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Mystical, Mystery, Mystic

Mystical, Mystery, Mystic

The following is a Friend of Medjugorje’s writing that he wrote for the opening of the Community of Caritas’ one-room schoolhouse, named Our Lady of Victory Schoolhouse. The school writings require deep thought, for there are hidden meanings in his words which can mean different things to different people. He has written one for every school year, since 1999 – for 22 years. The writing below, titled, “Mystical, Mystery, Mystic,” gives several new revelations about what Our Lady has done with this mission.


Mystical, Mystery, Mystic

by a Friend of Medjugorje


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An ark is not measured, in importance, by its size.  The contents within it determine its importance.  What is an ark?  An ark can be different things.  The Garden of Eden was the womb for the first birth of man.  The Ark of Eden, with its umbilical cord, nurtured man’s needs.  All arks have great importance. Arks are the outward sign of man’s need.  An ark can be defined as “Life Giving.”


Before Creation, there was God.  God was the first Ark.  Where did the universe, with all its millions of galaxies, with billions of stars, come from?  The great void was filled, out of the very Being of God.  Within Him resides all things that is and will ever be.  Therefore, everything is sacred and holy to glorify God.  Man has taken from God what is holy and has transferred it for perverse use, degrading man, causing him to fall.


Biblical history tells man of his falls.  Then it tells of his rise.  It is a cycle that repeats itself throughout the Bible, from man’s beginning to this moment.  On time’s scale, the weight of this moment has hit the bottom, with no possibility for any counterweight to raise the heavy weight off the bottom of the scale.  Forty years ago, in 1981, Heaven foresaw that the scale would reach the bottom by 2021, a fall of wickedness exceeding Noah’s time by the weight of man’s sin, that God would have to begin a Divine intervention unlike any other time in history.


Four hundred years ago, man was at the peak of the beautiful European renaissance.  He had risen to new heights and pride began to fill his heart. He began the fall over the next four centuries to this moment.  Man had made great civilization progress, but without God. Man has wandered off to foreign gods and objects and many inventions, of which have enslaved him.  Man has raised these things to the level of divinity.  These gods have shackled him with so much weight, he is no longer able to lift them off without Divine intervention.


The Israelites were enslaved, for 400 years, in much the same time as man today.  The Israelites also wandered off to foreign gods.  Moses was chosen, with miracles and signs, to lift the weight of slavery and bad mentalities from them so they could leave Egypt, return to God and be given a land that He had promised to them.  God gave Moses the 10 Commandments and Moses gave the 10 Commandments to the Israelites. It would take great effort, and many miracles, to change the Israelites’ deformed mentalities, to be reformed, to lift them from their fall and to return them to God.  It took 40 years to purify their mentalities.  God, through Moses, fed them Manna from Heaven, to save them and to lift their hearts that they would become a people who would serve Him, and be deserving to enter the Promised Land.


In the summer of 1977, a drive through a valley that was so mystical, one could feel a mystery.  Veterans from The War of 1812 were granted 40 acres each, in this valley and among these mountains.  As they entered the valley traveling the Indian path, turned to the settler’s road, now turned to highway 43.  They felt the same mystic awe of entering a “Promised Land.” They named it “Paradise Valley,” a parallel of when the Israelites entered the Promised Land after having to fight for the land.  Four years later, from that ordained drive down Highway 43, a 40-year “exodus,” in 1981, begins for the whole world; an entry into and then through a desert where the heavy weight of bad mentalities and ways could be lifted off the chosen ones, just as the Israelites experienced.


For the great plan for the salvation for the world, two geographic places on the face of the earth would be the Biblical amphitheater for the great battle:


Medjugorje: The Desert. The Manna, Our Lady’s messages, to purify the way of man to return to God and be God’s people, ready to serve Him.


Caritas:  The Promised Land.  The propagation of the Manna for man, and for man to return to the land and be God’s children.


The Biblical cycle, changing from falling to rising, changing from bad to good, a deciding and returning to God.


When Moses died, God told His people, with Joshua, to go from the wilderness and cross the Jordan River to the land promised to Moses that He would give them.  God separated the waters of the Jordan for them, just as He had with the Red Sea, so they could pass.  God would fight their battles as long as they kept the Law of God.


Throughout Biblical history, there are few arks.  The largest was Noah’s Ark.  A “lifesaving” Ark that saved mankind and animal kind.  Then there was the Ark of the Covenant, “life giving,” containing the 10 Commandment tablets, Aaron’s rod that had bloomed and a piece of manna, all of which represented the presence of God.  The smallest and most sacred “life giving” Ark that Scripture relays to us, was the womb of a Woman, “the Ark of His covenant,” that was seen within His temple:


“Then God’s temple in Heaven was opened, and the Ark of his covenant was seen within his temple…A great sign appeared in Heaven, a Woman clothed with the sun with the moon under feet and on Her head a crown of twelve stars.  She was with child.” Revelation 11:19; 12:1-2


Another “lifesaving” ark is given for the end times, to carry man through the greatest distress the world has ever seen.  Within it is the sacred Manna to give lifesaving nourishment to man.  Strangely, this ark is very similar in size to Noah’s Ark.  Its ordained name defines the purpose of the ark: to preserve the Manna coming from Heaven.  The Ark’s name…




An ark planted in the Promised Land that Our Lady said on June 25, 2021:

“…decide for God so that it may be good for you on the land which God gave you…”


A land that satan tried to take and God literally spoke, saying:

“Wait for the Lord and keep His ways.  He will promote you to the ownership of the land.” Psalm 37:34


June 25, 2002

“… every word that I am giving you…comes from Heaven…”


“Words from Heaven”


The only place on earth


Anointed and designated, as the Ark, to pass to all future generations


The Manna


To the end of the world


Tread lightly, for you walk on Holy Ground.

Friend of Medjugorje

                                                  October 2, 2021, A.D.


Mystical, Mystery, Mystic


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20 thoughts on “Mystical, Mystery, Mystic”

  1. City: century
    State: fl.
    Country: usa
    hi my beloved community, it is true. i been blessed to visit this gift. it is a joy that gets renewed every time .whether i am there or not it brings joy and peace. GOD has bless this land and the community. most important they share their love with us. how long do i wish to visit more.one heart of people to share our journey with OUR LADY AND MOTHER .always in my heart ,john


    City: TORONTO
    State: ONTARIO
    Country: CANADA
    That is an extremely powerful metaphor. It is a remarkable tale. It is one that I will read over and over again. The writer is very talented.
    So long. Yours in JMJ
    Angus Stevens

  3. City: Haskell
    State: Nj
    Country: 🇺🇸
    May Mary lead us every day. Pls pray for my children so they have a grace of faith . Thank you for all ….

  4. City: Placentia
    State: CA
    Country: United States
    Thank you for reminding me, we really need this message today

  5. City: Goodlettsville
    State: Tennessee
    Country: United States

  6. City: Lawrenceville
    State: Georgia
    Country: USA
    This was awesome. I may not know much, but this I know. My Lord Jesus, he is in my soul. I may not know much, but this I can tell, my Lord Jesus is there to dwell.

  7. Sandi Dawn Abell

    City: Meadowbank
    State: NSW
    Country: Australia
    During this Pandemic, I have thought deeply about my life and about God and it became very clear to me that without God my life is not worth living. I thank God for my faith, for each day that He gives me because without Him there would be nothing to live for, He is my life and my Love. Thank you for your beautiful words of wisdom, please pray for me and my family.

  8. Anthony Madejczyk

    These present days are most certainly as sinful, but most likely are even more sinful than those days during the time of Noah and only eight were found worthy of saving. Today, we must repent and pray for the conversion of souls to JESUS CHRIST, for the end is nearer than ever before.

    “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”
    Matthew 24:37 KJV

    “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;”
    1 Timothy 2:5

  9. City: Kents Store
    State: VA
    Country: United States
    This is a pretty big Wow! I can now understand the bridge between Mej. and Caritas.

  10. City: Sulphur
    State: La
    Country: USA
    It is a great blessing to have such a place of peace that God and His Mother have given our country with so many hurts and divisions.
    I believe this Holy Ground can help spread The Flame of Love of The Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    Thank you Jesus for sharing Your Mother Mary with us.

  11. santos gonzales

    City: frisco
    State: Texas
    Country: United States
    Words of inspiration. This sounds like a modern day prophet. This time in history is a repeat of the old testament.
    GOD saves the Israelite, their living becomes comfortable and they forget GOD. GOD brings down his wrath and all of a sudden
    realize they need GOD and GOD being merciful takes them back to the promise land. Our nation has been living a corrupt life and now
    GOD felt he needed to bring down his wrath for our corruption. Now we need prayer more than ever to turn around this evil democrat administration
    before they kill us all and turn this country completely evil for satan.


  12. City: Sumner
    State: Nebraska
    Country: United States
    This was beautiful I really am joyed every bit of it I was very uplifting, thank you for putting this video on

  13. City: Lake City
    State: Florida
    Country: USA
    This is a breathtaking description of how Our Blessed Mother and her instrument a Friend of Medjugorje has transformed a valley into a beacon of Divine light. Through unconditional surrender to Our Lady like St Joseph gave unquestioning loyalty to her, we all have an opportunity to see the coming storm as an opportunity to soldier through victoriously. What a beautiful metaphor for what lies ahead for anyone who will totally embrace Our Lady’s messages and her loving guidance. Thank you and God bless Caritas of Birmingham and a Friend of Medjugorje, Susan

  14. City: Schoharie
    State: New York
    Country: USA
    Mystical, Awe inspiring lifesaving oasis for myself and family.
    ” like a tree planted near running water” ” that yields fruit in due season, whose leaves never fade.” Whatever he does propers”Psalm 1
    So timely this was from today’s Mass reading’s.As was this :Malachi 3:13- 20b a portion of here” and they shall be mine says the Lord of hosts, my own special possession, on the day I take action.”
    So many Souls rescued by those who sacrificed and spread messages from heaven we may have never know of ! See how THE FATHER loves us!

  15. City: FULTON
    State: New York
    Country: United States
    Our Lady’s presence now, is also the story ofI Repentance and Reconciliation. It’s Her Final Offer, to the World, For All Of Us, to Return, back to God. When we Pray, each of the “Mysteries” of the Rosary, Our Prayers create an Efficacy Spanning Space and Time. Evidence of this exists, when we consider how the Laity, had “Mystical,” knowledge of Our Lady’s Dogma’s, long before each was Confirmed by Her later. Though the Church has had a number of outstanding, Doctors of the Faith, it doesn’t take a “Mystic,” to recognize Our Lady is not only Leading Us Here In The Promised Land, She is Equally Calling the Rest of Her Children, coming as Refugees, to Conversion. When the Apostles and Christians were being hunted down and killed, this created a Diaspora, Speeding Up the Expansion of Christianity to the Ends of the Earth. Now that Christianity has Reached the Ends of the Earth, and the Tares, have Grown Alongside the Wheat, Our Lady Prepares Our Hearts to Accept these Refugees as our Future Brothers and Sisters in Christ. They are the one’s being Brought into the Land, which God is Giving them. They are the one’s coming out of Physical and Spiritual Captivity, from their Old Oppressive Regimes, into this one, where the Seeds of faith, scattered by, “Our Lady of Good Success,” and Her other Apparitions, will Bloom into the Flowers of New Faith to be known as, the Great Conversion, after the Secrets of Medjugorje are Revealed. This is why Our Lady is a constant reminder that we need to Think as God Thinks and not as man does. At this Time, many in our country are acting, as the Jew’s did, when God was doing, “Something New.” They Fought Against God’s Plans then and Many People Now, Still Do, some without even knowing it. The Efficacy of Our Lady’s Plans, depend on the True Disposition of Our Hearts, in accepting God’s Will, for Us to Accept These New Brothers and Sisters in Christ. It’s this Reason, the devil’s been crafting the False Ecumenical Faith of Brotherhood and promoting a New World Religion promoting a False Peace, through Inclusion, Rather Than Repentance. This is being done to sow confusion and division and the Reason Why Revelation 12:17 of the Bible tells us, after the War between Michael, the Angels and satan, “the dragon was furious with the woman, and he went off to make war on the REST OF HER CHILDREN, on those who keep God’s commandments and hold firmly to the witness of Jesus.” The devil “GOES OFF,” to wage war with the rest of Her Children.
    The devil does this, because here in our Nation, we Christians are smart enough to allow Our Holy Mother to Reveal the Truth, Even if We’ve had the Division of Christianity, fracturing the Body of Christ into so many Separate Parts of a Universal Church. As a Nation, We’re Able to Throw Off the Shackles of This Oppressive Government, because the Very Means, Believed by the Left, to be the Way for Eternal Power, will become God’s Tool, to Bring About Its Demise. WE ARE FOOLS, to fight Our Lady and God’s Plans at this Time. We should Open Our Borders Wide, and Our Hearts Even Wider, but it’s OK for now, that so many are blind to this Truth, because God has equally Blinded, our Oppressors, at this Time. Not By Words, But By A Way Of Life, Will We Get, Everything, We Are All Praying For. God Bless and may Our Lord’s Peace, Come through Our Lady, into the whole world.
    Your Friend Bear

  16. City: Bel Air
    State: MD
    Country: USA
    I have believed all along since first hearing of Caritas in 1998, and visiting in 2004 [when and where I became/remain a Medjugorje miracle]. Nevertheless, I did not know what I did not know here until now. Am I surprised? No! Am I elated? Yes! This brings our world together! I visualize this now. May God and Our Lady continue to bless and protect A Friend of Medjugorje, family, community, and followers abundantly, as we spread this ongoing miracle throughout the USA and world, Amen!

  17. City: Plano
    State: TX
    Country: USA
    I have read it. I will have to pray and read it again..and again to absorb what you are saying. Thank you for saying it.

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