New Treasure

New Treasure

December 25, 2020 A.D.

from a Friend of Medjugorje

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33 thoughts on “New Treasure”

  1. So beautiful and peaceful in such a sad unpeaceful world.  It is urgent that we pray to read and hear all the peaceful information written as it is the only way we will survive.

  2. Bernadette Alleng

    Been to Medugorje twice and my wish to visit again. So peaceful, as if I left something behind there I miss it. 

  3. Beautiful presentation emphasizes Our Lady Christmas messages that she gave us yesterday. Many Blessings this Christmas, let us all rejoice and be glad in this special time of warmth peace and joy and let us all hope and pray for a better future with Baby Jesus beside us and Our Lady guiding us. Have a very Merry Joyful and Holy Christmas. 

  4. As I watched and listened to this video presentation a gentle peace came over me.  Praise and Thanksgiving be to Jesus and Mary. Thank you Caritas for saying “Yes” to being instruments and vessels of Our Lord and Our Lady. Amen

  5. Jennifer D'Cunha

    What a consoling message of love and hope especially because of the pandemic that we are going through.  May Jesus and Mary touch every heart and bring it consolation and peace.  Lord Jesus teach us to pray and love you and your Mother Mary more each day.  Be our reason to live. 

  6. A GREAT video to remember the place I’ve been to one time climbing up the mountain with some two Filipino brothers from USA. A blessing was felt and a cure for a sick child I prayed for was cured. Thanks for this spiritual opportunity. Angel Abdon Jr  Sent from Laguna, Philippines 

  7. Thank you Jesus and Mary for saving the world with your love and sacrifices. No words can be sufficient to capture the sacrifice you endured for our salvation. I love you Lord, I love you Mother Mary. I will spread the word of God and Mary to all I meet. I will always do my best and give you both my all. Your devoted child. Rose

  8. I awoke this Christmas morning to join you in the field looking at the pine lite with light and being in  unity with you at the break of dawn under the tree of life in the field, when My Mother of Heaven and earth gave to me the gift of Her Son, Son of God, Emmanuel in 2009. Since that moment my life was no longer my own but Hers. Her extended hands. In the arms of Mary I was not alone this morning. Little Jesus was born in my heart. I prayed the Rosary novena and asked my loved ones in heaven to pray with me for I am all alone without my family. I experienced what Our Lady says, to be happy for all those who are in the stable. I felt the Holy presence of so many that I yearned to be with them. I am not alone. When I have Jesus through the arms of Mary about to come to the earth to bless us. I have everything and I am HAPPY! Merry Christmas. Happy birthday baby Jesus. Come and be born in our hearts. 

  9. MERRY CHRISTMAS CARITAS! I think of your community so often ! You lbrought me to Medjugorje and Our Lady led me back to Tradition! I travel for these Holy Masses too but not as far….both hold ,” The Secret Treasure”  for eternal life.God Bless you everyone!

  10. Catherine Cowell

    It’s hard 2 imagine that Jesus, the most treasured & important human being took on the guise of a little child 2 save the world!!  The older I get the more devotion I have 2 Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother Mary.  Thankyou Jesus 4 being the living example of holiness & humility.  I love u more than words can say!!  All my ? Catherine.

  11. Angela Zaccardelli

    God directed me to Medjugorje, place of conversion. So true are words that our earth and for Americans, our country needs to be the place for conversion. USA must in protective mantel of love and protection of our Blessed Mother. Thank you, Caritas the Friend. 

  12. Thank you for this beautiful Christmas gift. May the treasure of Our Blessed Mother come into and grow in my heart and the hearts of my husband, children and grandchildren. 

  13. Let us wait in hope and trust for our mothers plan of peace for it is his will God bless you all dear friends merry christmas ann london england

  14. I really enjoyed all three of the clips.  The New Treasure was moving and beautiful and reverent.  I also liked the truck of Medjugorje going to Texas.  You are right we are weak but She has come to make us strong.  Thanks for everything-Merry Christmas-Lots of love to all. Joanne

  15. I went to visit Medjugorje with a group in 1991 and have never forgotten the blessing it turned out to be. It was the tenth anniversary of her first appearance and one of the visitors and I saw something we have never heard anyone else talk about.  

  16. I am so thankful to have been led to  go on a Caritas Pilgrimage to Medjigorje in 1999 after an jmpromto visit to Caritas sacred grounds. Both trips were ithe most life changing decisions i ever made. Thank you Caritas Family for your  relentless commitment to get as many hearts as close  as possible to our Lady’s heart. You are in my prayerscandvat thebtop of my biweekly donation list. Love yall.

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