Peace “Harmony” is a Gift From God

Peace “Harmony” is a Gift From God



Medjugorje – August 18, 2008

One of the many paths in Medjugorje leading to the sites of peace. Christmas is just such a call.


Peace is harmony between God and man. Real happiness, joy, and prosperity can come only through this peace, which comes from God and is a direct gift from the Holy Spirit.

October 1984

 “When the Holy Spirit comes, peace will be established.”

Our Lady said on December 25, 1988 – Christmas Day:

 “…Live peace in your heart and in your surroundings, so that all recognize peace, which does not come from you, but from God…”

Peace is a relationship between God and man. God in the Highest, Who incarnated Himself to become Man, reestablished harmony between Himself and man who receives peace and blessings from above. Christmas has a lot to do with unity and harmony between Heaven and earth. Peace is a blessing from God. Our Lady wants us to extend Her own blessing to all to help the harmony to come to reality. On Christmas Day, 1988, She said:

“…I give you my Special Blessing. Bring it to all creation, so that all creation will know peace…”

 Before we start to speak about the path of holiness, we have to realize that a holy person or a saint is one who has achieved peace in his heart, which means one has achieved a high degree of harmony between himself and God. Peace – harmony – is a gift from God; only God can give it:

December 25, 1988

“…peace, which does not come from you , but from God…”

July 31, 1986

“…I call you always to bring harmony and peace…”


In the peace of God and Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugojre


Medjugorje, Cross Mountain – October 8, 2008

The revered Cross of Medjugorje. This holy ground has witnessed millions of conversions, all of them with their individual story of a miraculous moment resulting in the establishment of peace with God in one’s heart.

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