Radio WAVE Past Shows

Radio WAVE Past Shows

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  1. Dearest FOM:-In The Radio Program Truth About Black Lives Matter;Shoud ADD BLM HAS Become DLM-(Demonic Lives Matter)…BLM Marxists(ARE)Actually CAUSING;(CAUSE;And EFFECT);MORE Hatred;And Contempt;For Black People;(EFFECT);And Getting WORSE.!This Amounts To Showing MORE Self DISRESPECT.! BLM [IS] NOT The ISSUE;[THE]Real Issue Is They Should Be Called BLM(Black Lives MUTTER);In REGARDS To ALL The Rioting;Looting;And MURDERS…!!!-Do NOT Hate Them Back;And PRAY They(BLM;And Supporters) SEE [THE] Light;And ESCAPE satans DEEP DARK Hole;And;Hellish Kingdom.!ACCEPT The Light Of God For Salvation;And STOP Putting The Lamplight Under The Bushel Basket…!!!-BE PREPARED NOW;For He WILL Come At An Hour Unsuspected;And;May Be SOON…!!!!!!!-Thank You All At Caritas.!-MAY God RICHLY BLESS You ALL.!-Amen;And AMEN.! – A Friend Of – A Friend Of Medjugorje – Field Angel ——- F.A.-Brother Raymond

  2. Rosemary Burkhardt

    You hit the nail on the head! I sometimes think I may have become too cynical. James Perloff recently said the man who died – (that supposedly started all this) actually died 5 years ago. Hows that for lies and deceit. And now, many people don’t expect truth any say you slice it. What a tragic time. Our lives have become so corrupted and ‘redesigned’ that we cant find find a balance or peace. We will only find our balance in the Heavenly words of our Blessed Mother and Beloved Son. Your famous book, “Look what happened when you were sleeping” has been one of the finest awakening books ever written; and still with other authors as well, people are not listening or reading. It is all right there in front of us. I thank you for your continuous efforts; they come and go in my life, however, when they come I know our Blessed Mother is wanting me to listen/read, and share. Take care and be safe.

  3. Marikay Dupuist

    Thank you..another piece to the puzzle of TRUTHWHICH SETS US FREE…FROM THE unholy trinity.The world, the flesh & the devil

  4. I was at the Loveland, CO meeting. I listened to this Radio Wave a week or so after we came home. I was born and grew up in Colorado Springs, and often hiked where you found the Mary..trails. I never knew it… Also many of the books you gave out or I ordered, filled in many of the missing pieces of puzzles in my life especially the Mirjana, a Mystery Revealed. I just want you to KNOW that Abba & family is using you in many ways to many like myself to confirm and encourage us to stay true to our Mother & her messages.

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