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March 18, 2023 Message Given through Mirjana

March 18, 2023 Message Given through Mirjana

March 18, 2023 A.D.


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Our Lady appeared to Mirjana in Medjugorje today, Saturday, March 18, 2023. The apparition lasted 6 minutes, from 1:33 PM to 1:39 PM. Following is Our Lady’s message given through Mirjana during her annual apparition of March 18, 2023:



March 18, 2023

“Dear children, I am calling you, through prayer and mercy, to come to know my Son all the better; to learn to listen with a pure and open heart; to listen to what my Son is saying to you in order to come to see spiritually. That, as one people of God in communion with my Son, you may bear witness to the truth with your life. Pray, my children, that, together with my Son, you can bring only peace, joy and love to all your brothers and sisters. I am with you and am blessing you with a motherly blessing.”


Our Lady’s March 18 message in other languages follows at the end of this writing. Be sure to also listen to a Friend of Medjugorje’s Special World Report of March 18, 2023, titled, Invincible.


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The Field of Apparition, This Morning, March 18, 2023, A.D.


At dawn, the Caritas Community began to come together to pray for Our Lady’s apparition to Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana, her yearly birthday apparition from Our Lady. As all trailed from different directions, we, too, became one. If you live Our Lady’s messages, they manifest into your daily life. That is exactly what happened this morning.


Afterwards, we learned Our Lady’s message that She gave today. We experienced how Our Lady is intertwined in our daily life. Our Lady said today, “…one people of God in communion…” Our prayer was in communion together before Our Lady while She was on the earth in Medjugorje.

Field of Apparitions, March 18, 2023
Field of Apparitions, March 18, 2023
Field of Apparitions, March 18, 2023

At the moment of Our Lady’s apparition in Medjugorje, in the Field of Apparitions at Caritas, the sun suddenly came up behind the mountain. We all knew Our Lady was giving Her sign of “the Woman clothed in the sun.” It happened so quickly. Several in the community said the sun just “popped up.”

Field of Apparitions, March 18, 2023
Field of Apparitions, March 18, 2023
Field of Apparitions, March 18, 2023
Field of Apparitions, March 18, 2023

This Valley surrounded by mountains is filled with peace. One can feel it. Today’s message gave special words that go to our foundation. Our Lady gave a message on October 6, 1986, to a Friend of Medjugorje to “witness with your life.” Our Lady has invested many things through him and to help him manifest Her plans here. Our Lady said She has many plans.


On November 24 1988, in Her first apparition in the Field of Apparitions Our Lady said:


“I am here to help you.”


Last year, on this same day and at this same time, in the Field of Apparitions, the experience was the exact opposite. Our Lady’s coming was heralded by torrential rainfall, high wind, lightning and thunder, a storm worthy enough to strike fear in many pilgrims who joined the Community in prayer.


The sunrise was eclipsed by storm clouds, and the light of the new day came only through slow gradients of light. The morning actually started with the faint light of dawn that dissolved into darkness the closer we came to the time of Our Lady’s apparition.


Words that a Friend of Medjugorje had recently said, regarding the growing darkness encompassing our world and the storms we were heading into were give “real life” as we lived through this storm just as Our Lady was appearing in Medjugorje to Mirjana. There were so many different insights Our Lady gave through a Friend of Medjugorje’s words, the events leading up to Our Lady’s apparition, and then Our Lady’s own words on March 18, 2022, that the story was told in a post on that you can read here.


How different the two apparitions were experienced in the Field of Apparitions, exactly one year apart from each other. One pervaded by darkness, thunder and lightning and the other, today, by the sweetness of a beautiful dawn, filled with color and the beauty of nature.


From dark to Light.

Be sure to listen to a Friend of Medjugorje in the March 18, 2023, Special World Report titled, Invincible.


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18. ožujka 2023

„Draga djeco, pozivam vas da kroz molitvu i milosrđe što bolje upoznate moga Sina. Da čista i otvorena srca naučite slušati. Da slušate što vam moj Sin govori da biste duhovno progledali. Da kao jedan Božji narod, u zajedništvu s mojim Sinom, svojim životom svjedočite istinu. Molite, djeco moja, da zajedno s mojim Sinom svoj svojoj braći i sestrama možete donositi samo mir, radost i ljubav. Ja sam s vama i blagoslivljam vas majčinskim blagoslovom.“



18 marzo 2023

“Cari figli, vi invito a conoscere il meglio possibile mio Figlio attraverso la preghiera e la misericordia. Perché con i cuori puri ed aperti impariate ad ascoltare. Ascoltare ciò che vi dice mio Figlio per riacquistare la vista spirituale. Come un unico popolo di Dio, in comunione con mio Figlio, testimoniate la verità con la vostra vita. Pregate, figli miei, affinché insieme a mio Figlio possiate portare solo pace, gioia ed amore a tutti i vostri fratelli e sorelle. Io sono con voi e vi benedico con la mia benedizione materna.”



18 mars 2023

«Chers enfants, je vous invite, à travers la prière et la miséricorde, à connaître mon Fils le mieux possible; à apprendre à écouter d’un cœur pur et ouvert ; à écouter ce que mon Fils vous dit pour que vous regardiez de façon spirituelle. Comme un seul peuple de Dieu, en communion avec mon Fils, (je vous invite) à témoigner de la vérité par votre vie. Priez, mes enfants, pour que, ensemble avec mon Fils, vous puissiez apporter à vos frères et sœurs seulement la paix, la joie et l’amour. Je suis avec vous et je vous bénis de ma bénédiction maternelle.»


18. März 2023

„Liebe Kinder, ich rufe euch auf, meinen Sohn durch Gebet und Barmherzigkeit so gut wie möglich kennenzulernen; dass ihr reinen und offenen Herzens lernt, zuzuhören. Dass ihr hört, was mein Sohn euch sagt, damit ihr geistig von neuem seht. Damit ihr, als Volk Gottes, in Einheit mit meinem Sohn mit eurem Leben die Wahrheit bezeugt. Betet, meine Kinder, dass ihr gemeinsam mit meinem Sohn all euren Brüdern und Schwestern nur den Frieden, die Freude und die Liebe bringen könnt. Ich bin bei euch und segne euch mit dem mütterlichen Segen.“


Medjugorje visionary Mirjana, 2011

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana on July 2, 2011. Before the coronavirus, many thousands would flock to Medjugorje each month to be present with Our Lady during Mirjana’s second of the month apparition. Our Lady ended Her second of the month apparitions to Mirjana on March 18, 2020. It was a Friend of Medjugorje who built the infrastructure for the propagation of the second of the month messages, which is told in this story here.



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  1. City: Jdeideh
    Country: Lebanon
    Very eye opening, when she said… ‘To see spiritually’…’. , indeed there is spiritual sight to cultivate with prayer &fasting

  2. City: hanover
    State: mass.
    Country: usa
    i was hoping for a little insight of the upcoming warning, come LORD JESUS

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