Preserve It for the End of the World

Preserve It for the End of the World

“Mary, tonight we come up this mountain… praying for future…”

September 29, 2014 A.D.

Monday, September 22, 2014, the Community of Caritas spent the evening together in deep prayer and reflection, climbing Penitentiary Mountain to the Cross. This climb held a significance for all, as many novenas, sacrifices, fasting and trials had been offered for Our Lady’s intentions throughout the summer by each member. The Community did a nine day novena mid-summer, climbing the mountain each of the nine days. One of our 12 year-old Community girls, went up the mountain on her own at other times as well, darting up during lunch to pray.

Caritas Community and the Cross

This bridge, built just over a year ago by the Community, was designed to stand the storms of time, making a way for those who wish to cross over the water below, on their journey to the Cross.

Before climbing, the Founder knelt on the wooden bridge that marks the beginning of the journey. The Community knelt around him to unite their hearts in prayer, as one people before God. Fall would officially begin this night at 9:29 p.m., around the time the Community would be coming down the mountain. A sign; the end of a journey, with the summer ending as it began for the Community – at the foot of the mountain on their knees in prayer for Our Lady’s intentions – for the healing of ourselves, our families and our nation. The Founder’s prayer below is a surrendering of all to God’s will through Our Lady.

“Mary, tonight we come up this mountain….praying for future, we pray, pray, pray…we ask you to protect this Cross. We have our hearts nailed to it, cemented into it, our labor, our blood and for the future of this nation. Preserve it for the end of the world. We pray particularly for this grace tonight. We consecrate this climb. We ask that you take this one prayer said from our hearts, perfect it and put it into your heart and then present it to God.

Our Father, who art in Heaven…

“Mary, we pray for peace in a special way in our hearts, in our Community, in our families that you bring everything to peace and this climb will be a climb for peace.”

The Community slowly climbed the mountain in silence, meditating at each station, offering spontaneous prayers from the heart. Memories of the crosses they had lived through, the sacrifices they had made, the many beautiful memories continuously offered to accomplish Our Lady’s desires through the Cross accompanied each step. Only a few outside of those in the Community know the secret they carried in their heart, as they climbed the mountain. What was their secret?

One by one they ascended the mountain, kneeling in silent prayer at the top on the stone steps beneath the large Cross. These steps were built to invite all who come to the mountain to prayer; to contemplate and linger at foot of the Cross. The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary were begun, after all had gathered, with singing following each decade.


Caritas Community and the Cross

Many from around the world have knelt on these steps at the foot of the Cross in the short time the Cross has stood. “For the Soul of America,” reads the inscription engraved into the Cross’ foundation by the hand of our Founder. This Cross is a lighthouse in the darkness; a sign post, already drawing people of all denominations from around the world to linger in prayer at this consecrated site.

Just before the second decade began, the Founder was moved in his heart to ask for Our Lady’s words, due to the occasion for the climb. Silence enveloped the mountain, as a message was picked at random from Words From Heaven. As the date of the message was read, the silence seemed to magnify and all were stunned to hear the words, “June 30, 2013.” Out of over 1,500 messages to pick, no other message from Our Lady could have been more significant at this moment. The magnitude of its weight filled the top of the mountain, as well as the hearts of all gathered. Our Lady was present.

The message, June 30, 2013, picked at random from Words From Heaven this final night of summer, as autumn begins, reads:

“Sunday evening, June 30, the Caritas Community with Marija’s family climbed the mountain leading to the Cross, praying for the first time the Stations of the Cross on this mountain. The stations were still incomplete, in that the plaques with the name of each station had not yet been attached to each cross. As the Community climbed, praying the stations, two Community members hammered the plaques into place. The Community each carried roses up the mountain, to place at the foot of the Cross to represent our hearts. We also carried roses for each member of the community who had gone before us and were already living their eternal life in Heaven.

During the apparition, with all of the Community kneeling facing the Cross all along its sides, Our Lady appeared facing out towards the valley. It was approximately 6:40 p.m. when Our Lady appeared and the apparition lasted a little over five minutes—the length of which was a consolation for us as Our Lady, in Her tenderness, stayed so long in prayer at the Cross. There was such peace and silence on the mountain that evening and the prayer was deeply felt by all as was the presence of Our Lady.

The Community gathered around Marija after the apparition to learn what Our Lady had done and said. Marija said,

“During the moment of the apparition, I recommended to Our Lady all of us, all the people who are in the Field (people were gathering for the next Five Days of Prayer) and I asked Our Lady to bless the Cross. Our Lady prayed over us a long time and She blessed us all.”

The question was asked by our Founder, when Our Lady was asked to bless the Cross what did She do? Marija said,

“She made the Sign of the Cross,”

Then Marija imitated Our Lady giving the blessing with her hand. All felt during the apparition Our Lady’s blessing, anointing and acceptance of this Cross in a special way because each of the community gave it to Her “with our heart through trials, sacrifices and difficulties suffered for Her to heal us and heal ‘this”’ our nation.” All felt Our Lady’s acceptance during the apparition. Everyone was deeply moved. Marija said Our Lady told her that the apparition tomorrow would be in the Bedroom at 6:40 p.m.”


Caritas Community and the Cross at Night

Silhouettes of the Community of Caritas kneeling in prayer beneath the Cross on September 22, 2014, receiving Our Lady’s tender words randomly picked. But the “secret” they all had in their heart spoke to them of something even more tender, which they had received six days before. It is why they believe they live a seamless life between Heaven and earth.


Click Below to Listen to 6 Minutes of the Special Community Prayer Group at the Cross

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As the Rosary continued, the gentle wind grew stronger in its presence with each decade, a sign of Our Lady among them. The Rosary finished and the Hail Holy Queen was prayed slowly with the heart, then silence. A clear voice broke the silence, as one of the Community members spontaneously turned into a song a short ardent prayer the Community had been praying all summer. It was a moment beyond words. Another song followed the first; a song about a beloved homeland; a song for the soul of our nation.


My God, My All

This short, ardent, spontaneous prayer was posted on every door throughout the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages this summer and remains. It has become a constant prayer, transforming Our Lady’s words into daily life, breathed from the lips of even the youngest Community members just learning to speak. Our Lady said November 25, 2013:

“… Open the doors of your heart profoundly to prayer…Your faith will become firm so that you will be able to say with all your heart: ‘My God, my all’…”


Cross on Penitentiary Mountain at Night

On December 25, 1988, Our Lady gave a monthly message for the world through Medjugorje visionary, Marija, who was staying with the Founder and his family in their home. Our Lady said:

“…I call you to peace. Live it in your heart and all around you so that all will know peace – peace which does not come from you but from God…I give you my Special Blessing. Bring it to all creation, so that all creation will know peace.”


Peace permeated the mountain top and valley below, a fulfillment of the prayer prayed by the Founder, on the bridge, at the beginning of the climb.

“Mary, we pray for peace in a special way in our hearts, in our Community, in our families that you bring everything to peace and this climb will be a climb for peace.”

This was yet another confirmation that Our Lady, the Queen of Peace was present listening to their prayer. Her presence was with them in Her words, in the wind and in the peace. The Community lingered on the steps after the Rosary in silent reflection on the moments they are privileged to live in this time of grace as Our Lady’s apostles. The Community reflected on the final words of their Founder:

“Mary…we trust in you, we trust in Jesus…”


What is the “secret” (not the 10 secrets) within the hearts of the Community? We won’t tell you now, because this writing is a focus on saving the Cross. We’ll tell you the “secret” next week. Look for the coming writing, “A Secret…”

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7 thoughts on “Preserve It for the End of the World”

  1. May we never forget Who we belong to… The strength and love of Christ will sustain and liberate all who know Truth. Thank you for your devotion to our Father and Mother.

  2. Dear Caritas, I too think your writing and the story are wonderful. However, it did also cause me a bit of anxiety. You seemed to be asking for protection for the cross, asking Mary to preserve it, as if perhaps you have come under some persecution and the cross has been threatened. I surrender this anxiety to Our Lady and I await your “secret”. I will pray again for peace peace peace. Much love, Molly

  3. Dear Community, Wow…..this is a very special presentation…the writing, the singing, the images of the cross….. and the people….and the prayers. Wow. Praise be to Jesus and Mary and all the saints and angels and good, humble souls who are united in this good-hearted endeavor. Love you all so much, Jim

  4. This time l did not send the writing to my friends. Today l arranged a special meeting with the members of our Prayer Group to share it. They were very touched and moved. The Community inspires our lives as “shining stars”. We will be in intense prayer for the october 1st writing.

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