Need Renewal? Come to Caritas December 8-12, 2013

Need Renewal? Come to Caritas December 8-12, 2013

Are you in a spiritual stupor or have something important you are praying for? Come to Caritas December 8-12, 2013…

December 4, 2013 A.D.

Twenty-five years ago, Our Lady appeared in the home of Caritas’ founder and his wife to Medjugorje visionary Marija. Our Lady said:

December 4, 1988

“I invite you to live the profoundness of the messages that I give.” *


This was a very striking message, because at this point of time in 1988, not much emphasis was being given to Our Lady’s messages in general. Sometimes our founder would encounter people who would say that Our Lady’s messages were too simple or repetitive, or that She was simply repeating the Gospel, and no deep understanding of Our Lady’s message were being sought. Our Lady’s words above given in the Bedroom of his home, confirmed his walk to continue to seek a deeper understanding of the messages. The founder of Caritas has written more on Medjugorje than anyone in the world, all through seeking to understand Our Lady’s words. What rose up here at Caritas was a place dedicated to the messages of Our Lady, existing for the purpose of living the messages, and then transmitting that witness of living the messages to the world. Over 100,000 people have come here seeking to deepen their spiritual lives, renew their hearts, heal their marriages and families, and become a new people. Caritas exists for the message – and for you to understand the message in a practical way for your daily life.

If you are in need of renewal or healing personally, or for your marriage or family, come to Caritas December 8-12, 2013 and spend five days in a place dedicated to the message, and let the profoundness of the message change your life. If you know of someone else in need of this healing, invite them to come – you may be responsible for their salvation. For more information, and for directions click to visit here, or call Caritas at 205-672-2000.

*For more on the December 4, 1988 apparition and message click to visit here…

Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

For the latest update and to help us reach the goal visit here

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