An Incredible Medjugorje miracle Story of Dixie, Rebel and the Community of Caritas



Many speak, write and testify about vocations through Medjugorje. However, the biggest call of Medjugorje is not vocations, but a way of life called for through Our Lady’s messages. Yet many neither comprehend nor grasp that Our Lady of Medjugorje’s call is a call to a way of life. The Community of Caritas, you might say, is a little village that has adopted a way of life of Our Lady’s messages. Their way of life is a haven where Heaven is present through its daily life. Through the joys of such enrichment, one can feel Heaven is seamless where even in trials and sufferings the touch of Heaven is felt. In the United States, in Alabama, there is a little place that has fully embraced Our Lady’s messages and transformed them into life. After reading this short book, you will agree in the wonder of God that it is a place of Heaven on earth with miracles, love and a place one dreams of.

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