Only Faith Will Give You Strength In Life’s Trials

Only Faith Will Give You Strength In Life’s Trials


In the very early morning hours of October 2, 2008, rain was heard on the windows of the rooms of pilgrims staying in Medjugorje. For those who had planned to arise early and walk through the fields to Mirjana’s October 2 apparition, they wondered if it would be a rainy walk. It was dark at 5:00 a.m. and there was a light drizzle, but this did not deter the pilgrims who desired to beat most of the crowds who would descend upon the apparition site several hours later. The rain stopped, not to return, soon after they began making their way through the fields by flashlight. But even with leaving so early, by the time they arrived, crowds of people were already moving into the building where Our Lady would appear 3 ½ hours later, filling it up to near capacity. And so began another day that has been designated by Our Lady as a day of prayer for nonbelievers, those who have not yet experienced the love of God.

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana in ecstasy

 The crowds were so thick today, October 2, 2008, in the building where Our Lady would appear that when Mirjana arrived shortly before 9:00 a.m., she knelt right in front of the statue of Our Lady, with pilgrims pressed around her on all sides. She joined everyone praying the Rosary and could be seen wiping tears from her face as she waited upon Our Lady to appear. As the minutes went by, Mirjana became more immersed in prayer, her head lowered, her eyes closed. Several times, she would take in a deep breath, with a small shudder, the anticipation and longing for Our Lady so great within her. The moment of Our Lady’s arrival is stunning when you see Mirjana go from the quiet, almost withdrawn state, to seeing her lift her head up, arms open wide, a sweet smile cover her face, the bow of her head in reverence to Our Lady, and then the silent conversation with her lips moving and her head nodding throughout the apparition. It is deeply moving for those blessed to have such a view.

Time passed for the pilgrims as they watched an increasing amount of pilgrims arrive minute by minute, and the darkness of the night finally give way to early morning light. Pilgrims came from every direction, some walking through the front gate, others climbing over rock walls to then look for the best place to be for the apparition. All of the best spots had long been claimed by those who made the sacrifice of denying themselves the extra sleep and skipping breakfast for the sake of being near Mirjana when Our Lady appeared to her this day.

But whether one arrived early or late, when Our Lady came, everyone received Her blessing and Her words to carry with them, back to their homes and families, their churches and communities. Everyone present, thousands of pilgrims, were gathered and focused on the one spot Mirjana was knelt in front of…gathered around Our Lady. It was a joy to see so many pilgrims present filled with love for Our Lady, and to then hear Our Lady say that it was She who had gathered us around Her.

The following is Our Lady’s October 2, 2008 message:

“Dear children, again I call you to faith. My Motherly heart desires for your heart to be open, so that it could say to your heart: believe. My children, only faith will give you strength in life’s trials. It will renew your soul and open the ways of hope. I am with you. I gather you around me because I desire to help you, so that you can help your neighbors to discover faith, which is the only joy and happiness of life. Thank you.”


Our Lady blessed all those present and all religious articles. Once again She called us to pray for priests, especially at this time.


pilgrims leaving apparition in medjugorje

 These are the pilgrims leaving the building where Our Lady had just appeared on October 2, 2008, at 9:00 a.m. this morning. Thousands of pilgrims made their way to be in the presence of Our Lady this morning. Though the skies looked as though rain would begin falling at any moment, it was only blessings from Heaven that descended upon the pilgrims this morning.

The purpose of these second of the month apparitions is for non-believers. Yet, again, the first addressed is us, Her children. What should this say to us? What should it say to our priests, when yet again Our Lady repeats from this platform of the “second of the month for non-believers” to pray for them?

We are indicted first on this special day. Do you doubt this? The lack of faith is a lack of belief. Faith extinguishes non-belief. We and our priests are the first addressed in regard to what is lacking in us. In the beginning days of the apparitions, Our Lady’s main and first call was faith. Our Lady said She was coming to the earth because:

January 21, 1982

“My children, don’t you see that the faith begins to extinguish itself and that it is necessary to awaken the faith among men?”



In Light of Oct. 2
Message Today…

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The indicting word Our Lady used today is to “believe”. It is incredible that Our Lady speaks of Her Heart as an item of devotion which transports grace and advice. Our Lady refers to Her heart as “It”. It can speak. It can transform to faith. It can help your heart to “believe”. Believe what? To believe in faith everything She is calling us to. In a world darkened and growing more so, one can become afraid of the future. Our Lady’s call is our security and protection. Without Her, there is good reason to be afraid and fearful of the future. As many parents who give comfort and security to their children by staying by their beds when the lights are turned out, Our Lady Herself, our Mother, does the same. So for little children who grow insecure because of the darkness, She says, “I am with you.” Everything a child needs, everything we need to know is in these words. We can have peace in our hearts. We can grow in faith, eradicating all unbelief in us. We can believe in the middle of the darkness. We can have “strength” because we have what billions of people do not have. That is, the Queen of Peace is with you. “I am with you.” She, the “I” is with us to change the direction of the world, through changing the direction of your life. She has implored you to “change the direction of your life” now! To “listen to me” now! To “believe” now. Now, now, now in the time of grace. Why so urgent? It is because of the future, and the future especially is when your neighbor will need your faith, your belief, your heart to say to their heart – “take comfort, have faith, believe. You see my heart is in peace. You can have the same. I will give it to you, my neighbor, so that you, in the midst of trials, can have joy and happiness in a world in absorption of self.” Our Lady said in the Field July 4, 2008:

“…be my extended hands in this peaceless world.”


This is your present and future calling.

With Love,

Friend of Medjugojre

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 a flock of sheep grazing in Medjugorje

Just beyond the rock walls encircling the area where Our Lady appeared today, October 2, 2008, was this serene scene of a flock of sheep grazing, with their shepherd nearby. It was a beautiful image to see after hearing Our Lady say that She had gathered Her children around Her in the message today, bringing to mind the words of Holy Scripture that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and we are His sheep.


• Click Here to Listen to the Radio WAVE Broadcast of October 2, 2008 

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Prayer for Nonbelievers

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10 thoughts on “Only Faith Will Give You Strength In Life’s Trials”

  1. Thank you for these Christmas messages—-what a joy it has been to listen to them. The world needs peace—-our Lady loves us all so very much as does her Son, Jesus. She must be sad when she sees the world as it has become. Let us all be apostles and spread the love and peace of Our Lady and Her Son, Jesus Christ.

  2. Thank you for these Christmas messages—-what a joy it has been to listen to them. The world needs peace—-our Lady loves us all so very much as does her Son, Jesus. She must be sad when she sees the world as it has become. Let us all be apostles and spread the love and peace of Our Lady and Her Son, Jesus Christ.

  3. I feel in my heart that this Christmas will be a special one. The Babe is calling out to us to spread the good news, and to set the captives free. Change will come to our families, nation, and world if we say yes to “love”. Only with love will we remove the shackles and bondage of sin.May the peace and Joy of this Blessed day reign in our hearts, and the “love” of the Babe, our Lord Jesus, transform our hearts.Merry Christmas, Anthony

  4. This is the best Christmas present I could have received. Thank you, God and Mary, for the encouragement, hope and love You show us through Your messages. Thank You and please bless the visionaries, Your apostles and all who are striving to live the messages. Thank You for Caritas of Birmingham. Thank you, Caritas, for being so faithful and sharing so much love and dedication over the years. Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to be part of this, unworthy as I am. Thanks for all Your blessings!

  5. Thank you,Thank you Mary,Thank you Jesus,Thank you God of the world,Thanks for spreading the word.May you (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit) always be adored, praised, glorified and loved by all.

  6. Dear Medjugorje Family,Peace to all and a Blessed Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for sharing these Christmas messages with us. I feel as though you may be on to something wonderful here. I’ve listened to you for many years now and enjoy your programs very much, but this is a fresh and new approach.I do agree that the environment that we find ourselves in today is very troubling. Yet, in this season of Christmas there is hope. Everyone can feel the tension in our midst these days.

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