Our Lady, Today, Asks Us a Serious Question

Our Lady, Today, Asks Us a Serious Question


“Dear children, God’s love is in my words. My children, that is the love which desires to turn you to justice and truth. That is the love which desires to save you from delusion. And what about you, my children? Your hearts remain closed; they are hard and do not respond to my calls. They are insincere… With a motherly love I am praying for you, because I desire for all of you to resurrect in my Son. Thank you.”

In the translation after the sentence, “…They are insincere…”, Mirjana relayed that at this point she begged Our Lady to stay longer and it was then Our Lady began, “…With a motherly love…”

With the technological discoveries today, manufacturing capabilities and inventions, with man’s general development, a facade has grown in parallel, mistakingly interpreting these advances with the uncovering of truth. A delusion that because man is learning more, discovering more, he also then discovers or uncovers more truth. Just the opposite has manifested. Man’s travel toward the building and advancing the culture we live and participate in, has actually led us in traveling further and further from the truth. Man, today, does not know truth. What surprises us is how many of “my children” still do not grasp the messages. Our Lady explains in very few words what is truth.

June 16, 1983

“I have come to tell the world that God is truth…”

Because many no longer know truth, many cannot trace with clarity the truth in the advancement of each step of evil that is prevailing in society. How have we traveled such a distance from truth? We did it one step at a time. In an overall way, we start at Step 1 – dependence on God, hard work, agrarian (agriculture subsistence) way of life. Step 2 – manufacturing and consumerism way of life. Step 3 – unreasonable enjoyment of pleasure and entertainment. Step 4 – birth control. Step 5 – divorce. Step 6 – abortion. Step 7 – our final and last step – abomination. Step seven, as society grows in it’s acceptance and tolerance, is the point, the end of the cycle of man’s procreating and moves society towards a falling birth rate, which has always led to justice; a justice that results in the correction of man’s conscience to return him to truth. Justice, which brings man back to the first step that was pronounced and given to Adam when he sinned and was placed in the way of life that would keep him dependent on God; By the sweat of your brow shall you eat. When Eve sinned; By the pains of child birth, and your wants are to be your husband’s wants. God’s very first correction brought man back to truth. Whenever man deviates and to the degree he deviates, it is to the same degree that he is distanced from truth. Throughout history, three cycles have repeated themselves. The three ‘S’: Sin, Suffering, Salvation. It is obvious what cycle we are falling headlong deeper and deeper into: the cycle of suffering. The only way to mitigate the present cycle and that it goes well with you is to act on the messages of Our Lady in this time of grace. As Our Lady said on March 21, 1985:


“…accept me, dear children, that it might go well with you. Listen to my messages…”


A few days ago, the media reported a well known football coach, Tony Dungy, was invited by the White House to join its Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The media went on to make the following statement:


“The soft-spoken Dungy sparked controversy, in 2007, by endorsing an Indiana ballot initiative to ban [abominable ]marriage and similar legal arrangements for [abominable] couples.” 1

How many of Our Lady’s children are not able to read the quote and see the clever lie, because they no longer know truth? The quote said, “Dungy sparked controversy.” Many Christians would accept these words without a blink, as they also are led to believe it was ‘Dungy’ who “sparked the controversy.” How can that be when God is not controversial? He is God. He Is what Is. And God is truth. A football coach being against abominable lifestyles is not controversial. The people who accept it, the people who don’t accept it but tolerate it, the people who endorse it are controversial. They create the controversy. They don’t just ‘spark’, they make controversy. It is a one-sided deal, yet reported as if it was the coach who ‘sparked’ the controversy. There is no controversy. Ascribing ‘phobias’ to Christians because they do not accept the abominable lifestyle as anything near to what is truth or moral cannot be correct. Christians cannot have ‘phobias’ when they are aligned with Scripture, with the truths of God. If “advanced” society labels this a phobia, then one must understand God has the phobia because He destroyed a city, Sodom and Gomorrah because of this sin. The newly elected president of the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Katherine Ragsdale said in her sermon, “Our Work is not Done”:


“When a woman wants a child but can’t afford one because she hasn’t the education necessary for a sustainable job, or access to health care, or day care, or adequate food, it is the abysmal priorities of our nation, the lack of social supports, the absence of justice that are the tragedies; the abortion is a blessing.” 2

This is the road social justice has traveled down: This is the rally cry: “Justice, justice for the poor.” Social justice’s call has resulted in unchristian principles. From “justice” rewarding laziness and lack of work ethics to now “justice” giving the right to abortion.

We have today a crisis of faith in God’s justice. Our Lady reminds us of this when She says:


“…And what about you, my children?…”

What about you? Where do you stand in justice and truth? Not with the perverted social justice doctrine with liberal theology and socialism prevailing today. But rather with the justice Our Lady speaks of concerning Her reason for coming which is to give every chance to lead us back to truth and faith in God’s justice which many no longer believe in today. It states in the book of Maccabees:

“…those who were cowardly and lacked faith in God’s justice deserted…” 2 Maccabees 8:13

How many have been with Our Lady and deserted Her, with no fear of God, or of consequences that result from a wayward society based in anti-truth. “And what about you, my children?” Do you desert truth, not only in your life but through the tolerance of sin that prevails in society? Do you contradict these sins in discussions? In your life? Or do you desert Christian precepts preferring to ignore the future consequences that justice will bring, saying that justice only concerns the poor. Jesus responded to Judas, the first social justice advocate, when Judas was decrying the injustice of Mary lavishly pouring expensive perfume over Jesus’ head. Jesus told Judas, “The poor you will always have with you.” The truth is the poor are those who do not have God.


The school’s president, Ragsdale, continues and gives a marvelous example of where society is evolving.


“And when a woman becomes pregnant within a loving, supportive, respectful relationship; has every option open to her; decides she does not wish to bear a child; and has access to a safe, affordable abortion – there is not a tragedy in sight – only blessing. The ability to enjoy God’s good gift of intimacy without compromising one’s education, life’s work, or ability to put to use God’s gifts and call is simply blessing.”

“These are the two things I want you, please, to remember – abortion is a blessing and our work is not done. Let me hear you say it: abortion is a blessing and our work is not done. Abortion is a blessing and our work is not done. Abortion is a blessing and our work is not done.” 3

Ragsdale, the new President of the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, moves from the full anti-truth of “abortion is a blessing”, step 6, to the final step 7, the full anti-truth of abominable living is a normal Christian behavior. Ragsdale, herself an abominable, and her words, correlate to what Our Lady says: that you are more and more distanced from truth. Ragsdale claims to be a Christian. She reveals she is discriminated more by colleagues of her lifestyle for being “Christian” far more than by the Christian community for “being” abominable. Ragsdale states:

“…I’ve experienced far more resistance and discrimination in the progressive community for being a Christian than I do in the Christian community for being [abominable].” 4

Yet, St. Paul, writing to the Corinthians, said:

“It is widely reported that there is immorality among you of a kind not found even among pagans…The one who did this deed, should be expelled from your midst…You are to deliver this man to satan for the destruction of his flesh so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord…I wrote you my letter not to associate with immoral people…I now write to you not to associate with anyone named a brother if he is immoral…Purge this evil person from your midst.” Corinthians: 5

Many, many Christians do not blink an eye in acceptance of abomination in our culture. They laugh at jokes about abominations, go along with shows, read books at school in favor of it, etc. Christians not having a major problem with it, does not mean that there will not be consequences from God’s justice. Ragsdale says the Christian community gives her little abhorrence for her living abomination. More and more, God’s children do not know truth by not knowing God. Christians are more and more accepting of abominable, deviant behavior.


The President of the United States has himself accepted perverted abominable orientation as something we are to accept as a culture, with equality and rights as other Constitutional rights. He also, of course, is full force in the abortion mode. A Catholic priest, Fr. John Jenkins, President of Notre Dame University, invited the United States President to the major Catholic college graduation. Placing the cream on the cake, the college will give him an honorary degree! The students should boycott and have a second graduation ceremony themselves at the same time. Where are those with Christian fiber who will stand up for truth? By this snowball of tolerance of step 7 – abomination, we are reaching the summit, the final step with society’s inability to procreate and flourish. The richness of life, to be in peace, to be in joy and experience the fullness of life, is vanishing. To the degree society accepts this final level of sin as normal, erasing known reality in creation (Rom. 1), is to the same degree society will have no foundation for truth, no happiness, no peace. And when it reaches this summit, history always tells the truth. Destruction quickly follows. And then out of the buried rubble, the floodgates of peace flow back into the world, with the supreme quietness of the earth purified, where one could hear the whispers of God, that peace Noah and his sons experienced when they stepped out of the ark. Our Lady’s message of June 16, 1983:

“I have come to tell the world that God is truth; He exists. True happiness and the fullness of life are in Him. I have come here as Queen of Peace to tell the world that peace is necessary for the salvation of the world. In God, one finds true joy from which true peace is derived.”

Recently in Britain, 100,000 people have downloaded certificates of de-baptism, renouncing their Christian faith. Some are suing the Church to remove their infant baptismal records.5 In Germany, a mysterious ailment is affecting dairy and beef calves. They are bleeding out of the skin without cuts. Jesus, Himself, in the Garden, agonizingly sweated blood . Of course not for the same reason. This same condition that is happening in nature, with calves sweating blood, has never been seen before. The calves, sweating blood until death, is spreading and is an ominous sign. Scientists, veterinarians, and farmers have no remedy.6 Local farmers are gathering, going on pilgrimage to cry out to Our Lady, who for our world is our sign, our remedy. Signs of the times?


Relatively recently a shepherd found stones in Turkey that has turned into the most important archeological find in history, with very strong evidence it was part of the Garden of Eden.7 Our Lady said on April 2, 2006:

“…My children, do you not recognize the signs of the times? Do you not speak of them…”

God gives, and also mysteriously leaves signs like the Garden of Eden being buried, preserving it until our time, to show Scripture was right.


All the signs, all these events, all point to one thing, God is at the center. He loves us and He corrects with justice those whom He loves. He is not a vengeful God, but a merciful God, filled with kindness and compassion and a relenting spirit. But man, taking for granted His mercy, kindness, compassion and relenting spirit, is in delusion of Biblical history of the God who in order to save us, will destroy that which is destroying us. It is history. It is our present. It is our future. It is God Who is truth – no issues, no politics, no government, no opinion, nothing else, nothing matters except God. The world will resurrect to His Son because Our Lady will have Her way. Are you sincere enough to be with Her?


With the Love of Her and the Call,

Friend of Medjugojre

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Thousands of pilgrims outside the home of Medjugorje visionary Mirijana Soldo

Thousands of pilgrims outside the home of visionary Mirijana Soldo, on this rainy morning of April 2, 2009, in hopes of receiving many graces from Our Lady.

Today’s apparition to visionary Mirjana Soldo for nonbelievers was scheduled to be held at the Blue Cross at the base of Apparition Mountain at 9:00 a.m. Due to rain, plans changed early this morning and the apparition was held in Mirjana’s home. Pilgrims began gathering outside the home of Mirjana at about 6:30 a.m. and prayed all mysteries of the Rosary. The pilgrims were not going to let the rain keep them from receiving Our Lady’s blessing, and being in Her presence, even if they weren’t inside the room where She would appear. The apparition started at 8:52am and lasted about four minutes.

Thousands of pilgrims outside the home of Medjugorje visionary Mirijana Soldo

Pilgrims wait anxiously for Our Lady’s words early this morning in front of Mirjana’s house, April 2, 2009. The trees in Medjugorje coincide with Our Lady’s words just nine days ago when She said, “…In this time of spring, when everything is awakening from the winter sleep, you also awaken your souls with prayer…” March 25, 2009 Most of the trees still await the bursting out of spring blossoms, but in Mirjana’s yard the beautiful pink blossoms are striking in the midst of the barren trees on this grey day. What a moving example of what prayer brings to man and how it lights up a dark world. Which tree represents your heart?



With A Friend of Medjugorje

Our Lady: We Can’t Outrun Her


Our Lady says we are insincere and that our hearts remain closed, and if this message does not apply right now, it will at some time in the future.

Her words are truth. There is nothing today which cannot find its answer in Her messages because Her words are complete truth, every word of them.

This time is a grace period from God and we are approaching the time of repossession and recall by God because of our ingratitude.

Our Lady is before us begging and we are ungrateful for Her apparitions and Her time with us.

Why would we not want to make our lives and homes where we will not even feel the passage from this life to the next.

You are going to miss this time with Our Lady. These are the best of times, a Holy time. When Our Lady will not be with us any longer, you are going to miss this.

It’s painful to see people we love not responding and what is Our Lady’s response to that.

Last night’s Radio WAVE covers all the above. A show you do not want to miss. Find a couple of hours when you will not be distracted, settle down, and listen to a Friend of Medjugorje. A Radio WAVE broadcast you will want to send to all your friends. When you preach to the choir and they are moved then it’s something everyone must hear. The Community of Caritas was moved by this broadcast and you will be too. As you listen to the program you will realize you need this and one day you’re going to miss this.

Click to listen now and get ready for your heart to be moved. When you finish, make a list of all your friends and family you want to hear this and send it to them. If you have any technical difficulties you can call 1-866-335-2385 and someone can walk you through the problem you are having.

Now pray to the Holy Spirit to open your heart. Settle back and get comfortable. Let Our Lady become every part of you. One day you’re going to miss these opportunities of history.


Caritas of Birmingham

Recorded Monday, April 6, 2009


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    Medjugorje is a revelation unravelling. Our Lady will deliver us from evil and gave us her Son to us once again. We are in the 24 the hour and 59th minute of Revelation. Truth cannot hide so long, as light will come out of darkness.

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