Mej Version 3.7.24 – What’s Different?

Mej Version 3.7.24 – What’s Different?

February 9, 2018 A.D.

When a Friend of Medjugorje started the conceptual design of Mej.com, 17 years ago, the over-arching principle was “simplicity.”

Our Lady of Medjugorje said in 1984:

“…Do not complicate matters… Take the simple way…”

This has guided the Community in working to spread Our Lady’s message through Mej.com. With all of the excitement of the release of Mej v3.0, which thousands across the world use daily for the support of their prayer life and research, we have continued to work behind-the-scenes on polishes, patches, etc. There are 7 additions, and 24 patches/fixes being applied today. Some are ones only we will see. While we cannot possibly explain all 31 changes, below are just four of the main updates.


1. Top Menu

The Top Menu has been simplified to make more sense.

New Top Menu

1a. The Random Message, which is the most-used in the Medjugorje world, has been added to the Top Menu. Now, people using mobile devices have easier access to the Random Message.

1b. The MejMart is now Shop Online.

1c. The MejList is now the Newsletter Signup.

1d. The Contact form has been replaced by an easier to use pop-up. People no longer have to leave the page to send a message!

1e. The Donation form, already a pop-up, has been made even simpler to use!


2. Site Search

The Site Search has been updated to provide even better results!

2a. MAJOR: Radio WAVE broadcast titles now appear in the site search! Type in the Search Bar, for example, “devil eucharist” and hit “Enter” to search. You will see the Radio WAVE broadcast, The devil Has Made his Eucharist in Hundreds of Millions of People, return on the search page!

2b. MAJOR: Text from Radio WAVE broadcasts that have completed transcripts, will now appear in the results! This is a major function for many who remember something they heard on Radio WAVE, but cannot necessarily remember the words exactly, or the broadcast in which they heard it. Warning: There may be many results to choose from! Visit here for the Search Page…


3. Print the Site

The Print the Site function, also known world-wide as the Medjugorje Encyclopedia, has been updated with two major new parts:

3a. The Medjugorje Timeline is now able to be downloaded in its entirety! Visit the Medjugorje Timeline here, and click on the Save as PDF button at the top right of the page…

3b. The History with Our Lady Timeline, detailing the walk of a Friend of Medjugorje with Our Lady is also able to be downloaded in its entirety! Visit here for the History with Our Lady page…

These two above additions to the Medjugorje Encyclopedia, make a complete picture to the Medjugorje apparitions, and we know that many will be very excited about it.


4. Radio WAVE

4a. As already mentioned, Radio WAVE titles now show in the results of the search the site.

4b. The text of Radio WAVE broadcasts that have transcripts, also now show in results of the Search the Site.

4c. The Download button on the Radio WAVE player now gives you the choice to save or open the download, making it easier to decide what you want to do with the download.

4d. MAJOR: The Radio WAVE past shows are no longer showing in one long list like before. The broadcasts are now organized by year, making it easier and simpler for people to scroll the shorter list and find the older classic broadcasts that many want to go back and listen to. Visit here to see the Radio WAVE past shows…


These above additions, are just four of the main updates to the new Mej v3.7.24. Thank you to all who donated and prayed last year to help make this available FREE for the whole world. Your gifts, given with the heart, are continuing to bring conversions to those who are walking in darkness and in need of the light which Our Lady is shining in the world today. Thank you!

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