My Plans for the World and this Parish

My Plans for the World and this Parish


Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s Prayer Group Apparition
through Ivan on January 1, 2011


Our Lady appeared to Ivan on top of Apparition Mountain at a little after 10:00 p.m. on January 1, 2011. The apparition lasted about 10 minutes. There were thousands of pilgrims present for this apparition. The following is Ivan’s description of the apparition:

Tonight, as after every day after every encounter with Our Lady, I want to describe also to you what was the most important from this meeting tonight.

Tonight Our Lady came to us very joyful and happy and greeted all of us at the beginning with Her usual Motherly greeting: “Praised be Jesus, my dear children”.

Afterwards Our Lady said:

“Dear children also today the Mother calls you with joy – pray, pray, pray. Pray, dear children, and help me realize my plans which I desire to realize with the world and with this parish. Dear children, in a special way today I call you to pray for vocations in the Church, for a firm faith of my priests. Know, dear children, that I always pray with you when it is the most difficult for you, therefore, persevere in prayer. Pray together with me. Also today I want to say thank you to you for having responded, for having accepted my messages and for living my messages.”

Afterwards Our Lady prayed for a longer time over all of us here with Her arms extended. She blessed us all with Her Motherly blessing and blessed everything you brought to be blessed. After that, She prayed especially over you the sick who are present here. I recommended all of you, all your needs, your intentions, your families and in a special way, as always, I recommended the sick. Afterwards a conversation followed, I spoke to Our Lady and She spoke to me. After that conversation, Our Lady continued to pray over all of us and in that prayer She left in an illuminated Sign of the Cross with the greeting:
“Go in peace, my dear children”.


My Plans for the World and this Parish

By A Friend of Medjugorje

In tonight’s apparition during Medjugorje visionary Ivan’s prayer group, Our Lady gave a full message. Our Lady again speaks of plan‘s’, with an ‘s’. Our Lady said on July 24, 1989:

“…there are today many plan’s’ that I cannot fulfill without you…”

Yet, tonight’s message emphasizes the parish of Medjugorje.


January 1, 2011

“…help me to realize my plans which I desire to realize with the world and with this parish…”


Our Lady’s plans are for the whole world, but Our Lady does not negate the parish of Medjugorje. Who makes up the parish? It is the people. Through these simple people Our Lady wants to:


October 25, 1996

“…renew the world…”


This is the first time the Church is being renewed through the laity. Medjugorje is a lay-led movement. Most of the visionaries had planned to become religious. They did not. Yet, it is Our Lady who says, “Pray for vocations”. The condition of the seminaries and religious orders when Our Lady began appearing was such that there was a great need for purification. Truth be known, much of what we have seen in recent years, much of what still must come is the purification that has come through Our Lady’s presence, especially the purification of seminaries. Seminaries will also take on a new form in the future. In seminaries today there is an inordinate focus on the intellectual and not the purity of holiness. Simple holiness, like that of St. John Vianney, is in contradiction of intellectual knowledge of holiness.


Our Lady led the Medjugorje visionaries to simple holiness and to the vocation of Holy Matrimony, instead of to religious vocations. Why? Because marriage made holy, in unity, creates the family of God and will give birth to bountiful abundant vocations in the future. Our Lady said:


May 1, 1986

“…I wish that the fruits of the family be seen one day…”


The intellectualism that has prevailed in the Church has derailed many a vocation, as well as weakened the faith of the Church. Instead of leading the culture through simple, but profound holiness, we have followed the culture in accepting that college degrees, doctorates, and the like qualifies one more so than holiness. Intellectually, there certainly would be an objection against that statement and the judgment that this is not correct. But this writing is not about arguing a point, it is about reality. Reality proves the point. We have killed holiness with intellectualism through idolizing the “god of being educated.” In reality, St. John Vianney could never pass through the seminary today, and yet he was named as the model and mentor for priests in the Year of the Priest – which is a contradiction of the path we have been on for decades in what seminaries have taught. Jesus taught simply. His teaching of Scripture and life was understood by all. Actually, those who were “educated” were at a disadvantage in understanding Jesus’ teachings. The simple, humble people understood Him best. Our Lady’s messages today have often been rejected by those who say they say nothing even, in the past, calling Our Lady of Medjugorje a chatterbox. Yet, Our Lady says these messages are to save the world. This contradicts this mentality that the intellectual methods will save the world vs. Our Lady’s basic simple messages to save the world.


Once in Medjugorje, a young man said he wanted to become a priest. His fire and enthusiasm and desire for holiness were impressive. Eleven years of going through the educational system, and still in the seminary, his vocation was squelched with watered down intellectualism. The fire of the heart, put out, had moved into the dullness of the mind. The holiness he once radiated with his heart, moved into the mind radiating, instead, intellectualism about Scripture, Church teaching, social justice and complex formulas and scenarios difficult to understand and of little interest to the everyday life of believers.


Our Lady has come to raise up a springtime for the Church. It will come through the laity – laity who will raise up vocations in their families, who will raise up a new culture, not based in intellectualism, but simplicity of heart, formed in basic common sense – the profound education to have, based in the light of Jesus Christ. Our Lady said, referring to Jesus:

December 2, 2007

“…the light of common sense…”


Being educated is very important. The educational systems we have at present, including all the way up to the universities, are not important. They are harmful and a leading cause of the problems of the world today. Our Lady’s school is the school all schools must be based in. All other schools will lose their importance, including ivy league colleges. In the past, the Roman Coliseum with all its grandeur came to disuse as holiness took root and conquered the culture. The Coliseum was abandoned and Christians pulled its marble stones apart and built St. Peter’s Basilica, and other beautiful churches, from them. We will see the day when the stones of the higher learning institutions of our day are taken apart and from them beautiful churches will arise from the rubble, raised up by and for the souls whose intelligence is the light of common sense and holiness.


A last question remains. If universities fall into disuse, how will we get doctors, scientists, etc.? The answer is simple. It will come through holiness and apprenticeship. Everything, every profession can be taught through apprenticeship, just as Joseph, the carpenter, taught Jesus carpentry.


In the Love of Our Lady,
A Friend of Medjugorje


Apparition Mountain sillouhette

The silhouette of Jesus on the Cross overlooking the lights of Medjugorje the night of the first day of the year, January 1, 2011. Medjugorje visionary, Ivan, has been in Medjugorje this week and went to Apparition Mountain for Our Lady’s first apparition on the mountain this year. New Year’s day is the Feast of the Mother of God. Mary, the Woman who appears to Ivan, who is also the Mother of God, was present not only at His birth, but also at the foot of the Cross, at His death. Both events were necessary for the salvation of man. Our Lady’s presence on this mountain, in a glorified body, also brings to mind that She was a witness to His resurrection, as well. The birth, death and resurrection of Jesus is the hope of men for all time, and for us, in our time. The Mother has come to renew within us this hope.


Man praying

“Open your hearts to me. Give your sufferings to me. The Mother will help.”

Beautiful words to receive after you have lived those words. This man climbed Apparition Mountain for Ivan’s apparition, January 1, 2011, and opened his heart with fervent prayer. The following morning, January 2, Our Lady speaks the above words to Mirjana. Once the Caritas Community had the opportunity to write out petitions to Our Lady before the apparition. They spent several hours to complete their petitions. During the apparition, Medjugorje visionary Marija said that they could individually present Our Lady their petitions during the apparition. They came up, one by one, and dropped them at Our Lady’s feet in front of Marija. Our Lady did not end the apparition until after everyone had the opportunity to present their petitions. On that day, Our Lady gave a message to the community. She said:

“I wish to give you graces. Ask for them.”

What great joy was given to them for these words that they had just lived, having spent at least two hours writing everything in their hearts to ask Our Lady. It opened their hearts more fully, and the desire increased in them to go with confidence to Our Lady for every need in their hearts. You can do the same by clicking here to send your petitions to be placed in Our Lady’s presence.


Girl praying

What were you doing the night of New Year’s Day? Many went to bed early to recover from the “celebration” of the night before, having no thought of God, no need for prayer. This girl was among thousands who climbed a dark mountain the night of January 1, 2011, in Medjugorje, huddled in the cold for hours, and knelt on hard rocky ground to finally receive in her heart the Mother’s love, a love that has been giving itself to the world for the past almost 30 years, of which most of the world is still oblivious. Late night on top of a mountain, dark, cold, rocks beneath knees—but peace. Not a bad way to start the New Year.

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52 thoughts on “My Plans for the World and this Parish”

  1. Connie Aiello

    I believe that Mother Mary is alwaysThere for us. We are blessed with her signs of faith, hope and love. I love you Mother with all my heart, my mind and my soul.

  2. I believe that Mother Mary is always There for us. We are blessed with her signs of faith, hope and love. I love you Mother with all my heart, my mind and my soul.

  3. What a wonderful e-mail! I was really touched by the wordsand pictures I saw and started crying. And I took a decision:I will plan a visit to Medjugorje! Now I can understand why people go there year after year. May Mary bless you and everybody responsible for this site. Thanks a lot!

  4. Thanks and may God Bless You all for this messages to us. Thank You Mother for your Love and affection. Heavenly Father loves us so much, may be this is the last chance for repent and turn our selves to the Lord. Dear Lord! have mercy and give the wisdom to understand your Love. Make all your creation repent and turn to you!

  5. Duane and Kelly Caro

    Praised be Jesus and Mary forever! Thank you Father for loving us so much by sending your Son, the Spirit, and Our Mother to save us. Thank you for all the graces received over the past 32 years. ESPECIALLY, thank you for the gift we received on the 25th. Our hearts overflow with joy.

  6. Marilyn Koski

    Thank you Dear Mother and beautiful Lady. How I wish I could be there with you in your presence. We so need Our Lord back in all of our lives, school, government etc.Thank you we love you and will pray for peace. It is great to be able to share this with others.

  7. Its very powerful and moving, just reading this messages of Our Lady to the visionaries, I am one of those that always fall to temptation. But this messages gives me the courage to carry on no matter how wicked and sinful I have become. Mother Mary, help me by Your prayers and intercession…Love to You our Mother,David.

  8. Sandy goreczny

    It is so amazing that our holy mother cares so much for us.that we mean so much to the trinity and mother.

  9. I hope some day I will. Be able to visit that blessed place where Our Lady appears with those messages to make us feel that not everything is lost. I will be able I am sure.

  10. Joanne Donohue

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It is joyful, hopeful. It keeps us mindful of our purpose, to be a light for the world, to be a reflection of Jesus in our everyday interactions with our brothers here at home. By our own merit, it is impossible, but with the grace of God, it is possible!

  11. Mother Queen of Peace, my heart loves you and has been with you for many years. The love of Jesus is felt through and through in my heart! Mother Dear, you have touched my very being and soul! I pray along with you in Miracles for the sick in “Praise JESUS”, and Joy for those who have Faith, Love, and Hope to look forward to Peace between man to bring world peace to save our world. Thank you, Virgin Mother, Mother of JESUS, Bless the visionary who receives your visits to Medjugorje for your messages to consult us with your messages for a better life in the Name of JESUS, you Beloved Son!

  12. Ask our Lady for Graces to give God Glory by knowing our sins,confess our sins and repent. These our great Gracesfor all of us our sinners. Keeping the Stofle Family in Prayers



  14. Steven and Ivanova Tomaino-Cra

    How amazingly awesome have these messages and apparitions in Medjugorie have turned our lives from the material world directly 100% toward Father God, through Jesus Christ, our Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit guided here on earth by the Holy Father Pope Francis I. We have completely dedicated the rest of our living here earth to these principles and guidance daily through prayer, fasting, meditating and penance. We are ONE in this way and show our gratitude daily by sharing these messages with others, especially non-believers and lukewarm-believers. Praise be God, our Father through HIS son Jesus Christ, and our All Loving Eternal Mother Mary! Steven and Ivanova, AMDG

  15. Ellery Maloney

    There is nothing more beautiful,than the messages that flow from the mouth of our Blessed Mother during her apparitions. We are so fortunate to have these messages relayed on to us through Her messengers(visionaries)Thank you Blessed Mother for your prayers, and intervention, on our behalf with Your Son Jesus.

  16. I found this article to be particularly moving in a good way. I certainly do want to believe that Our Lady has been coming to us in this way for so many years to unite us all in the love of Christ.

  17. We are living in a special time of Grace! I pray that our Father will be pleased with our offerings of ourselves, our hearts, our wills. He has called us! We will not fail him!On, joyous Day! Lead us, Holy Mother, to our Heavenly Father and pray for our purification to be complete and will magnify our living God. All to the greater glory of God!Amen, Amen

  18. I praise the Father for creating you, dear Mother. You are the glorious crown of our race.I praise Jesus, the Son, for giving you to us as our own Mother. You are the Mediatrix of all grace.I praise the Holy Spirit, Your Spouse, O Our Lady. You are the quiet presence that stills our heart.Thank you, O Blessed Virgin Mary, for loving us, for leading us to your Son!

  19. jennifer robbins

    Thank you so much for this beautiful message. We all need to lean towards Mama Mary and to take up the cause. We need to pray, pray, pray – Oh Mama, thank you for your beautiful messages.

  20. Maryanne Bosch-Tinnemans

    With all my love. Felt God wanted me in Holland instead of Australia. Reading this gives me a feeling of inner certainty.Knowing the souls can see us as we pray for them is such a great comfort Ivan.Thank you.I feel by praying for those that have passed on you help them by giving them gifts to help others.Often I feel God wants my own words and my longing even if I can’t pray the way I think I should my soul reaches for Him wants to hold Him in the Chalice be close to Him in the tab.God bless Y+

  21. Mauren Lunsford

    Beautiful, touching. I still feel the total unconditional LOVE which Our Blessed Mother gave us on our pilgrimmage to Medjugorje in Aug. 2008. It will remain with me, personally, for the rest of my life. Thank you. Blessed Mother, for All the blessings you offer mankind through your intercession with Jesus, your son on our behalf.

  22. Everyday i look forward and always excited to read the holy messages of OUR LADY. Thank You very much for it. After i have read the messages… i felt renewed,complete and be more closer to GOD and MAMA MARY. Thank you, thank you, thank you. GOD bless CARITAS!

  23. Jeanette Johnson

    Words cannot express how much I enjoyed the photos & discussion of both the photos and the messages! Jeanette

  24. Thank you for the Holy message they uplift me a lot and they are a continuous reminder to me to keep praying for forgiveness of my sins and my people.l thank you dear children of God who havbe listened to MAMA MARIA and obeyed andthe hard work you are doing for informing the world about this end time for every being to be saved May you be blessed bountifully.AMEN.

  25. We all have a great responsibility to guide our families, and not to just stand by hoping things will change. We need to seek how we can make a difference in our church and neighborhoods. We cannot be idle any longer.

  26. lovely.will try to pray now with our mother. Please also try to pray for the christians in the middle east who are experiencing difficulty. May it end in peace.

  27. Thank you brother for sending me this message, I am really happy that I have my Dear Mother with me I was so far away form My Lord for the past ten years i was misled by the evil one.But this New Year I am with the Lord and My dear Mother with her blessing. I know She loves me unconditionally and that is why she saved me.I love you Jesus.I pray for all the world that they may find the love of Our Lord Jesus and with the help of Our dear Mother We can do it. May god Bless you and help u forever.

  28. Thank you. I am grateful to the community of caritas for sending me the message. May god bless and help you to do this holy job till the end. thank you.I am simply excited by hearing the message. but I do not know how to show the excitement . its unbeliveble.thank you.

  29. A very beautiful message from our mother. Also very interesting is your writing about education. After much prayer and study, we have decided that starting this January we will home-educate our daughter. We have found incredibly positive feedback about home-education, and found a great Catholic cover-school in our area. I Highly recommend looking into it – for anyone even remotely thinking the Lord may be leading them there! (see the book Catholic Education: Homeward bound by Kimberly Hahn)

  30. Beautifully written. I met a youing man today. He told me that last year he was in a train station in Italy with a ticket for Poland (he wanted to experience the home of Pope JP2) but a woman started to talk to him and when he said he was going to Poland she said “You must go to Medjugorje”. He was traveling alone and after she left he exchanged his ticket for one for Medjugorje. He said to me, “If the Blessed Mother wants you there she will make sure you get there”.

  31. Medjugorje is an integral part of God’s plan of salvation for the entire world at this critical moment in time. The Blessed Mother’s presence and her messages from Medjugorje are graces for the entire world. I was like many marian devotees and looked at Medjugorje as ‘another apparition’ or ‘one of the many sites of Our Lady’s visits’ but now I am realizing that Medjugorje is the central and pinnacle of all Marian Apparitions and will pave the way for our future in this “valley of tears”.

  32. Our Lady of Medjugorje always brings words of comfort and peace. My prayer is that more people heed Our Lady’s messages in 2011. With love and best wishes for the New Year from one of your Field Angels


  34. What a wonderful way to start the new year! I feel closer just reading these special words. Thank You. Praise be Jesus and Mary!

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