November 26, 2009
Radio Wave

Cowgirls Don’t Cry

Radio WAVE November 25, 2009nnDiscussion of Our Lady of Medjugorje’s November 25, 2009 Monthly Message for the World

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  1. Old Cowgirl Joanne

    To Our Lady’s little children and little cowgirls of Caritas – Listening to your broadcast last evening was so nice for me and when I heard the so sweet voices of your little girls, I broke down and started sobbing – no joke. Something touched the deepest part of my heart. And this morning when I saw the pictures of your little girls and children, I started sobbing again. Their little voices was like little angels and I am deeply grateful. May the world be filled with cowgirls.God bless you!

  2. What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift for me to open this and see all of the beautiful girls in these pictures. I’m getting choked up as I think about everyone and how much you have all come to mean to me. Thank you for letting us in your wonderful family – for being a window for us to peer through and witness how life can be. I am so grateful this Thanksgiving day for Caritas!!!! LOVE U

  3. Dear Caritas, Thank you for the precious pictures of the “cowgirls”. This day as I am in the presence of my family on this day of Thanksgiving. You are all in my heart as we all walk with Our Lady. God Bless you, Cheryl

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