One Mind, One Thought *

It’s hard just to put one definition on it,
It’s witness,
Prayer and fasting, keeping Sunday holy,
Seeing Creation through each other, through nature,
To live in peace amidst the challenges,
Putting faith into practice,
Taking care of each other’s needs,
Living first for God,
Everyone goes to the same goal,
call received from Heaven, simple, dependence on God,
It’s beautiful, family, friends,
One mind, one thought,
Close to God,
Putting God first and leading others to Him,
simpler way of time, cherishing the land,
The life of simplicity, God wants to give us joy,
The orientation towards Heaven, experience of Our Lady,
What God had planned for man from the beginning,
What makes you live, Jesus’ joy, living for the future,
Where you don’t have to grow up and move away,
There’s never a dull moment,
Living spiritually for God…everything,
Where love reigns, and Mary of Nazareth is held as Queen,
Pray, work, and play…pray, pray, pray,
Dirt, patience, and perseverance, minus your will, equals…
way of life

“The Creation of a Way of Life”

Our Lady Queen of Peace


 * One mind, one thought, is put together from 25 statements from 25 different Caritas community members


International Copyright © 2004, 2009, SJP, For permission to use call Caritas of Birmingham at (205) 672-2000. (USA)


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  1. This is just another hatchet job being done on Roy Moore. Similar to the ones done on Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Donald Trump. satan”s tactics by this time should be easily discerned by most people in situations of this type. I believe many are finely getting tired of the progressive Marxist atheistic attacks being done on our leaders who stand by the natural law od God. Hopefully, there are enough people who can turn the tide of this rubbish.

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