Need a Spiritual Direction?

Need a Spiritual Direction?

The world is lacking so much spiritual direction and is in such great need of guidance that Our Lady of Medjugorje comes to lead us as a spiritual director.

The world is lacking so much spiritual direction and is in such great need of guidance that Our Lady of Medjugorje comes to lead us as a spiritual director.

March 25, 1988

“…You, dear children, are not conscious of how God loves you with such a great love. Because of it He permits me to be with you so I can instruct you and help you to find the way of peace…”

Finding the way of peace brings fullness and order to all areas of our lives. Even in the midst of disorder, one can live peace. But who possesses the wisdom that can spiritually guide you through every difficulty and still maintain peace? It is Our Lady who possesses this wisdom. She is coming to offer us strong solid spiritual direction for our troubled lives. The key to her success in us is our surrender.

March 25, 1988

“Dear children, today also I am calling you to a complete surrender to God…”

By our human desires we hamper Our Lady’s plans for us. Only through surrender and living Her messages will our lives improve. Without surrender, we further mangle our tangled up situations, falling deeper into trouble the more we try and fix them. Our Lady, through our surrender, can, in time, straighten our lives out. We must, during the meantime, be content to pray.

February 29, 1984

“…Be content with prayer…”

May 25, 1988

“…Neither be anxious nor worried…”

The world teaches us to worry, teaches us to be frightened and insecure in our situation so that satan, who is behind it all, through desperation will tempt man to become anxious and then lead him to try to remedy his and society’s problems by his own decisions and power. This only dooms us further because man has not the capability to do so without God.

February 29, 1984

“Pray! It may seem strange to you that I always speak of prayer, and yet I say: pray! Why do you hesitate? In Holy Scripture you have heard it said, ‘Do not worry about tomorrow, each day will have its own worries.’ Then do not worry about the other days. Be content with prayer. I, your Mother, will take care of the rest.”

When we abandon everything to God, He will not abandon us. Our trust then allows Him to act and to help us find the way.

May 25, 1988

“…God will help you and show you the way…”

To find the way, we must first decide for God not satan, then surrender and be strong in our decision. We must be strong in God.

May 25, 1988

“…Pray, little children, that satan does not sway you like branches in the wind. Be strong in God…”

Our decision for God must be solid and decisive. Marija, one of the Medjugorje visionaries, says of Our Lady:

“Our Lady has a great spirit of decision.”

A good place to start today is to pray for “a great spirit of decision.” A spirit of indecisiveness plagues the world and the Church. Decide for God in everything.

In the Love of Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugojre

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23 thoughts on “Need a Spiritual Direction?”

  1. Thank you Father. Thank You for Our Lady and sending her to us for this long. Thank for everything you continue to do in our lives. Thank You above all for the gift of knowledge of You. May the whole world know You Father.

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