February 23, 2021
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No Way to Stop the Freight Train

No Way to Stop the Freight Train [Podcast] – How many times have we been rescued over the past 40 years? A Friend of Medjugorje revealed a story about the world being saved from destruction, but tells us that everything not of God will be destroyed by what’s coming.

Episode Transcript



This is Radio WAVE with a Friend of Medjugorje.


Tonight, we’re going to share with you an encounter with a Friend of Medjugorje in California. He spoke to a group of people back in November of 2010. Now, a few things to qualify about what you’re going to hear a Friend of Medjugorje say tonight. First of all, he’s speaking to a group of people that are not necessarily familiar with Caritas or Medjugorje. So, this encounter provides for us the ability to know how to speak to people who are not necessarily familiar with Medjugorje. He does cover a lot of topics, and actually he himself says that some of the topics may be heavy or unacceptable to the people he is speaking with. But nevertheless, he continues to tell the truth about what it is that he is sharing with these people in this encounter.


And so, this is a Friend of Medjugorje speaking in California on November 19, 2010.





In the 1800s, there was this doctor named Dr. Lister. Dr. Lister was a doctor that was making big surgical advances in things that healed people. And so, he became frustrated knowing that he was curing things, or what the other doctors that were doing the same thing, and the patients were dying afterwards from something else.


In London and England where he was, and Scotland, at that time, there was a lot of garbage in the streets. And of course, the Industrial Revolution was getting ready to start, and things were happening with that, so there was this pile-up of garbage. And the stench was horrible. They realized that they could spray carbolic acid on it, and the stench went away. So, he was looking at what he was doing, and they would bring patients in. There would be blood all over the beds that they did in the hospitals. They’d bring another patient on the same blood all throughout the day. The surgical tubes, they used the same surgical tubes on one surgery to the next. They had no concept of what we do now. It’s maybe hard to understand how they could make surgical advances and yet not see these things. The patients would be fixed surgically only to die later.


And so, he became very frustrated at this. “What is doing this?” And he started looking around and saw this being killed, the stench, by just spraying this chemical on it, this acid, and he started looking at that. And so, he began, at that point, to require everybody, the nurses and everybody that worked with him, to wash their hands, because they weren’t doing that. They were going from one blood-stained patient to another with their hands the same way. He required sanitation. He required to change the bedsheets and the sterilization of instruments. His mortality rate went straight up through the roof.


The other doctors and nurses became jealous. Their envy became ridicule.  He became a laughingstock. He was actually chased from the hospitals. His entire life, he made these advances, and at one point, even took over one ward and required everybody to wash their hands constantly, to sterilize everything. And even with these things, he still was ridiculed, his whole life. It wasn’t until the very end of his life—and he lived a long time—that they started accepting some of his things that he was doing because they had no concept of germs. Even his best friends turned against him. The only one that ever really supported him was his wife. She stood by him.


We were in Montgomery years ago where Teddy Gentry, Alabama country singer. He quit the band. They had broken up at this point, about six or seven years ago. And they were going to do this grass fest. At this grass fest, they were bringing in people that…different things that were putting cattle back on pastures instead of grains. And in the stadium, they brought in a cow. They did sonar on the cow. They can tell, all the cows you eat today, they do sonars. They want to know how much marbling they have, how much body fat’s there. They want to know how big the ribeyes are. So, they do this, and they’ll see if they’ve got the right genetics in the herds. They ushered the computer out after he did the whole graph. That guy comes out. This other guy comes out with a measuring tape. So, we’re all watching, and he starts to measure these cows. And he’s measuring…He spends fifteen minutes doing all these measurements. He’s writing all this stuff down, and then he comes up with all the conclusions, and he puts it out, and they compare it to the computer sonar to what he did by measurements, and he was dead on it.


We were very intrigued with that, me and some of the youth I brought down there, because we were getting into an agrarian way of life. We asked, “How did you do this?” He said, “Well, I learned most of it from the Bible.” And we were just like, “How do you learn about cows from the Bible?”


He had read a book that was from the 1600s that he ran across, and in that it showed things and told us things about cattle that was just incredible, that, when a calf is born, on the back of its legs right here, on his hind end all the way out to here, for two days, there will be curling effects, and the way the hair lays, it will tell you everything about that calf’s life, the marbling, the meat, how much butterfat it’ll produce. It’s incredible. And of course, we were having a hard time accepting that. You know, it just didn’t make sense, you know. Why not get the computer? Why is this there? God literally puts in a calf the blueprint of its life the first two days. And then it goes away. And there’s other traits like that, which I won’t go into. I wanted to just tell you that to make the point I want to make. It’s incredible.


Now, this guy’s rejected, just like Dr. Lister was. He’s been ridiculed for this. He’s been ostracized, but he’s growing in popularity with people like us who’s trying to look, “Where does this come from?”


We ran across a situation…We have horses. The way we got horses was our children wanted horses. I raised horses in high school. I was going up, and they wanted to see what new injury I got every week at high school, because anybody that’s got horses, you know anything about horses, you’re going to get hurt. So, anyway, I didn’t want horses. You had to have the means to keep horses. Horses cost a lot of money. When I got married, I got rid of horses. I said, “I’ll never go back into that.”


So, the kids wanted to have horses in the Community. Where we are, we have a Christian community. They wanted to have horses. I said, “Well, you pray for horses.” Well, they started praying for them. And they’d be on the edge of the fields. They’d be over here. They’d be praying three Hail Mary’s. They’d be praying all the time for a whole year. One man brought his horse and gave it to us. They kept praying. After nine horses, I said, “Quit praying and pray how we’re going to feed these things.” [LAUGHTER] But our kids, literally, have seen the value of prayer.


But we’re always looking for the things with our animals and what we do. We ran across a guy that shoes…We heard about him through, really, some coincidental things. And we flew him in from Texas, and the way he shoes the horse is incredible. He, really, went into the hoof and looked how…It’s a new way to shoe that we’ve lost. And the natural way horses grow and what they do is completely different. A lot of horses now have foot problems, and the way he does it, he’ll literally cut off two inches off the front of the hoof. When you see him do it, you’re like, you know, you think it’s going to start spurting blood. It’s revolutionizing the way all shoers shoe horses. It’s an incredible thing.


So, he came in because of what we are about, and he heard about us. And he came, and we just paid his airfare and started teaching our children how to do this. And it’s totally revolutionary. But he’s ostracized. There’s, like, eighteen people like this do this in the world. And all the shoeing industry completely ridiculed him for this. “It’s not the way.”


Now, a guy wrote—this is about the cattle—in the 1600s. And he wrote something, and he had been teaching about it and about the hair on the back of the—they call it the urchin—on the cattle. He wrote all about this, and people were constantly ostracizing him and ridiculed him and against it.


This book, we’ve got a copy of it. We want to bring it back to print, but it’s from the 1600s. He writes in the beginning, “Error…” Wrongs,


“Error seems to be propagated with the velocity of light. Every obstacle disappears before it, and everywhere, it’s welcomed…”


You don’t have resistance for error. Our whole culture is based in wrongs right now. So depraved, so wrong—the wrong way—and it’s all welcomed, and all obstacles are knocked down by it. Now, he wrote this because had had been ridiculed for putting these truths out about the calf. He goes on and says,


“…Truth, on the contrary, is usually received with indifference and often with doubt, mistrust, or suspicion. How often have we seen the originator of a discovery…”


Dr. Lister, the horseshoer, the guy who writes this book about calves,


“…How often have we seen the originator of a discovery which accepted and put into practice, would augment the wealth and increase the well-being, wrecked upon hatred, ignorance and envy, and become the scorn of the learned who regard him as ignorant and a laughingstock of fools who looks upon him as a lunatic.”


In other words, truth meets every obstacle, while errors travel at the velocity of light and is accepted by everyone.


So, we’ve got a crisis of truth today in society. People don’t understand it, or people don’t want to understand it, because truth is a problem to a lot of people. But a message the Virgin Mary gave on June 16, 1983, She says,


I have come to tell the world…God is truth; He exists…”


They weren’t opposing Dr. Lister. They were opposing God. The horseshoer, the cows, the book…truth is God. I’m opposed because they’re opposing God. I’m bringing you something that can change your life because God’s intervening into man’s history unlike anything we’ve seen since Jesus Christ walked the earth. And God’s not sending a Heavenly Being to the earth because he’s got nothing to say and nothing better to do. We’re in crisis. We’re in an amphitheater of time unlike anything in history. We’re about to go through life in a way of the past that’s going to change from one moment to the next. Life is about to dramatically change. Our Lady’s been coming every day for thirty years this June 24th. We’re in a serious crisis of faith, She says. We are living in an obscure world. Things, television, phones, obscure God, as well as theology. She comes speaking so simply, not with real theological thoughts and all this PhD stuff. Real simple, just like Jesus taught, because She wants us to know that we are God’s children, and He wants the suffering of none of His children. Ivanka, one of the visionaries, was told exactly those words. “God desires the suffering of none of His children.”


And yet, we’re suffering. Everybody’s suffering. The family’s in crisis. The nation’s in crisis. Why is the nation in crisis? The nation’s in crisis because the individual’s in crisis. The individual comes from where? From the family. The family’s in crisis, everywhere. Where’s love?


So, we have a crisis of faith, and Our Lady’s not coming to enter into the Church. She’s coming to enter into the heart, the heart of the family.


When I found out about this and my first time I went, I was praying for our nation, back in ‘80s. I was sick of the direction the United States of America was going. I was heartbroken over what I saw coming down the road. Not at that moment. It was bad then, but I knew what was coming, what we’re doing now. I never dreamed I would get to know one of these visionaries very well, more than a sister, more than even family.


Long story short, she ended up coming to our house. We thought, when she had her daily apparition, that would happen at a church. Marija, resolutely, the visionary, comes in our house, and we show the geography of our house, the bedroom where she would be staying and everything. They had never been out of Bosnia at that time. This was the first time they had gone outside of that. She comes to the house, and she sees our Bedroom, and a crucifix had been given to me by one of the priests over there where they had had hundreds of apparitions. My wife, during the night, the day before I brought Marija there, became on fire. She’s a primitive Baptist background. She had become Catholic. She didn’t want a crucifix over her bead. Even though she had become Catholic, that mentality…and we live in a place that’s all Protestant. We’re two percent Catholic where we are.


And so, she would never put a crucifix over the bed. That night she became, like, she was on fire to go get that crucifix out of the living room and put that crucifix over that bed. And she resisted, and it wouldn’t leave her alone. And she felt this fire burning and burning and burning, and she finally got up, got the kids up at five o’clock in the morning, got a shoe and a nail…And she can’t hang that clock without two days of putting it over here and over here and up and down. [LAUGHTER] She just knows exactly where that thing goes. She nailed that. She got a little statue of the Virgin Mary and put that, all in one time, got it. It was just perfect. Marija walks in and sees that. She says, “This is where the apparitions will take place.” Very authoritatively. My wife’s standing there. I’m standing here. The bed’s right there, and Marija’s standing right there. And we just look at each other. “Over our bed? Apparitions over our bed?” You know, but we wanted people to come to the apparitions! We wanted to be in church! Our Lady began to write a love story. We’ve had over a hundred thousand people move through our Bedroom through the years. Marija’s come back many times.


On Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 1988, the night before, Our Lady says, “I will appear outside tomorrow near the Tree.” I knew exactly when Our Lady said that, where She meant. We didn’t even own the land. My wife and I and kids had been going out there praying around this tree. And one day, months before, just spontaneously, I said, “Let’s put our hands around this Tree”—it’s a giant pine tree—“and let’s pray for who sees this, sees God in it.” That’s all I said. I don’t even know why I said it. My wife, at the time, said, “What did you say that for?” I said, “I don’t know. I just said it.”


So, She has an apparition out there. Thousands of people began to come there and pray for that. And then all the other apparitions for three months Marija was there were over the Bed. We didn’t understand it at the time. It took several years to realize that, you want your nation healed, you pray for that, you ask for that. But nations are made up of families, and families are made up of individuals. The family has to be healed. The headquarters of the family is the family bed. Your nation’s represented by that Tree. And that’s where everybody gathered. And I won’t go any further than all of that, but some incredible things have happened there. Tens of thousands of people have come to know God, atheists, people who didn’t believe, people who had doubt, people who had trouble with the whole concept of God.


If you’ve got trouble with the concept of God, Our Lady has given a message that’s incredible. “For those who don’t believe in God, have them meditate five minutes a day on the God they believe Who doesn’t exist.” She says, “You are in a time of grace.” God’s given the world something that we’ve never had before. Yes, we had Jesus Christ, but we, now, have got His Mother. And if She brought Him to the earth two thousand years ago, She’s preceding His Second Coming, because She’s told us, prepare to meet Jesus, “…‘eye to eye’…” So, just as Mary came two thousand years ago, Jesus was born, She’s given way and the way to live and in preparation for Jesus coming back. So, that’s why I said a little while ago, you’re living in a time of the amphitheater of history that is not second to anything since man began except for Jesus Christ walking the earth.


So, we’re in serious times. Our Lady says, “Understand the seriousness of the situation of the world.” Ivan, one of the visionaries, was told in the ‘90s, that had She not come, the Virgin Mary, the world would have destroyed itself. And if you followed Ronald Reagan, if you followed what happened in the ‘80s, if you followed when they started breaking up Russia…There was one night when they knew they were over. Russia knew it. The Polit Bureau met, all the higher chiefs of communism. They said…Reagan, basically, and Pope John Paul, really, they broke communism. And they said, “Our only hope…” They were in one room, one night, all these high chiefs. They said, “They only hope is if we go ahead and just fire the nukes.” They were ready to do that. And a lot of them jumped on board. One of them, one of the chiefs, said, “We can’t do that.” But to say that was courage because Russia was over.


Our Lady said, had She not come, the world would have destroyed itself. We don’t even know how many times we’ve been rescued. But I just finished a newsletter, you were just talking about. Our Lady’s given us all kinds of signs. Our Lady said, “God is speaking to man through nature and through man and various other ways.” And if you open your heart to truth and not reject it, you’re going to be shocked by what happens in your life.


The presence of the Virgin Mary Who brings us truth, Who says these messages She gives are conveyed from God, Her daily presence every day for thirty years, which, I believe, it’s going to go forty years, because She’s leading us out of the desert, and the earth is going to have a new life. I’m not saying the end of the world. I’m not advocating that everything’s over. But life, as we know it, is over. The clock is ticking, and we’re in the final minutes.


There were apparitions with Bernadette, for those of you who are familiar with that. Her apparitions were in the morning. That was in the 1800s. And 1917, we had the apparitions of Fatima. And those apparitions are at twelve noon. These apparitions are at night. Not only are they at night, Our Lady chose, every day, an odd time to come: 6:40 in the evening. We’re twenty minutes to the hour. We’re in a final hour of something. She says, “The world does not know in what sin it sinks, and God sent Me to draw it out of this whirlpool.” She comes as the essence of love. You feel love when you’re in this village. If you’re at the apparitions, you experience a presence that you never, ever have known before. But you don’t have to go to the village. You don’t have to be in Her presence. All you have to do is open your heart to what’s being done in the world today.


As life is today is going away. Economically, we’re suffering. Economically, we’re in a position we haven’t been in since 1929. But it’s far worse. In 1900, over ninety percent of the people named their primary occupation as subsistence farming or farming. Subsistence farming, they grew what they ate. Italians—I’m Italian—in New York, they couldn’t afford meat, but rabbits could produce enough in your little backyard in a few cages to have meat twice a week. They were close to the soil. They could feed themselves. And most everybody did.


And so, we’ve advanced, and we’ve put our trust in man. We’ve got this integrated system that’s advanced and gotten more complicated. Our average meal…I was in Mexico City. We were eating lettuce that was grown in Mexico, shipped up to the United States and branded and shipped back to Mexico. Your average meal you eat today is 1,500 miles away. We’re not thinking today. But if you would think, you’d think, 1,500 miles away, the transportation, the mobility of everything, and 1929 hits, and man could eat. Yeah, they lost their jobs, but they’re still experiencing the throes of more than ninety percent of the people could take care of themselves. By 1990, less than one percent of the people list their occupation as farming. So, what does that tell you? If we just have the level of 1929 hit, economically, you’re going to see massive starvation. I was just with another author in Washington. And he was telling me, he just met with the head of the central bank of one of the east coast states, and he says, “We’re three days away from a revolution.” What does that mean to you? Think about that. Three days away from a revolution means that people are hungry for three days. If the system breaks down, you’re going to have total anarchy.


There is no way God’s sending the Virgin Mary to the earth unless something very troubling’s coming. And it’s not because God’s mean. It’s not because He’s going to punish us. It’s our decision. We have not lived the life we’re called to live. We’ve put our trust in man. We’ve grown into humanists, even the best Christians. I’m guilty. I look back on things and decisions I made twenty years go, I can’t believe it! But I was diluted by this thing. Our Lady’s come to tell us truth. Can you accept truth? You know what She said? “Renounce the television and various things of no value.” See, that’s where it starts choking you. St. Paul wrote in the New Testament, “I want to give you solid food, but I’ve got to give you baby’s milk.” And so, who can come and gently give us the most truth without us rejecting it? That’s a mother. Motherhood’s in crisis, not fatherhood. Fatherhood depends on motherhood. It’s she who rocks the cradle rules the world. We’ve forgotten this concept. She raises the little boy. She raises the little girl. Yes, is that, but she’s the one that nurses it, and it’s she that has the greatest formation over that child. The whole culture has taught women the wrong way. And so, these things start choking you. You want to start rejecting it. You want to start not accepting it.


But Our Lady gave a message that was incredible once. She said, “People need to give parental advice, and this parental advice,” and she’s talking about the mother and father, “this parental advice must be motherly.” So, God knows what the world needs right now, and it needs Mother. We need a real Mother. It’s not to forsake the earthly mother. It’s that the world is in need of a love that men simply don’t have the finesse, the nurturing, the caring, the soothing that a mother has. Men need that; little girls need that. We don’t have gentlemen anymore, really, because we don’t have gentle boys being raised. Gentle boys turn into gentlemen. We dress up. We look alright. Some people are in suit and ties. But our hearts are messed up. We don’t have truth.


So, Our Lady comes to bring us truth to save us because everything not of God, everything not of God right now on the earth is about to be purified and destroyed, not by God’s hand, but by our minusing out God. All God’s got to do is just refrain. First Romans, the chapter, read this chapter. Study it. Sentence by sentence. You’ll see truth in there, and there, also, it says, “There is no excuse being a nonbeliever because the existence of God is proven in nature.” Nature itself proves God exists. If God exists, He’s our Father, how come you resist in wanting to come closer to Him? Your safety net, your future is God. There is no other future. It’s not Mohammed. It’s not yoga. It’s not Hindu. It’s Jesus Christ.


Our Lady said, on December 25, 2008, She says,


“…I give to you today also, to bless you and to help you to comprehend that, without Him, [Jesus] you have no future…”


We can’t even say anything, now, about Christ without saying, “Oh, the Muslims,” and Mohammed and everything else, like it’s on an equal playing field. Jesus is God. He’s the Son of God. His Mother was Mary. Jesus, we know scripturally, is our Brother. We know, therefore, Mary’s our Mother. Mary was the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. God is our Father. We’re in the family of God! But we’re not acting like it. We’ve got many disorders Our Lady’s come to cure. But is it just about eternal life? Is it just about this? She wants us to be happy in this life.


Bernadette, one of the visionaries in the 1850s, which is Lourdes, was told by the Virgin Mary, “I can’t promise to make you happy in this life.” I asked Marija, “Did Our Lady ever tell you the same thing,” because, you know, you read the history of the Church, you read about the saints, all the suffering, all this. And she says, “No! Our Lady wants me to be happy! She wants our happiness.” In our Bedroom, in the apparitions, when they’ve been there, Our Lady says, “I want you to be joyful Christians.” She says, “I want you to be joyful carriers of the Cross.” So, whatever your burden, whatever your difficulty is, whatever you carry in your life, Our Lady wants you to carry that with joy. Gandhi said, “I believed in Jesus. I believe in what He said, but I never met a Christian that made me want to be one.” You say, “Look how bad the culture is. Look how rotten everything is. Look what they’re doing about marriage.” Look at all this stuff. Look how bad things are. Who’s doing this? I did that. You did that. How? A hundred years ago, nobody could rise up and go and get in our face and cramming things down our throat. Why can they do it now? Because we’re commissioned. Our Lady said, be the “…salt of the earth…” Jesus Christ said, “Be the salt of the earth.” But when salt goes flat, can it preserve the meat? What happens to the meat? It grows rotten. We Christians are salt of the earth, salt of the culture, the meat, and it’s not being preserved because we’ve gone flat. We’re soft. We don’t convict by our life. We’re a little bit with God. We’re a little bit about mundane things. And we’re a little bit about satan, because Our Lady said, “…God exists…”. She said, “satan also exists.”


Ivan, one of the visionaries, was asked, “What do we tell people who believe that the devil doesn’t exist?” He said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. They’ll find out when they get there.” satan is real. Mirjana, one of the other visionaries, was in her room, back in 1982 after the apparitions began, and she had this young boy appear in her room. She doesn’t know how he got there, but he was trying to seduce her, and she felt totally becoming overcome. And the boy was saying, “Renounce the Woman,” the Virgin Mary. “Renounce Her.” Even though he didn’t say all the words, everything that was coming out of him was giving her everything she could dream of, everything she’d ever want. And she felt all her strength leaving her, and She called on the Virgin Mary, and he instantly turned into the devil. Instantly the Virgin Mary came, and She apologized. She says, “I’m sorry for this, but you must know satan exists.” When we were doing the Martin Sheen documentary, I got Mirjana cornered, and I asked her what did he look like. And she started saying, and she said, “No.” And I said, “Mirjana, this would help a lot of people for what you’ve experienced. Tell me what the devil looked like.” And she said, she paused, and she said, “I can’t do that.” I said, “But why would you go and keep this? Do you know how many people you could help knowing the reality of this?” She absolutely refused. “I can’t talk about it.”


As unbelievable as it is, Jakov, another one of the visionaries, there’s six in all, and Vicka, another visionary, were in their house, a little peasant hut, one door. The mother went out to go get some sticks for the fire. They’re sitting there. She walks back in, and they’re gone. She looks all over the house. She knows that they didn’t come out. She gets confused. She goes around the house. They’re not there. She goes back in. Twenty minutes they’re gone. The Virgin Mary came and grabbed them both by the hand and said, “I’m taking you to Heaven.” Jakov started crying, because he thought he died. And he said, “Don’t take me. Take Vicka. I’m an only child. She doesn’t have anybody else.” [LAUGHS] She took them to Heaven, hell and Purgatory. Jakov, to this day, will not talk about hell, no matter how much force, how much pressure, how well you know him. The only thing he will say, he says, “The only thing I will tell you about hell, is it is the ultimate waste.” We know by the saints that they said hell is the total absence of God. And we know nothing that can compare, even if you multiply it a zillion times on this earth and our suffering, of what hell would be like. But God didn’t create hell. lucifer created hell. And hell is a reality. They’ve said something incredible, though, Vicka said Our Lady told her that if you live these messages, you incorporate them into your life, that you will not feel the passage from this life to the next because you’ll already begin living Heaven. But that also, for the people that go to hell already begin living hell on this earth. They just continue it.


So, we also have the power of satan so strong in the world today that we have what’s called Divine Mercy…that Sister Faustina became a saint. John Paul named her a saint. She had visions of Christ, and Christ was giving to our age a mercy that even after we may think you may be unconscious and dead, Jesus gives you still the choice to accept Him. And Sister Faustina explains that, even though the life deserves hell and they’ve lived that way, and the devil’s there arguing in front of God, “This is my soul,” that Jesus says, “You’re right. But My Mercy is bigger than your rightful claim,” that people are still getting salvation. And I believe part of that is because we are so diluted. We’re so deceived by this thing, the news people, the media, the whole system of entertainment is so profoundly powerful in affecting our thoughts and obscuring God—God is obscured for us—that God’s sending Our Lady and these other things that’s happened, these other devotions, to give us the opportunity to accept God and His truth.


So, where do we go from here? Once you’ve been introduced to Our Lady, you can either reject it, or you can accept it.


March 18, 1996

“…Do not reject from yourself the name of God, that you may not be rejected…”


And we say, “Well, I wouldn’t reject…I accept God.” Who’s God in your life? We have more people paying more attention to their cell phones than God. We have more people talking on their cell phones than they do to God. Our Lady says, “…pray [from] the heart…” Prayer to God is nothing more than a conversation. Your conversations you have on the cell phones is…


We were talking about stories about cell phones, about people, how they’re texting, “I’m going to Subway now.” And then they text back, “I’m eating a spicy Italian Subway sandwich.” And then they text back, “I’m finished eating now.” [LAUGHTER] Yet, we don’t even think how stupid we look to God and the angels.


But if you can do that, that’s what…God wants to be your Friend. He wants you to just talk to Him. Just give ten percent of your conversation on cell phones and texting to God and watch what happens in your life. Five minutes, if you’re a nonbeliever, meditating on the God that you believe doesn’t exist. That’s all God needs. We’ve told people that. And they say, “You know, a year ago you said this. You wouldn’t believe what happened in my life.” They become believers. We’ve been given such grace, and Our Lady says, “…you [are] in a time of grace…” Use this time, “…that it might go well [for] you…” Because this is going to dry up, and we’re coming to the end. Thirty years! How much longer do you expect this to continue?


Stone Phillips, big T.V. star, a journalist. He was supposed to be the next Peter Jennings. We went with him over 20/20. He was explaining when he saw the sun dance up there, as a journalist, he saw it, which, you see miracles. The sun was spinning. There was a Host over the sun. So, I had him stand up and tell our group, because we were all having dinner together, what he saw. And he choked up and started crying. But when he got back, the day before, when Barbara Walters…They said the show was not objective enough. They wanted more objectivity. In other words, they wanted some negative stuff on it. So, they called me about, “Well, we want quotes from the bishop.” I said, “I’m not giving it to you.” And they were down for the final hour. We checkmated them, and they had a very positive show. So, the only way they got objectivity in it, they had Stone Phillips at the end saying, “Well, you know, we don’t know about the spinning sun and, you know, that can’t be proven.” This guy was crying in front of us. Because his career is god, he rejected the name of God. It doesn’t sound that bad the way he did it. It, probably to him, is not a big deal, You know, “Yeah, I saw it, but you know, they want some objectivity, so I’ll just lend to help them.” Apostates! Apostate is somebody who denies Christ. It’s like the Coliseum, when they went in there, and they said, “Oh, I don’t want to get eaten alive. I’m going to believe in Jesus. I’ll just say I won’t just to save my life. I’ve got children at home.”


There was a woman martyr that in the Roman days, that had given birth to her child and was eight-nine months old, still nursing, and her husband was a Roman soldier. They found out she was Christian, and they were going to martyr her. As a last straw to go to her, he went to her with the baby, and she’s being led off. “You can stop this. You’ve got a child. You’ve got me.” And she went, and they martyred her. This is the kind of life and Christian you’re called to be.


Does your life have meaning? Our life is meaningless. The culture and the way we live is meaningless. People aren’t happy. We’ve got a book written after the Depression about the Depression in 1929, and it says, “We had everything but money.” Some of you have probably been down to Mexico. I remember my wife and I driving in a Jeep in the back, rural areas of Mexico and seeing a lady with a tent door, a little bitty room, and the kids playing in it. Everybody’s smiling, everybody happy. Things don’t make you happy. Our Lady’s telling us, “…due to the spirit of consumerism…” And then, a sentence later, She identifies it’s something evil. We’re captivated by this and things. And things aren’t bad in and of themselves. Marija, the visionary, the other visionaries, their whole life is this. So, people help them. People give them a house, and some people criticize this. They’ve got nice houses. But Marija may have twenty people in her house. And I asked Marija, you know, I said, “You know, there’s a lot of criticism right now because you’re seeing the Mother of God, and you have this nice house,” and, I mean, I didn’t have any problem with it. I actually helped her with it. And I asked her, “What do you say to this?” She says, “For me, it’s not a problem. I’m not attached to it.”


So, things are okay. It’s the attachment to things that’s the problem. Is it your god? Is your looks your god? It doesn’t even have to be things. It can be your philosophy, your belief system. What is your god in your life? What gets more attention than God? I tell you, if people would just have the Bible in their hands and handle it and hold it and do this and do this to it, what they do to their cell phones, we wouldn’t have any problems right now. We simply wouldn’t have them.


There’s a monk that was passing, with his dog, past the bishop’s house every day, a castle, and one day, he was walking by there, and he looked up at the castle and he says, “Look at that bishop’s castle. This bishop in his castle.” And he heard a voice say to him, God, say, “You’re more attached to that dog than this bishop is to the castle.”


So, you can be rich! You can have money. That’s not a problem. God bestows that on you for stewardship and to help and use it for good and spreading his Kingdom. It’s not money. And the Bible does say, “the root of all evil is money.” Has everybody heard that? You’ve heard that. Well, did you know I dropped that one word? That’s not what the Bible says. It’s not money. Money’s not the root of all evil. It says, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Seeking first, money! Seeking first, your gold! Seeking first, your silver! Seeking first, the house! All these materials, all that’s money. It takes money to get it.


So, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Not having money. We’ve got a mentality now that’s so anti-wealth. It’s a disease. Lazarus was Jesus’ friend. He was very wealthy! Some of the greatest friends of the Church have been wealthy. It’s not sin. It’s okay. But is your attachment to that…That’s what becomes sin. It’s your driving force if your day is at it. It could be your makeup, even, be your god.


So, Our Lady’s come to give us some caustic stuff, stuff that, what St. Paul says, “I give you solid food that chokes you.” So, Our Lady wants to turn you into a real Christian, a Christian in its fullness, and you will experience peace. I’m telling you, I’ve been on my knees in Medjugorje, and in prayer, I was by myself, holding my hands up, and I, physically, was holding peace. I don’t know how I can tell you how I know that or how that happened. But I physically held peace. Peace is not in the family today. Peace is not in the heart. If you get glimmers of it, it’s just that. But this is what Our Lady tells us, and we think about our treasures, and we think about what we really want, and we’re not satisfied, and we go on and on and on and…Who’s house is this? If they’ve got six stories…Six stories high, who built it? Family friends. And then, who came to look at it? They flew on a helicopter. They’re selling it.



Kobe Bryant’s wife.



Came in and looked at it. Six stories, how many rooms?



I don’t know.



And she got back in her helicopter and said, “This is too little for us.” She’s got two kids. They’re seeking something that they’re not getting, and so, they don’t have peace, and they’re never going to find it. And this is the highest treasure. Our Lady tells us what is the highest treasure on earth. What do we call [INAUDIBLE] treasure? Wealth. What is the greatest wealth you can have?


April 25, 2009

“Dear children! Today I call you all to pray for peace and to witness it in your families so that peace may become the highest treasure on this peaceless earth…”


Peace is the greatest treasure you can have. When you’ve got peace, you’ve got everything. Our Lady says, “…God is peace…” And we do not have God in our culture. He’s been rejected. He’s been avoided.


So, what are we going to do? Well, Our Lady’s asking for, in the beginning of the days of Medjugorje, She asked for prayer. Seven Our Father’s, seven Hail Mary’s and seven Glory Be’s. And this was a holy village. Very Catholic, very rural. They didn’t even hardly have T.V.…They didn’t have T.V. at that time. Communist. And at that time, Our Lady just asked for these simple 7-7-7. Five, ten minutes worth of prayer. No big deal. And after that, they got grace. Their conscience became a little bit less obscure. They became a little bit more clear. Then, She asked for a Rosary. Then She asked, after the Joyful Mysteries, She asked for the Sorrowful Mysteries, and then the Glorious Mysteries. Three rosaries. Then She got them up to three hours’ worth of prayer. Then She got them fasting on bread and water Wednesday and Fridays. Then She got on renunciation. I was going there for the first time in ’86, and I was watching youth kneel down for two hours. I couldn’t believe it!


I was on the mountain praying in the prayer group when the Virgin Mary appeared, and I was just amazed looking at the lights in the far-off towns, that Our Lady knows everything. She’s from Heaven. And there’s no youth anywhere that you’re going to say, “Hey, why don’t you come to our house? We’ll do a prayer group on Friday night.” Would you do that? Would the other youth do that? I’m not really interested in going on Friday night. “And how about on Monday nights you come over too? We’ll do it on Monday nights.” Our Lady had the youth praying in Medjugorje, on Friday and Monday nights. And She came there so late, it was just time to go home. They didn’t do anything else. I thought, “Wow! She knows what we need. She knows what the youth need, and She’s got them up here praying like this!” I was just shocked, because all of the other youth are all over the place. Friday night’s a big sin night. Saturday night’s a big sin night. They may not realize it, but it is. And so, Our Lady has got them on the mountain in prayer.


And so, after seeing these youth do this for a couple years, Our Lady appears on January 25, 1987, and I was literally shocked at this message, what She said, and you won’t think anything of it, because the messages were given and understood only through prayer. Right here is ink on paper. You won’t get anything from this book unless you pray first to comprehend it and then you’ll have God speak to you. She says,


“Dear children, behold, also today I want to call you to start living a new life as of today…”


Where’s the stick of dynamite go off? That’s not even a dud firecracker. If you read ink on paper, “…behold, also today I want to call you to start living a new life as of today…” The fireworks were, and the big thing was said in this, is She’s got them on their knees for three hours a day. She’s got them fasting. They’re coming from the fields and their crops, dirty, going to Mass every day. Sacrifice, renunciation, incredible things! I was most impressed with seeing these youth going up on Friday nights and then on their knees staying there two to three hours a day. But I realized I didn’t understand what She was saying, because She had them, 1981, to this message in 1987, it took that many years to get them where they could start seeing truth. Before that time, they rejected it. You’re not going to accept everything I’m telling you today, or you’re going to have a hard time about that because you don’t have a prayer life. You’re not having conversation with God. You’re spending your hour and a half or three hours or five hours on your cell phone. You can’t hear what I’m telling you. And that’s okay if that’s what you want. But those feelings you’ve got in your heart and your sense that your conscience is telling you something’s very wrong in the culture, and you’re realizing that when you can’t write a check for two hundred dollars when you’ve got a hundred dollars there, and then the next day go write another one for fifty dollars, when you’ve already overwrote that, and you go all week long, that that’s going to catch up with you. In Alabama, they put you in jail for that. I don’t know what they do in California. But you’ll go to jail. The same here?






Okay. So, what happens when we, as a culture, continue to do what we’re doing and spending where we’re spending? The government’s broke. The whole rest of the nation knows that California’s broke. California can’t recover. The counties are broke, and the cities are broke. There is no money. There’s no way to create the funds for it. And when your checking account’s over drafted, what happens as a consequence to it? The writing’s on the wall. We’re on the brink of disaster that’s coming, and there’s no way to stop that freight train. It’s coming down the track, and it should have already happened.


We have a Chicago trader on the floor that was on our pilgrimage two months ago. He said, there’s seven criteria for economic collapse. Every single one of them have been met. And he said, “The only thing that I’m confused over is why it hasn’t happened.” I’ll tell you why it hasn’t happened, because the Virgin Mary’s here on the earth, and She knows there would be total disaster if there’s a total collapse without Her gathering as many children underneath Her mantle to make them understand that they have to do one thing, what this January 25th message says. “…as of today…” change your life. Our Lady says, “…change the direction of your life…” Get away from the system! Not to save yourself, but to put yourself in an environment that you can grow in holiness. “I don’t want to be holy. Sin is too much fun.” The mental illness we’re suffering from, the depression we’re suffering from is really a sign of lack of God in our life, a lack of prayer. You fix that, you’ll be happy.


My neighbor was a Nazarene, Church of Nazarene, about as far from Catholicism as you can get. But I’ve never met anybody more happy than this man. He was such a joy. We played a trick on him one morning when he was going to work. We let all the air out of his tires. We were stupid, you know. That’s not a smart thing to do. He comes out, and he says, “I just can’t believe you did that!” And he’s laughing. Delayed from work and everything. He has to go through all this…You didn’t have the air tanks forty years ago to fix that. You know, it was a big deal to get the air back in his tires. Never got angry with me. I was shocked at his response. I wasn’t thinking the consequences. I only realized when he came out the door, “Oh, we’re in trouble.” You know, back then, you got a spanking from the neighbor, and then you go home, and you got another spanking from your dad. And you didn’t get sued for it. But he came out, and he says, “I can’t believe you did that to me!” And he laughs! I can tell you that, because that burned into my heart that this guy is a real Christian. A lot of what I am came from my mom and father. But a lot of what I am came from this man. We’re not a joyful people because we’re not walking the walk. We know it. We know what the walk is, but…or, we used to know it. But it’s so obscure now that we don’t even see it. Our Lady’s come to penetrate that. She’s come to lacerate your heart. Once you give it to Her…She wants possession of you.


She said…and I was in California with some friends of the mission that asked us to come there and stay with us for a week. So, we took the kids, and we came over here. It was January 1st, and Our Lady gave a stunning message. She asked Marija to come up to the mountain that night and gave a message. They phoned me. I said, “You’ve got to hear this message.” I called Medjugorje where it was given and started validating. “I don’t believe this. Why would Our Lady say that?” But Our Lady said,


“…now…when satan is unchained…


As soon as I read those words, I said, “Now? He’s been unchained!” But in the ‘90s up to 2000, we had thought things were bad, but we had no idea what was coming these next ten years and 9/11 and all the things that happened and proceeded from that and the terrorism and the degradation and depravity and the abnormal lifestyles, all these things. We had no concept of how bad things would be.


So, I asked Marija, “I thought satan was unchained!” When I went back to Medjugorje, I asked her. I said, “Well, when She said this, what did She mean?” She says, “No. he was on a long chain. Now, his chain’s released.” Our Lady says, “…now…satan wants to show…his shameful face…” We saw on 9/11, if you’ve seen the picture, the AP reporter—and they cannot doctor the photographs—you see the devil in the smoke on the nine…You’ve seen that? In the World Trade Center. We called and validated with the Associated Press reporter about this. Did he take the picture? Did he see it? He didn’t know it was on there until it got published. But it’s very clearly seeing the devil’s face, explicitly clear, in the smoke. And Our Lady said, just before that, “…satan wants to show…his shameful face…” We knew, immediately, this was opening up the devil to something. But it correlated with this message,


“…now that when satan is unchained…”


I couldn’t compute it because I thought he was, but when Marija says he had a long chain, and now he’s free, I can compute that. But what She says after that is very incredible. She says…She didn’t give any solution against it except one solution. She says, “consecrate yourself to My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus.” Your only protection today is to get prepared and give your heart to Jesus in a consecration. What does that mean? If you’re consecrated to Jesus, if you’re consecrated to the Virgin Mary, She owns you. You’re giving Her title to your very being, to your very life. And I tell you, if God would entrust His Son to Her, there’s no better person to be consecrated to than the Holy Virgin Mary. You’re Her property. I don’t own my time. I’ve travelled all over the world. I’ve been to Europe—Medjugorje—over two hundred times. I don’t care to get on airplanes. I don’t care, really, to be here. Our Lady says in 1988, “I want to establish a Community here.” Marija comes out of the apparition and tells me this. “Marija, I live out in the woods. I don’t want people out here!” My house is in the middle of nothing. There’s nothing around us. There’s mountains, Appalachian Mountains. There’s nobody there. I said, “I moved out here to get away from people!” But I had consecrated myself. It’s not what I want. It’s what Our Lady wants. And now, we have a beautiful Community, a beautiful way of life that was very bitter for me too. Very much suffering, very much persecution, very many difficulties and crosses. And Our Lady says, “I offer you a way that’s bitter.” Because some of what you’re hearing is bitter. “If I have to change this, it’s going to be bitter.” But then She adds to that, “I offer you a way that’s bitter, but that contains every sweetness of life.” The sweetness and the nectar we experience from our community life is unbelievable, and it’s a way of life Our Lady Herself gave to us. I never knew it was going to be that way.


Well, I pulled my kids out of league sports. The more I prayed, I realized, “This stuff, it stinks.” League sports is sick. Our Lady says, “Do not have love for excessive sports.” She didn’t say not to like sports, just like not to not like money, or not to have to have money, rather, not to like it. It’s the excessive love for it that becomes inordinate. And you’ve got a woman flying in a helicopter with two kids, and the money they make, $100 million you were saying, any sports. Something’s wrong. Something’s very, very wrong.


So, Our Lady’s come to give you a new way of life, and you can accept it now, or you can accept it later. You’re not going to escape it. What I’m telling you today, you’re going to be a believer in everything I’m saying, whether you say, “Oh, okay, I’ll take this part, but not this part.” The Scriptures say, “On the day of judgment, neither your gold nor silver will help you.” So, what’s coming to the earth, your position, your money, your power, your poverty, whatever it is, nothing’s going to help you, only that you follow the way of life She’s leading us to. And Our Lady said, “I bring you into a new time, a new time in which you get to know God better.” When in your life, you start, even if you don’t have the concept of God correct, when do you start thinking about God? In tragedy, suffering, crosses, difficulties, financial, whatever, family, whatever it may be. You start reflecting more. Our Lady says, “Recollect”! Another time, Our Lady says,


“…reflect [on] your…”


Past? She says, “Forget your past. I want you to start this moment, this day, going this way.” She said,


“…reflect [on] your future…”


The circumstances of the culture worldwide today is causing a lot of people now, by force, to start living on their future because everybody, believer, nonbeliever, knows we’re in serious, serious trouble.


So, you’re not going to escape what comes, so why not say, “Let me just open my heart to see what it is I need to do with me. What is God’s purpose for me?”





And so, again, you were listening to a Friend of Medjugorje speaking in California on November 19, 2010. A number of very important things which he says tonight. First of all, a Friend of Medjugorje said that everything not of God will be destroyed. Now, this encounter was given ten or eleven months before the message where Our Lady said everything is passing, everything is falling apart, only the glory of God remains. That’s the first important thing to remember about what a Friend of Medjugorje said tonight. And also too, he reiterated that the clock was ticking. And so, from the time span of 2010 and the urgency which you heard him speak tonight, to today, 2021, and moving into the fortieth anniversary of the apparitions is all the more reason to get our hearts, our families and our lives ready for the “freight train” that he says we will not be able to stop.


And so, on behalf of a Friend of Medjugorje, Caritas of Birmingham, the Community of Caritas, BVM Pilgrimages, the Caritas Mission House in Medjugorje, Medjugorje.com, and Radio WAVE 24 hours, good night.




This ends the Radio WAVE broadcast with a Friend of Medjugorje. These broadcasts are available as CDs, which are sent directly to your doorstep on a monthly subscription. For information, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000.

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