Medjugorje… a hoax?

Medjugorje… a hoax?

We were recently sent a letter telling us to stop spreading the messages…

April 4, 2015 A.D.

We were recently sent a letter telling us to stop spreading the messages of Our Lady. The letter is here below, followed by the response from a Friend of Medjugorje:

Medjugorje is a hoax. Purported ‘messages’ contradict defined Catholic dogma/doctrine. For example, dogma of The Faith = there is NO salvation outside the Catholic Church. Period. Stop leading souls to hell with this hoax. There is NOTHING Catholic about Medjugorje, stop using the Name of Catholicism to promote this sham. Christ died to establish His Church, He is not amused, nor is His Blessed Mother…

Binghamton, New York

Following is the reponse from a Friend of Medjugorje:

April 4, 2015 A.D.


You can believe Medjugorje is a hoax, you are free to believe so. Neither God, nor Our Lady will impose themselves on a free will that does not want to believe.

However, Catholics are free to believe and spread Medjugorje and you have no canonical authority to stop them, unless Medjugorje has been condemned. It is private revelation waiting the Church’s final judgment.

Private revelations are allowed by, and for, the faithful to have devotion to and to be spread legally by the Church. Devotion and the propagation of private revelations can be forbidden only if the private revelation is condemned because of anything it contains which contravenes faith and morals according to AAS 58 (1966) 1186 Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Medjugorje has not been condemned nor found to have anything against faith or morals, therefore it is in the grace of the Church to be followed by the faithful. By the rite of Baptism one is commissioned and given the authority to evangelize. “By Baptism they share in the priesthood of Christ, in his prophetic and royal mission.” 1 One does not need approval to promote or to have devotions to private revelations or to spread them when in conformity to AAS 58 (1966) 1186, as the call to evangelize is given when baptized. Caritas of Birmingham, the Community of Caritas and all associated with it, realize and accept that the final authority regarding the Queen of Peace, Medjugorje and happenings related to the apparitions, rests with the Holy See in Rome. We at Caritas, willingly submit to that judgment.

You take an absurd position. “There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.” So Moses is in hell? Abraham, the same? St. Joseph who did not live long enough to be a Christian and never went to Mass, never received the Eucharist? So where is he since there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church? Is St. Joseph in hell? Is limbo all he gets? Our Lady has come to undo mentalities such as yours. You are the same as those who confronted and killed Jesus, thinking they were serving God. Pray to the ‘Queen of Peace,’ a title the Catholic Church gave Her in the early 1900’s. Tell Her to speak to you, to communicate to you in whatever way She needs to, in order for you to have the mentalities She desires of you. This is within the bounds of what the Catholic Church teaches and certainly allows you to do. If you are a real Catholic, you would be open to pray to the Queen of Peace, and open to hear Her. If not, you who pride yourself as Catholic, are not a Catholic at all; and if not, what are you? One of those who could not accept the way Jesus Christ came and ministered, and who were those that killed him?

Friend of Medjugorje
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

We continue and state that not only do we believe and spread Medjugorje, but we also state that one must go there on pilgrimage. Medjugorje is an opportunity to participate in living Biblical history. It is the greatest event since the death of the last apostle. For information about a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, or to ask questions, call BVM Caritas Pilgrimages at 205-672-2000, extension 218 or 219 – or click to visit here and request information.

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8 thoughts on “Medjugorje… a hoax?”

  1. One should always as the Holy Spirit for discernment, and not condemning God’s works. Donald this is my advise to you… Pray that God can remove the veil you have in front of you and He well show you His face. The apparitions are more than true…

  2. I am embarrassed that I even live in the same state as this individual. Who is he to say it is a hoax. By what authority does he speak? The fruits coming from Medjugorie speak for themselves and even is this is a hoax – which it is not – then all the prayer and conversion is a positive thing leading souls back to Christ. I am always amazed by the individuals who feel that they as humans can decide what God wants for His people. He needs our prayers and this is exactly why Our Blessed Mother is coming. Please continue to spread Her messages as it is our only saving grace.

  3. I can only say all the Messages given by Our Lady at Medjugorje are genuienly from the Mother of God. All her wish is by following her messages, she could lead us to unite with her Son, because it happens to me, it was through living and practising all these messages, I went through my purification and conversion and finally encountered my Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be the Mother of God, our Mother and our Queen. Amen.

  4. May our Risen Lord Jesus and all the angels and saints come to all those who either have denied these apparitions or do not know about them. What a mother The Most High God has choesn to send to us. Keep on doing what you are doing, the world needs brave people to stand up for the truth. Ave Maria

  5. Marybeth Albert

    It is only a matter of time before Donald and the rest of the world sees that Medjugorie is for real. Until then I will keep him in my prayers. Keep up the good work.

  6. I loved your explanation response to his argument. Personally, from my Jewish Minor experience and classes, you definitely hit the nail on the head, Friend of Medjugorje. Also you’re right that Medjugorje is not officially condemned by the church, thus, yeah, it is up to the person own discretion. It says in the bible that man cannot live by scripture alone, but by a balance between scripture and tradition, the church is just a form and a continuation of the tradition that the apostles followed. It is the viewing of the full contract between God and man, not the abrupt end of the old and is something totally new, otherwise where would Romans 11 fit and the hint at the return of the Jews to God. It also allows a continuation connection from the past to the present, so yeah, nail on head about the prophets and St Joseph and about the church. When the great compromise happens, have mercy on us. This pride and ranking between people needs to be rid of so, everyone can open their hearts to Jesus.

  7. Yolanda Rivera

    Well done Friend of Medjugorje. Great response. May Our Lord Almighty continue to bless your community. Blessed Mother Mary touch the heart of those who do not believe.

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