Our Lady’s Pope to Be Beatified!

Our Lady’s Pope to Be Beatified!

Announcement from Vatican about Pope John Paul II and Beatification. What about Medjugorje and Pope John Paul II?


January 14, 2011 A.D.

The Vatican announced today that the beloved Pope John Paul II (+2005), will be beatified May 1, after Pope Benedict XVI‘s approval of the needed miracle attributed to his intercession involving a Polish nun miraculously recovering from Parkinson’s disease.1

A Friend of Medjugorje wrote in 1997:

The visionary Marija asked Our Lady about the newly elected Pope (John Paul). She revealed to Marija that he was Her Pope, and that it was very difficult for him to have been elected. This is very amazing when one considers that after Pope Paul VI died, Pope John Paul I was elected and within 30 days he died!… and then Pope John Paul II was elected!

For this time, we had a man in the flesh elected to spiritually rule all Christians and people of the world, anointed and, by divine intervention, saved to assist the Queen of Heaven during the ushering in of a new time. Our Lady’s words to the world confirms this clearly, when Pope John Paul II was to visit Zagreb, speaking of the Pope:

August 25, 1994

“…Pray, little children, for the health of my most beloved son, who suffers and whom I have chosen for these times…” 2

To the Medjugorje believers, there was no doubt about Pope John Paul’s holiness and sainthood. While it is widely known that Pope John Paul II voiced his approval and support for Medjugorje in many public forums, Our Lady of Medjugorje Herself has said the following:

November 8, 1981

Our Lady appears kissing and lovingly embracing a picture of John Paul II.

“He is your father, the spiritual father of all. It is necessary to pray for him.”

And on May 13, 1982 Our Lady of Medjugorje said:

Concerning the assassination attempt on the life of John Paul II:

“His enemies have wanted to kill him, but I protected him.”

All of the visionaries of Medjugorje have had the opportunity to meet Pope John Paul II with the exception of Ivan. Ivan expressed in a talk in 2005 of his disappointment in not being able to see the Pope before his death. However, Medjugorje visionary Ivan had the following apparition on April 2, 2005:

At Ivan’s apparition tonight, Ivan was recommending intentions to Our Lady when Pope John Paul II appeared on Her right. He was smiling, young, and very happy. All in white with a long gold cape. Our Lady turned, smiling, to look at the Pope and he was looking at Our Lady, smiling. Our Lady then said to Ivan:

“This is my son; he is with me.”

A Friend of Medjugorje has always said that with Our Lady and Her Medjugorje messages, one can know more about the events of the world than through the world’s news outlets. The above message to Ivan is a beautiful example, confirming that Our Lady in Medjugorje revealed Pope John Paul’s place in Heaven, 5 years before it is publicly declared.

1. Vatican Information Service January 14, 2011
2. Entering a New Time, Copyright 1997, A Friend of Medjugorje

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63 thoughts on “Our Lady’s Pope to Be Beatified!”

  1. Reene Terrell

    I would like to direct one more comment to the person who questioned Our Lady’s May 25 message. While no one can come to the Father except through Jesus Christ (He opened the gates of heaven for us), each of us must choose to walk through that gate. How we live our lives (our works) shows God and our brothers that we have decided for God, as Our Lady has said. Jesus also said there are many mansions in heaven and that He goes to prepare a place for us. Our works will merit where we will be in heaven. I believe this is what Our Lady was referring to in Her message. Not that we could possibly merit heaven on our own but rather where our place in heaven will be according to our merits. We know Our Lady is at the top (at the side of Her Son) and then there are the Apostles and Martyrs. So there is evidence that each soul’s place is determined by its works or rather by how much that soul has loved. If I am off base, will someone please correct me?

  2. Praying along with everyone at Caritas, wish I could have come, but I was needed at home. God Bless the Community of Caritas for all of your hard work to make this a beautiful event to happen for all of us.

  3. Indeed we are blessed to have had such a Pope as John Paul 11! Such an inspiration and such a witness of God’s love, forgiveness and a true son of Mary, whom he loved so much “Totus tuus” – an invitation to all of us, his flock, to have the same love and devotion to our Heavenly Mother. Thank you, Blessed John Paul 11, for the great comfort you bring us in these troubled times. Help us in our walk of faith. Intercede for us, our families, our countries and our loved ones. Grateful thanks.

  4. What truly WONDERFUL news to hear of Pope John Paul’s II’s Beatification on Sunday 1st May. I am so pleased as that day is also my birthday so what a joyous day that will be. We should all celebrate as we are living in tumultous times but our heavenly mother, Our Lady is reassuring us that she is with us till the end of time and she has sent our dear Pope John Paul to be a role model for us all. Thank you for your blessings dear heavenly mother.

  5. Mary Faustina Kamanzi

    Thanks be to God Our Father, Thank you Mama Maria for the gift of John Pope Paul II. He lived in this world but he was always in heaven. In most masses i attend before the priest say we our Pope i have aready mentioned his name. Pray for us Pope for conversion of this world especialy siners. Thank Mama Maria for having given us such a wonderful person. We pray that the present Pope may also be guided by Mama Maria to lead Her floke. We wait for 1st may which is the month of my birth day.

  6. In the last year I have come here often. It is wonderful that Ivan saw him it helps to strenghten my faith. For many years I strayed away and am now finding my way.I go to church and pray. I believe I had one of my most desperate prayers answered. I am a converter back to my Catholic upbringing. It is hard for me to understand and remember everything. I am praying that someone come in to my life that can help teach me. I ask the beloved pope, Mary and others to Pray for my journey home to Jesus.

  7. Rose Jane Adiero

    I have no doubt of the smiling pope that he was a living saint. We have his picture taken from Calder of his visit to Uganda every time I look at the picture I saw love of God and get console. He had such extraordinary look

  8. Oh thank you so much…I have a large picture of Pope John Paul 2 in my ‘Sanctuary’ & I feel as if he is communicating with me all the time – he is dressed in white, seated on a chair with his hands joined in pensive or meditative-like poise – the picture is illuminated & very precious to me. What a great blessing & gift his Beautification will be to the world in those end times! God bless, Connie gunning.

  9. Nenita Grosjean-Sulit

    Blessed Mary Queen Peace, blessed us she knows what in our heart..we pray to all pilgermers who come and honour holy land of Medjegorie..Our Dear Pope John Paul..praying from all priest who render thier services ..in communion of saints by means of given confession and listen ..to all who needs confort.. our marian group visited 4x times medjegorie. with priest..hoping that we can come and visit dear mother of Christ ..God Bless you ..

  10. Dear Blessed Virgin Mary, I love your John Paul II, I knew it he will be a saint. When he visited Toronto I went to see him in person but I was not able to because there was a big storm during his visit. I went to the place where he was to addressed everybody unfortunately we have to go back home. So sad but I tried. I will always pray for his intercession for I know He is our Mother beloved Son.

  11. Through your page I am getting to deeply know Our Lady. It is Her way, sweet and tender, full of love for all Her little children, to give the Church such a gift as Pope John Paul II for this particular time. He will shine for ages. Thanks Blessed Mother.

  12. When John Paul 2nd was still alive Iasked Our Lady show me the love You have for the Pope and the love he has for You .Intercede for my niece not to be operated and she was healed there and then.Thanks to Our Lady and Pope John Paul 2nd.All we need is great faith.This is John Paul 2nd The Great. Thank You Lord.

  13. John Paul was special to all those who saw him. I did not see him except on Television but he touched the souls of us all. I am gratified that he intercedes for us all at Mary’s side. Dear Mary and Pope John Paul II please help us all to bring the world back to God, especially the non believers.

  14. Thank you MOTHER MARY for protecting John PAUL II concerning the assassination You knew the world needed this SPECIAL POPE . Thank you . MOTHER

  15. praised be our heavenly Father for His Love and Mercy has no limits. Yes God exists, what more proof do we need. Through the saints ,known and unknown ,that we see Jesus here present. Thankyou Jesus for giving us Mary for Mother and thankyou for John Paul 11 .

  16. I am so confort and bless by this message.Because in Mexico there’s a priest talking so bad about the Sainthood of our beloved POPE JOHN PAUL II,saying that he did not deserve it.And by doing that in television making so many people confuse,especially the ones with a weak faith.SO I’M very happy of message of Evan:WHAT A BLESSING?can you EVAN wish that for me too.Because while he was visiting HAITI i was 12 and i wasn’t elected for the trip.But now i think i would a very special blessing.THANKS

  17. Thank you Our Lord Jesus Christ for all your gifts Thank you for allowing Mother Mary to be with us. Thank you Pope John Paul II for praying and interceding for us especially to increase our faith, give us courage, we love you.

  18. We are blessed beyond measure to have had John Paul II with us so many years on earth, guiding us towards the New Evangilization with his great teachings and writings. We will forever have these wonderful writings for future generations to continue to learn from. We’ve hardly begun to tap into the wisdom contained in them.Now, he will, as St. Therese, continue to do good on earth from His heavenly home. Wow to have been in the presence of a Saint. We still love you Papa! John Paul II pray for us

  19. roger m. pasaylo

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ and to the Lady of Medjugorje for letting us know the beatification of Her beloved son John Paul ll, because I personally witness him when he came to Cebu last 1981, when told us to raise our rosary beads for his blessing and I personally raise mine. He is really anointed son of God. He spoke with wisdom that penetrate to deepest heart of men.John Paul please help us pray for greater conversion of our bro and sis who are still in darkness.

  20. I recently read in a book that John Paul II’s secretary said that Jonh Paul II once told him that when he prayed that he imagined himself as a pilgrim in Medjugorje;so I am not surprised that he got to meet all of the visionaries, including Ivan by way of Our Lady. I look forward to Pope Benedict’s visit to Croatia in October to see what Our Lady has planned for this pope.


  22. It is amazing to hear about wonderful stories of a holy man who lived a holy life and gave his life as a message for us. I always admire at the life of Pope John Paul II. I met him when he visited India. I have his message in my diary. The picture Our Lady embracing Pope is very encouraging and faith provoking. It shows how much Our Blessed Mother loved Pope. Same way, our Blessed Mother loves us. We need to believe and trust the presence of Our Blessed Mother in our life. Blessed Pope John Paul, teach to love our how to love Mother Mary. Mary our mother, love us and reveal yourself to us.

  23. just like pope john paul II , we got be also persons really full of the spirit of the Lord !!! when it come to happen , the world shall be a different place for everybody. Come holy Spirit !!!

  24. Glory to God in the highest!!! for having a John paul as Saint. We are so blessed here on earth. I pray to Jhon Paul 11 to intercede for us in this difficult times that the wold is facing. Mother of God, pray for us sinners, and help us to convert to God, before it is too late. May God bless the world and the people on earth. Raul Caceres and fam.

  25. I’m very thankful to the Lord and Mama Mary because of his mercy we have another saint to intercede for us in heaven. Pope John Paul II-pray for us!

  26. thank you to all. thank u Mother Mary. I am worried always about the present pope. I really think what Mary knows about or what she knows about the truth about the future papal ministry. I am some times disturbed badly. is it true. I cant believe it. I do not want to happen it. thank you.

  27. Br. Herbert Liebl

    It’s good to hear the voice, the only voice valid in this world, the voice of LOVE. We are all on the search for this Voice I belief. It will make us free to respond to LOVE for LOVE for ALL people. John Paul II is such person on the site of Our Lady. Love br. Herbert

  28. Edwin De Castro

    As I read what is being written here and of the messages of our Blessed Virgin Mary … It comes to my mind of another source that Pope John Paul II would be the most favored one of Our Lady! Of all the popes past, and to come! My reading source was independent and separate from this site. The coincidence is astonishing to me. The tie-in is incredible! I write to this feedback as a witness of what I have read from a book in the 1980’s or 1990’s that now compares to what is happening in this time

  29. I have a Autistic Son. When he was young, we were asked to make small crosses for a retreat in the Green Bay Diocese. We made 300 that time, and one of the priests met John Paul during a youth conference. John Paul blessed one of those crosses. To us that was a honor to have that done.

  30. It’s wonderful to catch up again with the Medugorje News especially on the St Hood of Paul John Paul 11. We see our Lady’s love for humanity in many ways in our Country especially people who are not of Catolic origion are enjoying saying the Rosary and speaking up for Mother Mary. Bage

  31. Thank-you Lord God almighty for all your gifts. Thank-you for allowing our mother to be with us, you are truly blessing our world. Pope John Paul please continue to pray for us along with the holy family especially for abundant conversions. Increase our faith, give us courage, and help us to persevere through all our trials. We love you and trust in your mercy.

  32. Praise be to Jesus & Mary! I have a particular devotion to John Paul 11. I was fortunate to attend a Wednesday audience in St Peter’s square in 1999. The Holy Father sneezed (into the microphone) and I (along with other Australian pilgrims) said “Bless you, Holy Father!) He smiled & said “gratias”.) It was a beautiful moment. I have always felt his holiness as a solid reality. I have a picture of John Paul 11 in our bedroom and pray to him regularly.




  35. Jean/John Bujuklian

    Thank you for your info.All of this is so touching.Thank you John Paul II for being patient with us and for having taught us the proper road that leads to brotherhood and to our Lord.thank you Marie Mother of Jesus to have protected our most loved pope in these times.

  36. Pope John Paul II lived his entire life loving and serving Heaven. Heaven is well pleased with this beautiful soul.

  37. Pope John Paul II has always been protected. Watch the movie on Pope John Paul and look at his life during WWII and how he never was arrested for the work he did. Amazing! We had a baby (not planned) in 2002 and we named him JohnPaul (first name). I remember the nurse saying “he has alot of people to live up to.” We so love Pope John Paul and we are glad to hear of his beatification.

  38. Mary Ann C Golden

    He was a magnificent man/Pope.My heart feels like it will come right out of my body when I think of our Lady and our Pope.What a match.

  39. I support Pope John Paull II for his Sainthood. I pray to him, that he might cure me of my hearing difficulties in both my ears. I have some partial deafness in both my ears.

  40. It is difficult for me to comprehend that we have been so fortunate to have been alive during the lifetime of these blessed and holy people… Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa and Bishop John Neuman. What an inspiration to us all.

  41. I am so happy to learn that Pope John Paul II will be beatified in May! Since he is at the right hand of Our Lady, I know that he is praying for all of us!!!!

  42. My Hero, and i have always thought so, now that our Mother has verified it with her words, i feel blessed. Pray for us all Pa Pa my Blessed Hero

  43. Thank you Dear Friend of Medjugorje, and Blessed be God and Mother Mary. I would like that this information were available in Spanish for the use of the millions of people in the great American Continent that haven’t heard about these events.

  44. We are living in the most incredible time in history. That Our Lady would show us a piece of Heaven is mind boggeling, what an awsome sight to behold. We all knew he was Our Lady’s favorite son when he was still among us, so why would he not become a saint in heaven, Thank you so much for the sacrifices you are all making to bring us closer to Jesus and Mary and ultimately to God our Father. Keep up the great job and God bless you all.

  45. What a beautiful example of how motherly Mary’s love is! Ivan didn’t get to see the great John Paul II before his death, so Our Lady brought him for Ivan. I am a daughter of Mary; I have loved her since I was a little girl, and though not always faithful; have been called back into the church and love and obedience to her. And I pray also to the beloved “Lolek” for his help and guidance.

  46. Rosemary McCloskey

    I was delighted to read this wonderful GOOD NEWS this morning. There is so liottle good news around these days will all the terrible disasters in the world and threats of wars. Our Lady of course foretold these things but isn’t it lovely to know that our dear Pope John Paul 2 is being raised to official sainthood. May he be an example to all of us and a help in our journey towards eternity. Thanks for your newsletters They gladden my heart and help keep me focussed. Rosemary


  48. I knew in my heart since the first moment the Our Lady chose him to be his beloved son, his holy Pope. Praised the Lord!!!

  49. Truly amazing what Our Lady has said and did, especially to Ivan. And thank you for informing us of these events. God Bless!

  50. I truly confirm John Paul II’s holiness. I am not a Catholic but we once had spiritual contact. He came to me in a dream exactly a week before his passing. His driver drove him pass me and his driver got out to ask me a way to somewhere. When I got up, I learned about him being in hospital; I then interpreted my dream that less than a week, he would pass away. On saturday night, I dreamt that he had been well. When I got up, I found he’s gone. He and I are close, and he has attained holiness.

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