Our Lady Says,”…I desire to illuminate with a new light…”

Our Lady Says,”…I desire to illuminate with a new light…”


Medjugorje visionary Mirjana in ecstasy

Mirjana’s head and hands are raised as she watches Our Lady leaving at the end of today’s apparition. There can be no doubt by the intensity of Mirjana’s expression that she is longing for Our Lady to take her with Her. As visionary Ivan said recently, if any one of us could see Our Lady for even only one second, it is doubtful if we would find our life interesting anymore. This is the living martyrdom of the visionaries.

In the true form of Jesus, when He walked the earth, Our Lady, Herself, made an unnerving action in today’s apparition. For those present, it was a liability to be at the apparition and an asset for others. The view some have is that the second of the month messages and apparitions for non-believers doesn’t apply to us the “believers.” This, however, is quite wrong. Society’s direction has influenced everyone, penetrating right into the highest membership of the Church, with various aspects of non-belief. It was Our Lady who said:

January 25, 2001

“…Once again, I repeat to you: only through prayer and fasting also wars can be stopped — wars of your unbelief…”

This holds true for 6.5 billion people who today personally received this message from Our Lady. Yes, there are saints today, and yes, Our Lady addressed them today as devout souls. But they are such because they have worked to purify their hearts of non-belief. All, from the Pope to the lowest of position are in need of this purification from aspects of non-belief.

No one is exempt from this indictment, but some have progressed through the messages and apparitions of Our Lady that today, in Her apparition, Our Lady separates the two. The unnerving action of Our Lady today contained a symbolic judgment of the separation of two groups. Those who, as in Jesus’ day, listened to Him without sincerity to change as opposed to those who listened to Jesus and were repentant, opened to change and recognized they were sinners. For those of Jesus’ day, he wanted to give more to those who were hardened. Our Lady, today, wants the same. For those who thought they could see, but were blind, Jesus would try to penetrate their hard hearts to save them. With such people, He, after three years of ministry, as God, was often not successful. Paralleling this in our time, Our Lady, after almost twenty-eight years of daily apparitions, is facing the same obstacles Jesus faced. If you, after reading of the spectacular move Our Lady made during today’s apparition, are honest with yourself and find in this apparition of the separation of the sheep from the goats that you are among the goats, in some aspects of your life, then submit yourself immediately to the three questions Our Lady requested of you just two months ago to reconstruct yourself spiritually. Our Lady, on April 2, 2008, asked three questions:

1. “Are you also with me?”

2. “Is your heart open for me?”

3. “Do you permit me to purify and prepare it for my Son?”

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana after apparition

Just moments after the apparition ended, Mirjana, though surrounded by a great multitude of people, retreats within herself in silent prayer and reflection, unconcerned that she herself is the object of contemplation for many, including a visiting bishop.


Do not be in such a serious time and not take Our Lady’s words seriously. A Catholic priest, who saw hundreds of people die while assigned at a hospital, told me once that he observed that people die as they live. So do not deceive yourselves, saying, “I will change everything now, but this or that. I am not ready to change that right at the moment.” On your deathbed, it will be a cause of hardening you and a liability as what caused Our Lady great pain today, with tears in Her eyes during today’s apparition. And with not changing now, do you think you will change then? The angels and, yes, satan will be present by your deathbed to not let go of you, claiming you by that which you will not let go of now. Our Lady wants us to grasp that we will, at that time, be doing one thing, nothing but dying. But you, at the present time, are doing more than dying, you are creating the history you will look back on from your deathbed. Therefore, create through your actions in life, your prayer in life, the total transformation of your entire life. Nothing, not one of your sacrifices, will you regret on your deathbed, but for every sacrifice or change you did not do or you neglected, you will regret. Yes, salvation is available until your last breath, but satan will make you think otherwise. Our Lady wants you to change, repent, and be free from the slavery of guilt. She wants to liberate you.

Today, we in the Caritas Community planned to begin a 9 day bread and water fast in preparation for July 1-5 apparitions and consecrations of Our Lady. It can be a seize the moment for you also to join us to change all areas of non-belief and hardness in your hearts – to become a devout soul, thereby becoming one of those of Our Lady’s children that are illuminated. If you are honest with yourself in answering Our Lady’s three questions, fast with us and change. You will be at peace to find you are counted among the sheep that are illuminated. You still have time, in the time of great grace, to change and be illuminated to become great – great in the love and faith of God – all of you. Upon your deathbed, your joy will be complete, forgiven and without guilt. You will already have begun living Heaven on earth, not feeling the passage from this life to the next.

The following is the description of today’s apparition on the day of non-believers

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s June 2, 2008
Apparition to Mirjana for Non-Believers

“Dear children, I am with you by the grace of God to make you great, great in faith and love, all of you. You, whose heart has been made hard as a stone by sin and guilt*…,


* As Our Lady spoke this, She was looking at those present to whom this refers to, with a painful expression and tears in Her eyes.


“…but you devout souls, I desire to illuminate with a new light. Pray that my prayer may meet open hearts, that I may be able to illuminate them with the strength of faith and open the ways of love and hope. Be persevering. I will be with you.”

Our Lady blessed all those present and all religious articles brought for blessing.

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana after apparition

Mirjana’s husband, Marco, begins to escort Mirjana out of the vast crowd of people after today’s apparition. As hands reach to touch her, there is a continuous flashing of cameras, and spontaneous applause accompanies them out of the building and into the bright light of the day.


Some today were there for the apparition, but not for Our Lady’s words. Our community members present said that it appeared that many do not appear to get what Our Lady is saying. It is why the main focus should be on Our Lady’s words to understand Her presence, not Her presence and pay little attention to what She says. It was Our Lady who said in contrast to the apparitions, and then the messages.

August 25, 1997

“…soon a time will come when you will lament for these messages…”

Only when we grasp Our Lady’s words and change through Her instructions, will we then begin to understand the greatness of Our Lady’s presence daily upon the earth and that we are called to the greatness of the saints. If we lament for Her words, how much more for the apparitions . It is not one without the other, rather one highlights the other, making the importance of the apparitions and messages the second most important event in the history of the world – the other – Jesus’ presence upon the earth.

In the Hope of Love and Faith,

A Friend of Medjugorje
About the Author

Crowd awaits Medjugorje visionary Mirjana's apparition

As the crowd waits for Mirjana’s arrival, the Rosary is being prayed. These are pilgrims from all over the world who have traveled long distances to be here with Our Lady. What was it that She saw in some of these hearts today that caused Her such grief and pain? And if we could place our own face amidst this crowd, would we have been amongst the hardened hearts that She gazed at with tears in Her eyes, or among the devout souls that She desires to illuminate with a new light? But remember, we, who were not present, Our Lady said, “I am with you.” This, in turn, will also apply the gaze of Our Lady who looks at each heart across the world, knowing its condition.

Mirjana’s second of the month apparitions have settled somewhat into a routine for the many people who attend them each month. There are those who arrive before the gates open at 5:30 am in the morning to have the best chance of being near Mirjana and seeing her face during the apparition. The rest of the pilgrims and villagers gradually come in throughout the remaining 3 ½ hours before the apparition takes place, and who doesn’t fit in the building finds a spot outside, but even a spot outside is hard to find for those who wait until the last minute to arrive. Thousands of pilgrims came into Medjugorje just in the last day or two, with the intention of attending Mirjana’s apparition. Silent prayer, singing and clapping, and finally several mysteries of the Rosary are prayed leading up to Mirjana’s entrance and the final moments of preparation before Our Lady appears, at around 9:00 a.m. The hearts that gathered before Our Lady today came from every walk of life, from every continent and nation around the world. Pilgrims left their homes, families, jobs, responsibilities, paid thousands of dollars to make the long journey to Medjugorje, all for this one moment to be with Our Lady. It’s sad to think that some people will go to so much trouble, expense, and inconvenience to come here to experience the joy of being with Our Lady, but who remain oblivious to the changes She is calling us to make in our lives. Yes, it is a great joy to be in the presence of Our Lady, but as Her words show us today, it is also a grave responsibility for those who call themselves Our Lady’s children to leave sin behind. Notice some of the thousands outside the windows. Please spread to everybody you speak that Our Lady gives us a great opportunity to be in Her presence at Caritas, Alabama for 5 apparitions. Take the opportunity.

• Visit Here to Listen to the Radio WAVE Broadcast with a Friend of Medjugorje, sharing about Mirjana’s June 2 Message for Nonbelievers

Prayer for Nonbelievers

Come Mary,
Come tomorrow again and again.
We will pray with You.

Bring back our loved ones
Who have left the Church,
Those who have left God.

We will join You on the second of each month.
We will pray for greater graces
To be attached to Your intention.

We will pray that the dam of love,
Of God’s mercy, will break forth,
That Your new prayer be released soon.

We will pray that it will flow out
As a river to all the nations,
That as the rivers fill the oceans,
Your love of God will fill the earth.

We wait.
We anticipate that great day,
And we call You as You have called us,
To add our prayers, fasting, and sacrifices
To Mirjana’s in order that You may
Obtain all Your wishes for the world.

O loving Mother,
Thank You for the gift
That the world is on the brink of receiving!

– A Friend of Medjugorje

©SJP Lic. Caritas of Birmingham

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3 thoughts on “Our Lady Says,”…I desire to illuminate with a new light…””

  1. Dear Friend, The story of Mother Mary putting her hand to her ear to listen is amazing. It put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. I will think of it often! God Bless!

  2. Dear Friend, The story of Mother Mary putting her hand to her ear to listen is amazing. It put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. I will think of it often! God Bless!

  3. Michael Richad

    Of all the radio waves I have heard, this one had brought back more beautiful memories and has strengthened me the most. The pet deer eating out of my back pack during Rosaries in the field and Our Lady’s Special Blessing after the great storm in 2005. Two trips to Medjugorje, the first one was after 911 and the second after Hurricane Ike. I’ve seen 60 people on their knees crying with joy staring into the sun for an hour during Rosary and Mass outside St. James. Once I was blessed with a hug with some blessed medals and from Marija. This week has been tiring, and I suffer seeing some friends around me neglected physically and in spirit, by their families. But hearing familiar voices and as always the children singing Ave Maria at end of the show once again has lifted my spirits. Thank You All

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