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Our Lady has come to transform culture. satan has ruled society and has built a culture of death. Much of this battle is verbage, the changing of words and their meanings and the application of how they are used. The devil is most active in this and most Christians go right along, accepting what is of the devil without alarm, notice or even caring about it. Political correctness is from the devil’s workshop and is very vile to cooperate with, yet most think nothing of it or give it a second thought. For the one with a strong prayer life, a sensitivity is obtained through grace of how important it is for this to be fought in regards to how we talk, what we write or broadcast. Our Lady, without considering human ways, or adopting satan’s forms, includes everyone when She says, “…Look in the eyes of your brother” and when She says “…pain in the eyes of your brother.” Our Lady is inclusive and unites all in Her verbage rather than being exclusive, segregating into groups “brothers and sisters.” This is a very important principle of the devil, to divide rather than to unite. Scripture is being changed in our Sunday Missalettes to add the word “sister” as if the word “brother” does not already include sisters. The word “brothers” includes all men, women, boys and girls. Our Lady’s message clearly shows this, as the first words She describes as our brothers is “…gathered around me to love your neighbor…” Our neighbor is our brother and that brother who is our neighbor also includes that person who is a “woman” and a “sister.” This is not just a game or word play. It is the rearrangement and redefining of words to change and transform culture to restructure it into the culture of death. You can help your neighbor by learning to understand the significance to this and by refusing to accept this tactic by what you write and read. For instance, at Mass the lector should not read the politically changed verbage by adding “sisters” or collaborate with the many examples of “inclusive language” such as using humankind, rather than mankind. The words we use are critically important in forming society. satan knows this and most Catholics and Christians go along and conform to it. The world forces conformity. Those not of the world must resist. We need more resistance for the love of our brothers. To understand more how changing word meanings is being used to bring about the changing of society, excerpts from the books, How to Change Your Husband and Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping. follow below.

Your Brother and Neighbor,

Friend of Medjugojre






Our Lady’s messages have led to the unmasking of satan’s agenda, his plans and tactics. The following few pages will be of great benefit for wisdom in understanding the true agenda of what may seem to be good, but has resulted in bad fruit and will continue to do so. A prayer to the Holy Spirit now would aid you greatly in understanding what you are about to read.

Sadly, we are now living in a time when there is a reversal of roles or, at least, the neutralizing of man’s role, more specifically the father’s role. Many signs point to what seems to be an agenda for the feminization of men or, at the very least, the neutralizing of man’s guidance. Manly traits, such as chivalry, protecting, providing, honor, etc. are not necessarily viewed as qualities to attain. In saying this, we do not speak of manly traits which are uncivilized, rather those of dignity and honor, of denying self and of leading. We are now developing a society in which not just teenage boys are wearing earrings but men as well! These signs are the feminization of men and are a sign of sickness, of disorder. Where are the men who are setting the example against this – that this is not something men do? The influence of the feminine is out of balance and spilling out into male identity. Boys and men have lost a great deal of their identity, and many are confused as to who they are and what their roles are. They are scared to be too strong in leadership, fearing they will offend the radical thoughts of those who place women’s authority on an equal with men. This thought now prevails even among many Christian women today who would not consider or describe themselves as radical.

H.B. London, whom we quoted earlier in the previous writings, said in his interview:


Q: What kind of influence does the woman have on children?

A: There are startling statistics….(that) where we are going is to be a female-driven society in many ways, where the influence on the children is going to be almost completely a female influence. According to George Barnan, the researcher,….by the years 2000 – 2010, 80 percent of all ethnic children will be born to unwed mothers; anglo children – 40 percent to unwed mothers. The role of the father is going to be increasingly more important.” 1

This process of feminization exists and is a clear departure from the Scriptures. How is it that we change the very ways and references that God Himself has inspired? For instance, the Scriptures refer to the angels as “he.” God’s holy word gives them the male gender in terms of reference to them. It’s not to say whether they are male or female. The point is that God refers to them as a manly being.


Revelations 7:2

I saw another “angel” come up from the east, holding the seal of the Living God. “He” cried out at the top of “his” voice to the four angels who were given power to ravage the land and sea.

How can it be reconciled that today many are referring to angels as “she?” Where does their authority come from to do such a thing? There is no opinion expressed here. It is clearly rooted in the Scriptures that angels are referred to as the male gender.

There are many other signs that support these observations, but one in particular we will look at in depth is the changing of traditional words and the rearranging of the gender order. You will hear many times now from the altar instead of “brothers and sisters,” the exact reversal, “my sisters and brothers…” This turn from the tradition, from how it has always been said, is obviously in contrast to the parallel found in the beginning – first the man (brother), Adam, and second the woman, (sister) Eve. This reverse is reflective of the reversal of roles promoted by those whose human agenda is to change man and woman’s position and their roles. It is a “tearing down,” rather than what would be proposed as a “building up.” “Sisters and brothers” is a clear agenda and not reflective of God’s order. This change of language is so subtle as to be almost as nothing, yet is part of a plan to change society socially as well as to change men and women’s roles. satan is very much a part of it, and it will lead to a furthering of the separation of man and woman. satan always labels his agendas the opposite of what really is the truth. At any bar that has “Happy Hour,” you will find very lonely and sad people. They are not happy, but everyone pretends to be. Psychiatrists tell us the homosexual population is the top group for suicides, unfulfilled lives, depression, etc., yet satan captures the name “gay,” painting a picture of a carefree life, good, fun, joyful, when, in fact, it is a life of misery.

Now we have a nicely packaged name called “inclusive language” which supposedly is to include men and women and not promote social injustice; at least that is what we are led to believe. When, in fact, it is just like the other terms already given as examples, a play to disguise, an agenda to divide. Inclusive language is a by-product of woman’s challenging man’s authority. It is no longer content with just equal authority, but now wants to rule man, which is the real agenda and what satan desires. Inclusive language, at the very least, is highly discriminatory, separating, and divisive. It implies and tries to tell us that to say “woman,” “man,” “boy,” “girl” is unnecessary and dividing when one word has always been “inclusive” of everyone. The words “man,” “mankind,” “all men” include all women, all boys, all girls, together in unity with the human family. Individuals who segregate them under the deceptive disguise of the “fairness” of inclusive language are actually leading to disunion, which results in the furthering of the deterioration of society by creating an environment for the jockeying of power between the two genders, when what God intended is oneness as mankind. No one is asking why we must suddenly come up with a new word when we already have one which already includes everyone – “mankind.” It is very plain that there is an objection of all people coming under the word “man”kind. Anyone with a little logic can see a clear attack against male authority. The word “human”kind is the product of social engineering to change that which God has established. Our Lady in Medjugorje does not conform to these plans of man to orchestrate society’s thinking. Our Lady says:

January 2, 1989

“My dear children,….I want you to become, dear children, my announcers and my sons who will bring peace, love, conversion.”


Can anyone dare say Our Lady is against women by saying “my sons”? Is She sexist, chauvinistic? Does Our Lady exclude daughters because She only says “sons”? Hardly! Our Lady, as Mother and Queen in Heaven, is the ultimate in “inclusive” of all. “Sons” means also daughters, little boys, girls, and also adults, men and women – a lot of different groups all in one little word “sons.” It is as inclusive as you can get. Is this an isolated statement of Our Lady? No, because other times Our Lady has only said “brothers” in referring to both men and women:


February 2, 1984

“Pray, because I need more prayers. Be reconciled, because I desire reconciliation among you and more love for each other, like brothers. I wish that prayer, peace, and love bloom in you.”

…and again…


January 23, 1986

“Dear children, again I call you to prayer with the heart. If you pray with the heart, dear children, the ice of your brothers’ heart will melt and every barrier shall disappear. Conversion will be easy for all who desire to accept it. You must pray for this gift which by prayer you must obtain for your “neighbor.” Thank you for having responded to my call.”

…and more recently…

April 25, 1995

“Dear children! Today I call you to love. Little children, without love you cannot live, neither with God nor with brother. Therefore, I call all of you to open your hearts to the love of God that is so great and open to each one of you….”


Can it be possible Our Lady only means males when She says brothers? If you accept that, how do you reconcile later in the January 23, 1986 message above when Our Lady refers to these same “brothers” as “neighbors”? Are our neighbors all male? Our Lady’s words are inclusive of “sisters” in the messages above. The language we have had has been inclusive and just as we now have terms like happy hour, gay, “pal”amony, etc., we have the term “inclusive language” to disguise its real agenda. The present “inclusive language” is not inclusive at all, rather its purpose is to exclude and separate. In the book, Let Me Be A Woman, the author, Elizabeth Elliot writes:

“I have come to treat the word ‘person’ rather gingerly in recent years because it is so overused. I hear people talk of wanting to be treated ‘not as a woman but as a human being,’ or ‘as a person.’ I hear words like ‘chairperson’ and ‘spokesperson,’ and even absurdities such as the ‘freshperson class,’ and ‘personhole covers (manhole covers).’ There is something seriously distorted about this view of humanity. I don’t want anybody treating me as a ‘person’ rather than as a woman. Our sexual differences are the terms of our life, and to obscure them in any way is to weaken the very fabric of life itself. When they are lost, we are lost. Some women fondly imagine a new beginning of liberty, but it is in reality a new bondage, more bitter than anything they seek to be liberated from.

“I want to know not ‘people’ but men and women. I am interested in men as men, in women as women, and when you marry you marry a man because he is a man, and being a man he becomes your husband. This is the glory of marriage – two separate and distinct kinds of beings are unified.” 2


The word “mankind” signifies both genders. It actually identifies male and female; that is, its meaning, while the supposed goal of saying “personhood” or “humankind” is supposed to do that. Rather, it actually lowers identity to that of a species: no genders – one kind, almost animal.

What fruit has inclusive language shown or will it show? The challenge of traditional wording is an attack on God’s authority. Marija, the visionary from Medjugorje, was asked by a priest: “Marija, what do I tell nuns who are saying God is a woman?” Marija, looking straight into his face said: “God is our Father who art in Heaven.” The priest, taken aback said: “Oh! I never thought of that answer!” We have experienced bad fruit with the loss of respect for God the Father and will continue this loss as these plans become more prevalent. Fruit is the test and with a little wisdom, one can see it has led to separation, not unity.

Indeed, God is our Father. Jesus is the Son. Both their spirits are the Holy Spirit, all in one. As one good, holy priest said, “The very being of God represents masculinity,” through which comes femininity, just as Eve came from Adam. Within the Trinity is the key to how femininity is to be in union with masculinity. Author Elizabeth Elliot writes:

“We know that this order of rule and submission is descended from the nature of God Himself. Within the Godhead there is both the just and legitimate authority of the Father and the willing and joyful submission of the Son. From the union of the Father and the Son proceeds a third personality, (being) the Holy Spirit, (in the same way), the personality of a marriage proceeds from the one flesh which is established from the union of two separate personalities.

“Here, in the reflection of the nature of the Trinity in the institution of marriage, is the key to the definition of masculinity and femininity. The image of God could not be fully reflected without the elements of rule, submission, and union.” 3

How can it be accepted that “today’s thought” that women of yesteryear were enslaved and degraded, when, in fact, they were held in such high esteem, virtue, and fondness that from the past we refer many terms of the highest honor to the female gender.

The “Mother” Church – Pope John Paul II writes in his 1995 encyclical “Consecrated Life”:

“The whole Church finds in ‘her’ hands this great gift and gratefully devotes ‘herself’ to promoting it with respect……”

Another time the Pope writes of the Church:

“for it eloquently expresses ‘her’ inmost nature as ‘bride’.”

– Ships are referred to as “she”. “Look at her sailing. She’s magnificent!”

– “She’s a grand ole flag.”

– There is no one who does not love nature as it is affectionately called “mother” nature.

– “Mother” homeland.

One of the highest dignities referred to with the woman gender is Wisdom. The Bible itself calls Wisdom “Her”/“She”. In Sirach 51:13-14 it states:

“When I was young and innocent, I sought wisdom. ‘She’ came to me in “her” beauty and until the end I will cultivate “her”.

As we know, The Virgin Mary, Herself, “is” Wisdom and “Her” position, with the exception of Jesus, is above every male who has ever been born.

With this in mind, the cry today to be equal in authority with man requires women to step down from their regal throne of aspiring to imitate Our Lady to that lower level of male authority which must compete in the work place, struggling to outperform male counterparts in their effort to constantly survive. In this world of the work place, attributes such as sweetness, kindness, gentleness, etc., are often crushed. A woman, who follows and lowers herself to a man’s role, loses those attributes which are a cause for her elevation and admiration. They lose all that which makes womanhood special and the reasons why men held women in higher esteem, even above themselves in past times, rather than the role women now hold in society. The role today’s woman holds can be easily defined through a glance at any magazine cover. As one looks at any of these covers of magazines, is what they portray worthy of the title “woman” or “mother?” Yet all the above points of a woman’s dignity comes through respect of fathers, through respecting God the Father and His title.




A letter confronting the facade of inclusive language follows. It was written to a priest, who is basically opposed to inclusive language, and it was slipped in during the readings at Sunday Mass without his knowledge:


November 14, 1995
Dear Father,

“On Sunday, September 24, you celebrated the 8:30 a.m. Mass. The lector read the Readings. Reading the Book of 1 Timothy 2:1-8, he read the words “all men.” To my surprise, he then added the words “that is everyone.” The next two times he was supposed to read “all men,” he changed it and read the word “everyone” in its place, completely dropping the biblical translation. My concerns follow.

“‘All men’ is inclusive of all men, women, children, etc. Changing it to “everyone” does not clarify the meaning any further since there already is a universal understanding that “all men” means “everyone” in the English language. So there can be no arguments put forth to change “all men,” because it is already inclusive rather than “exclusive” as some would try to portray.

“I can only conclude that those who put forth the agenda to change these words, place before us a disguise, a “facade” of justice and fairness to lead us to think that by doing so they include rather than exclude, all of which seems fair and allows this agenda to slide by the members of the church without alarm to the real intent. How, by changing wording, can we suddenly include something which has never been excluded? That being the case proves that this agenda is not concerned with women being included, rather their problem is the structure of authority which is signified and confirmed when we say “men,” when applied to all women, boys, and girls.

“It seems clear to me that many are seduced into accepting these changes, thinking this is justice; we are “righting wrongs against women.” However, little wisdom is put forth to connect its real agenda, which is an attack on male authority, and once this is achieved, the deterioration of society follows because of no solid direction. This is because direction is God-ordained and in the hands of the male, the provider, and if his importance is nullified, society will lose its way. It can only be this in-depth reason since saying “men,” when applied to all people, is as inclusive as you can get. It then becomes obvious that the real reason, the in-depth reason, is the rejection of “man’s” biblical mandate to guide and lead. This attack on male authority, this rejection, has led to the lack of importance of the father in the family. He is no longer the guide, rather an equal vote with his wife and now even his children. However, also with this erosion of fatherhood has come the challenging of having only male priests, resentment against the hierarchy of the Church, and the questioning of it. Still, this is not the end desire of the agenda. It is apparent that the ultimate goal of this language game is the restructuring and social re-engineering of male authority with the expressed purpose to alter society in order to weaken man’s (male) authority, which will weaken God’s authority, the latter being “the” ultimate goal of this agenda. All authority being from God is, of course, always resisted by those forces against God. The weakening of fatherhood has resulted in the parallel of the weakening of God the Father’s fatherhood in society. God the Father is no longer respected just as fathers are not. God’s ordained authority is sacred. Men need not apologize for exercising that which God gave them nor be timid in using it, for God expects it when put into action with love or to keep His commandments.

“It must be reflected upon that Eve was deceived. Adam was not. Eve was deceived by the serpent and obeyed him. Adam was seduced by the woman and obeyed her. Authority flowed from God to Adam, and he was to listen to the Father’s commands. It was he who was told before Eve was created not to eat of the fruit. Eve, obeying Adam, told the serpent that they were not to eat of the fruit. The commands from God passed through the man’s authority to the woman and the woman expressed it to the serpent. She did not listen to her husband and did not submit to his guidance which came from the Heavenly Father. Eve, being deceived, reversed the order of authority and listened to the serpent, obeying him. Adam knew it was wrong yet followed the woman, obeying her. Today, it is the same. We are becoming a female-driven society. The danger is women are inclined to being deceived while men have a natural ability to know the right direction, even if they don’t follow it.

“Women are a touch of God, offering great enhancement to man and the elevation of society. Woman was made for man. Man was made for God. She is man’s helpmate, both through which God is glorified. This is supported in Scripture which states:

1 Corinthians 11:7-10,

“A man is the image of God and the reflection of His glory. Woman, in turn, is the reflection of man’s glory. Man was not made from woman but woman from man. Neither was man created for woman but woman for man.”

The danger is when positions of authority are filled by women on a wide scale, the degradation of society will follow. Women have the “qualities” to fill these positions, even exceeding men in many ways. But they do not possess the direction, guideship ability, and far-reaching consequences of decisions made that come with God-given authority in the same way a man has. A mechanic can easily mislead a woman about a problem with her car that does not exist, because it is her nature to trust. Man is more suspect and can be misled but far less likely than women. From satan’s standpoint, therefore, it becomes important, if evil is to prevail, that man’s authority be not only challenged but usurped which, in turn, will lead to the destruction of society. Once a great many positions of authority are filled with women, by usurpation, society’s fall will follow, just as Eve’s trust in the serpent began the fall of all men. While I do not argue that women can fill positions and exercise authority, it must come through man and be subject to him, not equal to or over him.* Through this she will be protected and fruit will come from her wisdom and decisions. When not subject to man, she is destined to go astray and will be deceived. Even saints understanding this

“St. Teresa herself spoke about women and how easily they are deceived. She spoke of evil among the religious and said she speaks more of women than of men. Carmelite Kieran Kavanaugh O.C.D., author of St. Teresa of Avila’s four volumes of her life, writes:

“The ideal gradually grew more widespread that women, the daughters of Eve, could serve as satan’s intermediary, in order to more easily tempt man and draw him to evil.”

“I know what I say to you would be perceived by present society as radical, yet I know past Christian societies would judge the present society as radical. I prefer to be in harmony with those principals which, when followed, cause society to function in an orderly way. Anyone who prays, studies the lives of the saints, the Scriptures, Our Lady’s messages given in Medjugorje, and the Church’s past history will come to the same conclusions.

“While I deserve it because of my sins, I, as an individual, do not mind my manhood, husbandhood, and fatherhood being demeaned, degraded, and trampled. However, because my manhood, husbandhood, and fatherhood are characteristic representation on earth of God the Father’s to my children, my wife, and society, I revolt against what in truth is a ‘masked’ attack on God our Father. I encourage all ‘males’ to resist, through love, the softening and mushing of that which is God-given and to remain firm in the exercising of their rightful authority from God for family and society. It is time for them to fill their sacred and holy position which can only be done by living His precepts, and then for them to realize the importance of this authority in their roles to lead society back on course. It is not important that society no longer gives the ‘male’ this authority, for it is not they who decide it nor theirs to give. We have it by God’s design. We should exercise it even against a society which rejects it. It is we who have the strength and right to do so because it is from Him Who, being the singular author of all men, is the “One” from Whom all authority rests.

“I, therefore, most vehemently oppose the change of Scriptural words, especially to meet an agenda of social rearranging. I know many of those who do, do so without even realizing what they are doing. It is important that they be made aware. I know to say things such as this is not wise by the world’s ways if anyone is concerned about reputations and what people may think of him. However, Jesus’ example of not going with the prevailing thought, but rather speaking clearly, is the road to travel. No doubt that it was for Him very rough, but so too will it be for any who takes up the cross, tries to live the faith, and speaks clearly. I am not thin-skinned, rather I place the armor of Jesus before me as protection. Whatever you choose to do with this I leave to you. Whether you use it, post it in the Church, or discard it, I trust in God your direction for it.”

In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,

Friend of Medjugojre


* This has nothing to do with her equality in regard to worth and dignity as a woman. Before God as a soul, she is equally entitled to the same dignity and graces due a man, nor is woman any less, even in the slightest, in comparison to man in these regards. value, so as not to go astray, protected themselves by a spiritual director, submitting to spiritual direction.


The truth is through many plans of satan, inclusive language being one, the Fatherhood of God is being undermined. Why? It is important for satan to attack God’s authority in order for him to change men and women’s roles here on earth.

One priest mentioned on Father’s Day that at a detention home he visits he cannot mention God the Father because the juveniles have no earthly father to relate to and, in most cases, hate the name. That same view for them holds true for the Father in Heaven. Fathers’ and mothers’ roles are extremely important and we must make them more clear in the future and resist the whims of social changes. We must resist this social engineering. Indeed, satan’s goal is to make God the Father hated and so satan works to make earthly fatherhood despised and hated, which serves perfectly his plan.

Today’s society clearly suffers from this challenge to male authority and the father’s right to lead the family. Few wives understand this, as in the case of the following couple:

“A couple was in counseling sessions and a question was put forth to them. The wife said, ‘I’ll do whatever my husband says. He is my husband. Whatever he says that is what I’ll do.’ Upon which she then got up, turned to him, and said, ‘Get up Bill. Come on. Let’s go!’”

It was quite obvious to the counselor who was in charge, that the woman lived not at all what she professed.

Present society’s problems may be blamed on many things; music, husband’s abandonment, divorce, crime etc… While these are great problems in our society today, just as many would blame the problems of Israel and the Arab countries on many different issues, they are not the root problem. They are the “fruit” of the core root problem. The Arabs and Jews’ core root problem was Sarah’s usurping and Abraham’s allowing Sarah to lead him. Few realize today when they hear about the conflict between the Jews and Arabs that it originates from a family problem dating back thousands of years, in which Sarah did not obey, but usurped Abraham’s authority, and he complied, allowing her to lead him. At the prodding of his wife, he had relations with a servant who gave birth to a son, “Ishmael.” Later, Sarah conceived and gave birth to Isaac. Ishmael and Isaac were family, related by blood, yet through Sarah’s bending and usurping, hatred entered the family, and Isaac, whom all Jews descended from and Ishmael, whom all Arabs descended from, set the stage for thousands of years of suffering, sorrow, and persecutions, all because of a single act of disobedience to God’s structure and working order.

Still it might be said, “But I’m not Sarah. My small acts account for nothing.” Sarah certainly did not understand the importance of her role at the time she was living. How could she? In the present time, the time we all are living in, Our Lady, in Her first message to the world, had this to tell us:

January 25, 1987

“Dear children, I want you to comprehend that God has chosen each one of you, in order to use you in a great plan for the salvation of mankind. You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God’s design.”


By this we see that a woman, living out her role as wife and mother as perfectly as possible, “will,” not “may,” have a “great” effect upon society and the world.

Today the hatred between Israel and the Arab countries is blamed on land squabbles, atrocities against each other, etc…which is a distortion of the reason all those issues exist. In comparison, the core problem in today’s society is the struggle for female domination over male authority and also man’s weakness to hold the course which he knows in his heart he must follow to guide the family.

Just as satan hid the Arab and Jew problem beneath conflict and strife, so today he also does the same between men and women, by raising issues of conflict and strife, all of which are the result of jockeying for power, and all of which would be alleviated with only “one” head. Through conflict and strife satan is able to keep us from discovering and going deep enough to see the problem. satan, then, is easily able to perpetuate it.

Yet, with a little wisdom satan’s deception can be uncovered, and there is evidence of this everywhere in society. Usually the best and most clear evidence of satan’s hidden agenda of reversing the roles set down by God can be found associated with vices. Cigarette advertising is extremely guilty of this influence on society, even for those who do not smoke. Its message still influences subliminally. A current Newport cigarette advertisement on billboards and airport displays shows a man and a woman arm wrestling. His muscles are flexed and his face is tilted downward with a grimace on it as he looks at his large muscle. The woman is looking outward towards the public with a somewhat devious smile, as if to say, “I’ve got him under my control,” effortlessly holding him at bay. His countenance seems to say, “I am not strong enough. My muscles are much larger, and she is a woman. How is it she dominates me?” He seems puzzled at the loss of his manhood. She conveys in her countenance, “Women are in charge; use your womanly traits to dominate. Everything is in my control. Look at me! I’m happy being in charge of man. You can be the same.” Are we reading more than what is there? Study the picture! One might say, “Should we really believe satan is active in such advertising?” Yes! It is a promotion of a vice. When this is the case, satan is very active in such promotion. He has a master scheme with multiple purposes, and smoking is not his sole message. We must ask ourselves what arm wrestling between a man and a woman has to do with cigarettes, unless its message is much more than cigarettes. Stranger still, a cigarette does not even appear in the ad. Another recent cigarette company shows a woman and man both wearing pants with a statement saying to the effect, “Who cares who wears the pants?” – a clear challenge of manly authority.



Can it then be said that all these people who write these advertisements have a set agenda to alter society? No. While some do, many have no clue as to the underlying agenda of satan. There is fertile ground amongst vice for satan to inspire in the promotion of any vice that requires talent to be creative, to be inspired, or to think up ideas. It would be incorrect to think that satan would not be aggressively involved. Just as with an open chicken coop and a fox, satan will inspire. There are so many things, so many ideas that we buy ourselves that we know are harmful to us both physically and spiritually. Why, then, do we buy them? Because they are packaged in such an irresistible and enticing way. More than the “thing,” we “accept” the “message” they are selling. Our Lady warned us about this on June 25, 1989, at Ivanka’s annual apparition. She said:

“Pray, because you are in great temptation and danger, because the world and material goods lead you into slavery. satan is active in this plan.”


So, can satan’s activity in inspiring these thoughts to put forth his agenda be discounted? This breeding ground for evil reveals many things. Not long ago a massive billboard campaign, again on cigarettes, had this as its promotional line, “Your Basic Message.” Is anyone logically able to show what this has to do with cigarettes? On the other hand, it has a great deal to do with an assault on Our Lady’s messages. Our Lady’s messages are simple, given for Her children in a very uncomplicated way, for us to be as children to understand them. Her “basic message” is to offer us holiness. satan’s basic message is to offer us vice, pleasure, entertainment, etc…, especially for youth, which is cigarettes in this case, but often times many other things as well. Jakov was quoted as saying once that Our Lady gives us the “basic messages” of prayer, fasting, confession, peace.

Of course, these examples begin to rise into the issues and away from the core problem, but they are offered to show you how much satan has infiltrated throughout our daily lives and to reveal his hidden agenda to divert you from recognizing a problem and finding the solution, which is to follow God’s structure for the family. Many things in society reveal step by step the “equal authority” agenda and its aim to “upstage” all male authority. All that is needed is a little observation of entities like the media, teaching institutions, government, etc….observation which will easily reveal a massive, masterful, interwoven plan of which none of the mentioned entities sit down and plan together, yet all are influenced by an unseen, evil force which causes these entities to work in union together for the same agenda. Only one being can do that. Lucifer.

The saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is hardly recalled today, in order that no one will be reminded of the hell which will come into a family when a wife and mother usurps her husband’s authority. We wipe away and sanitize all reminders of such so that in doing so, rebellion against a husband or disobeying him will appear as no big deal. Any reminder that would bring attention to certain truths, such as the previous saying, is looked on in our present society with disdain. Hence, the naming of hurricanes using women’s names solely, which had been done for decades, stopped. The reason put forth was a “fairness” which equates that everything must be equal between men and women, even though God did not make it that way, either physically or emotionally. Yet in this case the truth is very simple. Statements such as “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” (hurricane), even though they speak truth, are labeled as “no-nos.” satan wants to hide these reminders and he tricks us in many ways. He plays on our sensitivity for fairness, our language, our sayings, our directions, which easily causes us to place ourselves in his hands. We do not reflect on why we are changing the gender names of hurricanes. Why were they named only after women to start with? Was it because there were elements of truth that all of society knew and accepted of how a rebellious women’s disposition compared to a hurricane? Our changing it insinuates that those who began calling hurricanes women’s names were wrong, that there was no true reason for naming hurricanes as such. The purpose in originally naming hurricanes was because of the truth that what a rebellious woman is like is comparable to a hurricane. The purpose of this example is not to name hurricanes after women but to unveil this one among hundreds of other slight things which are master-minded by the forces of evil to deceive or to conceal certain realities. We must reflect on all these things and not accept them and put ourselves in satan’s hands. Our Lady said May 25, 1987:


“Dear children, you are ready to commit sin and put yourselves in the hands of satan without reflecting…”


It certainly is not a sin, and it may not be a big deal to you about changing the gender names of hurricanes. You may be glad that it has happened, and that is not wrong in itself. However, what is important is the “reason” this and hundreds of other issues are going in this direction – that satan is playing with us. He is misguiding and misdirecting our souls through seemingly trivial things, but once reflected upon show up as sparks which light the forest fires. Our Lady says:


“satan is playing with you and with your souls.” May 25, 1992


Also Our Lady says:

“Dear children, satan is lurking for each individual. Especially in everyday affairs, he wants to spread confusion among each one of you.” September 4, 1986


There is no practical way to resist society’s direction in changing language, gender roles, etc. except through the living of Our Lady’s messages and the enlightening of souls, one by one. Tell them and encourage them to read these writings and pray. Pray to Our Lady, that many more will come to the truth Her messages are now revealing and exposing for today.

1. Phone interview
2. Let Me Be a Woman
3. Ibid. 


Taken from Chapters 25 and 26 of the book How to Change Your Husband by A Friend of Medjugorje – You can order How to Change Your Husband by calling Caritas at 205-672-2000 USA or Click Here to order How to Change Your Husband!







Christians have vacated positions of influence to nonbelievers as well as to Christians whose philosophies are no different than that of pagans.

Our Lady says:


“…There are many Christians who live like pagans…”


The medium or the ‘communication’ line feeding news and educational information reflects a live current going through society and the Church of cultural corruption and the erosion of truth. It is up to each of us to stop the medium that gives us information that communicates a secular worldview. The great Christian author, C.S. Lewis, wrote:

“We must attack the enemy’s line of communication. What we want is not more little books about Christianity but more little books by Christians on other subjects, with their Christianity latent. You can see this most easily if you look at it the other way round. Our faith is not likely to be shaken by any book on Hinduism. But if whenever we read an elementary book on geology, botany, politics or astronomy, we found that its ‘implications’ was Hindu, that would shake us (our belief). It is not the books written in direct defense of materialism that make modern man a materialist; it is the materialistic assumptions in all the other books. In the same way, it is not books on Christianity that will really trouble him (induce him to believe). But he would be troubled (induced to believe) if, whenever he wanted a cheap popular introduction to some science, the best work on the market was always by a Christian. The first step to the reconversion of a country is books produced by Christians.” 63

C.S. Lewis believed that Christians should not confine themselves to writing only about Christianity, but that it was vital they write on all other topics, presenting the Christian worldview within those topics. Christians must open their minds and hearts only to the Biblical worldview. Everything should be studied, taught, and understood through the Biblical/Christian worldview. Apply the Scriptures to everything. Apply Christianity to everything. All modern dictionaries reflect and parallel our present society’s corruption. The godless philosophies of our day have influenced and changed even our vocabulary, introducing slang, “politically correct” terminology and even altering the meanings of words so to be able to interpret the culture with a secular worldview. Some say, don’t mix religion with sports, religion with government, religion with politics, etc. In essence, “Don’t apply Godly influences to all matters of the earth,” and yet, all that matters is God and what He thinks, not man.

Noah Webster understood as well as our country’s Forefathers that a dictionary was crucial. He and they believed that the dictionary was so important that it was second in the home only to the Bible. That it was to reinforce the Bible and that the words in it should define and form a Christian worldview. Noah Webster learned 24 languages, working for over 20 years, to put together the “gold standard” of the English language. To define a word, he studied that word in each of the 24 languages, talked to people across the land, formulating, from his study, the truest and fullest meaning. 64

Adam was told by God to name all animals and plant life. Adam didn’t name things “ugh, thug, grunt, etc…” Adam spoke words, which he did not learn from an earthly father because he was not “born of man.” So we must assume that Adam received the gift of language from his Heavenly Father. Therefore, language is from God Whose very Son, the Second Person of the Trinity, was named The Word. Language was given to man as the means to conceptualize who God is within our own mind and soul. It is a gift God gave to us that we could speak to Him directly, as well as communicate knowledge of God with each other, a gift of words that other creatures do not have. The truth in language can only be discovered through a Biblical and Christian worldview. We can, therefore, assume that satan hates language and will always work to not only degrade it, through slang, filth, etc., but as he is the master deceiver, he uses this gift God gave to man to deceive man. Whereas God presents the truth to man through The Word (Jesus Christ and the Bible), satan presents the anti-word and thus language becomes the primary tool in satan’s hands to destroy faith and morals.

As one can observe, today’s battles are primarily battles over words, over interpretations and meanings of words. The battle is over the minds of the people. Just as satan did to Eve in the garden, he works to convince man through clever arguments, that God’s Word is oppressive, unjust, untrue and that if we reject God’s Word, we will find true freedom. Language is targeted by satan to degrade and bring down the human race because if we follow his advice, it will lead us not to freedom, but to slavery and oppression. By this means, satan uses the language of man to declare the opposite of what he intends. “Happy hours” are filled with many “unhappy” people. “Pro-Choice” speaks of liberty and freedom but leads to enslavement by satan. And where is the “choice” of the child? “Inclusive language” infers that no one is excluded but in actuality it is divisive and separates. For example, the phrase “All men are created equal,” is truly inclusive. In today’s culture, supposedly, to be inclusive we should say “All men, all women are created equal,” but then little boys and little girls are not men and women, so we now have to say, “All men, all women, all little boys, and all little girls are created equal.” Then what of poor teenagers, they are neither little or adults? All this segregates and excludes different groups when “all men” is truly inclusive of everybody.65

Noah Webster recognized that every age is subject to the demoralization of its language. If the demoralization of language is not checked and controlled, it becomes the principle instrument of destruction.66 How is language used to demoralize society and culture? Through allowing change for the sake of change, through vulgarity and slang, through changing the meanings of words, through introducing new words created not to elevate but to lower the moral standards by which man lives, through allowing other languages to compete and dominate over our own, and through allowing the influence of godless, virtueless cultures to compete, dominate and prevail over our own Christian culture and way of life. In other words, how and what we speak is what we become. Demoralize the English language or the languages of other countries, if you are from another country, and, you demoralize the cultures of those lands.

One of Webster’s expectations for his English dictionary was to forge the United States into a single body of citizens through the one language of English. He knew that the unity of the country would depend on the English language as the language of America and he fully expected that this one book would unify America, making it forever inseparable from one side of its boundaries to the other. Webster’s work of over two decades was a major factor in making our nation strong and undivided. He had a keen vision of the importance language would play in our nation’s continuance and he believed this principle of being a nation of one language would apply to the nation’s future security.

The meaning of the words were vitally important to defining the new nation, and the fundamental beliefs that laid its foundation, and for this reason, Webster was meticulous in studying each word in many languages. Webster, therefore, understood, as we also need to understand for our day, that Biblical Christian understanding of constitutional word meanings (words used in our nation’s founding documents) was primary to our nation’s continuance. If those meanings were to change, the life of Americans in the United States would also change. This is why it has always been seen as a primary importance to Americans’ future security to educate our youth as to the history of the United States (without revisionist input) so that young Americans would be enlightened to the “dreams of their Forefathers” and would see that those dreams be carried into the next generations. Noah Webster believed that the young must be embodied with “a love of virtue, patriotism and religion” that must be taught. In the preface of Webster’s History of the United States, he wrote:


“Republican government loses half its value, where the moral and social duties are imperfectly understood, or negligently practiced.” 67

In short, through the ruination of our language by the means discussed earlier, we are now assailed with information and word meanings that are forming our thoughts contrary to a Biblical worldview, especially in regard to understanding our nation’s founding and its founding documents: the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. The information many Americans are receiving is corrupt, and is leading our nation towards embracing a secular worldview. Secular means without God. To insure that this doesn’t happen, Christians need to decrease their intake of society’s “normal” avenues of information, by-pass third party media with their “slick campaigns of propaganda in defense of evil,” and increase their intake of information from direct sources, prayerfully reading and studying their content. The conditioning of thought, more and more, to a secular worldview is hitting not only outside, but also inside the Church, and from every angle possible. You cannot even trust Christian sources such as Catholic News Service (CNS) to give you the real picture as they too work to invoke in you a desired outcome by conditioning you. SRN News Service of Focus on the Family, primarily made up of those from Protestant faiths, gives much better, more direct, and stronger quotes from Pope Benedict than the Catholic News Service. Catholic News Service feeds news to all Catholic diocesan newspapers in America, as well as other nations. In an article concerning the events that took place during Holy Week of 2006, CNS ignored the profound statements made by Pope Benedict that you are reading in this book. Of the 966 words written by the Catholic News Service, only 16 words were even quoted directly from Pope Benedict in regard to the powerful Stations of the Cross. Those 16 words came after the stations had ended.68 Through careful observation of CNS’s reporting, an agenda begins to manifest for society’s change, as they are always referencing social justice statements while ignoring powerful references that they reject, such as the following strong and alarming words the Pope spoke concerning the diabolical forces altering society:


“…love is fading away, and our world is becoming cold, inhospitable, intolerable…our affluence is making us less human, our entertainment has become a drug, a source of alienation, and our society’s incessant, tedious message is an invitation to die of selfishness 69…Today we seem to be witnessing a kind of anti-Genesis, a counter-plan, a diabolical pride aimed at eliminating the family. There is a move to reinvent mankind, to modify the very grammar of life as planned and willed by God. But, to take God’s place, without being God, is insane arrogance, a risky and dangerous venture.” 70

After years of observations, it is clear that CNS does not have a Catholic interest at its base. Catholic News Service purposely chose not to give you any of the profound words the Holy Father spoke that night. Instead they gave 16 words that were the most neutral and generic statements the Pope made, not even taken from the Good Friday meditations, but after the event was over. The words CNS decided to publish of what the Holy Father said follows:


“We cannot be just spectators in the Way of the Cross…” 71

They complete the Pope’s sentence with their own words “about” what the Pope said. The above statement included 11 of the 16 words quoted directly from the Pope. The other five come at the end of a sentence that CNS begins:


“The Way of the Cross reflects ‘all of humanity’s sufferings today…’” 72

This sentence, written by the CNS reporter, continues in a diatribe of nothing-talk, that brings up real Church concerns, but not in light of what the Holy Father very clearly communicated that night. Instead, what we received was CNS’ own “latent” “social justice” reporting that is common for their news reports. Compare the 16 words printed above to the other quotes of the Holy Father during the Good Friday’s Stations of the Cross that are placed throughout this writing, and ask yourself if you were given the truth of what the Holy Father wanted to express to the Church.

That is what most Catholics receive of what the Holy Father is saying. Over the years, there has been an identifiable socialist slant, with a detectable anti-American sentiment, within these Catholic news sources. The technical director of the Holy See’s internet office, Sr. Judith Zoebelein, in a 2004 interview with Inside the Vatican magazine had this to say concerning why the Holy See created their own internet site, starting back in 1995:

“What most people knew about what the Church was saying today was encapsulated in two lines and a paragraph in their local newspaper. Often in the case of the United States, it was not very positive. The distribution (through the internet) of the Church’s teaching is enormous now. Everyone says that the site has really helped…Now people will go and they have the easy access to download a document and read it. And it’s been a revolution in that manner. People have been able to judge exactly what the Church is saying.” 73

Whether you are reading religious or secular news sources, most often you will not read the quotes of Pope Benedict in their writings, rather you will read, “here is what the Pope meant.” We must keep asking ourselves, why feed on what someone else said about what the Pope said, or any news report for that matter, that is filtered through the media? Decrease your information intake from the slanted media and increase direct source information to find exactly what the Pope or other world leaders said—from them to you. There are sources that provide such information, some of which are listed at the end of this book.

Our Lady has repeated many points in Her messages over the past 25 years. She wants them to become part of us, part of our thinking. Education requires learning by repeating lessons, repetition. So another final point to make is that you not just read these points in this writing, but that you really learn them. There were just over 1,000 words the Pope said in his meditations and prayer at the Stations of the Cross. One thousand words which would strike the most spiritually lax Christian to pause and say a prayer or at least to spiritually be provoked to think. The Catholic News Service gave almost 1,000 words of garbled nothing that would not even motivate the most spiritually inclined soul to say one prayer. The Pope’s actual words, satan silenced through a system of information which tells you “about” what he said, not what he “really” said. Remember and learn not to allow yourself to be conditioned any more by third party information. The Pope’s ingredients of words spoke profoundly and powerfully, feeding the listeners, whereas the Catholic News Service, in their ingredients, gave nothing talk, empty of nourishment, throwing in a strong dash of latent “socialist justice.” The implanted information system, between you and the source, must be by-passed and replaced with other direct sources. Imagine what would happen if thousands of Christians began canceling their newspaper and cable subscriptions to revolt against the anti-god propaganda that everyone knows is present in these news sources, and with their cancelled subscription, enclose a letter of why they are canceling. The fact that Christians won’t do this, only encourages the news media to continue their own agendas. This is a shame upon Christians. We do not accept that we are to be in the world, but not of the world, and so satan continues as the Pied Piper, while Christians blindly follow after him. You must act by disconnecting from these sources. If you do, newspapers will decline and fold as some are now doing. They depend on us, so quit depending upon them as your information source.


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Taken from Chapter 5 of the book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping by A Friend of Medjugorje – You can order Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping by calling Caritas at 205-672-2000 USA or Click Here to order Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.

A Friend of Medjugorje spoke on Our Lady’s Message to Mirjana from yesterday. Our Lady spoke strongly of love. A Friend of Medjugorje shares with us the things that Our Lady has revealed about love over the past 27 years. He shared especially of what Our Lady has revealed about non-believers and of love in the family and forgiveness.

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3 thoughts on “OUR LADY:STOP! LOOK! LOVE! Part 2”

  1. Thank you so much for letting me know that only God judges but even at the end, we have the free will to pick our rightful place. I wish to give my free will back to Jesus and Mary and do whatever they tell me. I choose heaven but now I must earn it and believe I deserve it. I must pray unceasingly and change my priorities. I now have a road map and it’s very clear. It will take a lot of hard work but I don’t have to see to believe, and I believe every word that was written here. I’m sorry for all the times I disappointed God and thankful for all His Mercy. However, words without actions is meaningless. Lots of lessons to learn and very little time left for me to put them into good works of service to others.

  2. Thank you so much for letting me know that only God judges but even at the end, we have the free will to pick our rightful place. I wish to give my free will back to Jesus and Mary and do whatever they tell me. I choose heaven but now I must earn it and believe I deserve it. I must pray unceasingly and change my priorities. I now have a road map and it’s very clear. It will take a lot of hard work but I don’t have to see to believe, and I believe every word that was written here. I’m sorry for all the times I disappointed God and thankful for all His Mercy. However, words without actions is meaningless. Lots of lessons to learn and very little time left for me to put them into good works of service to others.

  3. Thank you so much for letting me know that only God judges but even at the end, we have the free will to pick our rightful place. I wish to give my free will back to Jesus and Mary and do whatever they tell me. I choose heaven but now I must earn it and believe I deserve it. I must pray unceasingly and change my priorities. I now have a road map and it’s very clear. It will take a lot of hard work but I don’t have to see to believe, and I believe every word that was written here. I’m sorry for all the times I disappointed God and thankful for all His Mercy. However, words without actions is meaningless. Lots of lessons to learn and very little time left for me to put them into good works of service to others.

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