Medjugorje Visionaries Mirjana, Ivan, and Marija all Received Separate Messages

Medjugorje Visionaries Mirjana, Ivan, and Marija all Received Separate Messages

A Prophetic Medjugorje Message
from Our Lady through Mirjana, January 2, 2010. A Medjugorje Message from Our Lady through Ivan, December 8, 2009. A Medjugorje Message from Our Lady through Marija, January 1, 2010 …All Welded Together by A Friend of Medjugorje


A Prophetic Message of January 2, 2010 Given by Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s to visionary Mirjana on the day for Non-believers

“Dear children, today I am calling you to, with complete trust and love, set out with me, because I desire to acquaint you with my Son. Do not be afraid, my children, I am here with you, I am next to you. I am showing you the way to forgive yourselves, to forgive others, and, with sincere repentance of heart, to kneel before the Father. Make everything die in you that hinders you from loving and saving – that you may be with Him and in Him. Decide for a new beginning, a beginning of sincere love of God Himself. Thank you.”

Setting out on an adventure, what is there to fear? Whenever you set out on an adventure that is filled with obstacles and dangers, you want a good, a very good, the best guide you can find. And you want that guide to be right next to you. It is always a perilous adventure when death is part of the equation. Medjugorje and Our Lady’s messages shows us this.

The Death of the World’s Civilization as We Know It


The book, Horse Soldiers, tells a true story of a dozen highly trained, very specialized soldiers who were chosen to bring down the Taliban who ruled over the nation of Afghanistan. This then was their target. It is an amazing story of a small band of 12 SF soldiers known as the U.S. Army Special Forces, who planned and executed a very brave adventure just after the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center. A few men on horseback brought down a nation that Russia for ten years could not achieve, even with the death of 50,000 of their own men. The present world civilization as we know it will be brought down by a band of Our Lady’s children.

The Rebirth of World Civilization as Will Come

Jesus never traveled more than 200 miles from his place of birth. More than Alexander the Great, Caesar, Mohammed, Napoleon and all others of the like, Jesus conquered more millions, all without wealth or arms, without learning or science. Jesus, with more wisdom than all the scholars and philosophers and without schools, shed more light on things human and of the divine order than all others combined. He spoke things no one ever had before, or since. His life affected the world more than all others combined. He did this without writing a single line by pen. It is Jesus who ‘died’, yet who controls the destiny of civilization and the nations, all without social, literary, material and artistic powers, all of which man uses to be successful.

Neither Our Lady, nor Jesus, condemns these things, for they are of value for us as mere men. Yet, we have let these philosophies, schools and universities, the might of armies, literature, and artistic powers replace God in our hearts. In doing so, these things without life, in and of themselves, are being used for making civilization more and more godless and monstrous. What is in the heart is what controls all things mentioned above, and it is this that determines whether the life of darkness, or of light, will guide civilization. Our Lady, with plans to rebirth civilization, knows the only way for light to be our guide is to acquaint us with Her Son. Two thousand years ago, Jesus’ light destroyed pagan civilization and gave birth to a new beginning for civilization whose meaning and purpose of life became foundationed upon a sincere love for God Himself. Death is a painful thing and as civilization enters its death throes, it will revolt, fight, and strive to continue in darkness. 9-11 was a physical sign of darkness’ determination to rule. The face of satan was his signature that was seen as the Twin Towers began to fall down; a shameful face that an Associated Press photographer captured on film and published, unaware at the time what was visible until others saw it in the World Trade Center smoke and informed him. Our Lady said:


September 25, 1991


“…satan wants to show the world his shameful face…”

World Trade Center face of satan

This picture of satan that is seen in the smoke of the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001, caused a great stir among thousands who saw it. It left no doubt who was the “owner” of the attack. Because of the great interest in the picture the photographer compiled a website to answer the many questions concerning how it came to be.

Civilization, on its present course, do not love God and will not be saved. Civilization is made up of individuals. Acquainting individuals to Jesus ‘makes everything die’ in them of what is not of God and worth saving. The godless civilization in this time of Our Lady begins to crumble. As more and more individuals let die all that hinders them from loving God, the whole civilization will collapse. With Our Lady as our guide, a beginning, a new beginning for civilization flourishing in its love for God, will birth forth and cover the earth. God has ordained it. She who is our hope, through a small band who is Her hope, will bring the world’s civilization down to its knees before the Father. We cannot replace the present civilization of the world without being acquainted to the way Jesus replaced civilizations of the past. Nor can we be successful in helping Our Lady achieve this without complete love and trust in Her. We cannot take on such a frightful task that is coming, we cannot conquer our fear, without first understanding that Our Lady is here with us, which She emphasizes in today’s message saying “…I am next to you…” With confidence, then, we can believe that all will be achieved through our sincere repentance, forgiving ourselves and others, under Her as our guide.


All the above is stated to give greater insight into recent apparitions of Our Lady both to Ivan and Marija on Apparition Mountain in Medjugorje.


Ivan had an Apparition in Medjugorje, December 8, 2009


Apparition of Our Lady to Medjugorje Visionary Ivan Dragicevic on top of Apparition Mountain at approximately 10:00 p.m. on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, 2009.

Thousands of pilgrims gathered in prayer on a stormy, cold and rainy night. After the apparition Ivan said:

“Tonight I would like to describe to you my meeting with Our Lady. As always through this time of preparation for Christmas, so also today, Our Lady came very joyful and happy. At the beginning, She greeted us with Her Motherly greeting: ‘Praised be Jesus my dear children.’

After that, for a while, She prayed over all of us present here. Then She especially prayed over the sick present. She blessed us with Her Motherly blessing and blessed all religious articles brought for blessing. She then said:

‘My dear children, my little children, also today the Mother loves you with Her Motherly love. I desire, my children, that through this time of grace, you open your hearts to the Light, the light of My Son and that the light of My Son may enter into your hearts and illuminate your heart and soul that you may be happy. I especially call you to pray for families. Pray for holiness in the family through this time. Also today, dear children, I desire to say thank you for having accepted me and having accepted my messages, and for living my messages.’

I then recommended all of you, your needs, intentions, families and, in a special way, the sick. Then I prayed an Our Father and a Glory Be with Our Lady and briefly spoke to Her and She spoke to me. And then, in great joy, Our Lady left in an illuminated sign of the Cross saying: ‘Go in peace, my dear children.’


Our Lady of Medjugorje, the Guide, the Mother calls and guides thousands to “set out”, up a slippery, dangerous mountain. Contrary to heavenly thinking, civilization rejects the advice that normal healthy people, much less young children, the elderly and those who are sick, should go up a rock strewn mountain and kneel on a cold, rainy and stormy night. Contradicting human thinking, this is exactly what Our Lady wants so to teach us to serve God, not the flesh. This is part of Our Lady’s plan: to give a new mentality, a new beginning for our mentality, to do the hard things, purification and sacrifice to follow Her up a mountain with love.

Marija has a Special Apparition and Message


The bone weary ‘horse soldiers’ fought intense battles through treacherous mountain terrain. They were the hope to Afghans, who poured out into the streets in throngs to welcome the liberators. Likewise, a small band of the world’s population are the hope for a world waiting to be liberated from the clutches of darkness, a band of people who are the hope of their Guide, the Virgin Mary of Medjugorje; a band who turned away from the world, placing their hope in their Guide.


Yet, again, as with Ivan’s apparition, on the first day, the “beginning” day of the New Year, Our Lady called thousands up the mountain in cold, rainy dangerous conditions contrary to the world’s thinking of how “improper” for a mother, much less a guide to make such a request. The apparition to Medjugorje visionary Marija and the message of January 1, 2010:

January 1, 2010

The apparition of Our Lady to Marija Lunetti at approximately 10:47 p.m. on Apparition Mountain near Our Lady’s statue, on the Feast of the Holy Mother of God.

It was raining incessantly and cold. Thousands of pilgrims were gathered. After the apparition, Marija said that Our Lady came on a cloud, dressed in grey with a white veil. She came with a myriad of angels and was very happy. Our Lady said:

“Dear children, thank you. You are my hope. I bless you all. You are my joy. Keep converting and live my messages with joy.”

Marija said that Our Lady prayed for a long time over us. She prayed over us and looked at all of us. She blessed us all and blessed all of the religious articles brought for blessing.

All those present at the apparition then prayed the seven Our Fathers, Hail Mary’s and Glory Be’s in thanksgiving for Our Lady’s presence with us.


No one sets out to conquer and save without perils to both their physical and spiritual well-being. Death and life, physical and spiritual are involved in these perils. Our Lady said:

June 25, 1992

“I ask you to conquer satan. The arms to conquer him are fasting and prayers…”


We, a small band of Our Lady’s children, compared to the world’s population, are given a most difficult assignment. The world is at stake and the hope of Heaven depends on you.


In the Love of Our Lady and the Infant Jesus,

A friend of Medjugorje

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47 thoughts on “Medjugorje Visionaries Mirjana, Ivan, and Marija all Received Separate Messages”

  1. Peace be with you to all of you of Caritas. I miss your place. I learned a lot from you for the five days with you last July. My prayer life was invigorated,fasting ,reading the Bible, going to Mass and praying the rosary and reading The Messages of Mama Mary. As always reminded us by Mother Mary to be converted and in good relation with Jesus and God the Father. Thank you friend of Medjugorje for all your letters messages of Mary that you send us through sites. God rewards you for everything.

  2. Thank you Mama Maria. I am so thankful & greatful in reading every detail of the apparitions to our gifted missionaries.I’d like to thank you Mother for blessing us with them around us & thank you for blessing my family always..& thank you JESUS for giving your mother to us. I am greatful am a Catholic & have a spiritual Mother I can call upon every day. Thank you Jesus & Mother Mary.

  3. Thank you Mama Maria. I am so thankful & greatful in reading every detail of the apparitions to our gifted missionaries.I’d like to thank you Mother for blessing us with them around us & thank you for blessing my family always..& thank you JESUS for giving your mother to us. I am greatful am a Catholic & have a spiritual Mother I can call upon every day. Thank you Jesus & Mother Mary.

  4. My heart has been filled with the love of my mother who constantly calls me though I have not been listening. I want to be hers so she can lead me and the next day come with it’s distractions and keeps me from her. O God I pray to help me today. I want to be yours and to follow your way. Speak to me boldly. Wake me from my lazyness. Inspire my heart again because I want to follow you. I love you mother and I love you Jesus. Holy Spirit I love you too. Father in Heaven I beg you to hear

  5. My heart has been filled with the love of my mother who constantly calls me though I have not been listening. I want to be hers so she can lead me and the next day come with it’s distractions and keeps me from her. O God I pray to help me today. I want to be yours and to follow your way. Speak to me boldly. Wake me from my lazyness. Inspire my heart again because I want to follow you. I love you mother and I love you Jesus. Holy Spirit I love you too. Father in Heaven I beg you to hear

  6. Dearest mother of God Thank you so much for remaining among us for so long and guiding this world in these turbulent times when man seemed to have lost all sense of moral principles may everyone return to God with all their hearts through your immaculate heart. I love you more than what words can say we are so Blessed to have you as our Mother protecting and watching over us.

  7. dear MOTHER thank you for your love to all of us i cant waite to come and meet you in medjugorje one day.i love you with all my heart and ask for your protection and guidness for me through this year and every year

  8. Thanks to the Mother of God for your Blessings ..I LOVE YOU …and i wish once to come and visit Medjugorje ..Oh i realy wish to be there..dear Mary Bless our family ..we love you all xxxxxx Nina

  9. Thank you Dear Mother of God for your wonderful blessings over the years sometimes I loose the the wonderful blessing for awhile and then I am guided back by wonderful friends and and Heaven awaits for all true believers please keep praying to your dear son for my mother who has been institutionalized by lies and deceitful financial managers sometimes the pain of the injustice is much to bear and I need help to over the injustice in court hearings and strength to continue praying for a miracle

  10. The message is directly speaking of what I am facing in my life and its a great relief that she is praying over us every moment in our life.Thank you Jesus for giving us a wonderful and loving mother, may your light shine in us and bring Glory to the Father. Amen

  11. After a full day of fasting and prayer I am so happy to read that the arms to conquer satan are fasting and prayers. This gives me such motivation to keep fasting!! I am so thankful to be in this beautiful army of children who are trying to live out the messages of Medjugorje… Thank you God for this wonderful web site…Fran O’Brien Dublin, Ohio

  12. I feel so blessed to receive these messages from our Lady of Medugorje. I was with Caritas this past July and August in Medugorje-It was the experience of a lifetime. So many graces were bestowed upon me and so much revealed to me. I have been given the grace to fast on bread and water with no concerns and daily mass has been ongoing for the past five months. I would not have it any other way. Praise be Jesus and praise be Mary Queen of Peace and Reconcillation!

  13. Just reading your article made me feel a great joy that give’s me such hope. You must add Wyoming to your list of states on your web site. I hope you will be hearing from me often in the future. Thank God for your convaying the message. It is very much appreciated. I can hardly wait to know what happens next.

  14. Thank you for a POWER-full article: a HOLYspirit -filled account of the happenings in Medjugorie at the turn of the year/decade. Happenings in the local area of Medjugorie but with global significance. Friend of Medjugorie, you weave the happenings of Medjugorie with global events, with discernment. Praise God. Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  15. cant wait to see myself in Merjdgoge, God willing this year- to partake of the wonders and love of Mother Mary!!! i

  16. Jennifer Hullinger

    Thank you. The messages and writings help me continue, even in my fears, to trust, pray, listen, and surrender in gratitude to Jesus and Mary. To pray that all will surrender to God in this time of mercy, especially my family.

  17. Thanks Blessed Mother, you were talking to me. My husband died 12/10/09, and her words always comforts me. I do not have a mother, father or now a husband to ease my pain, but I can always find solace in her words and her love and the love of her son Jesus. Do not abandon me dear Mother, and help me to do what I need to join my beloved Jim, and to be your loyal daughter.

  18. Thank you so much for your work and enlightenment, there are some things I was not aware of e.g the twin towers photo.

  19. Victor and Divina Dionela

    We are very thankful for all you do for us, that in this way the Blessed Mother’s messages, you made it possible for us especially for so many that can’t afford to be there. Thank you so very much. We are now traveling and we seemed having a hard time to reach our distination, please pray for us … Thank you

  20. I have read this beutiful msg of our lady and Jesus. I wish to be there. Circustances dont let me go. I wish to get the graces this beutiful people receive. To me this has more value than Gold, what our lady gives in this special place. Please pray for me and my whole family and my desire to receive this beutiful graces never giving before to us, probably as never before in history.

  21. Alice Alexander

    Thank you so much to the Founder of Caritas, all the workers, etc., for everything you have done and all you do. The Blessed Mother wants us all to come to her Son. I continue to pray for my family and know they will be touched by Jesus healing hand. I need help everyday in many areas, without Jesus I cannot make it.

  22. Because of all the faithful people listening to Mother Mary and to our Lord Jesus Christ our world is a better place. Sandy

  23. Larissa Desroches

    I don’t have enough words to thank you and to tell you how gratefull I am to you for sending all those messages. I enjoy them every month they give me hope and they make me happy. Thank you very much.

  24. Everytime i read our Lady’s messages on your website, i feel reborn with grace and peace. Messages of Medjugorje are sources of peace and love to the whole world. ps: please add my country Lebanon to the list. Lebanon with the only christian country in the middle east where Christians strive to stay in their holy land as Jesus stepped there and made his first miracle in its south. the miracle of Kana

  25. I have been following the messages ever since i started having children. It has been a blessing to our family. Our six children know that our Blesed Mother sends us her important messages on blue postcards each month and they are eager to read and listen. thank you Caritas for the wonderful work you have done and are still doing for all of us!

  26. georgette bourque

    I just finished watching our lady of fatima on tape and, I cried like a baby,not only for my family but for this world. People of the world,pray for your leaders, your president,senators, congressman,we,has our lady’s helpers need to bring this world down on it’s knees and ask for forgiveness.Lean on the blessed mother and Jesus,they truly love us. love in Jesus and Mary georgette

  27. Mary Ann Cecilia Golden

    Thank you Mother Mary for your gift of graces given from our Father.We thank you with our hearts.

  28. I have longed to go to Medjugorje since I first learned of the apparations back in 1990. I think I am more likely to get to Alabama than Medjugorje and I pray for that gift. I follow this site everyday and I have felt a dramatic change in my life even in recent months. I worked on Wall St during the 911 attack, amazing that God saved Trinity Church just a block away. I covered the image of the “beast” on this site today – I will not give it a look – he still wants us to see his ugly self. Peace.

  29. Could you please add Syria to the country field, because i’m from Syria, and I was in medjugorje 2 years ago, so when I visite your site I feel like I’m in medjugorje again, and I stay in touch with all events. god bless you. thanks.

  30. Johannes Dittrich

    Thank you allmighty God for sending your HOLY PIRIT to this friend of Medjugorje and all helpers. Thank you for your Holy mother, our mother who is calling us to set out to mountain pastures. Thank you o Lord for your voice and that we can hear you calling our names. Your name be praised in eternity for your guidence.

  31. Thank-you mother Mary for always being with us. You always encourage us. How much we need your kind and loving words. Please help us with fasting. Many of us struggle. We want to do what you ask of us. We are weak. Help us dear mother. We love you.

  32. Theresa Albright

    Thank you for your wonderful words on Medjugorje. I was there several years ago and don’t ever want to forget the peace of that special place. I am always inspired by Our Lady’s messages and work hard to live them. I will pray my Hail Marys tonight in thanksgiving that Our Lady is still with us and teaching us always to stay close to her son Jesus and to give thanksgiving to God always. Love, Theresa

  33. My being trembles with these messages from Our Lady. Preparing her children to conquer darkness with Light of Christ is a tremendous mission. Christian Soldiers a song of children “onward”. Seeing the Twin-Towers again and the image of satan in black smoke as 3000 people died that day in an unsuspecting instant. Divine Mercy

  34. I am seeing a trickling back of sincere Catholic’s to our church in Pensacola. St. Stephen Parish. By sincere, I mean Catholic’s who are taking their faith seriously, realizing that we must obey all ten commandments not just eight or nine. One mortal sin is the same as a million. We must strive to be in the State of Grace at all times. For no one know the hour of the moment when he will be called before the Father.

  35. PTLA (Praise the Lord Anyways) through 2009 to 2010 I am looking forward to the messages for this year 2010 and am happy to see Our Lady is glad that we are continuing to convert, fast, and praying through these times of grace and days of difficult times. I am thankful for the love found on Thank you Friend of Medjugorje and staff and seers of Medjugorje and all faithful that help proclaim God’s love and his Son Jesus the light of the world and hope of salvation.

  36. As I always have these 20 years, i again loved your reflection. i have always remained positive to your work, no one has swayed me… Thankyou. Just beautiful When I had Mary Queen of Peace Prayer Group in the 90,s in my home, I would always recieve from you Our Ladys message . It would always seem to arrive on the Thursday of my Prayer Group here in Australia. I have many of your writings. LOve Beverley Ann

  37. I spent seven years in a seminary, I was close to ordination. But in my heart I was afraid of the Great undertaking. I lost confidence in myself and withdrew. Subsequently I felt lost and abandoned. I spent almost three years in a very desolate and dark place, but with Divine grace and pure will I refused to let go. I discoverd Medjugorje through your website, I read the stories, I was amazed! I rekindled my love for our Lady. Thank you so so much! I returned and will soon to be Ordained.

  38. Mary is so important and if you keep an open mind she will provide you comfort and guidance. Continue to talk to her. She loves it and you!

  39. Thank you mother for your messages,This message made me to start a new life in jesus,mother bless us love&kisses,Anu.

  40. There is an intensity in the air that picked up considerably since October for me. We have doubled our prayer efforts. I have tried to go to Adoration every day to plead to God the Father to end satan’s reign. satan’s 100 years are up. also, I feel an intense desire to fast as well. not easy as it once was for me. Remember all that the 6:40 time of the Apparitions of our Mother unites us all in prayer at a particular time. I will be praying at that time. God Bless!!!! Tony

  41. Thank you ! I feel like I have been freed ! I feel more loving to every one! I will send this to every one. My family & friends will LOVE this !!! “GOD” Bless you all.You have maid my day ! Ralph

  42. I have been without work for over a year but as soon i get a job i wish to travel to be there present in front of holy Mary. May god bless your work Emanuel

  43. Very inspiring. I pray that with all our efforts the world will become “awake” to the real truth about our lives and civilization and the state of our souls. Let us spread our love and faith to mankind!!!

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