Our Lady Wants You to… Expose Evil… Lying Voices…

Our Lady Wants You to… Expose Evil… Lying Voices…

September 21, 2020 A.D.

Our Lady Wants You to…
Expose Evil… November 2, 2016
Lying Voices… February 2, 2018

by a Friend of Medjugorje

All the events we see unfolding in the world today are the reason Medjugorje exists. We are being told fires in the Western United States are due to natural causes and climate change. This is the song piped out by all the media. Even the conservative media, those who claim to give you the truth, have not challenged the global warming/lightning narrative being broadcast by everyone as to the cause of the fires in the Western states. Why? Our Lady told us why. “Lying voices” is the reason. As Our Lady’s apostles, you are commissioned to expose evil. You, we, are to follow Our Lady’s words. Through the years, we have heard from a large segment of Medjugorje people that the only thing we have to do is pray. Indeed, Our Lady says repeatedly:

August 9, 1984

“…Pray, pray, pray!…”

Prayer is to motivate the spiritual realm, which results in affecting the physical realm through you. To think we are not to get ourselves involved with important issues of the day is a grave error. Those mentalities hurt Our Lady’s plans in the physical realm. How can things change without our being active to change society? Those in darkness are very active in changing society. We are not to be spiritual butterflies, going flower to flower for the sweet nectar, oblivious to the amount of souls being lost in this wicked age. Our Lady has trained and taught us to be active. Not activists, rather to put into life, physically, Her messages. Our Lady speaks directly about this time.

June 25, 1993

“…Dear children, these times are particular…”

What of Our Time Now?

Our Lady is building an army of apostles to minister to billions of souls. But many of those Our Lady converted have not become active, except in the spiritual realm. Millions who have gone to Medjugorje have not made the grade, even though it is Our Lady Herself who has been the teacher these four decades. Like the Navy SEAL’s cull rate, what begins with 300 men whittles down to 20 or so of those who make it to become a Navy SEAL. Our Lady’s cull rate is just as severe. While many are called, few in number end up becoming one of Her apostles. The qualifications are simple, but difficult to achieve: “Live my messages.”

It is through basic, small things that the plans, used by evil, can create consequences so damaging to a level that no one could even imagine. Stop, pause, think and place yourself back one year ago, in September 2019. Imagine you being told that in a little more than four months the whole world will change; every nation on earth will be impacted. People across the earth will be restricted, not allowed to go to Mass, wearing masks, etc. Bishops will not only obey the mandates but will submit to the directives and laws against the natural rights of the person. That, throughout the whole world, for the first time since Jesus’ Resurrection*, there would be no public Masses on earth. Bishops will even comply without threat of jail or persecution in many areas. In essence, you will experience the real time unfolding of the ‘nearly’ completed system of the antichrist ready to rule the world.

satan is in the midst of destroying the United States of America so as to bring the whole world into darkness. You, as an apostle, are called to expose evil, expose lying voices. One lie in front of us is very dangerous, even murderous. It covers up a huge agenda that evil wants to impose on you and the whole world. It is part and partnered with the antichrist system to control you and the world. The fact that it involves “fire” only adds to the involvement of “hell” in this agenda. We are told that the fires taking place are caused by lightning and or climate change.

Don’t Call It COVID

When the Coronavirus first came on the scene, you heard its name. The word, “corona,” is Latin and means “crown.” The virus was given the name because under the microscope the virus looks like a crown. Many related it to the Crown of Thorns. Can’t have that! That’s too spiritual. That would make people connect it with the spiritual realm, manifesting into the physical realm. Medjugorje visionary, Marija, said, from the beginning of the Coronavirus, “it is diabolical.” All the world called it the Coronavirus. Then suddenly, overnight, we are informed to say Covid19. The word changed overnight to “Covid” through satan’s controlled media. Why is this a big deal? Ask yourself why is it a big deal for the word changers (revisionists) to change something already defined as the Coronavirus? Darkness does not want you to look at this virus through the spiritual lens, because you begin to think about God when you think spiritual. Hence, darkness secularized Coronavirus to Covid. Don’t be brainwashed to call it Covid. Call it by its original name and contemplate its meaning from the spiritual realm. Thoughts of the Crown of Thorns Jesus wore will bring meaning to the many who have suffered from Coronavirus.

– A Friend of Medjugorje

On September 9, 2020, Obama commented on a picture depicting a smoky orange sky, caused by the fires and smoke in California. He wrote:

“The fires across the West Coast are just the latest example of the very real ways our changing climate is changing our communities.”1

Is Obama an idiot or are those who believe him the idiots? For you who think Our Lady’s apostles shouldn’t speak like that because it is offensive, then condemn St. Paul for calling the Christian Galatians stupid. Add Jesus Christ to your list as He called the Pharisees vipers, snakes, white-washed tombs and many other things. However, no, Obama is not an idiot. He is a Lying Voice. He knows very well the fires are not caused by climate change. Likewise, with the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is being used in the same way global warming and climate change are being used—a method of control utilizing fear to lead the masses towards the end goal of world domination. However, if you believe Obama, you are, as Lenin was purported to have said people who were brainwashed, “They are useful idiots” – useful for the revolution.

Obama Debunked

A new study shows that 84% of wildfires in the United States are started ‘intentionally’ by humans or by human activity. According to a press release, researchers from the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Earth Lab took a deep dive into the U.S. Forest Service’s Fire Program Analysis-Fire Occurrence Database, analyzing all wildfires recorded between 1992 and 2012. The researchers found that humans caused more than 1.2 million of the 1.5 million blazes in the database.2

Why is this so important to Medjugorje and Our Lady’s followers? It has everything to do with Medjugorje. Our Lady said:

April 2, 2006

“…My children, do you not recognize the signs of the times?…”

You need to recognize the signs of the times and have good discernment. Our Lady said man has lost the power of discernment. That includes many who know Our Lady of Medjugorje. Our Lady said:

May 2, 2009

“…You are permitting [sin] to master you and to take away your power of discernment…”

Take a test concerning your power of discernment. The following is from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Portland, Oregon division.

FBI Portland Sept. 11, 2020

The statement above certainly contradicts the statement that 84% of all wildfires are “intentionally” started by people.3 In defense of the FBI’s statement, one can say, “Well, ‘yes,’ people start them but they are not extremists.” Then what are these people? How can one define extremists opposed to one who is an arsonist, knowing people can die and property destruction? Anyone who does this hopes for extreme consequences. To label these people as arsonist extremists is a just and true statement. Why all of the sudden in 2020, are there 26 times more acres burned than in 2019 in the same time period? TWENTY-SIX TIMES MORE ACRES BURNED THAN IN 2019? Can one say, “It’s just by chance?” Our Lady said:

September 2, 2016

“…Nothing is by chance…”

But the FBI investigation says extremists are not involved? If you reason, using your power of discernment, you will arrive at what is the lie and what is the truth. The FBI Portland bureau said it is “untrue” regarding extremists committing arson by lighting wildfires. A report titled, “Who Are the Arsonists Setting Rural Fires in Washington State?” by Glen Morgan, stated:

“There are a lot of random fires throughout southwest rural Washington right now, this raises some questions. Just how many of these fires are being started willfully? For those paying attention (which admittedly, excludes most of the corporate media), we’ve been watching nightly attacks on buildings in urban centers in both Seattle and Portland where ‘mostly peaceful’ arson is being committed repeatedly using Molotov cocktails and other devices as our friendly BLM/Antifa hone their arsonist skillsets. Looking at who these folks actually are when they actually get arrested, does anyone really believe they wouldn’t start rural fires just for fun, practice, and the joy of burning up rural Washington? If these types of ‘mostly peaceful’ Antifa types believe it is smart and revolutionary to burn cars, buildings, and toss Molotov cocktails in our cities, why wouldn’t they try burning down rural Washington (and Oregon)? They probably believe it would be easy to get away with the crime, and other than the recent idiot arrested by the State Patrol yesterday most of them probably can do this, with far less chance of arrest, than in downtown Seattle or Portland.”5

Portland, Oregon mugshots rioters

Mug shots of Portland, Oregan protestors accused of committing arson, looting, rioting, etc. These poor souls are who Our Lady begs us to pray for. People who have never known the love of God do not know their fate. Look at their faces and give each one Our Lady’s Special Blessing for conversion so that they may come to know the love of God. Though it may be difficult to have empathy for these poor creatures, think of Medjugorje visionary, Jakov’s words concerning hell. He said, after Our Lady brought him to hell, “All I will tell you about hell is you would not want your worst enemy to go there.” May God, through Our Lady, have mercy on them with a conversion before they die.

– a Friend of Medjugorje

It is not probable for 26 times the acreage to burn in the same time period as 2019, unless there are “arsonist terrorists” setting fires in the Western coastal states. There are plenty of witnesses who have seen, with their own eyes, the deliberate destruction taking place, many within their own neighborhoods. A citizen reported what he witnessed taking place in his neighborhood at the hands of extremists:

“Never in my life did I think I would witness a domestic terrorism attack, especially right behind my house. We heard fireworks, walked out and saw [a] giant flash and then a whole house engulfed in flames. A random car firebombed it…and I pray the family got out. Trying to keep my wife and daughter calm while quickly loading what we could to escape was hard. Watching suspicious cars full of people slowly driving up and down the street while trying to load hoping nothing is thrown at us is terrifying. I hope no one has to go through this and whoever’s doing this just stop. Do you really want to murder innocent families!? Everyone keep your head on a swivel, watch your street, neighbors and most importantly protect your family and everyone you can.”6

Firebombed house

A house being fire-bombed. Picture taken by Justin Weaver of domestic terrorism by an arsonist terrorist. Does this qualify to be labeled as an extremist?

Wyatt Tofte, a 13-year-old boy, sought protection in a car when a fire reached the area of his home in Marion county, Oregon. The car was engulfed by flames. Little Wyatt lost his life, along with his friend. They were found both huddled together, his dog on his lap. Wyatt’s father, Chris, was searching for his wife as the fire raged around. Chris was walking down the road to their home when he stopped a person coming towards him to ask if they might have seen his wife. The person responded, “I am your wife.” She was so burned and blackened; he did not recognize her.7 Our Lady said:

April 2, 2019

“…as a mother who knows her children, I know that you are crying out for my Son. I know that you are crying out for truth, for peace, for that which is pure and not deceptive…”

Accurate Statistics are Not Deceptive

The United States Department of Interior in their “Facts and Statistics” stated that 90% of wildland fires in the United States are caused by people. While the statistics do not reflect that all wildfires are started by arsonists, they refute the narrative that lightning, and climate change are behind the great increase of fires burning today. By these statistics, according to the Department of the Interior, only 10% of the fires could be by lightning.8

Another Lying Voice Proved Wrong

Other evidence is emerging that calls into question the narrative that California and other Western states are experiencing “record-breaking” heat temperatures due to global warming. This, of course, is to convince the masses that climate change is going to destroy the world and you have to give up your rights on many fronts to save the world. To support the lie, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), reported California was having record-breaking temperatures this summer.9 Yet, examining NOAA’s own charts and records from years ago, this claim doesn’t hold water. In fact, it was Lying Voices. Their own data shows that the hottest August by far was in 1983, which was 4.1 degree F hotter than this year. This data bears the same conclusion for this past July’s heat wave. It was not unusually severe when compared to temperatures of past years. And before global warming was even “invented” to be concerned with, incredibly in the year 1859, Los Angeles County recorded the whopping murdering temperature of 133 degrees F. That temperature was taken in the shade! In a news report in the San Francisco Chronicle of 1859, it stated:

“In…eastern part of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties, the mercury rose in the shade to the startling figure of 133 degrees. Cattle full in flesh perished in the fields and birds dropped lifeless from the trees in the withering blast.”10

One with discernment and facts can see agendas and reject the narrative that the wildfires are being sparked primarily through heat and lightning. Yes, organic litter on forest floors not being dealt with by controlled burns explains how the fires are spreading, but that does not explain how the fires are started. Shame on those Lying Voices that spread the disinformation to manipulate the populace into compliance through fear.

Shame on those who have infiltrated the Vatican’s Pontifical Department of Sciences in order to influence the Catholic world, and even the Church hierarchy, to be a voice to the Lying Voices of climate change. If you do not believe the Church has been taken over with the lie of global warming, the book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, written 14 years ago, exposes, factually, the plan to use the Universal Catholic Church to pipe the worldwide global warming agenda. It is a must read for everything happening now.

There is no mention of arsonist terrorists as of today, September 17, 2020, in the news. Neither on the Left, as in CNN news nor on the Right, as in FOX news networks. This truth, concerning that arsonist extremists exist, is not allowed to be spoken of in the mainstream media, regardless of what side one leans to. Why? We can find the truth about the exploding of 26 times the acres of forests burning, an exponential jump, 26 times more fires than last year. Out of the top 20 largest fires on record in the history of forest fires in California, 5 took place this year. That should tell you some truth. It is a no brainer. A citizen of Clackamas County in Oregon City posted a comment stating,

“Level 2 Evacuation. Terrified. Fires raging everywhere. I’ve been posting to you here for about 2 weeks about these fires. It is real. [All] around me are on alert. The others are completely brainwashed. There is no hope for them. Their eyeballs are no longer connected to their brains. Like 90% of people are hopelessly brainwashed by the media.”11

Need more evidence? This is all foretold prophetically, not Biblically, but from actual facts stated 54 years ago. Common sense will reveal the truth, yet common sense is Biblical because Jesus is Common Sense. Our Lady said:

December 2, 2007

“…God’s Word which is the light … of common sense.”

Jesus is the Word of God, therefore, Jesus is the light of common sense.

In 1969, author and filmmaker, G. Edward Griffin, best known for his classic book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, during a lecture, made the following statement:

Pictured below is G. Edward Griffin. He spoke, 54 years ago, what is behind the agenda of burning by Communists. When you click ▶ on the player, you can read along with the transcript below of what G. Edward Griffin exposes back in 1969, about what is playing out in real time today in August and September 2020.

Click Play ▶ and Follow Along

G. Edward Griffin 1969

The Communists call for not only extensive chaos in the cities, but for putting to the torch every village, every forest, every field, and every barn. The plan is for raging fires from one city to the next.

The reason, well first, there’s the value of sheer destruction.

Secondly, it would force us to deploy our defenses and rescue units over the widest possible area. The Communists point out that as long as our police and national guard remain concentrated, they are invincible. But, if they can be forced to spread out over the entire city and into the countryside as well, then they can be picked off and ambushed one by one.

And the third value of massive fire to the Communists is psychological. The average American, they say, soft and decadent, when he sees billows of black smoke rising from one horizon to the other, when at night the only light he has to see by is the flickering red from flames leaping into the sky, he’ll become paralyzed with fear and panic.* He’ll run away and hide and do nothing to interfere with the gorilla bands as they strike at the communities power centers.12

* Remember Justin Weaver’s report about his neighbor’s house, which was firebombed. He said it, “was terrifying.”

Ambushed one by one? Is that not what just happened in Los Angeles on September 12, 2020, when two sheriff deputies were shot in an ambush, and in Texas in July 2020 when two sheriff deputies were shot and killed in an ambush, and countless other similar scenarios around our nation?

Do North America Wildfires Stop at National Borders?
If Arsonist Terrorists are Lighting up the Fires in America, They Do.

Pictured below is a map showing, as of September 17, 2020, there are only 15 fires in Canada and only a few at its border. All of Canada’s fires are at a Preparedness level of 1—the lowest threat. Yet, right along the border, on the side of the United States there are many fires. Of the 103 ongoing fires in the Western United States, many are at a Preparedness level of 5—the highest threat. The excuse given by the so-called experts and/or media to reconcile the drastic difference in the two countries, though they are in the same geographical location, is that Canada has had more rain. Does rain stop at the border? Your common sense can give you the answer. Look at the borderline.

Composite Wildfire Map Sept. 17, 2020

Composite map showing the United States and Canada wildfires, as of September 17, 2020.

You Decide if Arsonist Terrorists Exist

Arson cases are tough to prove and even tougher to prosecute. A fire is only considered arson after all accidental causes have been ruled out, even though arson is suspected, which means investigators have to prove an individual caused a fire deliberately and with harmful intent. This is why arson is both difficult to prove and prosecute in court. Los Angeles County Fire investigator, Jim Thornton, who has testified in over 100 arson cases, stated that “there are arrests in only about 10% of arson fires nationally.”14

Why all the cover up?
What is behind all this evil?

Our Lady has clearly and unequivocally said that our world is under the control of satan:

December 26, 1982

“…This century is under the power of the devil, but when the secrets confided to you come to pass, his power will be destroyed…”

All the chaos, the destruction, the fire, the disorder has one source. It is the last convulsions of satan’s hatred unleashed upon the world.

April 25, 2019

“…The devil wants peacelessness and disorder…”

August 15, 1983

“…Every disorder comes from satan.”

The devil knows his time is coming to an end, and while he knows he will soon be forced back into hell, there are still souls he can capture for eternal slavery. Our Lady has given the means to protect ourselves from his satanic assaults.

December 26, 1982

“…You must protect yourselves against these things through fasting and prayer, especially community prayer. Carry blessed objects with you. Put them in your house, and restore the use of holy water.”

In the Hope You Recognize Truth &
in the Love of Our Lady,
Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?

While the World Goes Up in Flames…

Do something meaningful with your life… through Medjugorje…

If you are young, healthy, and single, you can be part of Our Lady’s plans. Through discerning a vocation in the Caritas Community, in Alabama, you are actively working for the salvation of nonbelievers, and the whole world. To inquire more, contact Caritas at 205-672-2000, extension 320.

You can also be part of Our Lady’s plans through the Caritas Extended Community, through which you will live this “way of salvation” in your state in life, in the place where you live. You can contact Caritas directly by calling 205-672-2000, extension 320.

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  1. Patrick T Cassidy

    Very strange(?), more like anointed. I have just recently come to understand, early Christians,  even contemporary live a hard, rural, agrarian life, very simple. They are the only ones our Mother Mary appears to, ” Great Reset”, the elites tell us, but our Lady is calling it a ” New Normal”. She is getting us back to living close to the earth, but under Her Queenship, Our Blessed Saviour, Jesus, as King. Praise, Jesus through Mary.

  2. Thank you for this amazing research and connecting SO many dots! I read the book “look what happened while you were sleeping” and need to wake up again. Our Lasy’s messages are back on my radar!

  3. Anyone who claims to believe in God can’t possibly accept “climate change” as a real thing.To believe the lie of climate change is to say that God is not in control of all things at all times.To accept climate change is to place man over God.Sadly this current Pope has been duped..pray that the Holy Spirit opens his eyes..that he surrounds himself with people who are holy.The radical groups are in full bloom..the lie BLM is to sucker the African American community over to the socialist/communist agenda through cleverly rigged racist events..if BLM actually cared about black lives they would target the abortion industry founded by a white supremacist for the sole purpose of controlling the black population..they would target their own people who kill their own in alarming g rates..but no..they pick and choose only that which feeds their political narrative.The vilifying of police is a page taken from Hitler..who vilified the German police force and replaced them with criminals ..the SS

  4. God BLESS. Thank you Caritas for your persistent boldness in unveiling the gospel truth with clarity. You are one of the very few, chosen to accurately expose the details of events in the world. Thank you.

  5. Left Social Media knows, repeated messages & others repeating them often can even make lies become believed. It’s for this reason Yahoo News no longer allows “Comments”, on news articles, on their website. In this manner, their “Lying Voices,” have shut others out from telling the truth. Years ago, more Christians should have used their time, to actively promote a positive messages on comment boards, rather than simply turning a blind eye while giving more ground to those harboring darkness. Yahoo now recognizes how powerful the Actions of Some Were, Chosing to Love Others, by spreading truth, while effectively Exposing Lying Voices. Now when people go to this website, they unfortunately see only one side of the story, the same one repeated everywhere, without any restraint. Isn’t it odd & telling though, how important this influence can be when even to this very day, Yahoo still includes articles which quote other lying comment sections, from the Internet to promote their ideas?

  6. Yes, according to Mary, we are to expose evil. There are so many levels of evil and in so many directions that it permeates society. It seems that the average person walks around oblivious to the depth of this situation. It seems that through Mary’s call to expose evil has to be blatant so that individuals will open their eyes and ears to what’s right in front of us. Kind Mary is leading us to open our eyes and ears so that we convert—before it is to late. She expresses Her love though these messages-sometimes I wonder if she has moments of sadness for all of us because of our slowness to really respond. Thank you Mary for your kindness and deep love for us. Love always Joanne

  7. It is crazy to see how clearly a playbook is being followed. The account of the father fleeing his home is enough to give any father chills. I pray that people will wake up and be converted in the presence of such tangible evil. In the Love of Our Lady and Her Son, Mike

  8. AMEN! I’m so tired of lying voices! Time to stand! I offer all my prayers and sacrifices solely for Her intentions, plans and PROJECTS, and for God’s plan for me and through me! And I place all my interests and concerns in Her hands! Special blessing extended to all of tbem! What would the world look like if we prayed for those who hate us??!!

  9. Momma Mary is always “right on”. With all the ness we are in as a country I have been sensing basically what she has said, especially concerning the adversary. This country and tii many foolish people in it have taken so much to occult practices that it is not surprising that he is controlling all the negative things happening. But we all know that God will eventually take back control as George Washington dedicated the U.S. to ourLord when he became president

  10. A Friend of Medjugorje is correct. A lot of people – myself included – have been spiritually behind Medjugorje, but now it is time to bring it into the physical realm. I’ve done the occasional rebuttal but it is time to ramp it up. There is enough information available to expose lying voices and the evil agendas behind them. The important thing is to let others know you are on the opposite side of what possibly is their view. If they choose not to investigate right now, then only God knows when the times are at their worst to commence the secrets, to allow all people on the earth an opportunity to repent. We as Apostles of Our Lady if I am considered worthy by Our Lady to help her, will be helping people after the secrets start. Because the secrets will immediately correct almost everyone’s mentalities, the person who contacted them will seek more information. Caritas of Birmingham, I suspect, will be very busy from then on in. However, somehow they with God’s help will achieve their mission. God Bless.

  11. The fbi and fakenews are definitely not reliable sources. I wonder who the fbi was referring too? We are currently at open war in this country. May GOD help us in this Critical hour. I know He will, Our Lady has told us so. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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  13. We have been told that the anarchists would attack our rural areas and by setting the fires they are accomplishing their aims. The time will come when attacks on electric and water supplies will take place. Is God telling us that once again we will have to pay the price? Freedom is not free.

  14. My own daughter and son-in-law are backing planned parenthood. States she cannot vote for Trump because he is an awful man! She gets her news through Twitter!! I asked her if she ever watches Fox news or EWTN and she states, “Those channels are just propaganda! My husband and I pray the rosary every evening. We are so fortunate because we are allowed to attend Mass on weekends with social distancing and mask wearing. I also say the Prayer to St.Michael, the Archangel. I pray every night for conversion of the deep state to our Lord and our Mother of God! Thank you for this article. I now know I have not lost my mind like my daughter tried to make me believe!

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  17. Thank you again for opening my eyes with this article. The pictures of those poor souls who started the fires breaks my heart. Truly they do not know what awaits them if they do not convert! We must continually bless all the souls living today in the world with Our Lady’s Special Blessing so that as many as possible can enter Our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom some day. I do not know what I would do or where I would be without you all at Caritas!

  18. Thank you for bringing the truth,and Ilove the reminder to call our Ladys Blessing on the offenders please keep us in your prayers in Ireland our doctors killed 6666of our future children last year ,please note the numbers .Two old Pensioners ,who love our Faith and our God MONICA AND PADDY

  19. Unfortunately, a police officer was ambushed in Pineville, La. last night. This is a very conservative, religious town with a National Guard camp close by and still it happened there. I pray Our Lady’s era is soon to begin!

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  21. Caritas of Birmingham

    William, yes Our Lady is still appearing every day in Medjugorje. Her words are the guiding light behind what a Friend of Medjugorje wrote above.

  22. I love staying abreast with all the information. I haven’t seen anything on our Lady’s apparitions lately. Have I missed something ? Is she still appearing?

  23. Caught in fires in Oregon. Democrat Gov and representatives are saying fires caused by Climate Change. Bishops still believing Gov. Brown that CV19 (Coronavirus) causing many cases and deaths. Keeping churches closed. I have tried to keep them informed but am being treated like conspiracy theorist. I give sightings to back up info I give but no one looks at it. I’m very frustrated. So, I pray and fast two days per week. Covid (Coronavirus) and Fires are part of plan to reset the economy and kill people. Part of Agenda 21, 2030. This is all planned. Did you see Fox News where Newt Gingrich talked about George Soros putting money $220 million into Antifa and Black Live Matter just last month. But he got shut down. hhere is no way we can get along with these people or give them what they want. They want socialism–everything free without working for it.

  24. Thank you so much for the reminder! God be with us! God with your righteous right hand protect us. Janice in California, you are so right! I pray God protects for you and your loved ones. Friend of Medjugorie, I am in a rosary group, we pray the rosary everyday by zoom with a group of ladies who are prayer warriors and we are praying for our country and the world. I am going to send this to the leader of the group. This message should be read/reminded to those who have discernment. Thank you Nikki in Texas

  25. The states that are under the thrall of extreme liberalism are the ones burning. When it started, I thought that it must be God’s way of bringing their error to all of our attention. It is what is in store for all of us if we do not return to the true practice of our Christian faith.

  26. There is only one news network telling this truth that A Friend Of Medjugorje tells. One America News. They ask questions no other network asks. They are privately owned outside the box of corporate owned networks. I don’t watch much TV but do turn them on. They seem to agree with Our Lady’s messages.

  27. I believe every word that is said about the fires and that satin is running wild. We NEED GODS HELP!! I have a hard time praying, but i will do my best.

  28. It’s very hard to find words of truth today, when Satan is using voices of the lawless and unfaithful to spread lies and deceit to accomplish his evil works. The prince of darkness has infiltrated the Catholic church and the Vatican in particular. He wants to sit on the throne of Peter, and has used certain Bishops and Cardinals over the past decade to try and get his way. Be aware and on guard, he is very close to his goal. Stay steadfast, be courageous, and persevere amid these times of persecution. There will be a great warning soon to come. Spread words of TRUTH and be a witness to the Gospels and messages of Our Lady. If not seen already, watch this documentary “A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing” by EWTN, available on DVD. A friend in California, Janice.

  29. Thank you for your holy courage and commitment to living and spreading Our Heavenly Mother’s instructions to Her militia. Jesus, in his final words on the Cross, gave His Mother and His disciples to each other in the bond and protection of Maternal Love. Pope Benedict XVI, in his last words on the “Cross of Peter” said the life of the future church is in “souls like Mary, who accept the Word of God and conceive it by the power of the Holy Spirit. They offer their own flesh, and in their very poverty and humility become capable of giving birth to Christ today in the world.” Our Mother of Medjugorje is forming her children now, preparing “souls like Mary… to give birth to Christ today in the world” for the coming of the Father’s Kingdom and Will on earth as in heaven. May we give our FIAT to Our Heavenly Mother every moment, as we “souls like Mary” join Her in the Triumph of Their Hearts!???? Let it be!

  30. Marianne e Roberts

    There is no doubt in my mind that the above is completely true … along with the arsonists, wildfires there are priests that are being forced not to tell the truth, grotesque destruction of churches, chapels, holy statues etc. The amount of fear and control over all of us in the last 4 months is staring us in the face and is not even subtle to those who open their eyes. Thousands of people being labeled as Covid (Coronavirus) deaths to instill more fear and control into us that have been proved and publicly stated by medical staff that are telling us the truth, the are not blind to it, it’s literally something they have been instructed to write on the death certificate. Patients that have been getting well, for no apparent reason dying, doctors and nurses removed to different areas so they do not interact with Covid (Coronavirus) patients as they will tell the truth publicly. I could go on ad nauseam so my message on this board is please wake up, and use your own discernment, logic and the brain God gave us.

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