Put Our Lady’s Words into Action

Put Our Lady’s Words into Action

Updated Monday September 13, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010 Father Francis Ferry of Donegal, Ireland gave a homily in Medjugorje at St. James Church. Before Mass, he attended a talk given by the visionary Ivan and he spoke about the messages that Ivan had stressed in his testimony. Father Ferry said, ‘We need to change ourselves first and experience peace through prayer. We need to witness this peace to our families, in our villages and cities, and then the world will change.’ He received his vocation to the priesthood here in Medjugorje while on pilgrimage to this Holy place. He had been away from the Sacraments of the Church for many years. Father Ferry’s first pilgrimage to Medjugorje was not planned. He had become lost while traveling and ended up here. He knew Our Lady had planned it that way. He was ordained a priest three years ago. Father gave the pilgrims attending Holy Mass some good advice.


Father Francis Ferry

Father Francis Ferry, one of many vocations received through a pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

“It is good being in Medjugorje again. This is my twenty-eighth time. My first trip was in 1995. You that have been here fifty times, it means nothing, if you do not listen and put into action Our Lady’s words. It would be better to come once and hear Her message and respond to Her call. Remember, She thanks us for responding to Her call.”


Father was asking the pilgrims to respond concretely to Our Lady. Father Ferry is one of many vocations birthed through Medjugorje. We believe one of thousands; the actual number of vocations that began in Medjugorje may never be known. Cardinal Schönborn, from Austria once stated, ‘If I was an opponent of Medjugorje, I’d have to close down my seminary, since almost all the candidates have received their call to the priesthood through Medjugorje.’ Yet another testament of the power of what God is doing through Our Lady, here in Medjugorje.

If you are, or have contemplated a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, why would you put that off? If you feel Our Lady calling you, and are still not sure, then we encourage you to download for absolutely FREE, the booklet, “I Don’t Have To Go To Medjugorje – Reasons Why One Must Go To Medjugorje.” (see below) Do a spiritual act of charity, and forward this FREE booklet to a family member or friend, co-worker, anyone who needs that extra encouragement, or push by Our Lady. Your Mother is waiting for you in Medjugorje. Will you keep Her waiting?

The remaining 2010 pilgrimage dates are:

September 27 – October 6 *Booked Up*
October 26 – November 4


“I Don’t Have To Go To Medjugorje – Reasons Why One Must Go To Medjugorje”

I Don't Have to Go to Medjugorje

Take a break from your busy schedule to be with Our Lady, and allow Her to renew, refresh, and revitalize you. Medjugorje is not just a place for you to come and experience yourself, but bring your children, or a close friend. You may be the instrument Our Lady uses to speak to someone’s heart. All you have to do is get them here and Our Lady will do the rest.


Why do more people from the United States go to Medjugorje with BVM/Caritas Pilgrimages? The longest continuous running pilgrimages to Medjugorje from the United States. Click here to find out why…


The remaining 2010 pilgrimage dates are:
* Booking Up Fast *
September 27 – October 6 *Booked Up*
October 26 – November 4

** 2011 Dates About to Be Released! **

You can call and speak to a live operator about your Medjugorje Pilgrimage: 205-672-2000 USA, and press extension 218, or 219.

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13 thoughts on “Put Our Lady’s Words into Action”

  1. Brenda Ahmann

    Thank you, Friend of Medjugorje, for opening up Mary’s words to us! I am so blessed to listen to your broadcasts. You inspire me to work at aligning my life with Mary’s messages. Thank you for living the messages!

  2. Brenda Ahmann

    Thank you, Friend of Medjugorje, for opening up Mary’s words to us! I am so blessed to listen to your broadcasts. You inspire me to work at aligning my life with Mary’s messages. Thank you for living the messages!

  3. Crissy Corpus

    Dear Friend of Medjugorie, I hear despiration in your voice. The same despiration many of us have as we pray. I think you MUST know that you are NOT alone in what you feel in your heart and spirit.! But, just in case…you are not alone!! Even some of my protestant friends, although not recognizing Our Lady in Revelations or Her role in our lives at all, are still feeling and recognizing the signs of the times. I am soooo greatful for finding you and Caritas! I can hardly wait to hear what Our Lady and the Holy Spirit have to say through you with each letter and each broadcast! I am so greatful for your “YES!” As you called us to let go of whatever hinders us, after listening twice today with so many interruptions (I’ll need to listen at least twice more!) , in a random message again Our Lady led me to “Pray to the Holy Spirit to impress Jesus in you” ! And so I pray as She directs! My Lord have mercy! There is so much work to be done in me and so little time! God bless!!

  4. My heart is burning with love when I read Our Lady’s messages. But when I turn back and see the world around me I am always upset. If Our Lady is always present by our side, only then I think I will win.

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