Mirjana’s March 2, 2008 Message


Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s March 2, 2008 Message to Mirjana

The following is the message Our Lady gave to Mirjana during her apparition on March 2, 2008.

“Dear children! I implore you, especially at this Lenten time, to respond to God’s goodness because He chose you and sent me among you. Be purified of sins and in Jesus, my Son, recognize the sacrifice of atonement for the sins of the entire world. May He be the meaning of your life. May your life become service to the Divine Love of my Son. Thank you my children.”

Mirjana added that Our Lady blessed all those present and all religious articles brought for blessing. And She called us anew to pray for our shepherds.


• Click Here to Listen to the Radio WAVE Broadcast about Mirjana’s Message of March 2…

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  1. Hello, greetings from the South Coast of England. Who is the presenter of this? I tried hard to listen to this, however, I just can’t understand it… the speech pattern runs together and isn’t distinct enough, words run together, the ends of the words are hardly prounced, it sounds slurred, which is such a great pity ‘Frank ‘ was clearer and easier to understand. Not all your listeners are from the United States! Is there a transcript of this so I can read it?

  2. hi my excited family, i was amazed .i didnt realized what was going on. about planned parenthood. i been really busy with prison minstry. not in tuned with this mess of ours. i was given grace to do what i do. not because i am better just chosen. these precious souls very little pay attension to. what a tremendous grace to do such a special duty. that is why i listen to radiowave on sunday. so i can get this undserving grace, not just a news article. i more grace from doing this way. my heart can really soak this in ,my soul is enriched by this grace. i am bless to have the grace of knowing ,loving all of you as well. i am eternally for OUR GOD AND OUR LADY. this it must have like to have JESUS growing beside to blessed people as ST.JOSEPH ,AND OUR LADY. always in our prayers ,hearts the chalouxs

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