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Medjugorje Bulletin Our Lady Will Not Be Appearing to Marija at 6:40 PM

Medjugorje Bulletin Our Lady Will Not Be Appearing to Marija at 6:40 PM

Medjugorje Bulletin

Our Lady Will Not Be Appearing to Marija at 6:40 PM


Today’s June 15, 2024, Apparition Shook Marija


Our Lady came tonight at around 6:46 p.m. to Medjugorje visionary, Marija, and the apparition lasted around seven to eight minutes.  Afterwards Marija explained what happened in Croatian, Italian and English.  Marija said when Our Lady came, Marija recommended all of us, all our needs, everything that we have in our hearts.  Our Lady prayed over us and blessed us.

Medjugorje visionary Marija, 1988

Medjugorje visionary Marija during the filming of The Lasting Sign, in 1988. A Friend of Medjugorje was close to one of the scientists who studied the apparitions. What the scientist told a Friend of Medjugorje was that Marija was unique among the visionaries. When her apparition occurs, Marija does not leave her state of reality, but actually enters deeper into reality. A Friend of Medjugorje published those scientific findings in a writing titled, Medjugorje Visions Proven Not a Deception, available here.

Marija then said that she was sorry for being so emotional, but Our Lady asked for a 9-day novena, starting tomorrow, June 16th.  Our Lady asked us to go up Apparition Hill every night at 11:30 p.m. for the next 9 days.

Afterwards, Marija was asked to explain again.  Is Our Lady asking us to go up Apparition Hill every night at 11:30 PM. for the next 9 days (starting tomorrow, Sunday).  Marija said yes.  Marija said that she would not have her normal evening apparition at 6:40 PM during these 9 days, but her apparitions will be at 11:30 PM. on top of Apparition Hill.  Marija said that she was shocked when Our Lady said this.

The novena to the Queen of Peace has already started in Medjugorje. Villagers and pilgrims traditionally climb Apparition Mountain early in the morning praying three to four mysteries of the Rosary. Marija participates in this novena every year. She was asked tonight after Our Lady’s announcement, if she would not be going up Apparition Hill in the morning for the novena because of this. Marija said, “I am going up in morning and at night.”

The world is in a Cold War. Some are saying we are going into a Hot War. Our Lady needs this novena. Go to Adoration or just step outside in your backyard to pray a Rosary at 11:30 PM, Medjugorje Time.

Here at Caritas, we will be in the Field of Apparitions every night at 11:30 PM or up at the Cross. We will be meeting in prayer at 4:30 PM to be in union with Our Lady on Apparition Mountain. Don’t let this moment pass by without making a firm commitment to prayer and sacrifice over these next nine days. If you are not on our mail list, be sure to sign up and stay connected with important updates. You can sign up here.

In Our Lady’s Love,

Friend of Medjugorje


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P.S. A Friend of Medjugorje will be with Marija during the days of the Anniversary. He will be remembering your intentions in his prayers when he is before Our Lady.

You can be a part of Our Lady’s call to sacrifice and prayer. You can be in union with Our Lady on Apparition Mountain at the same time She is appearing to Marija by being in prayer at the same time wherever you are around the world. The greater amount of prayer, the greater the graces Our Lady will bestow upon the world. See charts below for your local apparition time, to be united in prayer.

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A Friend of Medjugorje calls you to:


His quote:


Join others across the whole world at the same time Our Lady is on the earth listening to our prayers and praying with us. It is a never before opportunity to pray a novena with Our Lady in real time!!!


Call all you know: your prayer groups, ask your priests to announce this in your parish, etc.


If your time-zone is in the middle of the night of Our Lady’s apparition, look for a 24-hour adoration chapel or pray in your backyard under the stars.


However you choose, the important thing is to be in prayer with the whole world in union with Our Lady when She appears.


(From Caritas)


A Friend of Medjugorje has listed 456 time zones with multiple sites across the world. There are over 600 different time zones for you to easily find yours and be in union with Our Lady and the world.


A Friend of Medjugorje understands a revelation shown by Our Lady. He concludes:


Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego in Guadalupe at Dawn, about 6:00 A.M.


Our Lady appeared to the Fatima visionaries at Noon, 12:00 PM.


Jesus requested of St. Faustina to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:00 PM.


Our Lady appeared to the visionaries of Medjugorje at 6:40 PM.


The revelation was understood that Our Lady appeared at 6:00 AM, 12:00 PM, Divine Mercy at 3:00 PM, but in Medjugorje, 6:40 PM. Why forty minutes after 6:00 PM?


Our Lady is showing the clock is ticking for the world. Forty minutes after six PM is odd or is it? It is not odd. It is a sign.


Now, today, Our Lady tells Marija you will not have an apparition at 6:40. “I will appear at 11:30 PM on Apparition Hill.”


Is it strange that Marija and Ivan have often had apparitions at 6:40 PM and then a prayer group apparition on Apparition Hill later that night at 9:00 or 10:00 PM?


Our Lady is showing us a sign for the next 9 days, the clock is 30 minutes to midnight. In plain words, time is running out. The clock is close to striking 12:00 midnight.


Again, call and tell everyone you know what Heaven is asking for. That the world unites with Heaven in prayer!!!


satan will be crushed by the feet of the Woman of Revelation in chapter 12.


Our Lady needs you to do that.


Scroll down the time zones so the whole world to be participating in this supernatural happening the world has never experienced before.


It is in your hands to spread this call from the Woman, the Queen of Peace, uniting earth and Heaven through this novena.


Our Lady’s birthday, August 5, 2024, will be 40 years from Our Lady telling the world in 1984 that it was Her 2000th birthday.


This 40th year (August 5, 2024) will certainly have a significant meaning. What?


In September, just a few weeks after Our Lady’s 2040 birthday, a new world order will be instituted, an antichrist system, by the United Nations. This gives reason for Our Lady to release the first secret to be announced.

Friend of Medjugorje


Continue spreading everywhere Our Lady’s call to the world. Be sure to send to your national and local news outlets, radio talk shows, press, etc. You can e-mail, saying where you are from – your states, counties, cities and villages. Doing this will show the media this is an across-the-world event. You can simply write, “For the past days, the Virgin Mary is having apparitions to visionary Marija and calling people in an extraordinary way to pray to bring peace. Thousands of people in Medjugorje on the mountain, joined by millions of people across the world, are listening to Marija from the Virgin Mary’s call for peace.” Use your own words to the media. You want to keep your message brief. Every one of you can make a showing for all countries. If each one of you writes emails and makes phone calls, this will influence millions more people to be praying. Everyone also call and email all bishops and priests and inform them that prayer is what Our Lady wants to bring peace to the world and healing to the world. To all the contacts you make by phone and email, give them the most critical information the media can quickly get. They will be a one stop place for everything they will need for their report. Tell them to go to the largest Medjugorje center in the world – Medjugorje.com. It is the #1 website. Also, media people can be contacted at Caritas in Alabama at 205-672-2000, as well as contacts who are living in the village of Medjugorje.

Glenn Beck: https://www.glennbeck.com/st/contact

Michael Berry: https://michaelberryshow.com/pages/send-an-email-to-michael

Sean Hannity: https://hannity.com/contact-us/

Bill O’Reilly: https://www.billoreilly.com/pg/jsp/help/contactbill.jsp

Tucker Carlson: Email [email protected]

Jesse Kelly: Email [email protected]

Fox News Submit a Tip: https://help.foxnews.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000485774

CNN News: [email protected]

ABC News: [email protected] or call: (212) 456-2828

USA Today: https://newstips.usatoday.com/

Associated Press: https://www.ap.org/contact-us/news-tips/

NBC News: https://www.nbcnews.com/tips/

One America News Network: https://www.oann.com/contact-us

BBC: [email protected]

Al Jazeera: https://network.aljazeera.net/en/contact


UTC -11:00 (13 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Midway Island – United States 10:30 AM
Niue 10:30 AM
Pago Pago – American Samoa 10:30 AM
Siberia – Russia 10:30 AM
UTC -10:00 (12 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Honolulu, HI – United States 11:30 AM
Rarotonga – Cook Islands 11:30 AM
Tahiti – French Polynesia 11:30 AM
UTC -9:30 (11 Hours, 30 minutes behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Marquesas Islands – French Polynesia 12:00 PM
UTC -9:00 (11 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)

Adak, AK – United States

12:30 PM
Gambier Islands 12:30 PM
UTC -8:00 (10 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)

Anchorage, AK – United States

1:30 PM

Juneau, AK – United States

1:30 PM

Metlakatla, BC – Canada

1:30 PM

Nome, AK – United States

1:30 PM
Pitcairn Islands 1:30 PM
Sitka, AK – United States 1:30 PM

Yakutat, AK – United States

1:30 PM
UTC -7:00 (9 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Dawson Creek, BC – Canada 2:30 PM
Fort Nelson, BC – Canada 2:30 PM
Hermosillo – Mexico 2:30 PM
Las Vegas, NV – United States 2:30 PM
Los Angeles, CA – United States 2:30 PM
Phoenix, AZ – United States 2:30 PM
Portland, OR – United States 2:30 PM
Seattle, WA – United States 2:30 PM
Tijuana – Mexico 2:30 PM
Vancouver, BC – Canada 2:30 PM
Whitehorse, YT – Canada 2:30 PM
UTC -6:00 (8 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)

Albuquerque, NM – United States

3:30 PM
Belize City – Belize 3:30 PM

Boise, ID – United States

3:30 PM

Cambridge Bay, NU – Canada

3:30 PM
Cheyenne, WY – United States 3:30 PM
Costa Rica 3:30 PM
Chihuahua – Mexico 3:30 PM
Denver, CO – United States 3:30 PM
Easter Island – Chile 3:30 PM
Edmonton, AB – Canada 3:30 PM
Galapagos Islands – Ecuador 3:30 PM
Guatemala 3:30 PM
Helena, MT – United States 3:30 PM

Inuvik, NT – Canada

3:30 PM
Managua – Mexico 3:30 PM
Mazatlan – Mexico 3:30 PM
Ojinaga – Mexico 3:30 PM
Regina, SK – Canada 3:30 PM
Salt Lake City, UT – United States 3:30 PM
San Salvador – El Salvador 3:30 PM
Swift Current, SK – Canada 3:30 PM
Tegucigalpa – Honduras 3:30 PM
Yellowknife, NT – Canada 3:30 PM
UTC -5:00 (7 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)

Atikokan, ON – Canada

4:30 PM
Bahia de Banderas – Mexico 4:30 PM
Bismarck, ND – United States 4:30 PM
Bogota – Columbia 4:30 PM
Cancun – Mexico 4:30 PM
Caritas – Alabama 4:30 PM
Chicago, IL – United States 4:30 PM
Dallas, TX – United States 4:30 PM
Des Moines, IA – United States 4:30 PM
Eirunepe, Amazonas – Brazil 4:30 PM
George Town – Cayman Islands 4:30 PM
Guayaquil – Ecuador 4:30 PM
Hot Springs, AR – United States 4:30 PM
Houston, TX – United States 4:30 PM
Kingston – Jamaica 4:30 PM
Indianapolis, IN – United States 4:30 PM
Lima – Peru 4:30 PM
Matamoros – Mexico 4:30 PM
Merida – Mexico 4:30 PM
Mexico City – Mexico 4:30 PM
Minneapolis, MN – United States 4:30 PM
Monterrey – Mexico 4:30 PM
New Orleans, LA – United States 4:30 PM
Oklahoma City, OK – United States 4:30 PM
Panama City – Panama 4:30 PM
Rainy River, ON – Canada 4:30 PM
Resolute Bay, NU – Canada 4:30 PM
Rio Branco, Acre – Brazil 4:30 PM
Sioux Falls, SD – United States 4:30 PM
Topeka, KS – United States 4:30 PM
Winnipeg, MB – Canada 4:30 PM
UTC -4:00 (6 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Augusta, ME – United States 5:30 PM

Asuncion – Paraguay

5:30 PM
Atlanta, GA – United States 5:30 PM
Baltimore, MD – United States 5:30 PM
Basse-Terre – Guadalupe 15:30 PM
Basseterre – St. Kitts 5:30 PM
Blanc-Sablon, QC – Canada 5:30 PM
Boa Vista, Roraima – Brazil 5:30 PM
Boston, MA – United States 5:30 PM
Bridgetown – Barbados 5:30 PM
Burlington, VT – United States 5:30 PM
Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul – Brazil 5:30 PM
Caracas – Venezuela 5:30 PM
Castries – St. Lucia 5:30 PM
Charleston, WV – United States 5:30 PM
Cincinnati, OH – United States 5:30 PM
Cockburn Town – Grand Turk Island 5:30 PM
Concord, NH – United States 5:30 PM
Cuiaba, State of Mato Grosso – Brazil 5:30 PM
Detriot, MI – United States 5:30 PM
Fort-de-France – Martinique 5:30 PM
Georgetown – Guyana 5:30 PM
Gustavia – St. Barthelemy 5:30 PM
Havana – Cuba 5:30 PM
Indianapolis, IN – United States 5:30 PM
Iqaluit, NU – Canada 5:30 PM
Kingstown – St. Vincent and the Grenadines 5:30 PM
Kralendijk – Bonaire 5:30 PM
La Paz – Bolivia 5:30 PM
Louisville, KY – United States 5:30 PM
Lower Prince’s Quarter – Saint Maarten 5:30 PM
Manaus, Amazonas – Brazil 5:30 PM
Marigot – St. Martin 5:30 PM
Miami, FL – United States 5:30 PM
Monticello, KY – United States 5:30 PM
Montreal, QB – Canada 5:30 PM
Nassau – The Bahamas 5:30 PM
New York City, NY – United States 5:30 PM
Nipigon, ON – Canada 5:30 PM
Oranjestad – Aruba 5:30 PM
Pangnirtung, NU – Canada 5:30 PM
Philadelphia, PA – United States 5:30 PM
Plymouth – Montserrat 5:30 PM
Port of Spain – Trinidad and Tobago 5:30 PM
Port-au-Prince – Haiti 5:30 PM
Porto Velho, State of Rondonia – Brazil 5:30 PM
Puerto Rico – United States 5:30 PM
Raleigh, NC – United States 5:30 PM
Roseau – Dominica 5:30 PM
Santiago – Chile 5:30 PM
Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic 5:30 PM
St. George’s – Grenada 5:30 PM
St. John’s – Antigua 5:30 PM
The Valley – Anguilla 5:30 PM
Thunder Bay, ON – Canada 5:30 PM
Toronto – Canada 5:30 PM
Tortola – British Virgin Islands 5:30 PM
Trenton, NJ – United States 5:30 PM
US Virgin Islands – United States 5:30 PM
Willemstad – Curacao 5:30 PM
Washington, DC – United States 5:30 PM
UTC -3:00 (5 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Araguaina, Tocantins – Brazil 6:30 PM
Belem, Para – Brazil 6:30 PM
Buenos Aires – Argentina 6:30 PM
Cayenne – French Guiana 6:30 PM
Cordoba – Argentina 6:30 PM
Fortaleza, Ceara – Brazil 6:30 PM
Glace Bay, NS – Canada 6:30 PM
Goose Bay, NL – Canada 6:30 PM
Halifax, NS – Canada 6:30 PM
Hamilton – Bermuda 6:30 PM
La Rioja, La Rioja – Argentina 6:30 PM
Maceio, Alagoas – Brazil 6:30 PM
Mendoza – Argentina 6:30 PM
Montcon, NB – Canada 6:30 PM
Montevideo – Uruguay 6:30 PM
Palmer Station, Antarctica 6:30 PM
Paramaribo – Suriname 6:30 PM
Punta Arenas – Chile 6:30 PM
Recife, Pernambuco – Brazil 6:30 PM
Rio Gallegos – Argentina 6:30 PM
Rothera Research Station – Antarctica 6:30 PM
Salta, Salta – Argentina 6:30 PM
Salvador, Bahia – Brazil 6:30 PM
San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Catamarca – Argentina 6:30 PM
San Juan, San Juan – Argentina 6:30 PM
San Luis, San Luis – Argentina 6:30 PM
San Miguel de Tucuman, Tucuman – Argentina 6:30 PM
San Salvador de Jujuy, Jujuy – Argentina 6:30 PM
Santarem, Para – Brazil 6:30 PM
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo – Brazil 6:30 PM
Stanley – Falkland Islands 6:30 PM
Thule – Greenland 6:30 PM
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego – Argentina 6:30 PM
UTC -2:30 (4 Hours, 30 Minutes behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
St. John’s, NL – Canada 7:00 PM
UTC -2:00 (4 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Frenando de Noronha – Brazil 7:30 PM
Godthab – Greenland 7:30 PM
King Edward Point – South Georgia 7:30 PM
St. Pierre and Miquelon 7:30 PM
UTC -1:00 (3 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Praia – Cape Verde 8:30 PM
UTC +00:00 (2 Hours behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Abidjan – Cô d’Ivoire 9:30 PM
Accra – Ghana 9:30 PM
Azores – Portugal 9:30 PM
Bamako – Mali 9:30 PM
Banjul – The Gambia 9:30 PM
Bissau – Guinea-Bissau 9:30 PM
Casablanca – Morocco 9:30 PM
Conakry – Guinea 9:30 PM
Dakar – Senegal 9:30 PM
Danmarkshavn – Greenland 9:30 PM
El Aaiun – Western Sahara 9:30 PM
Freetown – Sierra Leone 9:30 PM
Jamestown – Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha 9:30 PM
Lome – Togo 9:30 PM
Monrovia – Liberia 9:30 PM
Nouakchott – Mauritania 9:30 PM
Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso 9:30 PM
Reykjavik – Iceland 9:30 PM
São Tomé – São Tomé and Príncipe 9:30 PM
Scoresby Sund – Greenland 9:30 PM
UTC +1:00 (1 Hour behind Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Algiers – Algeria 10:30 PM
Bangui – Central African Republic 10:30 PM
Brazzaville – Republic of the Congo 10:30 PM
Canary Islands – Spain 10:30 PM
Douala – Cameroon 10:30 PM
Douglas – Isle of Man 10:30 PM
Dublin – Ireland 10:30 PM
Funchal, Madeira – Portugal 10:30 PM
Kinshasa – Democratic Republic of the Congo 10:30 PM
Lagos – Nigeria 10:30 PM
Libreville – Gabon 10:30 PM
Lisbon – Portugal 10:30 PM
London, England – United Kingdom 10:30 PM
Luanda – Angola 10:30 PM
Malabo – Equatorial Guinea 10:30 PM
Ndjamena – Chad 10:30 PM
Niamey – Niger 10:30 PM
Porto-Novo – Benin 10:30 PM
St. Helier – Jersey 10:30 PM
St. Peter Port – Guernsey 10:30 PM
Torshavn – Faroe Islands 10:30 PM
Tunis – Tunisia 10:30 PM
Windhoek – Namibia 10:30 PM
UTC +2:00 (Same time as Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Amsterdam – Netherlands 11:30 PM
Andorra la Vella – Andorra 11:30 PM
Belgrade – Serbia 11:30 PM
Berlin – Germany 11:30 PM
Blantyre – Malawi 11:30 PM
Bratislava – Slovakia 11:30 PM
Brussels – Belgium 11:30 PM
Budapest – Hungary 11:30 PM
Bujumbura – Burundi 11:30 PM
Busingen – Germany 11:30 PM
Cairo – Egypt 11:30 PM
Ceuta – Spain 11:30 PM
Copenhagen – Denmark 11:30 PM
Gaborone – Botswana 11:30 PM
Harare – Zimbabwe 11:30 PM
Johannesburg – South Africa 11:30 PM
Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad – Russia 11:30 PM
Kigali – Rwanda 11:30 PM
Ljubljana – Slovenia 11:30 PM
Lubumbashi – Democratic Republic of the Congo 11:30 PM
Lusaka – Zambia 11:30 PM
Luxembourg City – Luxembourg 11:30 PM
Madrid – Spain 11:30 PM
Maputo – Mozambique 11:30 PM
Maseru – Lesotho 11:30 PM
Mbabane – Swaziland 11:30 PM
Medjugorje 11:30 PM
Monaco-Ville, Monaco – France 11:30 PM
Oslo – Norway 11:30 PM
Paris – France 11:30 PM
Podgorica – Montenegro 11:30 PM
Port of Gibraltar – Gibraltar 11:30 PM
Prague – Czech Republic 11:30 PM
Rome – Italy 11:30 PM
San Marino, San Marino – Italy 11:30 PM
Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina 11:30 PM
Skopje – Macedonia 11:30 PM
Stockholm – Sweden 11:30 PM
Tirana – Albania 11:30 PM
Tripoli – Libya 11:30 PM
Troll – Antarctica 11:30 PM
Vaduz – Liechtenstein 11:30 PM
Valletta – Malta 11:30 PM
Vatican City – Vatican 11:30 PM
Vienna – Austria 11:30 PM
Warsaw – Poland 11:30 PM
Zagreb – Croatia 11:30 PM
Zurich – Switzerland 11:30 PM
UTC +3:00 (1 Hour ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Addis Ababa – Ethiopia 12:30 AM
Aden – Yemen 12:30 AM
Amman – Jordan 12:30 AM
Antananarivo – Madagascar 12:30 AM
Asmara – Eritrea 12:30 AM
Athens – Greece 12:30 AM
Baghdad – Iraq 12:30 AM
Beirut – Lebanon 12:30 AM
Bucharest – Romania 12:30 AM
Chisinau – Moldova 12:30 AM
Damascus – Syria 12:30 AM
Dar es Salaam – Tanzania 12:30 AM
Djibouti – Djibouti 12:30 AM
Doha – Qatar 12:30 AM
Famagusta – Cyprus 12:30 AM
Gaza – Israel 12:30 AM
Hebron – Israel 12:30 AM
Helsinki – Finland 12:30 AM
Istanbul – Turkey 12:30 AM
Jerusalem – Israel 12:30 AM
Juba – South Sudan 12:30 AM
Kampala – Uganda 12:30 AM
Khartoum – Sudan 12:30 AM
Kiev – Ukraine 12:30 AM
Kirov – Russia 12:30 AM
Kuwait City – Kuwait 12:30 AM
Mamoudzou – Mayotte 12:30 AM
Manama – Bahrain 12:30 AM
Mariehamn – Aland Islands 12:30 AM
Minsk – Belarus 12:30 AM
Mogadishu – Somalia 12:30 AM
Moroni – Comoros 12:30 AM
Moscow – Russia 12:30 AM
Nairobi – Kenya 12:30 AM
Nicosia – Cyprus 12:30 AM
Riga – Latvia 12:30 AM
Riyadh – Saudi Arabia 12:30 AM
Simferopol – Crimea 12:30 AM
Sofia – Bulgaria 12:30 AM
Syowa – Antarctica 12:30 AM
Tallinn – Estonia 12:30 AM
Uzhgorod – Ukraine 12:30 AM
Vilnius – Lithuania 12:30 AM
Volgograd – Russia 12:30 AM
Zaporozhye – Ukraine 12:30 AM
UTC +4:00 (2 Hours ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Astrakhan – Russia 1:30 AM
Baku – Azerbaijan 1:30 AM
Dubai – United Arab Emirates 1:30 AM
Mahe – Seychelles 1:30 AM
Muscat – Oman 1:30 AM
Port Louis – Mauritius 1:30 AM
Samara – Russia 1:30 AM
Saratov – Russia 1:30 AM
St. Denis – Reunion 1:30 AM
Tbilisi – Georgia 1:30 AM
Ulyanovsk – Russia 1:30 AM
Yerevan – Armenia 1:30 AM
UTC +4:30 (2 Hours and 30 Minutes ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Kabul – Afghanistan 2:00 AM
Tehran – Iran 2:00 AM
UTC +5:00 (3 Hours ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Aktau – Kazakhstan 2:30 AM
Aktobe – Kazakhstan 2:30 AM
Ashgabat – Turkmenistan 2:30 AM
Atyrau – Kazakhstan 2:30 AM
Dushanbe – Tajikistan 2:30 AM
Karachi – Pakistan 2:30 AM
Kerguelen Islands 2:30 AM
Male – Maldives 2:30 AM
Mawson Station – Antarctica 2:30 AM
Oral – Kazakhstan 2:30 AM
Samarkand – Uzbekistan 2:30 AM
Tashkent – Uzbekistan 2:30 AM
Yekaterinburg – Russia 2:30 AM
UTC +5:30 (3 Hours and 30 Minutes ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Colombo – Sri Lanka 3:00 AM
Kolkata, West Bengal – India 3:00 AM
UTC +5:45  (3 Hours and 45 Minutes ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
 Kathmandu – Nepal 3:15 AM
UTC +6:00 (4 Hours ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Almaty – Kazakhstan 3:30 AM
Bishkek – Kyrgyzstan 3:30 AM
Chagos Islands 3:30 AM
Dhaka – Bangladesh 3:30 AM
Omsk – Russia 3:30 AM
Qyzylorda – Kazakhstan 3:30 AM
Thimphu – Bhutan 3:30 AM
Urumqi, Xinjiang – China 3:30 AM
Vostok Station – Antarctica 3:30 AM
UTC +6:30 (4 Hours and 30 Minutes ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
West Island – Cocos Islands 4:00 AM
Yangon – Myanmar 4:00 AM
UTC +7:00 (5 Hours ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Bangkok – Thailand 4:30 AM
Barnaul, Altai Krai – Russia 4:30 AM
Davis Station – Antarctica 4:30 AM
Flying Fish Cove – Christmas Island 4:30 AM
Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam 4:30 AM
Jakarta, Java – Indonesia 4:30 AM
Khovd – Mongolia 4:30 AM
Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai – Russia 4:30 AM
Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast – Russia 4:30 AM
Novosibirsk, Siberia – Russia 4:30 AM
Phnom Penh – Cambodia 4:30 AM
Pontianak, West Kalimantan – Indonesia 4:30 AM
Tomsk, Tomsk Oblast – Russia 4:30 AM
Vientiane – Laos 4:30 AM
UTC +8:00 (6 Hours ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Bandar Seri Begawan – Brunei 5:30 AM
Choibalsan – Mongolia 5:30 AM
Hong Kong – China 5:30 AM
Irkutsk, Siberia – Russia 5:30 AM
Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia 5:30 AM
Kuching, Sarawak – Malaysia 5:30 AM
Macau – China 5:30 AM
Makassar, South Sulawesi – Indonesia 5:30 AM
Manila – Philippines 5:30 AM
Perth, Western Australia – Australia 5:30 AM
Shanghai – China 5:30 AM
Singapore 5:30 AM
Taipei – Taiwan 5:30 AM
Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia 5:30 AM
UTC +8:30 (6 Hours and 30 Minutes ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Pyongyang – North Korea 6:00 AM
UTC +8:45 (6 Hours and 45 Minutes ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Eucla – Australia 6:15 AM
UTC +9:00 (7 Hours ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Chita – Russia 6:30 AM
Dili – Timor-Leste 6:30 AM
Jayapura – Indonesia 6:30 AM
Khandyga – Russia 6:30 AM
Palau 6:30 AM
Seoul – Korea 6:30 AM
Tokyo – Japan 6:30 AM
Yakutsk – Russia 6:30 AM
UTC +9:30 (7 Hours and 30 Minutes ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Adelaide – Australia 7:00 AM
Broken Hill – Australia 7:00 AM
Darwin – Australia 7:00 AM
UTC +10:00 (8 Hours ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Brisbane – Australia 7:30 AM
Chuuk – Federated States of Micronesia 7:30 AM
Currie – Australia 7:30 AM
Dumont d’Urville Station – Antarctica 2:40 AM
Guam 7:30 AM
Hobart – Australia 7:30 AM
Lindeman – Australia 7:30 AM
Melbourne – Australia 7:30 AM
Port Moresby – Papua New Guinea 7:30 AM
Saipan 7:30 AM
Sydney – Australia 7:30 AM
Ust-Nera – Russia 7:30 AM
Vladivostok – Russia 7:30 AM
UTC +10:30 (8 Hours and 30 Minutes ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Lord Howe – Australia 8:00 AM
UTC +11:00 (9 Hours ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Bougainville – Papua New Guinea 8:30 AM
Casey – Antarctica 8:30 AM
Efate – Vanuatu 8:30 AM
Guadalcanal – Solomon Islands 8:30 AM
Kosrae – Federated States of Micronesia 8:30 AM
Macquarie – Antarctica 8:30 AM
Magadan – Russia 8:30 AM
Norfolk – Australia 8:30 AM
Noumea – New Caledonia 8:30 AM
Pohnpei – Federated States of Micronesia 8:30 AM
Sakhalin – Russia 8:30 AM
Srednekolymsk – Russia 8:30 AM
UTC +12:00 (10 Hours ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Anadyr – Russia 9:30 AM
Auckland – New Zealand 9:30 AM
Fiji 9:30 AM
Funafuti – Tuvalu 9:30 AM
Kamchatka – Russia 9:30 AM
Kwajalein Atoll – Marshall Islands 9:30 AM
Majuro Atoll – Marshall Islands 9:30 AM
McMurdo – Antarctica 9:30 AM
Nauru 9:30 AM
Tarawa – Kiribati 9:30 AM
Wake Island 9:30 AM
Wallis and Futuna 9:30 AM
UTC +12:45 (10 Hours and 45 Minutes ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Chatham Islands – New Zealand 10:15 AM
UTC +13:00 (11 Hours ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Apia – Samoa 10:30 AM
Enderbury – Kiribati 10:30 AM
Fakaofo – Tokelau 10:30 AM
Tongatapu – Tonga 10:30 AM
UTC +14:00 (12 Hours ahead of Medjugorje Time)
Major cities (or Islands) Medjugorje Apparition Time (Summer)
Kiritimati – Kiribati 11:40 AM


Updated July 22, 2024, 8:46 AM Central Time USA

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48 thoughts on “Medjugorje Bulletin Our Lady Will Not Be Appearing to Marija at 6:40 PM”

  1. Daniel Brandi

    City: Oceanside
    State: New York
    Country: United States
    This is so important for all, there is no down side. Pray pray pray!

  2. City: Phx
    State: Arizona
    Country: USA
    We need to fast as well as pray, to give more power to our prayers! Also, frequent confession!

  3. City: Onalaska
    State: WI
    Country: United States
    Blessed Mother, thanks for appearing on earth and informing us of things we need to know and do. I ask for many special intentions for family and friends. Please help all of to discern the truth and always follow God’s will. Thanks so much!

  4. City: Thibodaux
    State: Louisiana
    Country: United States of America
    Thank you! Fusing with JESUS in praying for Peace, as Our Lady of Peace requested.

  5. City: Calicut
    State: Kerala
    Country: India
    Save me and the entire humanity.
    May everyone accept Jesus as the Saviour.

  6. Brian Tyrrell

    City: Dublin
    State: 214
    Country: Ireland
    Thank you for sharing with us all from different parts of the world, hopefully our lady’s message and prayers will spread around the world and bring peace to the world. Ireland Brian + Mel 🙏

  7. City: Halifax
    State: Nova scotia
    Country: Canada
    We will be praying the Rosary at 6:30 pm. Praying for Peace all over the world.
    Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

  8. Patricia OCallaghan

    City: Cork
    Country: Ireland
    Our Lady pray for peace health &bring back the faith to our Catholic Country

  9. City: Sterling Heights
    State: Michigan
    Country: USA
    Blessed Mother I humbly ask for prayers uniting my family And set my mind free from all worries and fears. Thank you for all that you have done for me ❤️worldwide peace and love! Jesus I trust in you!

  10. Caroline Dale

    City: Dublin
    State: Dublin
    Country: Ireland
    I am from Ireland , I would like to participate in the rosary to Our Lady in Medjugorie. And also special intentions

    1. City: Lombardy
      State: Milan
      Country: Italy
      I would like to participate the rosary every night for special intentions and for peace and healing… Thank you blessed mother for your unconditional love… And for the love of our heavenly Father… In Jesus name Amen

  11. City: Vancouver
    State: Washington
    Country: United States
    One more thing…..I think it is interesting that this novena begins on Father’s Day in the United States.

  12. City: Vancouver
    State: Washington
    Country: United States
    I rcvd. notice of this several hours after people in my time zone were to pray it, but nonetheless I began it, as it was the 1st day of the Novena. She asks me to pray…I will pray.

  13. Lloyd Rosevear

    City: Dover
    State: New Hampshire
    Country: United States
    Wow! We have it easy on the East coast of America. 5:30 PM. piece of cake. “My yoke is easy.”

  14. Susan Philipp

    City: Lake City
    State: FL
    Country: USA
    Thanks but I am confused. I am in EST so 5:30 pm is when I should be in Novena prayer, and 12:30 am in Rosary as well. Is that correct? Twice daily? Susan

  15. City: Piscataway
    State: New Jersey
    Country: US
    Will be praying! Jesus we trust in you. 🙏🙏🙏. Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee! 🙏🙏🙏. May God bless America. 🙏🙏🙏. May everyone turn back to God. ❤️🙏❤️

    1. City: Nederland
      State: TX
      Country: USA
      Prayers for the Conversion and Holy Spirit’s guidance for all the people listed in my prayer packet I have been praying for the past year daily;
      Especially for my daughter and her husband and my three Grandchildren. AMEN Thank you Blessed Mother Mary for your interccession to your Son Jesus and God Our Heavenly Father!!

  16. City: Los angekes California
    State: Riverside
    Country: USA
    Amo a la Virgen en sus diferentes advocaciones y me llena el corazòn de Fè y de amor este tipo de events, nada me Maria màs Feliz que poder presenciar la apariciòn de Nuestra Madre!

  17. City: Cincinnati
    State: Ohio
    Country: United States
    For financial situation to improve and business to get better. For my family and my children to have a family and affordable housing, thier own loving family, and to be happy. For me to able to support my parents. For the wishes of those praying at Medjugorie For my writings to earn me a living.

  18. City: Sterling Heights
    State: MI
    Country: United States
    Thank you Holy Blessed Mother for being with us and helping your children. Beg your son Our Lord to hear our prayers and forgive us. Jesus I trust in you!

  19. City: Capistrano Beach
    State: CA
    Country: United States
    Thank you for sharing Our Lady’s Call
    I’m asking my Guardian Angel to help me pray together. Loving Our Lady

  20. City: Kokstad
    State: Kwa_zulu Natal
    Country: South Africa
    Dear Mother of peace I bring before you each member of my family close & extended spread your mantle of protection over each & all & above all help us to persevere in prayer & help us bring others to you & your Son & to eternal life for which we were created

  21. City: Burlington
    State: Vermont
    Country: USA
    I will be in prayer at 5:30 pm my time.
    I am sharing your updates with others.
    Thank you!

  22. City: Bel Air
    State: Maryland
    Country: USA
    Coincidence? This last Novena concludes s on June 24, 2024, exactly 43 years since Our Lady, Queen of Peace 1st Apparition!

  23. Molly Chesney

    City: Louisville
    State: KY
    Country: US
    I will be in prayer with the world at my time, 5:30 pm. I will pray the Rosary. May all of our Guardian Angels hold hands and keep us united and protected in prayer.

  24. City: Harrisburg
    State: PA
    Country: USA
    Praying with our Blessed Mother intentions. May God be with us and protect us and our loved ones

  25. Dr. Tom Calhoun

    City: Washington
    State: DC
    Country: USA
    9 days away, the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.
    Something major is afoot!
    I will be in prayer, God willing.
    Thank you.
    Tom Calhoun

    1. City: Warwick
      State: New York
      Country: USA
      Let’s not forget the 2nd. Anniversary of Roe v. Wade overturned, which fell on the Feast of the Sacred Heart that year (6/24/2022) as well as Nativity of St. John the Baptist and first Medjugorje apparition!

  26. State: Vt.
    Country: USA
    In honor of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, may we offer our prayers full of Holy Love for Our Lady’s intentions in Praise and Thanksgiving in Our Lord God for sending Her to us to help us. AMEN

    1. Sharon Semtner

      City: Konawa
      State: Okla
      Country: USA
      We will be praying , either in my yard or in front of the Blessed sacrament. May Peace come to our World.

  27. City: Nashville
    State: TN
    Country: USA
    I will certainly be in prayer in unison with everyone. 🙏 Thank you for giving us this urgent information.

  28. Elaine Connolly

    City: Nenagh
    State: Munster
    Country: Ireland
    Thank you for sharing Oyr Lady’s Message’s. I’d like to receive the updates. Thank you very much. God Bless You. Elaine. 🕊️🙏♥️

  29. City: Königstein
    State: Hessen
    Country: Germany
    Holy Mary, pleas save my live, my husband my friends and my ways. Forgive our sins.
    Pray for freedom in the world in our country and between east snd west.
    Thank you🙏❤️

  30. Eileen Rockensies

    City: Shavertown, PA
    State: PA
    Country: United States
    Thank you for extending heavens message. Guess we say the Novena at the same time as the rosary?? Here I am confused once again. Well , we will extend Our Ladys invitation to as many as possible. God Bless you today and always in Jesus Name.

    1. City: Ontario
      State: Ontario
      Country: Canada
      FOM said however we pray as long as we are all in union with Our Lady and others across the world at that time. There is a specific novena that can be found online (type Medjugorje novena). In Medjugorije they pray 3 or 4 rosaries for this novena also.
      Thank you FOM for sharing this urgent and important message. Our Lady Queen of Peace, pray for us and help us!🥰

    2. Kathleen McDonald

      City: Comox
      State: BC
      Country: Canada
      Yes recite the Rosary first followed by the Novena prayers for each day🙏

  31. City: Roaring River
    State: NC
    Country: U.S.A.
    Wow, I believe that this is for America in particular Our Ladys call to go up the mountain. During this time our so called “President” biden is supposed to be going into seclusion for 10 days before the debate on the 27th. Something is up for sure and coming fast, I believe we all need to do our part to do penance and prayer along with the visionaries and those going up the mountain for America. Let us pray and hope for all Our Lady’s Intentions.

  32. Stephen Williams

    City: Coopersburg
    State: PA
    Country: United States
    Are we to say the Rosary at this time? here it will be 5:30 PM

    1. That is what a Friend of Medjugorje recommends, or if you are at work and cannot stop, to try to be on your knees in prayer during the moments of the apparition.

  33. City: Franklin
    State: LA
    Country: US
    Thank you Friend of Medjugorje for sharing. We will let all our family and friends know about it.

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