that’s strong, that’s no sissy. Jesus didn’t pick twelve sissies. These were real men, and we don’t have men being men. We have men following women and submitting to the woman and the ways of the women. You may not like that, but you need to get in your role because “… Everything … is passing … everything is falling apart…” And that’s why we have so much divorce. We don’t know our roles anymore, and then kids don’t even know who they are anymore because they don’t see any roles. We have a lot more complicated problems than that.

“…It was probably caused by a sailor’s smoking, which caused a major fire at the naval base in [???] and which turned a stockpile of naval missiles to explode. 580 of the 900 anti-aircraft missiles were destroyed as well as 320 of the 400 surface to surface missiles, which could carry atomic warheads…”

Now, we were on the verge. Russia was planning a nuclear attack. We know that now from the KGB files. We know that they, at one point, said, “We’ve got to do this. We’re going down. It’s better we annihilate them.” They had made the decision. We know Ivan said, that from 1984, period, that had Our Lady not come, the world would have destroyed itself. See, this is prophetic.

“Rejoice with me and with my angels because a part of my plan has…been realized…”

We didn’t know that when it said that. Only coming back and finding out about what Hnilica did and then coming back, that Heaven was rejoicing. And yet, there was people killed because of this.

Two to three hundred people perished. The greatest scientists they had for the nuclear programs. The greatest death of a blow to their nuclear system by these guys, because it wasn’t enough just to destroy the missiles. These people had to be destroyed. And it’s tied from Heaven. And we have this idea about, “We can’t go to war. We can’t do this.” No. Nobody wants war, but you’ve heard me say, the monument in Washington, “The object of every war is a more perfect peace.” That’s the object. God wants us to be peaceful, but we get peaceful when we’re holy, and then we have to rise up the leaders that can go to war. North Korea is a big problem, and they’re not going to go away, and Our Lady is here to tear up everything in establishment and we need leaders that’s not sissies, wringing their hands, “Well, if we do, this may happen.” Or, “Don’t threaten the leader over there. Don’t say these crass things.” No. Say it. Be a man. We’re in that moment.

“…The northern fleet lost its strike capacity in a single day…”

A single day, the consecration happened. A few months later, in a single day, their whole arsenal is gone. What did it result from?

“…From then, the Soviet Union was not capable of conducting a war of the control of the Atlantic…”

Which was one of the Marshal [doctrine]. They already had the war plan. You can read about that, how they were going to attack, what they were going to do. So, that doctrine was not possible to realize.

We are in the midst of something with Our Lady that She’s coming to conquer the whole world. You’re called to it. You’re part of it. We don’t need to be sissies about it. We don’t need to think, “Oh, that may cause a war.” We need to do whatever we’re called to do. This place is here because of wars and battles that we have fought over and over and over. We’ve got a situation where Donald Trump, last week, was with all his generals. He brought the top brass together, and they’re out there in front of the media. And he called the media in, and he’s got a whole evening planned. And this is what he says. The media didn’t ask to come. He called them in. He wanted them to see this. Trump says, “You guys,” picture all the generals, all the top brass, the most powerful group of men that can change the whole direction of the world, Trump says, “You guys know what this represents?” And he’s looking at them like this, all of these guys, and they’re just in there. And the media says, “Tell us, sir.” And Trump says, “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” The media says, “What storm? What storm?” They say, “What are you talking about? What storm?” Trump says, “Could be the calm before the storm.” The media says, “What storm, Mr. President?” Trump says, I’m just changes the subject, somewhat, “We have the world’s greatest military people in this room, and I can tell you that we’re going to have a great evening. Thank you for all coming. Thank you.” The media shouts out, “What storm, Mr. President?” Trump says, “You’ll find out.”



In the White House state dining room, this is the image President Trump summoned reporters to see, the President smiling surrounded by his top military leaders and their spouses. Then came the unsolicited, cryptic comment.


You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.


What storm?


Could be the calm before the storm.


What storm, Mr. President?


We have the world’s great military people in this room, and I can tell you that we’re going to have a great evening. Thank you all for coming. Thank you.”


What storm, Mr. President?


You’ll find out.


[GUY #1]

Hey! That thing got a Hemi?

[GUY #2]

You’re about to find out.



Woo hoo! Yeah! Oh yeah!



The comment especially ominous is the United States is engaged in a war of words with North Korea, and the President is on the verge of de-certifying the nuclear deal with Iran.


Was he referring to military action when he said, “Calm before the storm”?

[Sarah Hucklebee White House Press Secretary]

We’re never going to say in advance what the President’s going to do.


How seriously should the American public or American adversaries, for that matter, take these comments? Was it a joke? Was it serious?

[Sarah Hucklebee White House Press Secretary]

I think you can take the President protecting the American people always extremely serious, and if he feels that action is necessary, he’ll take it.


Mr. President! What did you mean by “calm before the storm,” yesterday? What did you mean by that?


You’ll find out.




Woo hoo! Yeah! Oh yeah!



Sometimes, we have to have fun in the studio. [LAUGHTER] It was more fun making it than listening to it.

The point said is, you’ve got a Hemi. You’ve got to put the messages into your life. You’ve got to do some things manly, and that’s including the women who they used to see how war was. They understood it. We’ve become a religion of social doctrine that everything is pacifism. Jesus was not a pacifist. Do we want to go to war? Do we want to do it? No, but you’ve got millions of people in North Korea that are not just enslaved. They’re starving to death. We read about the camps they have. It’s unbelievable. They go in there their whole life and when you get sentenced as a parent, then your kids have to go and spend their whole life in prison too, starving, and even if you’re out of the prisons, you have that. Our Lady’s coming here to correct this stuff. It may take a war. It may take something. It may take something nuclear. We don’t know, but one thing we know, Our Lady said, March 25,

“…my plan has…been realized…”

And then, three months later, and that’s not the only thing. There became explosion after explosion after explosion of other naval bases. Read Twenty Years of Apparitions. We’re republishing it right now, I don’t know. Have we printed that out? Not yet. But you can get the older version. You can get the version of it, but in that, you see everything coincides. A million people pray in Fatima, I don’t know what the years. It’s in that writing. And that night, another huge explosion takes place, knocking out the nuclear warheads of Russia. They just completely… and this happened over and over and over, the setbacks.

And so, we have things happening right now that everything out there established is going to pass. It’s going to fall apart. You don’t want to be a part of that. You want to be a part of what’s glorifying God.

If you don’t recognize God’s actions of picking somebody that has the attributes that he has, while we may not agree what he says, he’s the man of the hour, and he is part of the triumph of Our Lady. This is the character we need and the character he’s got around him. And he’s doing things that need to be done for a long time. You know what just happened last night? October 12, yesterday, 2017. These are the kinds of things that’s being torn up and destroyed, and it needs to be destroyed. We don’t need to be a part of it.

“On October 12, 2017, the Department of State notified UNESCO’s director, General Irina Bokova of the U.S. decision to withdraw from their organization…”

Alleluia! If you know anything about UNESCO, they’re in abortion. They’re in population control. They are an evil organization. They’ve never been good. And I hear people all the time that’s even conservative or very Christian, “Oh yeah, let’s give money to them.” Don’t give money to them. Don’t give money to any of these organizations. They are riddled with evil. They propagate evil. Did this come from the Department of State, or did it come from Trump? He’s undoing everything because this is what’s going to fall apart. They’re not going to stand. And then, it adds that,

“…The United States seeks to establish a permanent observer mission to UNESCO…”

In other words, we’re not part of it. We’re out of it, but we’re going to be watching you. See, here I just stop. I’ve always been bothered by people that, by pastors or something, who become Catholic, start in the Catholic Church, and they don’t go out with a bang. Start teaching Catholic teachings covertly for six months, and then, at the end of that, “All these teachings have converted me. I’m going to become a Catholic,” half the parish go with him.

We did have a guy who fights abortion. I can’t think of his name. And he did that. He was teaching all this, and he had a big following, respected by Catholics. The more he got into it, he was going covertly toward Catholicism. And one day, he gets up in his church. He says, “I want to tell you, I’m taking off my cloaks here.” I don’t know if he was Baptist or what he was. And he says, “I’m going to bend my knee to the Pope.” This shocked… the division just happened. And he brought people with him.

Don’t just say, “Well, I won’t do anything. I’m just going to do that. I’m going to impose it on them.” No. Impose on them by your witness. I’m standing for principles. Dallas Cowboys’ owner, he says, “Our team, we’re going to be there for the national anthem. We’re going to do that.” Then he goes down there and bends a knee on it! And then, he lives with that for two weeks, and then, your ticket sales fall off, everything they’re doing, people’s subscriptions. Did you know that the subscriptions for the satellite TV or whatever it is, we’ve been out of it so long, has ESPN and all these on there, and NFL, they had so many calls calling in to cancel their subscription that they’re putting on a waitlist, saying it’s going to be a month before we can disconnect you. [LAUGHTER] Alleluia. Because that’s a god.

But see, this is the difference between us and them. Many people are saying, “I will never go back. I’m not going back.” But now, this Dallas Cowboy, if that’s the right one, says, “We’re going to make everybody stand now for the anthem.” Too late, Jo Jo, because, see, he has no principles. He’s acting on money. “This is hurting my pocketbook. My $3 billion team,” $3 billion team, “this may be worthless.” I hope it is, because everything out there that’s in the establishment is going to fall apart because it’s not glorifying God. It’s happening right in front of our eyes. This is huge. UNESCO, for sixty years, or whatever its lifetime, is a horrible organization.

So, Trump’s not enough to sit there and say, “We’re out of it.” “We’re going to watch you. We’re setting up a mission, just a permanent mission, to observe what you’re doing, because we’re going to counter you.”

“…This decision was not taken lightly and reflects the U.S. concerns about mounting arrears (moneys) at UNESCO, the need for fundamental reform in the organization and continuing an anti-Israel bias at UNESCO.

“The United States indicated to the director-general its desires to remain engaged with UNESCO as a non-member observer state in order to contribute U.S. views, our perspectives, and our expertise on some important issues undertaken by the organization.”

Amazing. We’re not apologizing anymore because we want the influence, “If you’re going to continue, to be our influence, we’re going to form you. We’re going to tell you what you’re going to do.” Why? Because we didn’t want our nation [???] prosperous. We’re the same dirt and the same ground as Mexico and Columbia, Honduras. They have the same thing. Why is it that this nation has flourished? Is there a discrepancy between the rich and the poor because the rich prevail? No. It’s government. It’s un-Christian government. Dictatorship. Africa is not starving because of lack of food. It’s distribution.

So, all this is coming down. All these governments coming down and thank God we’ve got now somebody who’s centralizing our voice that says what we want to say, but we’ve never been able to pull together like the NFL. And that one statement, in Alabama, is destroyed, even thought that’s not the words I would say, but it worked. And God uses people like this. And God’s calling you for the same thing.

So, this is just one more thing that’s taking place, and we need to see that these institutions are falling like flies now. They’re getting weaker and weaker and weaker. What’s going to rise up in its place is people that’s doing what we’re doing, and people are doing what you’re doing.

So, don’t get some kind of sissy attitude of what peace means. Peace, and to maintain peace, takes strength. Nobody, if you were in school, goes up to a 200-pound guy when you weigh 90 pounds and go start bullying that guy. You’re not going to do it. And that keeps peace. We’re the strongest we’ve ever been, militarily. I’m glad for that, because it stops war. It stops the escalation of things. And just your word is enough. And already, North Korea says, questioning, “Is Trump really meaning what he’s saying?” So, he’s already avoiding something, right now, that probably would have happened just by being strong and saying, “We’re going to send the fires of hell on you.” And this happens. And we see this out of history. We see it biblically. We see it with Our Lady. Ivan said, part of Our Lady’s plans was the fall of Communism. And actually, for the most part, it was peaceful.

It was minimal deaths. I say all these things here because October 13th is so much about war, so much of what’s happened in the 20th century and where we’re headed. But we’re in a great moment. We’re in a moment of everything… being delighted about this UNESCO. Do research on them. United Nations, the same thing. He’s tightening them up. He’s changing them. Is he our savior? Our Lady didn’t say he’s not. “Peace won’t come through the presidents.” You’re going to get peace by the strength of the president by your holiness, by your prayers. We get it by the people of what we reflect. That’s why and how we get it. When you understand that principle… People will sometimes excuse, “Well, it doesn’t matter who’s president.” It does matter who’s president. We got him because we’re yearning, we’re crying out, “Please, give this to us.” And Our Lady did.


You are listening to a Friend of Medjugorje, October 13, 2017.


We’ve got in the White House, a woman praying to a Woman, who’s Catholic, and it’s an amazing thing, and she’s very devoted to Our Lady. We don’t know how deep things are. We tend to find out, but our president said he doesn’t like lobbyists. And we’ve got the best lobbyist next to him, which is his wife, who is lobbying Heaven. That can’t be an accident. It can’t be just coincidence.

So, we have a lot of things, finally, stacking in our favor that couldn’t happen except by the way it was. You say, “Well, what about his marriages?” Forget all that. Look at David. God knows what He’s doing. Everybody’s got to be judged for their own account, but we are seeing moments of history just like, well, actually bigger than when Communism fell. So, you want to devote your prayers to Melania, because she’s already influencing him greatly. And if you heard his Las Vegas talk or announcement recognizing what happened there, it was incredible. I never heard any president that goes that much into Scriptures. He gravitates toward good. He’s just not had those kind of people around him. And he’s surrounding himself with those kind of people.

So, we’ll end it with that.



This has been a special encounter with a Friend of Medjugorje, given on October 13, 2017 at Caritas in Alabama. Continue to look at the world around you through the lens of the messages because, as a Friend of Medjugorje said, “Something is happening.”

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