Let’s Build It Up, Not Tear It Down

Let’s Build It Up, Not Tear It Down

October 16, 2019 A.D.

“…I started reading the history, and the Constitution of the United States of America. I loved it! I loved the founding, I loved the history, the patriotism, everything… I’m a Canadian…”

September/October 2019 Medjugorje Pilgrimage

Pilgrims praying the Patriotic Rosary in Medjugorje

BVM Caritas pilgrims praying the Patriotic Rosary in Medjugorje, September 29, 2019

Today’s feature is an appendix to a Friend of Medjugorje’s recent writing, Christianity, an Enemy to Indigenous People?

Recently a BVM Caritas Pilgrim in Medjugorje gave a testimony before praying the Patriotic Rosary with the Caritas group in Medjugorje. Her words are an encouragement to those who have joined us for the 9-day bread and water fast, praying especially for the United States of America, and the beginning of Our Lady’s reign in the world. It is time to build up the United States of America, not tear it down. A Friend of Medjugorje has shared many times before, that the future of the whole world depends on the United States. Listen to her moving testimony below.

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“I was born in Canada, came down to Miami, Florida. I was recruited as a nurse back in 1987. I was away from the Church for about 20 years or so; fell into the darkness, was on the road to hell so to speak. I had a big conversion in 1993, which led me to Medjugorje here in 1994.

“I didn’t think much about politics, didn’t know anything about politics or anything else like that, but I began to realize that the world was changing, there were drastic changes happening in the world, and they were happening in our culture. And so, I decided I had to kinda get involved.

“I got connected with the Caritas Community, probably back in the early 2000’s, and started coming to Medjugorje with them. I’ve been here 23 times now. But anyway, I started reading a lot of the history and the Constitution of the United States of America. I loved it! I loved it! I loved the founding, I loved the history, the patriotism, everything. And I began to hear such negativity about the United States of America, and I couldn’t understand it.

“I worked in an area of Hialeah, where there is a lot of Puerto Rican’s, Cubans, you name it, we were there, an international community. But everybody was getting all this bad information about America, and I felt really bad because I came down alone and all the people around me were so good to me, got me through a lot of really, really tough times. And, I said the people here are good people, but were not being given the fair wrap. So we have to go back and establish what God wanted to establish when our founding fathers came here and wrote up the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and so forth.

“So anyway, I started listening to [a Friend of Medjugorje] on the CD’s and all. I’m a Canadian, I didn’t think about becoming an American, I didn’t have any need to become an American, okay. I have all the same rights as everyone else that was a permanent resident, but when I started listening to [a Friend of Medjugorje’s] tapes about his patriotism and love of Country, I felt such a great joy in my heart. I felt I want to be part of this, I want to be part of this. And I felt in order to speak out to people with this love, I needed to become an American. And then when Donald Trump came on the scene, I saw his passion and his love for his country. Maybe people may interpret this wrongly. But you look at the man, you look at the family, you look at his history, hey, I was out there for 30 years walking the wrong road. And he had some good people behind him, backing him, encouraging him to become President. I mean, look at the poor man and what he’s had to go through. Who would want that? So, all of a sudden, I decided, I wanted to become an American citizen!

“So, I made an appointment with an attorney. [A Friend of Medjugorje] inspired me, Donald Trump inspired me to love the Country, build it up, don’t tear it down, do what’s good for it. And I said, what better way than becoming an American so I can speak from the heart, ‘I’m an American citizen, and I won’t hear you talk about my Country this way.’ You got pray and ask God to strengthen this Country, make it be the light that God – It was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. So, we ought to be doing that. I’m out there and have actually converted one Mexican family across the road from me! They were anti-Trump, now they’re for Trump. But they began to see what principles that were guiding us. So, I just thank God for [a Friend of Medjugorje] and the Caritas Community, and that God has given us a President – you may not like him, but let’s pray for him and build him up; let American come back to what it was.”

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  1. May God continue to Bless America and Donald Trump with gifts that bring Peace to this Peace less world without faith in God

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