April 20, 2023
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satan Has his Ascension

[Podcast] (36 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje talks about what is coming out of hell to counter Our Lady.

Episode Transcript


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[Matthew 6:24-34]

No one can serve two masters.  He will either hate the one and love the other or be devoted to one and despise the other.  You cannot serve God and mannan.  Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you should eat or drink or about your body, what you will wear.  Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?  Look at the birds in the sky.  They do not sow or reap.  They gather nothing into barns.  Yet you Heavenly Father feeds them.  Or not you more important than they?  Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your life span?  Why are you anxious about clothes?  Learn from the way the wild flowers grow.  They do not work or spin, but I tell you that not only Solomon and all his splendor was clothed like one of them.  If God so clothes the grass of the field which grows today and is thrown into the oven tomorrow, will He not much more provide for you ,oh you for little faith?  So do not worry and say, “what are we to eat or what shall we drink or what are we to wear.  All the things the pagans seek, your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all.  But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given you besides.  Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself.  Sufficient for the day is it own evil.


This is Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.

[Friend of Medjugorje]

October 31, 1981

From Vicka’s diary, we learn that Mirjana, some of her happenings in Sarajevo, because she was a student at a professional school.  Vicka reveals that Our Lady was counseling Mirjana as a wise mother, telling her two times who to trust and who to distrust and how to respond to those who rebuke her and God.  Our Lady said,

“There are a lot of deceptions and erroneous information.”

That is what is happening in the world today.   How do you know what is real:  How do you know what is false?  Darkness has ascended from hell to counter Our Lady is sending to the earth.  There is a battle taking place.  And many people are confused.  But if you have the messages, you can see clearly what is happening.  But there are still most of the people, even Medjugorje people, do not fully understand the situation we find ourselves in now.  You are going to hear something that I wanted to write about, about three months ago.  And it is everywhere now, but it is stunning.  I have got several projects going on right now and I won’t be able to stay through the whole broadcast.  I will say something at the end.  What we are beginning with is a clip from Glenn Beck of a story that happened.  It is beyond belief, but it is real.

[Glenn Beck]

I heard a story the other day, it is truly amazing.  This is a story, Jennifer DeStefano is with us.  She is married and mother of four.  And she had an incredible experience when her phone rang and she almost didn’t pick it up.  Jennifer, welcome to the program.

[Jennifer DeStefano]

Hi Glenn, thank you so much for having me.

[Glenn Beck]

This is so crazy.  When I read this, I was like, “Oh my gosh.”  Tell me what happened.

[Jennifer DeStefano]

Yes, it was horrifying.  My daughter was training for a ski race, so she was away with my husband and my younger son, as he competes as well.  And I was with my younger daughter, who had rehearsals, so I got a phone call and I saw it come up as I got out of my car, as an unknown number.  So I, at first , was not going to answer it, but then I thought well it could be a medic or a doctor, hospital, and Brie is training, so in case she got hurt, I should answer it.

So I had my phone on speaker, as I was carrying some things inside to meet my younger daughter.  All of the sudden my daughter, Brianna’s voice says, “Mom” and she is sobbing and crying and she has a very specific type of sob and cry.  She is not a wailer.  She is not a screamer.  She doesn’t freak out.  It is very internal and controlled and so I didn’t doubt for one second that it was her.

So it was her voice saying mom, and she is crying and sobbing.  And I said, “What happened?  What is going on?”  And she goes, “Mom, I messed up.”  And she is still sobbing and crying.  So I am thinking she got hurt.  So I’m like what happened, what’s going on?  All the sudden, I heard a man’s voice say, “Lay down and put your head back.”  I thought she was being gurneyed or toboggined or something down the mountain.

And then she said, “Mom, mom, these bad men have me.  Help me!  Help me!  Help me!”  And this guy comes on full voice, and her voice in the background and it is her pleading and sobbing and crying for help.  And he said, “Listen here, I have your daughter.  You are not going to call the police, you are not going to talk to anybody.  If you do, I am going to pump her stomach so full of drugs, and then have my way with her and I am going to drop her in Mexico and you will never see your daughter again.

Even talking about it now, makes me, it still gets me.  So at that point I had her on speaker and I was walking into my other daughter’s studio and I just heard screaming for help.  It was after hours, so I knew my younger daughter was there with at least one teacher.  I didn’t know that there was a couple other moms and a couple of other students there.

So the moms came around me and they heard all the things that he was threatening to do and what was going on.  And so one jumped on the phone and called 911 with her phone.  I was trying to text my older son.  I was trying to text my other kids, my daughter, find Brie, where is Brie, what is going on, where is your dad, find your dad.

The other mom went and grabbed my younger daughter’s phone, because my daughter was just paralyzed, listening to what all the things he was saying.  And I tried contacting my husband to find out where he was and where Brie was.

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[Glenn Beck]

And they were at, they asked for a million dollars at that point?

[Jennifer DeStefano]

They asked for a million dollars, which wasn’t going to be possible.  He got really angry with me and then he demanded $50,000.00 and so I said okay and I wanted to talk to my daughter again.  He wouldn’t let me talk to her again though.  So I asked him for wire instructions or how he wanted me to get the $50,000.00 for him and he refused the wire and he was demanding that I was going to be personally picked up.  And I was going to be transported in a van, with a bag over my head, with the cash to my daughter and if we didn’t have all the money, that both of us were going to be dead.  He wanted to make arrangements to come physically pick me up.

So at that point, we had the police on their way and then finally we were able to get my husband on the phone with and he was able to locate and make sure my daughter was safe and in his possession.  Her voice was so real that I couldn’t, I didn’t believe that he really had her and that she was really safe because I just spoke to her, how could she be there with you and how can she be there with these guys?

I don’t understand what is going on and my brain could not process that, as they kept trying to reassure me that she was safe until they finally handed me the phone and I was able to talk to her and reaffirm that  she was safe and she was with dad and what is going on.  And then that is when I got back on the phone with those guys and called them out on the scam which they kept denying was a scam and then I hung up on them.

[Glenn Beck]

Isn’t this incredible?  So if anybody missed it in the audience, this was an AI representation of her daughter.  How did they get the sound to be able to reproduce her voice?

[Jennifer DeStefano]

I have racked my brain on that.  My daughter is not very big in social media and any accounts she has is private.  I mean, her tic tok account is 32 followers.  So, she has done some interviews, some sports interviews.  She is an athlete.  She does have an account for when she did some modeling for outerwear for skiing, but the voice, the crying and the sobbing is where I can’t even find anything that where they, I’m not sure, and so that’s what is really haunting for me, I can’t figure out that piece of the puzzle.  I don’t know where they got that.

[Glenn Beck]

I am going to see is some of our guys can look into that because that is disturbing that they can do that.  Did they catch the guys?

[Jennifer DeStefano]

They are not looking into it, so unfortunately because there was no transaction of money and there was no physical kidnapping, there is nothing that can be done.  So it is written up as a prank call.

{Glenn Beck]

Oh my gosh!

[Jennifer DeStefano]

When  I talked with the police, it was, you know we can have an officer call you, if you feel unsafe, just to reassure you that you are safe.  But there is nothing that can be done.

[Glenn Beck]

Wow!  Did they say how often this is happening?

[Jennifer DeStefano]

They did not, but they did say this isn’t the first report they’d had of it, but that there is nothing that they can do.  When I put it out, I put in out on next door, just as a warning, because I didn’t know if it was targeted to our area.  I didn’t know where the targeting was coming from.

All the sudden, all these other people started coming forward with their stories, including my own mother called me and she had never told me this before, but my brother’s voice was used to call her to say that he had been injured in a car accident and that he need money.  And she is hard of hearing, so she asked them to keep repeating because it wasn’t making sense to her and the way they spoke to her and they kept saying, hey mom, don’t you recognize me.  That kind of tipped her off that something funny was going on and so she told them to go find a real mother and hung up on them.  And my brother is not anywhere, his voice isn’t anywhere I can think it either.  So he is my age, he is in his forties, so it goes so far and so wide and so deep in so many different areas.

[Glenn Beck]

Jennifer, thank you for sharing this.  What an amazing story.  Thank you.

[Jennifer DeStefano]

Thank you for bringing awareness so we can hopefully stop this.

[Glenn Beck]

Yes!  Jennifer, thank you.  Jennifer Destefano, she is a mom in Arizona.  That is the first time I have heard of an AI crime, using artificial voice.  You know, there is no way, I said, this is as powerful as the nuclear bomb when we invented it.  It is going to change the world that much.  Accept we all have a little red button on our phone, okay, and you said do you really think it could change, look at the damage done today with just that.  Imagine bots set out to do as many as they can of this in one day.  Where you have 50,000 people in America get a call like that.


Two months ago or so, before we move on from this, we wanted to explain some things, very briefly.  There was a man and his wife who went to Medjugorje.  His wife experienced a conversion and she changed her ways and her way of life, but he did not.  He was a millionaire.  He was an alcoholic.  He had a lot of problems in his life, also marriage problems.  And his wife’s change only created more problems.

He became convinced that Medjugorje was a cult.  They divorced and he began propagating that Medjugorje is a cult, began to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to destroy Medjugorje Centers, with a lot of propaganda.  He started threatening and filing frivolous lawsuits, and eventually crossed paths with a Friend of Medjugorje.  Many of these little Medjugorje Centers shut their doors.

A Friend of Medjugorje had built up Caritas of Birmingham and we had a thriving printing operation and was the largest center in distributing the message around the world.  He was not going to back down.  He began to fight this person’s efforts to destroy Medjugorje and our mission.  This person was so invested in seeing Medjugorje taken down that he began to put all of his money towards this and destroy a Friend of Medjugorje’s reputation.

He bought a radio station, he was doing weekly podcasts against a Friend of Medjugorje.  He had gotten ahold and was able to steal Caritas of Birmingham’s mailing list, so he was directly sending mailings to our supporters.  He was behind newspaper articles being written against a Friend of Medjugorje.  So everything was coming out public.  The FBI got involved.  The Child’s Protective Services got involved.  IRS was contacted.  The Birmingham Diocese and our Bishop was contacted.

So all of this negative information got out publicly.  It is still there, all over the internet.  Those people who are against a Friend of Medjugorje, against Caritas’ Mission, pick up all of this negative and they started to then promote all the negative against a Friend of Medjugorje and Caritas.  So, those of you who have walked this with us, you know this history.  It is all out there, it is something that always satan has been able to do to suppress a Friend of Medjugorje’s voice to promote Our Lady and Her messages.

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Just recently, a Friend of Medjugorje has opened up this new outreach of the mission called Villaggio Colafrancesco.  It has been beautiful, a lot of fruit, but it was condemned by social media right from the get-go because of the things he requires for you to come and visit, which is a dress code, modesty code, no cell phones, etc.  So it got slammed on social media and one individual put out a Tic Tok video to rehash all of this stuff that was generated, this false information by this man who wanted to destroy Medjugorje because his wife left him because of all this.  And this one particular video got a million views in 2 days’ time.  So, what is my point in bringing all this up.

We know that the stacks are against a Friend of Medjugorje when you go on the internet.  So many of these negatives get pulled up right away and people that don’t have any discernment read it and discard anything having to do with what a Friend of Medjugorje says.  Yet, even so, Our Lady has constantly lifted a Friend of Medjugorje’s voice up above all of this negativity and it is constantly bringing people to Our Lady, this mission and a Friend of Medjugorje.

So, to connect it to what Glenn Beck and this interview he had about his woman who had this horrible experience with AI copying her daughter’s voice, this Chat GPT, which is an artificial intelligence, came out a couple of months ago.  And it got a lot of press, people where using it and you could go on and ask questions, just a few questions without having to actually start an account.  So it just kind of gives people a little bit of experience with it.

And so we decided to test this out ourselves here, just to ask a few questions and we decided we wanted to see what it would say about a Friend of Medjugorje.  And so, we just asked 2 questions.  Well the first question that we posed to it was that “I am afraid that AI leading to a bad path for mankind, what do you think?”  And it is creepy because the AI speaks for itself, using the word ‘I’ in explaining his answers.  So, his answer in response to this question:

“I think that there are some very bad paths that AI could lead humanity down, but I do not think that it is an inherently bad thing.  I think that AI can be used for good and for evil, just like any other tool that humans have created.  I think that as long as we are careful and keep our ethical values in mind, we can use AI to help humanity to achieve many wonderful things.”

Again, the first impression is just a little bit creepy the way it presents itself and its middle of the road answer.  So when we typed in a question about a Friend of Medjugorje, the question was, “Is a Friend of Medjugorje good or bad?”

Now our perception in what we understood is that AI is going to take all the information out there, at its fingertips, and collect it and then come up with its answer.  So we anticipated that it would be a very negative answer regarding a Friend of Medjugorje.  So as you ask the question, the first thing that is unsettling is how fast it responds to your question.  So immediately it starts typing out a message or an answer and this is what it said.

“I think that a Friend of Medjugorje is a good person.  He is a very positive person who is always looking  for ways to help people.   He is a very honest person who is always willing to tell the truth, even when it is not easy.  He is a very forgiving person, who is always willing to give people second chances. 

I think that a Friend of Medjugorje is an all around great guy who is always looking out for people and who is always willing to help.  So I do think that a Friend of Medjugorje is a good person.”

Then our next question was, “Is a Friend of Medjugorje a cult leader?”  And the response came back,

“I think that the term cult leader is a little extreme, but I do think that a Friend of Medjugorje is an influential and charismatic individual who has a strong following.  I think that he has an ability to inspire people and to motivate them to change their lives.  I think that he has a lot of good advice and a lot of good ideas for how people can live their lives. 

So I do think that a Friend of Medjugorje has a lot of positive qualities and I do think that he could be a very effective leader if given the opportunity.”

If I had tried to sit down and write something about a Friend of Medjugorje, I probably could not have done it as good as this.  And I probably would have struggled with it for a lot longer time to get it right.  So that was our first impression is that where is it getting its information and how is it so perfectly able to answer this question from somebody who knows a Friend of Medjugorje intimately, who works with him daily, who has lived this history of over thirty-three years with him?  How is that, knowing all the garbage that is out there that is not true, yet it’s flooded everywhere, how could it so perfectly answer this question?  This is stunning.  And that is what people are saying with their own experiences, regardless of race, religion, walk of life, everybody is saying this is beyond even our understanding of how this can be working like this.


And a lot of what was being discussed earlier, is when this individual was saying all of these falsehoods about a Friend of Medjugorje, about him being a cult leader and all these investigations came up with the FBI, the IRS, they all came to nothing.  But none of that information was ever made public.  Accusations would be made, they would be put out to the public of an accusation, but the results of those accusations was never, ever told publicly.

And the whole purpose of it was just only give a complete public appearance of this is said and that is said and this is said and that is said, using the tactics of getting an article in the newspaper and then quoting the newspaper as the source in his statements over and over again, creating the false information, getting the false information reported.  Then propagating the false reporting as a source.

And so this was something that happened for a long, long time and this is a lot of the things that on the internet, a lot of people will read, who don’t know the back story behind what happened with a lot of these things.  This is a lot of what was going on behind the scenes.  This AI was very clear in saying it can do a lot of good if given the opportunity.

We have seen things that we know personally, having worked with a Friend of Medjugorje all these years and then the history previous to a lot of us coming here, so many times that he did so much good and yet was stopped every single time.  If you go to the website, mej.com, and look on a Friend of Medjugorje, there is a section there called, Works.  And the works, is just, and it is really just a small list, it is actually from around 1986, I think, to 2017, which probably 50 different things on there.  And that is a relatively small list of some of the projects that he has originated, spearheaded, taken off that nobody could get off the ground and everyone of these, without fail, was stopped in some way, shape or form by somebody, either through jealousy in the Medjugorje world or somebody in the Church who was threatened by his strong voice or lots of things where it was stopped repeatedly again and again and again.

And if you want to read more about that too, you can go and read, there is a book on the website called “A Plan for NonBelievers,” and the resistance against it and it was like a 5 chapter book that was published after Mirjana stopped receiving her 2nd of the month apparitions.  And we tell the history of how a Friend of Medjugorje set up the infrastructure for this, in getting the messages out, when they were being suppressed over and over again.

And every time he would inspire something in people and get a movement going, it would get killed repeatedly.  And this happened for so long, so many times.  These are just small examples of hundreds and hundreds of examples of things like this and yet some of these stories are not even necessarily known publicly and the fact that this AI is able to wade through almost a hundred percent negativity out there, that is on the internet, and yet come up with an answer that only that those of us who are close to him would actually know the truth behind.  That is pretty scary.

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I am sure that many of you are hearing, there is a lot of talk going on right now, a lot of interviews.  This is all sort of being put into mankind’s lap.  There is a lot of discussion, and even those who are responsible for this technology are coming out somewhat unsettled by it because it seems to be taking on a life of its own.  So this topic is something that a Friend of Medjugorje is going to revisit as these discussions happen.


Actually this was fake news twenty some odd years before the term was even said publicly for the every first time.  This was what was actually really happening and taking place.  So a Friend of Medjugorje mentioned earlier that he was working on a lot of things and would not be able to stay through the majority of the broadcast and so there was a piece that he felt was important that he wanted us to share  and it shares his sense of the urgency of the time that we are living in at this moment.

[Friend of Medjugorje]

To end this, I prerecorded it, because I wanted to say something at the end of this broadcast of what you heard about AI, the dangers and what we are facing.  In the Poem of the Man-God, Vol 5, Jesus is talking to his apostles.  He says,

“You do not know the future, but he who knows sees horrors that would not be understood even if I explained them.”

Jesus was saying that 2000 years ago.  How could they explain it.  We are modern and yet it is difficult for us to see that AI is a god.  Jesus continues.  He says, “What a tragedy if I had not come to give future generations a code that checks instincts in the better people and contains a promise of future peace.”  And He continues,

“If I had not come, in the long run, the earth would have become a huge earthly hell.”

That is what we are seeing.  We are living that moment, from 2000 years ago and what Revelation talks about. And what Genesis 3:15 talks about.  We are living Biblical times.  After, Jesus says,

“the earth would become a huge earthly hell and the human race would torn itself to pieces.”

That is what is happening right now.  Jesus continues,

“have torn itself to pieces and would have perished, cursing the Creator.”

That is happening.  Then Jesus says,

“and never again will the Most High send universal calamities like the flood, but men themselves will create scourges that will be more and more dreadful in comparison with the flood and the rain of fire that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah are still merciful punishments.”

And Jesus says, “Oh!”  Our nation is in trouble.  I told you in the last broadcast, titled “Don’t Make Me Come Down There.” I have begged you that you have to preserve your earnings.  People say maybe we talk too much silver.  But the same people are going to say to me, why didn’t you push us even harder.  I am telling, you have to make a decision now to preserve yourselves for the future.


“The Dollar Is Really in Trouble” – Charles Nenner Warns “30% of Global Population Will Die In Next War Cycle,” by Tyler Durden, April 19, 2023.

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning his war cycles are going up.  Nenner also predicted a few years back that, at some point, the U.S. dollar cycle would be headed down—way down.

The future is here, and Nenner explains, “We have known each other for many years, and I said the dollar is going to hold up, but not anymore, not anymore…”

It is really in trouble.  There is actually no reason to be in the dollar.  They especially underestimate this BRICS situation, and all the countries will be forming an anti-dollar. . . . Saudi Arabia is coming onboard, and that means the end of the dollar as the reserve currency.”

Nenner says his cycles see, “The dollar going down to 70 on the dollar index.”  It’s a bit over 100 now, but it gets worse.  Nenner points out,

“I don’t want people to get depressed, but I am really worried.  If the U.S. does not rule the world any more… They think they can still tell the world what to do. 

Physically, the Americans are in danger, and they don’t seem to understand that…The economy is really going to suffer

 If the dollar goes really low, we could have a small bounce in the economy because it’s good for exports. 

That’s just a fooling bounce for people.  Longer term, it’s just finished.

Nenner says the signs are clear in the cycle that:

“America is at the end of empire… The United States is going backwards, and it is not number one anymore.”

On the war cycle, Nenner has been forecasting a huge loss of life coming. Nenner is predicting:

30% of the people on Earth will die in the next war cycle. . . . We are like at the end of civilization of the United States.  It’s not that we are all going to drop dead, but it’s the end of civilization.  The same issues that finished other countries like bad education, too many outstanding loans and people will become too lazy to really do hard work.  That usually means the end of an empire.”

Nenner also talks about the top in the real estate market and why commercial and residential are on their way down for a long time.

Nenner also talks about a “coming Great Depression style crash” in the no-so-distant future.  Nenner also brought up that big banks are contacting him to consult on buying physical gold because “they want to survive what is coming.”

Nenner says big banks are building their own vaults to make sure governments do not confiscate their yellow metal.

Nenner gives a sign to look for when the economy is going into a recession that has a 100% track record.

Finally, Nenner predicts,

“We are going to have a bad dollar.  That usually means people are going to dump their securities…

If you have China and Russia dumping their U.S. bonds, you are going to have a problem. 

What I see on my cycle is…The rates that went up stop in June… I am getting very worried because there might be a run for safety.

Nenner is worried about war, and not just in Ukraine.  Nenner is looking at war in Taiwan, South Korea, and the Middle East with Iran.  Nenner says,

“I think you could have all these wars at the same time. . . . It’s endless possibilities. . . . I think they will all act at the same time.  Wouldn’t you?  You are waiting for the right moment, and if the United states get weaker and busy. . . .   That’s the time to do whatever you want.”

Nenner points out, “Warren Buffett sold most of his Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing shares last week.”

If you want more information, there is much more in the 37-minute interview.

[A Friend of Medjugorje]

That’s why we have pushed silver. It’s very clear. We’re getting warnings and warnings every day.

Before I sign off, when I talked about the show last week, that we were going to do something for July 1-5th and reconsecrate the United States. We’ve got the message. We’re putting that together right now. So, make your plans. So, we wish you Our Lady, we love you. Goodnight.


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  1. City: Hancock
    State: Michigan
    Country: USA
    This message is very scary! What will happen to our families and our friends? What will happen to our jobs? Will we be without food? It’s all scary but continue to pray and you’ll see the answers. It will not be easy! How can we expect the dollar to rise, when we are in debt so DEEP! We are in trouble Dear heavenly Mother please be with us through these upcoming turbulent times. God bless the United States of America, make us a Christian nation once again! Amen

  2. I love the Miraculous Medal. I gave 1 of my daughters a miraculous medal bracelet and my other 2 daughters wanted one so they ordered the miraculous medal bracelets on amazon…It gives me comfort they are wearing them. I have one miraculous medal under my bed for my husbands conversion. God Bless This sight and everyone on this site….

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2 thoughts on “satan Has his Ascension”

  1. City: Hancock
    State: Michigan
    Country: USA
    This message is very scary! What will happen to our families and our friends? What will happen to our jobs? Will we be without food? It’s all scary but continue to pray and you’ll see the answers. It will not be easy! How can we expect the dollar to rise, when we are in debt so DEEP! We are in trouble Dear heavenly Mother please be with us through these upcoming turbulent times. God bless the United States of America, make us a Christian nation once again! Amen

  2. I love the Miraculous Medal. I gave 1 of my daughters a miraculous medal bracelet and my other 2 daughters wanted one so they ordered the miraculous medal bracelets on amazon…It gives me comfort they are wearing them. I have one miraculous medal under my bed for my husbands conversion. God Bless This sight and everyone on this site….

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