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Alabama, known as the “Heart of Dixie,” is the home of the world’s largest Medjugorje center, Caritas of Birmingham, which operates out of a four-floor, 65,000 square foot mother house made of stone and stained glass. It is Our Lady’s mission building called the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. With only a 4.3% Catholic population in a predominantly Protestant state, the miracle of the Virgin Mary appearing to Medjugorje visionary, Marija, in an adjacent Home and Field is startling. Kurt Niland, author of Churches of Alabama states:

“…One of the visionaries from Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, who purportedly received messages from the Virgin Mary in her home country, visited Alabama and witnessed another apparition in a field in Sterrett, drawing even more visitors to the state from all stretches of the world. In short, there emanates within Alabama a Catholic presence and voice arguably as strong as the Vatican itself, and to wonder how Alabama became a destination for millions of Catholic pilgrims is to contemplate something of a miracle.”

Alabama was recently the battleground state for the defense of marriage, and previously, for the Ten Commandments, with Chief Justice Roy Moore erecting a monument of the Ten Commandments in the State Capitol. When ordered to remove them, Justice Moore refused to remove the monument, costing him his office of Chief Justice. Within a state whose motto is, “We Dare Defend Our Rights,” is the setting that the apparitions of the Virgin Mary have taken place in a simple family Home and nearby Field. Caritas of Birmingham continues to be the home for a Community of believers that have risen up around the family home and mission. Because of what has been established here at Caritas, the Mission has been the cause of more people going to Medjugorje than any other Medjugorje source. A Friend of Medjugorje has never allowed the place or what he does to usurp Medjugorje. He has always stated that Caritas is a billboard to point people to go to Medjugorje. Many have testified that had it not been for a Friend of Medjugorje’s writings, the apparition sites, etc., they would never have gone to Medjugorje. Medjugorje visionary, Marija, remains very close to what has happened here, with thousands flocking to the apparition site when she is at Caritas with Our Lady.

Our Lady of Medjugorje said on May 8, 1986:

“…The source of grace is here…”

Many are searching for direction in life from so many sources. Our Lady is the source of grace in our time. A visit to Caritas of Birmingham connects pilgrims to this “source of grace” by providing both a place of prayer where pilgrims can discover “direction” for their lives and a place where they can load up on materials about Our Lady’s plans and messages that will give them the encouragement needed to change their lives.

What is a pilgrimage?

A long journey, particularly a journey to some place deemed sacred and venerable. In Scripture, a pilgrimage is defined as the journey of human life.

Why would you want to make a pilgrimage?

Because today’s societies deprive man of God.  Society, as a whole, because of man’s weakness of faith, has formed and made the world’s Christian cultures lose, forget, or turn away from God.  The societies of the world have influenced Christians to such a degree that even Our Lady says many Christians live as pagans.  Therefore, during these turbulent days, to equip oneself now and in the future to be steadfast in living out their faith, one should go on frequent pilgrimages to regain what has been lost or re-enkindle the “flame” in one’s heart for the love of God.

Why would you want to make a pilgrimage to Caritas?

Because Our Lady of Medjugorje said on May 2, 1982: 

“I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time.  Afterwards, I will not appear any more on this earth.”

Medjugorje is a place chosen by Heaven to rebirth mankind. As stated previously, Caritas is a “billboard” pointing to Medjugorje; it is not a “shrine,” connotating that something “had happened” here. Rather, Caritas is where something “is happening” and will continue to the end of the world. It is bigger than a shrine because it is alive. It is a living window, a place of live grace and conversion for all those who make a pilgrimage to Caritas.

The Place is Important

God has repeatedly shown in the Scriptures that the place of His choosing is important. It is manifested by one aspect, in that the Holy Lands, the Land of Israel, lies at 33ºN latitude – 33 degrees, 33 years for the life of Christ. Is this a coincidence or one fingerprint from the hand of God?

Caritas of Birmingham lies in a place where some historians have said was sacred to the Indians. Whether it was sacred to the Indians or not, it is clear that the land was made sacred by the apparitions of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, by Her presence and Her blessing. Is it then a coincidence that Caritas lies at 33 degrees latitude, the same as Israel?

The fingerprints of God are all over this place. As part of Heaven’s plan, Birmingham shares the same latitude on earth with the Holy Lands…33ºN. To those who have walked the mountains and valley of Medjugorje, you know you are living the “Bible.” Medjugorje is the New Jerusalem and Scripture comes alive there. It is Holy Ground. Caritas is also Holy Ground as it is tied to Medjugorje, the last apparitions on earth as stated by Our Lady Herself. It resonates with the spirit of a favored place of Our Lady such as how Our Lady and Jesus held Bethlehem and Bethany in their Hearts. In Bethlehem was the remembrance of the joy of the birth of Little Jesus, the angels with the shepherds, the wise men and their camels.  Bethany was where the friends of Jesus and Mary gathered, away from the hatred of the world, where there was always joy and rest for the spirit. Caritas is also a place of joy and rest, of beauty and repose. The whole site is a gift from Heaven to have in America, in Alabama, a geographic site designated by the Queen of Peace that will be known as a part of Her last apparitions upon the earth.  

With the last apparitions, and with thousands of places Our Lady of Medjugorje has appeared, She has not designated importance to any site outside of Medjugorje, with the exception of only one. Caritas is the only geographic place that is an apparition site, a place that Our Lady repeatedly comes to be with Her children who pilgrimage to Caritas to be with Her. She has repeatedly inferred, and even said in words, when present in the Bedroom or Field of Apparitions that She is “happy to be here.” With the knowledge that Our Lady has called these apparitions in Medjugorje Her last apparitions on earth, this includes also this site in Alabama. And since Our Lady appeared in Alabama seven years after She began appearing in Medjugorje, this makes Caritas the last apparition site on earth of the stature of Lourdes, Fatima, and Medjugorje. This will hold great significance in the future for the North and South American continents especially.

Now you can understand the answer to the question, “Why make a pilgrimage to Caritas?”  If to be in Fatima during the time of Our Lady’s appearances was a great grace, then it too is a great grace to visit the apparition sites of Our Lady of Medjugorje while the apparitions are still taking place in “real time.” By pilgrimaging to Caritas with your heart open, your life and your future will never be the same.  Caritas of Birmingham is within a 48-hour driving time from any state in the continental United States. Medjugorje visionary Vicka said:

“Medjugorje is of great importance because of the messages of Our Lady, because She is still here and because Her presence can be expected daily. Lourdes, Fatima and other places of apparitions are beautiful and it is wonderful to be there, but it is a different feeling when the Gospa is present and not a thing of the past. One cannot compare this with anything, one cannot describe in words the meaning of Medjugorje. For those, who come to Medjugorje, Medjugorje is holy ground.”

Nestled between the mountains in a beautiful valley at the official end of the Appalachian Mountain Range that begins 2,000 miles away in Newfoundland, Canada, the Field of Apparitions offers a majestic setting to encounter God the Creator. But the question to ask is that, since Our Lady had Her apparitions here in this valley, should it be reconsidered the beginning of the Appalachians Mountains instead of the end because from here the grace deposited by the Queen of Peace will spread up and out across the nation? Blessed by the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Medjugorje visionary, Marija (Pavlovic) Lunetti, many pilgrims explain how the grace received while praying in the Field of Apparitions is tangible. In the 1988 apparitions, people came from all over the continent to be with Our Lady. One woman from Chicago stood in the Field and repeated three times, “Why Alabama?”  Another answered her saying, “Look at the mountains and the valley!  Our Lady chooses mountainous places that look like

Caritas of Birmingham is approximately 20 miles southeast of Birmingham, Alabama on Highway 280.

Travel Times within the United States of America

To Birmingham From Mileage Approximate Travel Time (Driving) Approximate Flight Time
Atlanta, GA 147 miles 2 hr 40 min 45 min
Chattanooga, TN 146 miles 2 hr 10 min 2 hr 30 min
Chicago, IL 663 miles 10 hr 1 hr 35 min
Cincinnati, OH 464 miles 7 hr 3 hr
Columbus, GA 144 miles 2 hr 40 min 2 hr 30 min
Dallas, TX 638 miles 9 hr 30 min 1 hr 40 min
Denver, CO 1,284 miles 19 hr 2 hr 50 min
Evansville, IN 345 miles 5 hr 20 min 2 hr 45 min
Houston, TX 668 miles 10 hr 1 hr 35 min
Jackson, MS 237 miles 3 hr 40 min 2 hr 50 min
Jacksonville, FL 491 miles 7 hr 10 min 2 hr 40 min
Knoxville, TN 257 miles 3 hr 50 min 2 hr 40 min
Louisville, KY 367 miles 5 hr 30 min 3 hr
Memphis, TN 240 miles 3 hr 40 min 2 hr 45 min
Nashville, TN 193 miles 3 hr 50 min 2 hr 35 min
New Orleans, LA 344 miles 5 hr 10 min 1 hr
New York, NY 963 miles 14 hr 30 min 2 hr 40 min
Phoenix, AZ 1,702 miles 24 hr 4 hr 30 min
Portland, OR 2,544 miles 37 hr 6 hr 40 min
Savannah, GA 395 miles 5 hr 50 min 2 hr 50 min
Shreveport, LA 452 miles 6 hr 40 min 3 hr 30 min
Tallahassee, FL 303 miles 5 hr 2 hr 35 min
Tupelo, MS 134 miles 2 hr 2 hr 50 min
Miami, FL 800 miles 12 hr 2 hr
Orlando, FL 580 miles 8 hr 30 min 1 hr 30 min
Mobile, AL 260 miles 3 hr 50 min 2 hr
Charleston, SC 450 miles 6 hr 50 min 2 hr 40 min
Myrtle Beach, SC 510 miles 7 hr 50 min 2 hr 50 min
Charlotte, NC 390 miles 5 hr 50 min 1 hr 30 min
Columbus, OH 570 miles 8 hr 30 min 3 hr 10 min
Washington, D.C. 750 miles 12 hr 10 min 2 hr
Roanoke, VA 515 miles 7 hr 45 min 3 hr
Pittsburgh, PA 750 miles 11 hr 30 min 3 hr 25 min
Philadelphia, PA 880 miles 13 hr 50 min 2 hr 15 min
Buffalo, NY 890 miles 13 hr 30 min 3 hr 35 min
Detroit, MI 725 miles 10 hr 45 min 2 hr
Milwaukee, WI 760 miles 11 hr 50 min 3 hr 45 min
St. Louis, MO 500 miles 7 hr 20 min 3 hr 15 min
Little Rock, AR 375 miles 5 hr 40 min 3 hr 10 min
Des Moines, IA 845 miles 12 hr 45 min 4 hr 15 min
Minneapolis, MN 1,076 miles 15 hr 40 min 4 hr 10 min
Bismarck, ND 1,500 miles 21 hr 30 min 5 hr 30 min
Rapid City, SD 1,450 miles 20 hr 40 min 5 hr
Lincoln, NE 940 miles 14 hr 4 hr 40 min
Wichita, KS 815 miles 12 hr 3 hr 55 min
Oklahoma City, OK 700 miles 10 hr 30 min 3 hr 30 min
Albuquerque, NM 1,245 miles 18 hr 10 min 4 hr 20 min
Cheyenne, WY 1,380 miles 20 hr 15 miles 5 hr 45 min
Helena, MT 2,000 miles 29 hr 6 hr 20 min
Seattle, WA 2,580 miles 38 hr 6 hr 45 min
Boise, ID 2,100 miles 31 hr 5 hr 45 min
Las Vegas, NV 1,815 miles 26 hr 3 hr 50 min
Phoenix, AZ 1,700 miles 24 hr 4 hr 50 min
Los Angeles, CA 2,030 miles 29 hr 5 hr 50 min
San Francisco, CA 2,330 miles 35 hr 6 hr 5 min
Salt Lake City, UT 1,820 miles 27 hr 5 hr 25 min
Anchorage, AK 4,237 miles 69 hr 9 hr 15 min
Honolulu, HI 4,402 miles 10 hr 30 min

Travel Times from Outside the United States of America

To Birmingham From Mileage Approximate Travel Time (Driving) Approximate Flight Time
Buenos Aires, Argentina 4,839 miles 13 hr 25 min
Caracas, Venezuela 1,998 miles 7 hr 50 min
Frankfurt, Germany 4,682 miles 11 hr
Guam, U.S. 7,747 miles 20 hr 25 min
Istanbul, Turkey 6,043 miles 16 hr 40 min
Lima, Peru 3,188 miles 8 hr 45 min
London, United Kingdom 4,298 miles 9 hr 45 min
Luanda, Angola 7,121 miles 21 hr 15 min
Madrid, Spain 4,421 miles 10 hr 35 min
Manila, Philippines 8,619 miles 21 hr 25 min
Mexico City, Mexico 1,666 miles 28 hr 4 hr 40 min
Montreal, Canada 1,286 miles 19 hr 4 hr 40 min
Moscow, Russia 5,482 miles 15 hr
Mumbai, India 8,491 miles 19 hr 55 min
Paris, France 4,505 miles 10 hr 30 min
Reykjavik, Iceland 3,416 miles 11 hr 5 min
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4,841 miles 12 hr 45 min
Rome, Italy 5,144 miles 13 hr 35 min
San Jose, Costa Rica 1,640 miles 7 hr
Seoul, South Korea 7,063 miles 16 hr 50 min
Shanghai, China 7,583 miles 18 hr
Stockholm, Sweden 4,729 miles 13 hr 30 min
Sydney, Australia 9,143 miles 19 hr 45 min
Tel Aviv, Israel 6,526 miles 16 hr 25 min
Tokyo, Japan 6,781 miles 15 hr 45 min
Vancouver, Canada 2,138 miles 40 hr 6 hr 30 min
Warsaw, Poland 5,093 miles 13 hr 30 min

Hotels Near Caritas

The Hampton Inn & Suites Birmingham/280 East-Eagle Point is Caritas’ Official Hotel.

When we have major events, many of the hotels listed sell out. For big events at Caritas, hotels 1-19 are listed below in proximity to Caritas.  Based on location, traffic, and proximity to Caritas, hotels listed below on HWY 280 are suggested FIRST CHOICE hotels. They are arranged from those closest to those farthest from Caritas.

Hampton Inn and Suites1. Hampton Inn & Suites Birmingham/280 East-Eagle Point★★★★ approx. 10 miles,standard king or 2 queens, 205-981-0024
Homewood-Suites2. Homewood Suites by Hilton★★★ approx. 13 miles, studios or double, 205-995-9823
Marriott-Residence-Inn3. Residence Inn★★★ approx. 13 miles, 205-991-8686
best-western-birmingham-al4. Bestwestern Plus, Birmingham Inn & Suites, approx. 13 miles, 205-995-8586
Quality-Inn_and_Suites5. Quality Inn & Suites★★★ approx. 14 miles, 205-991-1055
Days-In6. Days Inn 280★★ approx. 14 miles, continental breakfast provided, 205-991-9977
Hyatt-Place7. Hyatt Place Inverness★★★ approx. 14 miles, 205-995-9242
Extended-Stay-America8. Extended Stay of America★★ approx. 14 miles, 205-408-0107
holiday-inn-express-and-suites-birmingham9. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Birmingham★★ approx. 14 miles, 205-776-6370
countryinns10. Country Inn by Carlson, approx. 15 miles, 205-968-3700
Courtyard-Marriott-Colonnade11. Courtyard by Marriott Colonnade Grandview★★★ approx. 15 miles, 205-967-4466
Hampton-Inn-and_Suites12. Hampton Inn Colonnade★★★ approx. 15 miles, 205-967-0002
Springhill-Suites13. SpringHill Suites by Marriott Birmingham/Colonnade★★★ approx. 16 miles, 205-969-8099
Hampton-Inn14. Hampton Inn Mountain Brook★★★ approx. 20 miles, 205-870-7822
Drury-inn-and-suites15. Drury Inn & Suites Birmingham Grandview★★★ approx. 15 miles, 205-967-2450
La-Quinta16. La Quinta Inn & Suites-Hwy 280 Cahaba Park★★★ approx. 15 miles, 205-995-9990
Hilton-Garden-Inn17. Hilton Garden Inn Liberty Park★★★★ approx. 20 miles, 205-503-5220
Cobb-Lane18. Cobb Lane Bed & Breakfast★★★ approx. 23 miles, National Historic Register, 205-918-9090
birmingham-hassinger-daniels-mansion19. Hassinger Daniels Mansion Bed & Breakfast★★★ approx. 23 miles, National Historic Register, 205-918-9090

Call the hotels directly for reservations and availability and mention that you are coming to Caritas.


Meet the Community of Caritas, as you join us in prayer, our first priority.  Then be taken on a “Walk Through,” through the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages.  The largest physical structure in the world dedicated to the propagation of the Medjugorje messages.   

Caritas Daily Prayer Schedule

Each Day (All Times are Central Standard Times):

Silent Prayer in the Field 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. 
Morning Prayer7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. 
Rosary in the Field for Medjugorje’s Daily Apparition Time 

11:00 a.m. (Daylight Saving Time)       

or 10:00 a.m. (Central Standard Time) 

Chaplet of Divine Mercy (Monday – Friday) 3:00 p.m.

5 thoughts on “Location and Daily Schedule”

  1. City: Hamilton
    State: NJ
    Country: United States
    My name is Kathy Elgrim and I am interested in going on a pilgrimage to your site. I am traveling on October 6th to Alabama from Trenton NJ area for the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary on October 7th. Could you provide any information to me about taking a pilgrimage there and places to stay in the area. God is calling upon my heart to come and I’ve been praying the Patriotic Rosary with a small group at my church for more than 3 years now.

    Thank you and God Bless,

    Kathy Elgrim

  2. Catherine Marie

    City: Sterrett
    State: AL
    Country: United States
    I visited your location a few month ago to pray for my mother. I had an experience there and I would like to try a service.

  3. Mary Ann Haslett

    My husband and I are coming to Alabama for a retreat in October. Do we need an appt to visit Caritas? Are we able to come for the Rosary and visit the grounds. We probably be Oct 20 or 21.

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