Changes to… came online just 33 months ago and is now giving birth to The domain name is of great significance in being able to reach many more people from around the world. The name is a gift from Our Lady. Changes to… came online just 33 months ago and is now giving birth to The domain name is of great significance in being able to reach many more people from around the world. The name is a gift from Our Lady. This name will enable this site to reach out, with Our Lady’s messages, to countless millions of people in the future., while its life online is 33 months old, will not go away. However, does change into “”, but it will continue as an advertizing name for the new name. In other words, when telling friends or those you encounter, who have never heard of Medjugorje, you can just tell them to go to No hand writing, no worry of spelling, or how to pronounce it, etc… They will learn the name and pronounciation when they see,because the name Medjugorje is important for all the world to know. Yet, works for billboards & many other projects to promote what has happened in the village of Medjugorje, helping to make Medjugorje more known around the world. Passing a billboard at 70 mph (112 kpm), one can’t write down the word, but can certainly remember

So today is born a new tool. The term of labor is used with purpose to signify that bringing this to you was very difficult & very laborious, yet still only about 1/5 of the site is finished. We will be adding things almost on a daily basis or at least weekly including many new major buttons, until is completed. Please continue to pray for the work yet to be completed. And please also sign up to be one of 4000 core group members who for a minimum of 14 cents a day are the people who supply to the world. Click here to sign up. Pray also for their intentions because they helped fund what you are using now. To those of you who are already core members, Thank You!

With Love,

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  1. The current Pope in the Vatican picked the name Francis to send a message of his plan. A period in history of the Norman conquest, crusades, church civil wars and three popes. Satan plans a big change, like removing the soul as spiritual wisdom at the church of the Highlands, +33,000 followers, in Alabama, a Christ Rock concert for followers of the deconstructed education of preachers. Just after the American Civil Wars in Casey Ohio they built Our Lady of Consolation and placed her statue image with child there copied from Luxembourg. Are we to repeat the battles of Franklin and Fredrickburg again? Will John Wisdom ride from Cullman Alabama to Rome before Christians wake up about the secret of covid vaxsceems?

  2. Thank you for standing strong with our Lady and the messages She gives. On Tuesday, our parish priest is opening the church for Adoration from 10-6. He made mention today that he thought it would be good to pray the rosary every hour. He placed a woman in charge of organizing the rosary and people to lead the rosary. I asked her if I could participate in leading the rosary. She said, “I really liked that rosary for our country, I’ve only prayed it once but it is so powerful”, I told her, “It is the patriotic rosary” We plan on praying the patriotic rosary on Tuesday. It is a great gift from your heart because you have listened to Our Lady and now there are many people praying this rosary. Not only here in this parish but in other parishes. It is our Lady’s call and She is bringing Her prayer warriors together. This I believe. Praying for the Soul of America a return back to God. +Peace and Love in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Della

  3. Michael Loncoski

    No doubt about it. satan wants war. satan wants hate. Prayer and love of God will stop satan. I am worried that too many people in our country have forgotten about God. Look at all the trouble in our country and the world.

  4. I have been listening to the music sang after your messages which have been hitting home. I really needed to be reminded of all that our Mother does for us. Please let me know if the song is available to purchase. I really think it is beautiful. Thank you for your time. God bless all of who work so hard to bring the message of our Lady.

  5. Thank you so…. much Our Lady for your love. Thank you Caritas family for all you do for Our Lady and for all of us who struggle each day in this Godless world. Please I pray that soon Our Lady will come back so all may be able to come to be in Her Holy Presence again. Love and Blessings, Susan

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