June 23, 2021
Radio Wave

Countdown to the 40th Anniversary: Our May Queen

A Friend of Medjugorje shocks the Medjugorje world with this revelation about Our Lady, prophecied many years ago, but hidden in plain sight. This broadcast will make you on fire for Our Lady.

Episode Transcript

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  1. In regards to your comments about the revelation in the song “Stairway to Heaven” listening to that song from your alarm clock could draw others like yourself to explore its source. Although you are wise and spiritual to realize that it is derived from evil, others may not. Our Lady could be telling us that prophetic messages, although so amazingly true, can come from evil sources and that we all should carefully and spiritually discern the source which could lead to following a great deceiver. This is extremely important when the future brings the antichrist who many will be drawn to with his amazing works and prophetic messages. Thank you Friend of Medjugorje for blessing us with all the writings and interpretations you have provided us regarding Our Lady’s messages. God bless all who trust in our Lord and promote our Lady’s message to love. 

  2. There is so much depth to everything FOM communicates to us. I can see why this broadcast converted as mentioned during the recording. Thank you to Our Blessed Mother for your persistence in tapping FOM on the shoulder to guide us in these times. God Bless everyone at COB and FOM and his family.

  3. What an anointed program.  When I first went to Medjugorje in 1999 I thought Medjugorje is a stairway to Heaven and here we are coming into 40 years.  I am overwhelmed right now with emotions of Our Lady’s love and how deaf we have been.  God Bless and Love y’all and wish I could be with y’all.  ❤️?Susan.  God is moving in a Mighty Way ????

  4. I think that at the end of this song, its describing that she has the ,victory, he knows the ending, her immaculate heart will triumph! I never knew of the playing it backwards  theories, I didn’t always understand the lyrics or the meaning s,but I find your interpretation very interesting as well.thankyou for sharing 

  5. This is the most powerful Radio Wave message I have ever heard.  God bless you Friend and all in Caritas of Birmingham and Medjugorje.  Thank you for everything you are doing to get Our Lady’s messages out.

  6. I have ways thought this about stairway to heaven!!one of my favorite songs!love this song.very good talk,Thank-you 

  7. This entire retreat has been amazing. Oh what a journey these years have been walking with Our Lady through Caritas. Such profound and inspiring insight while always keeping us close to Our Lady’s heart. Thank you and God bless you in the days to come. 

  8. This message brought tears of joy, but it also brought tears of sadness to see how we have ignored Our Lady’s pleas. I ask for forgiveness and I desire to be a worthy child of Mother Mary.Thank you for your programs ! 

  9. Dear Community of Caritas,  I have been disappointed I could not celebrate in person in Alabama for the 40th Anniversary. Instead of just me excited about this special holy event, I wanted the whole family to be together so, we have planned for all my children to have a camping/fishing weekend.  They all could take off work for a long weekend.  I am using this special time to share old photos and pictures of trips to Medjugore, all the trips to Caritas that they all have experienced. I hope to know when the message will be on June 24th so I can time it out for us to stop what we are doing to give ‘Thanksgiving ‘ for the beautiful gifts God gave to us for 40 years of Our Lady teaching, guiding and praying for us and the whole world. Of course we will be stopping to pray on June 25th also, joining with those in the field at Caritas and those in Medjugore spiritually.   The whole reason I am writing this note; I was organizing items this morning and exactly at the end of this RadioWave broadcast  I found my rosary that I used in 1999 at Caritas. I thought I had lost it.  Thank you all for your sacrifices, perseverance, dedication, prayers and memories over the years. May God bless everyone 1000 fold. Peace

  10. When you hear a show like this, it makes you wonder why people are timid talking about Our Lady. I want to tell everybody about Her now!

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