Prayer Group Apparition Tonight, Be in Prayer

Prayer Group Apparition Tonight, Be in Prayer

Fatima Eve
May 12, 2017 A.D.

A grace awaits us today, Friday, May 12, 2017. Our Lady will not only be appearing during the normal apparition time at 6:40, but also again during Ivan’s prayer group in Medjugorje. The apparition tonight will take place on Apparition Mountain at 10 PM Medjugorje time. Today is the Eve of the Fatima Feast, and as we joyfully look forward to tomorrow’s feast of Our Lady, tonight’s apparition should be honored by being in prayer, and being on your knees during the moment of the apparition. Continue to keep this prayer in a primary place these days.

Friend of Medjugorje

Chart for your local times of Apparition during
Ivan’s Prayer Group, May 12, 2017 – 10:00 p.m. Medjugorje time

Your Time Zone Apparition Time

Eastern Time 4:00 PM

Central Time 3:00 PM

Mountain Time
Mountain Time Alternate
1:00 PM (Standard Time)
2:00 PM (Daylight Time)

Pacific Time 1:00 PM

Alaska Time 12:00 PM

Hawaii Time 11:00 AM

Brazil Time 5:00 PM

Baghdad, Moscow 11:00 PM

Jerusalem, Athens, Cairo 12:00 AM (May 13)

Warsaw, Paris, Prague, Rome, Berlin, Medjugorje 10:00 PM

Nigeria 9:00 PM

South Africa 10:00 PM

Kenya 11:00 PM

London, Dublin 9:00 PM

Sydney, Australia 6:00 AM – (May 13)

Seoul 4:00 AM – (May 13)

Beijing, Singapore 3:00 AM – (May 13)

Calcutta 2:30 AM – (May 13)

Sri Lanka 2:00 AM – (May 13)

Another writing of importance, about why you want to be in prayer and on your knees:

Will You Miss Out on the Second Greatest Moment in Time?

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