Many Christians are buying the lie of darkness, that they can’t bring faith to the workplace. Watching evil take place all around them and not stepping up to contradict it, is termed quietism. For the Christian to succumb to the tactics of darkness to the point of allowing his Christian faith to be suppressed, through quietism, contradicts all the apostles who were commanded to go and teach all nations. Quietism is slowly creeping in everywhere, even to the point that Christians squirm in their seats when religion is discussed in public. The Scripture relates that if you save one soul, you save your own. If you reach out to another to help him know God, and he rejects God, he will lose his soul, but you still save yours. But if you do not reach out you are accountable. This is the reality of what is taking place in the world today. Christians are not standing up for what their faith represents and so are passively allowing Christianity to be altogether silenced. This important writing will convict all who read it to take greater responsibility in responding to Our Lady’s call to be witnesses and apostles of Her messages in this time of grace.

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