July 29, 2021
Special World Report

Losing God’s Blessing

Losing God’s Blessing [Podcast] (30 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje talks about the future world and how we have become so “mega” that the system is coming down. He tell us what is the coming thing that will push out what is “in” now – and which side you want to be on.

Episode Transcript



This is a Special World Report with a Friend of Medjugorje.





The cattle ranchers have been warning that, sooner or later, they were going to have to sell off part of their herds because of this drought. It turns out, it was sooner.



It’s pretty amazing, because, thinking that it’s only early June, and we have a long way to go until the rainy season. So, people are starting to stress.



We’re at a tipping point for Arizona, for California, for Nevada. It’s just that simple.



But rebuilding a herd can take at least three years, and with no guarantee of rain next year, Mike doesn’t mid admitting he’s scared.



Here is a bird’s eye view of the impacts of Utah’s extreme drought. What you’re looking at, believe it or not, is the Gunnison reservoir, which is not completely dried up!



Our situation’s getting pretty…dire, ugly.




Everybody’s in the same situation. They’re going to have to sell, probably 25-50% of them because there’s nowhere to go with them. I mean, we’ve just got no feed to feed ‘em.


Six months from now, if we have to sell all our cattle, there’s going to be a lot of ranchers that won’t be back ranching again.



Once we all with our ties to the land. History marched on with its unseen hand. Now so few with the earth are bound. They vanish like Indians, sure as the sun goes down.


This is their song, so hear it before they’re gone. ‘Fore too long, there’ll be no farmers at all.


There’ll be people in the food industry. They’ll be employed, work for the company. Yeah, food will engineered, scientifically grown. Sure as the sun comes up, sure as the sun goes down.



There is a problem now that is beginning to happen that I told you about a couple of months ago. The drought all across the West is really, really bad. Cattle ranchers now in Colorado fear that they are going to have to start culling their cattle. And the problem is, we only have four main processors for beef and pigs and everything else. And two of them are owned by foreign governments. One of them—the biggest one—owned by China. And so, if you have cattle, you can’t sell them now, or say, “Hey, I want to process this beef.” You can’t do it because the processing plants, the smaller ones, are backed up for a year. So, you have to either kill and bury your cow, or try to find some way to feed the cow for an extra year, and there’s no food! We can’t grow the alfalfa. And it costs outrageous sums of money to get the alfalfa up for, you know, let’s say, Arizona, up to Wyoming. And the farmers can’t afford it. So, what do they do?


This has been a really, really bad year for farmers and for ranchers. And we are going to pay a very hefty price for all of this. I want to warn you that higher prices of beef and everything, higher prices are coming, and they’re coming soon to a grocery store near you. So, make sure if you like meat, that you go out, and you freeze it.


So now, you’ve got four processing plants, and you’ve got some local processors, but not enough to be able to handle anything like this. And God forbid we cull all of these cattle and we just bury them. That’s just…It’s immoral. It’s immoral.



Bill Gates is now buying up farms everywhere. He’s now the largest private farm owner in the world. America’s biggest owner of farmland is now Bill Gates. Terrifying thought. You’ve got king of Monsanto has just taken over the USDA.



The attacks are coming quicker. It’s like birthing pains. They’re getting worse, and they’re coming quicker all the time by all different entities. I mean, not just environmental organizations, but they’re coming through governmental organizations. They’re coming from individuals. They’re coming from special interest groups. They’re coming even from our own government. And it’s, in my opinion, it’s all a track to take private property from the individual and implement communism.



How much meat is coming from other countries when America, as we knew, is the greatest meat-producing nation in the world, especially for quality. This is where we have the USDA. This is where we have environmental organizations that make sure that, you know, every ranch is doing this the right way. I mean, there’s a reason why it’s expensive for you to do it. We do it the right way. And then, we just open up the back door and let all of this product come in here?



The control is in the hands of the oligarchs. So, we have too much power by too few people, and they’re able to do and manipulate and collude and control these supply chains.


I’ve just tried to think of why…What is this attack on meat agriculture about? And I go back and go back again. It’s all about control—communism. And in order to put one world order into place, they must have control of the people. The issue is, the ability to grab private property. It’s all about grabbing private property, land grabs.


You know what we’ve done in the beef industry? We are opening, at record levels, small beef processing facilities and plants across the nation. And we’re going from farm to table at a bigger pace than we ever have, and it’s incredible to watch. I love watching it.





Monsanto? The head of it? He just switched jobs to the head of the United States Department of Agriculture? Make a question of that. Give me an answer for it. There’s something cooking, when you’ve got a mega, mega, mega company that affects agriculture and what they sell. Growth hormones for cows? They’re the largest bio tech corporation. They’ve genetically engineered and patented the seeds that are responsible for agent orange. And it doesn’t end.


A couple years ago, we talked about the revolving door. These companies, the presidents and people on the boards or whoever, move to the government job. The government jobs from the USDA go into Monsanto or the company.


Everything is corrupt. The question we have to ask, are these companies glorifying God?


So, what was this clip about? What’s its purpose? It’s purpose is to prove what Our Lady is telling us. All systems out there are in trouble. It’s not mega. It’s not to go bigger.


You heard what Glenn Beck said. The four largest processing plants for meat—slaughtering—controls most of the market. About six or seven months ago, the slaughterhouse we’ve been using for Caritas for what we do, said they couldn’t take us. They were booked for a year. Beck was talking about these four giant ones. They’re booked for a year. And if you put the drought on top of that, and you can’t feed the cows, and you might want to give them to the poor people, what are they going to do with it, or people that’s hungry? It’s got to be processed.


There is a force pushing you, pushing us, pushing everybody, to start thinking small. Big? No. Small. God did not give us cows for us to have a thousand of them. To go mega and big instead of being small, you’re inviting one little virus come to cows, or one little problem, go through the whole herd.


We’re supposed to be, not cattlemen. And I’m not criticizing them in that sense. We’re supposed to be agrarian. If we’re agrarian, you’re close to the soil, and you have 360. You don’t just do eggs for the chickens. You do eggs for the chickens and for eating the chickens. You just don’t do milk cows. You have milk cows and beef cows. You can have pigs. You can have sheep. You can have goats. That’s an agrarian life, and you’re growing your food out of your ground. And that’s the stability, and I’m telling you, that’s the future. Small, small, small. You don’t have to have a mega operation. And if you do, it better be like a village, and y’all are together doing the 360 of everything.


The food chain supply is going away. The mass production in our food chain is not of God. And you’ve got a rubber stamp. You’ve got a guarantee that can be stamped on that statement, it’s going away. And we see it in front of us right now. You say, “Well, I can’t go out there and buy a hundred acres right now.” I want to repeat what I’ve said before, long ago, going to Medjugorje, back in 1986, they were bringing everything they needed to survive as agrarian people, on an acre or two on their land. I was surprised what they produced with it. And they survived by it. They had to. Communism wasn’t giving them products that they needed. We’re looking at a future that has to be downsized.


We’ve got a local place that was incorporated as a city five miles from here. And their mayor is already turning into a Mussolini. They want to annex everything around here, many miles across these mountains. We’re going to fight them with tooth and nails. That’s not going to happen for us. Growing a little bitty town into a big city translates into growing a bigger police department, more crime, more garbage, more difficulties, more of what the world is now that’s going to be destroyed.


It is The Corona Vision. Most of you from here have got that book. Re-read it. You need to be motivated, and you’ve got to go back to these messages. That book contains many, many message of Our Lady showing that all based in an agrarian life. It brings you closer to God. It brings consolation. It brings security—your only food chain supply. And instead of calling Wal-Mart or some other place or Amazon, you call God. You’re with your knees in the dirt. “Bless all our fields.” And God will do that Our Lady gave the message saying that. She says, “Before you work, bless your work, and at the end of the work, bless it again.”


I had several of the grandkids spend the night the other night. They wanted a story, so I told him about a man who bought four acres. And he was so thrilled at getting those four acres. He wanted to produce, so he told God, “This first acre, I’m going to give everything from it that I get from the acre for You.” Well, when he started digging that, he hit coal. He was amazed. He said,


“I can use this coal to make fires and whatever and use this. This is something valuable.”


So, “God, I’m going to give You this second acre next to that.”


And so, when he got on that, started digging there, he hit oil the next year, when he started digging. He said,


“Well, this is oil. I can use this and sell that. This is…God, I know I said I’d give You this, but I’m going to give You the third acre over there.”


The next year, he planted another crop on that. He starts digging. You know what he finds? Silver! And he looks at that oil acre, that coal acre…And he says,


“God, I can’t give this up. I’ve got to keep this. There’s so much…I can do things with this God.”


So, the next year, he does the fourth one. He digs there, and he finds something yellow there…And it’s filled with God. And he was sick. And he lost all his blessings. Why? Because God inspired for him to picked the least value on the first acre. See, God blesses you. If he’d kept that coal and said, “Okay. I’m going to give everybody at our church, our parish,” or whatever, “and they can use it. I’m going to give this for the poor. And then I’ve got the second, third and fourth,” look what he had. But he lost his blessing. All the grandkids started dying laughing.


But the moral of the story is, you give to God what’s due to God, and He will take care of everything. He didn’t forsee what God was going to give him and be happy. Because he had given his first acre, God was pleased with him. He lost his blessing. And that’s where we are today. We’ve lost the blessing of God.


Put on your little kitchen billboard: July 5, 1984. These are Thursday messages. These are formation messages. This is when Our Lady’s trying to bring them together to follow Her. These were instructions, very important for the parish.


So, July 5, 1984, you hang that up. It says,


“Dear children, today I wish to tell you, always pray before your work…”


Not sometimes.


“…always pray before your work and end your work with prayer. If you do that, God will bless you and your work…”


That’s a guarantee. She’s coming down from Heaven, that if you do that, that’s going to be blessed. If you didn’t do that, it’s not going to be blessed. It’s available to you every single day.


“…God will bless you and your work. These days you have been praying too little and working a lot


What is the worth of it working yourself to death, getting a thousand cows and all these things, and you’re trying to just do it through money and through food and through all these things? They may be killing millions of cows in the next month or so.


“…therefore, pray. In prayer, you will find rest…”


You can go to sleep after night of a hard labor day, or even a day that wasn’t with a lot of labor, and rest in peace because my place, what I’m doing, my work, is glorifying God. It’s in His hands.


The little “g” is not going to help you, speaking of the government. It’s going to be the big “G”—God. He’s what’s going to help you. The USDA’s supposed to be helping you? A lobbyist from Monsanto wrote some new writings for the USDA. You know what they did? They’re going to allow genetically engineered foods as organic. So, you may think, “Well, they just started doing this now. What else are they going to do?” No. That didn’t just happen. They did this in 2013, eight years ago. So, all this organic labeling allows what you’re eating to be genetically engineered. You think maybe that’s why so many people are sick? Immunities? Immunity problems? Of course it is. You can’t make something for a profit without consequences. Europe, at least, had the sense not to let GMOs come into their country.


But we’re about Medjugorje, Medjugorje, Medjugorje. Medjugorje’s about everything that’s happening right now on every topic, every field, every avenue, everything across the world. It is off base. It is underneath the power of satan.


Our Lady said,


July 19, 1984

Dear children, these days you have been experiencing how satan is working…”


Nobody could imagine, or even have a vision, or even dream about, how the world is falling apart right now.


July 12, 1984

“…these days satan wants to frustrate my plans. Pray that his plan[s] not be realized…”


It’s going to be realized if you continue following the world, because we’re taking many steps, many bad steps. We can’t even turn around. We can’t reverse it. Most of everybody’s been in the ocean, and most everybody felt a small undertow that wants to pull you back into the ocean. Because we haven’t held Our Lady’s hand, we have many people drowning.


September 2, 2006, Mirjana was told by Our Lady about the future.


“…Do not deceive yourselves that you can do anything…”


She didn’t say some things. She says,


“…anything without Him, not even to take a single step…”


That’s how serious the time is at this moment.


Our Lady has made it very clear She wants to give you freedom. She wants you to have peace. She’s leading us that way, for forty years. And in the 40th Anniversary, She says that.


“…I am calling all of you: pray with me for peace and freedom, because satan is strong and by his deception, wants to lead…all the more hearts from my motherly heart…”


And then She gives the incredible, incredible message on that 40th Anniversary day, crossing the desert from 1981 to 2021. She says,


“…That is why decide for God so that it may be good for you on the land…”


That’s a bombshell. It’s more than a bombshell. It’s the forty years in the desert. Our Lady’s not going to mislead you. She’s not going to mislead me. She’s not going to do something symbolically. It’s impossible for Her to say on the 40th Anniversary with in Her thoughts about the Israelites in the desert for forty years to get to the Promised Land that God gave to them. And if you think that’s enough the way She said it,


“…That is why decide for God so that it may be good for you on the land…”


And then She adds this to it to show you, “Don’t make any mistake what I’m talking about. Don’t think at all that I’m not bringing you out of the desert to the Promised Land.” What follows the word “land”? She says,


“…it may be good for you on the land which God gave you…”


I don’t care what you paid for your land, how little, how much, how great, how you worked for it. If you’ve got land, God gave it to you. It was there before you were born. It was there before Adam was born. We’re only stewards of the land, and all we want to do is make profit and make money.


I decided long ago not to work for money. I wanted to work for a way of life, where our children are born here and we can die here and be buried on that land. Between birth to death, what is sandwiched in that is everything in life should be, if you follow the messages, which, you heard about Bill Gates buying all this land. One tract he has is right outside of Arizona. And they can build 80,000 houses. Isn’t that nice? It’s not going to happen, people. The great investor Bill Gates, he’s going to lose. It’s not going to happen because it’s not glorifying God.


I want you to contemplate that, what we think about land and what we’ve done with it. Instead of making it holy, we’ve turned it into a curse, building houses, growing the banking industries. All at the expense of losing the way of life God wanted to give to us.



Well, I was born in this valley. On this ranch I was raised. I learned to lope, rope, and dally on the S Lazy H. Well, the roots of my people, they run deep on this place. I am sixth generation on the S Lazy H.


And when it came to the future, I never gave it a thought if there were broncs to be broken, endless steers to be caught. Well, my youth, it was carefree for the work was my play. And what I loved would always be there on the S Lazy H.


I had one beloved sister a few years younger than me. Before a sole cowboy had kissed her, she left for school in the east. Me, I might have gone to college. Might’ve liked to fly planes. But my dad needed help to run the S Lazy H.


So, I worked there alongside him, put a lot of years in this place. And I gained appreciation for the lines on his face. And when mom had grown older, and when dad passed away, it fell to me to look after the S Lazy H.


By now my sister, she had married a sharp attorney at school. We didn’t see eye to eye, but I did my best to make peace. What did they see when they looked over, over the fence one fine day? They saw a whole lot of value in the S Lazy H.


So, after thought and assessment the court awarded them half. And no cow-calf operation carries that kind of cash. Well, I worked through the numbers, worked them every which way. Yeah, I went through the numbers, oh, and boys I’m afraid. I had to sell twenty sections of the S Lazy H.


Sometimes right isn’t equal. Sometimes equal’s not fair. There will soon be rows of houses on that ridge over there. Many lifetimes of labor will be all but erased. So shed a tear and look skyward. God help the S Lazy H.


The last few years were a struggle, but I gave it my best. And I tried to go forward on the land that was left. I have lived with the sorrow, and I will die with the shame. For now the bank owns what’s left of the S Lazy H.



We have many people that we know have big operations on the land. And the world went that way. They’re benefactors to our mission. What I’m saying is not condemning them. We just have naturally gravitated toward these things. And that’s why Our Lady’s coming to interrupt to show us. And they’re doing their best with what they have to glorify God through what they do have in their big operations.


A lawyer friend of mind told me the last will has broken up many, many farms. And Our Lady’s here to give us an opportunity to band together and have small communities. Small is what’s going to be big in the future.


In our novena we’re doing right now for our country for the Reconciling of Ourselves, our Family, and our Nation back to God…And in one of the messages this past week, it says,


“…For you who have the faith, this time constitutes a great opportunity for you to be converted, and to deepen your faith…”


The big opportunity is to get away from Big Tech, because it’s going away. Things are going to be more manual because those things are going to disappear in a flash. Now’s the time to build your system. Get it in your thoughts and your mentality that the day is coming that Big Tech is going to be an antique—the old way to do things.


Begin tomorrow. Kneel down and pray before you work, and at the end of your work, kneel down and ask for a blessing of that work, to draw you closer to Our Lady, to God, to His will, and you’ll be consoled, and you’ll sleep a lot better.


We wish you Our Lady. We love you. Good night.




This ends the Radio WAVE broadcast with a Friend of Medjugorje. These broadcasts are available as CDs, which are sent directly to your doorstep on a monthly subscription. For information, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000.

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  1. John Filiatrault

    A wonderful and inspiring message, we can see God’s direction moving through Our Lady’s Messages. As mentioned here about the resourcefulness of those around Medjugorje during communist rule, can you recommend resources/books/writings on practical ways to use small acreage for sustaining food and animals in a small way? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you again for all that you do, dear Community of Caritas. May God continue to Bless You!

    John and Jenise Filiatrault
    Field Angel 232938

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1 thought on “Losing God’s Blessing”

  1. John Filiatrault

    A wonderful and inspiring message, we can see God’s direction moving through Our Lady’s Messages. As mentioned here about the resourcefulness of those around Medjugorje during communist rule, can you recommend resources/books/writings on practical ways to use small acreage for sustaining food and animals in a small way? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you again for all that you do, dear Community of Caritas. May God continue to Bless You!

    John and Jenise Filiatrault
    Field Angel 232938

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