Pray to be ‘Normal’

Pray to be ‘Normal’

Our Lady comes to show us that prayer is to be part of our “normal” life; incorporated into our life…

February 14, 2014 A.D.

Our Lady comes to show us that prayer is to be part of our “normal” life; incorporated into our life. How is it that it is ‘normal’ and natural to talk through a cell phone, but we can’t figure out how to talk to God with the heart?

Overcoming problems in life, sharing joys, experiences, memories, etc… Medjugorje teaches us that for everything we experience, prayer is the relationship we seek, the meaning we look for and the understanding we need. Prayer is a heart to heart encounter for every experience we have throughout our days.

Ivan, one of the six visionaries of Medjugorje was asked about his experience of prayer since the apparitions began. Ivan has learned much over the years from Our Lady’s instruction and Her desire to teach us how prayer brings order and meaning to our lives.

“These apparitions have made a big difference in my life – the difference between Heaven and earth. For example, the way I now live, I arrange my schedule so that even during the day I find time for prayer. Before there was no meaning in my life. Now I’m completely filled with contentment.”

Our Lady said, October 2, 1986:

“Dear children, today again I am calling you to pray. You, dear children, are not able to understand how great the value of prayer is as long as you yourselves do not say: ‘now is the time for prayer, now nothing else is important to me, now not one person is important to me but God’…”


Praying Hands

As one who witnessed many of Jesus’ miracles in His time, Our Lady comes now in Her time to bring us hope, joy and encouragement, teaching us to find these things first through prayer.

Our Lady said, April 25, 2001:

“…Little children, prayer works miracles. When you are tired and sick and you do not know the meaning of your life, take the Rosary and pray; pray until prayer becomes for you a joyful meeting with your Savior…”

Our Lady shows us to go through prayer to find the instruction for our everyday life.

Are you sick?

Our Lady said, February 19, 1988:

“Dear children, these days prayer is the best medicine to defend yourselves against evil…”

Our Lady said, September 9, 1988:

“…Prayer is medicine that heals…”

Are you lonely?

Our Lady said, April 25, 1995:

“…Therefore, little children, pray and through prayer you will discover love…”

Are you feeling weak?

Our Lady said, December 30, 1983:

“…I wish to strengthen you, but prayer alone is your strength…”

Our Lady has taught Ivan much about persistent prayer:

“She has taught me to pray when I am experiencing strong temptation. Then I rely on God’s strength and I seem to manage well. When I rely on myself, I fail.” 2

Are you concerned about your family?

Ivan says,

“If there is no peace in one member of the family, it reflects throughout the entire family. satan does not sleep. Prayer must become our weapon. Every prayer can chase satan away.” 3

Our Lady said, March 14, 1988:

“…satan is trying by every means to destroy in you what we have started. I warn you as a Mother, let prayer be your weapon against him…”

Our Lady comes to lead us into an encounter with God through prayer where we will find the fullness of life. Ivan shares his deeper experience of prayer:

“It is only through prayer that a man is capable of life, and that without prayer a man lives in an abyss of useless suffering.” 4

Our Lady said, October 20, 1984:

“When you pray you must feel more. Prayer is a conversation with God. To pray means to listen to God. Prayer is useful for you because after prayer everything is clear. Prayer makes one know happiness. Prayer can teach you how to cry. Prayer can teach you how to blossom. Prayer is not a joke. Prayer is a dialogue with God.”

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