Latest Update April 1, 2012: Andrea, Caritas Community Mother who is dying

Latest Update April 1, 2012: Andrea, Caritas Community Mother who is dying

Andrea Pipp

Dear Beloved Family,

This morning at 8:15 a.m. Andrea’s miracle was granted. Her healing came after she passed away, meeting Jesus. With many tears of sadness the whole community was gathered with the family around Andrea. Amidst the sorrow, there was the consolation of knowing that she carried her newborn baby in her arms to Heaven, who died in her womb. All the community was able to be present several hours beforehand, to say our goodbyes and usher her into Heaven with our love and prayers. Andrea died a very peaceful death.

We would like to share the stories of her last day and hours with you, but it is more than we can adequately put together at this moment. As many of you have walked this path with us, we want you to have a share not only in the sadness, but also in the peace and joy that is ours today, knowing that Andrea was fully ready to meet her Savior face to face, and Our Lady with Him. Some time this week, we will publish the rest of Andrea’s story, as well as how we live our lives here in community, both in life and death, our final goodbyes, and how we bury our loved ones.

Please know that all are welcome to come and be with the community for the wake and funeral services. For those who have attended the weddings at Caritas, you know they are something to behold, lasting for several hours in which Our Lady’s presence with Her Son, Jesus are very much felt. So, too, do we celebrate the wedding of the souls of our community members when they pass into eternal life, giving a beautiful farewell–that is both solace and joy in the midst of our tears. As so often happens with events of the community, Our Lady already begins to prepare things ahead of time for the greater impact of our hearts. Over the course of the past several months, Our Lady has led us to discover songs that so speak to Andrea’s passing that we will be playing during the services. Our Lady desires every event of our lives to lead us to conversion and we know all those who are able to come with experience conversion as well, which is why we say to all, “Come.” The wake will be Tuesday, April 3, at Caritas. The community, with family and friends, will be in the Field for our normal Apparition Rosary time at 11:00 a.m. and then that evening we will gather together around 4:00 pm to pray, sing, share stories and remembrances of Andrea with music and the liturgical prayers will begin at 6:00 p.m. with our parish priest. This, again, will be at Caritas, with Andrea being here for all those who wish to say their own goodbyes. All are invited to come earlier to join the community in their prayer. The Funeral Mass will be on Wednesday, April 4, at Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church at 9:00 a.m. We will return to Caritas following the Mass for Apparition Rosary in the Field, and the burial will take place following the Rosary. Again, all are welcome to attend both the wake and funeral, and for those who are unable to be with us, we know you will be united with us in prayer. The wake on Tuesday, April 3, will be most of the day where community members will be gathered with family and friends to remember and celebrate the gift of Andrea’s life. All are welcome to come earlier in the day to share this day with us and funeral the following day.

For those who would like to send flowers, they should be sent to Caritas of Birmingham, 100 Our Lady Queen of Peace Drive, Sterrett, AL 35147.

We especially wish to thank you for all your prayers and sacrifices. They have been felt by all of us, and continue to give us strength and peace.

In the Love of Our Lady,
A Friend of Medjugorje
On Behalf of the Community of Caritas

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186 thoughts on “Latest Update April 1, 2012: Andrea, Caritas Community Mother who is dying”

  1. Though all feel the deep heart-tug at the loss of our loved ones, may solace be found in knowing that Andrea is now surely with our Lord. She is one of God’s new saints.

  2. Though all feel the deep heart-tug at the loss of our loved ones, may solace be found in knowing that Andrea is now surely with our Lord. She is one of God’s new saints.

  3. Oh so sad to hear of Andrea’s passing. I was praying for her and hoping a great miracle would happen but God knew what was best for her. Goodness and sincerity shone from her face. My heart goes out to her family – may God comfort them. Great blessings will come to them and the Caritas community. God bless and console you all

  4. Blessed be God and Thank Him for Andrea’s life… understand anyone behind still has to accomplish them mission. Thank God for the things we do understand and the ones we do not understand

  5. The prayers of myself, my mother, and other family are with the community and for the family. We are proud to have known Andrea and Anthony as well as their parents and other family. As long time friends of Caritas from day one, we were deeply sorrowed to find out about this. It was treated as a loss in our personal family for sure. We will be visiting soon and continue to pray for Andrea’s family, Anthony and his children, Jeff and Robin and the rest of the community. God bless you all and may She be in the comfort of God and the company of Our Lady. -Brendan and Mary Veronika Harkins

  6. My sympathies to all on the loss of Andrea. I know many of you were hoping for a miraculous cure but as was so eloquently put by A Friend Of Medjugorje Andrea was the miracle that she was able to live as long as she did. My father died in 1981, when I was nine after a two year struggle with pancreatic cancer that was supposed to kill him within six months. Look at all Andrea miraculously survived. That is the miracle. I too mourn for her unborn baby, who did not get a chance at life.

  7. Dear Community of Caritas. What a great mistery is God’s will, always with love as the unique and eternal reason for everything He does… God’s love is in the Pip’s family story… I do not find words to express my gratitude for their “yes” to Our Lady… a yes that goes to the greatest sacrifice… giving life so others can “live”.

  8. Dear Anthony, children and family, I do not know you, but am very sorry for your loss and happy at the same time. Your tears of sorrow and loss will soon turn into tears of gladness and great joy knowing where Andrea is. My mother passed away a year ago and i felt sad but then very happy because i know she is in Heaven and after reading about Andrea and hearing the Radio Wave Show, i know she and your unborn baby are there too. They lived life the right way and you get rewarded for that many times over

  9. Rich & Carole DiClaudio

    Dear Caritas – Thank you all again for your Godly hospitality this past week. The entire Community is so warm and welcoming. The peace you all imparted, even during a time of such grief and preparation is remarkable and a sign of your total love of God and complete devotion to our Lady. I want to say to those that were not able to attend that Andrea’s wake, Mass, and burial where done with extraordinary grace and sanctity. From the very holy priests at the Wake, Mass (including 2 vicar generals), & Burial; to the grace-filled Apparition Rosary during the interment; to the evening Rosary on blankets around the grave site – it all felt so fitting, proper & holy. Through our Blessed Mother’s messages, Caritas has been showing us how to live in a way pleasing to God, and now through the loss of dear Andrea and Baby Pipp, you have shown us a very Godly way to die and bury our loved ones as well. Thank you! We love you all and pray for your continued blessings & protection from evil.

  10. Dear Anthonyand Family.Caritas of Birmingham Mrmbers, Just to let you know that my loves and prayers are with you. YOU are an example for all of us,your dedication to our Father, Jesus and the Blessed Mother is Heavenly Love. God Bless YOU ALL, NORMA Lleras

  11. My deepest condolences to Anthony ,childrens , Mary , Mark and family .my prayers are with You all God Bless you always Andrea and the baby are in heaven in presence of our Mother Mary and Jesus the Lord of the lord

  12. I have been deeply touched by Andrea’s story. My heart goes out to her family who must miss her dearly. What a beautiful lady who, I feel sure in my heart, is in Heaven with Jesus and Our Lady. She will now be praying for everyone at Caritas in Heaven and I’m sure great graces will be received from the great sacrifice she has given of her life and her unborn baby. God bless you all xx

  13. My daughter Mariana returned to her eternal home last year just 5 days after she was born. I am at peace knowing that Andrea visits with her and brings Mariana a spiritual playfriend, Andrea’s unborn child. These souls are joyfully praying for the protection of all life. The Father has an army above assisting with their prayers. The day Mariana passed away was the march for life in Washington DC. She triumphantly fought hard that day, witnessing to her many caregivers that all life has purpose. At the end of the day God called her home. God bless Andrea, a tremendous witness to life and the sanctity of the life she was caring. Also blessings to her family (husband and children, parents and relatives and finally her Caritas community of caregivers) who were able to see God work through her example of trust and belief. Andrea now becomes for me a friend who I never knew on this earth but a sister that I will recognize instantly in heaven.

  14. Deeply saddened by the passing of my dear sister in Jesus christ.This name had only become famaliar to me amonth ago,wherein I was told that all petitions would be prayed over by the caritas community.I love Mary and have had many beautiful encounters with her,she is constantly by my side.I know that my sister is now in heaven praying for us all face to face with Jesus.

  15. Even though my fast for this lent season is Media of any type. I promised myself not to give up the prayers for Andrea, the baby, her family and the whole Caritas community. Only after I pray and fast all day Wednesday can I open up my computer and read the latest updates about Medjugorje, Our Blessed Mother and on the Caritas Community . My heart is broken and already healing to find out that Our Beloved Andrea and baby where graciously delivered into the hands of Our Lord. My heart swells with love, peace and joy to think that Jesus has a special place for her and her child. I will pray for each member of her family to heal their hearts. They will not be long in missing her, for all will be joined together in Gods glorious kingdom as one big happy family. God bless you all.

  16. I am so sorry to hear this as I was hoping that a miracle would happen and Andrea would be allowed to stay with her husband and family for many years yet. She certainly fought a brave fight full of faith and very inspirational to all of us. As is her husband and family whom it is comforting to know will be supported by all of you at Caritas. My thoughts and prayers are with you all and of course there are now 2 new saints in heaven watching over Anthony and children as well as her parents and close family and friends. God bless all of you.

  17. The Pettinato Family

    To Anthony & the Community of Caritas, Please know we share your sadness and will continue to pray for your strength. With affection, Dave Gigi Pettinato & children

  18. Andrea and her child are peacefully in heaven, she has tought us a good lesson and has been living example of living our mothers messages, by joyfully accepting her sufferings. We know Antony has a heavy cross to bear, with the children to take care, but Andrea is in a better position to watch over her children fro heaven, what about the loving care of our mother mary, Antony and his children will lack nothing. God be with the whole Caritas community at this time. My prayers to you all.

  19. Manuel & Gloria Lopez

    Our sympathy and prayers are with the family. May the Lord continue to comfort you and be close to the family. Andrea and baby are in the Lord’s presence. Our prayer are with the family.

  20. Dear Anthony, children, family and community I know that you are all feeling the loss of this beautiful young women and my heart goes out to all of you I know what it is to lose someone you love so much . God blessing be upon each and everyone one of you.

  21. My prayers will be with Anthony and the children, I join all my prayers each one who pray for this Wonderful family. Our Loving Jesus granted a Miracles to Andrea and her baby embracing, her little one in her arms going up to heaven. We sure felt the pain with every one of us. Who are trying to pray for the Miracles of healing her cancer. Our Lord had a better place for and her baby. Thank you, Jesus, Thank you, Mama Mary; this your will. My prayers, will travel spiritually Anthony and children’s for courage and strength. GOD BLESS!

  22. At first I don`t know what to say;my tears of joy are with you all,especially Andreas family.To be at home with her Lord Jesus with your child in her arms is a blessing beyond compare!!The Lord will be with you to help heal your hearts. My prayers continue to be with you and yours,love Kim

  23. Thanks for sharing the 1st story about Andrea, a little bit about her LIFE it was a story of LOVE and very special. I remembered her in my daily prayers (I pray one OUR Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be each day for widows, widowers, the terminally ill /and those who care for them, the fatherless, and orphans). Please remember Stephanie in Sweden who had a tumor in her uterus removed while she was pregnant. The baby is born and she is receiving chemotherapy now. We will remember Andreas family in our prayer for families each day. With Love for Our Lord Jesus and His Mother and Ours! Rob

  24. Anthony I can not begin to know your pain. I cried all day when my mom called to tell me. Not for Andrea but for you and the kids and the whole community. I never got to know her well but she was the sweetest person I ever met. I am so sorry you have to go through this but I know Mary will hold you close and comfort you and Jesus will take your pain and turn it into something beautiful. My prayers are with you, your family and the whole community. I truly wish I could be there but my prayers are all I can send. I will send lots of them I promise.

  25. Camilla Landers

    The bittersweetness of a Happy Death, Andrea and the Baby are in Heaven at peace, and those that remain are saddened by their departure. Words cannot express the saddness I feel. I so wish I could be there, I am there in spirit. Stan and I will continue to offer up our prayers for Andrea, Anthony and the children, also Andrea’s and Anthony’s entire family. As I listened to last nights program, I held the wedding picture that Jenny sent me of the wedding party in the snow. Andrea was between her Dad and brother, arms around each other, I feel so very blessed that I was able to share that moment and experience the love of Andrea’s family and the community of Caritas. I cherish the picture and it has always been placed in a special place within my home. Thank you Caritas for sharing your lives with us. God Bless You! In the love of the two hearts. Camilla

  26. It is wonderful to know that Andrea and her baby are now resting in the presence of Jesus,where there is no more sadness,pain,or crying.I am sorry for your loss of Andrea and I know how much she meant to all of you.She was a beautiful wife and mother and she touched alot of people’s lives.Andrea will be greatly missed by her family and her friends and all who knew her.Andrea and her child are standing now in the presence of Jesus,the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.God bless.

  27. Jeff, Robin, Anthony and all of the family, We are so very sorry for your loss. While we are not certain if we met beautiful Andrea on our many visits, we do know that all of us knew and loved Jeff, Robin and Anthony from the time we all first met in 1998 and continuing on through the August 2005 pilgrimage to Caritas and Medjugorje. We believe Our Lady welcomed Andrea and the baby with open arms. We are praying for the family and entire Caritas community as you go forward in this Holy Week. How blessed Andrea was to die on Palm Sunday. The Lord must love her dearly to welcome her into Heaven as He was welcomed into Jerusalem.

  28. I am joyful that Andrea and the baby have gone home and must be at great peace, however so very sad for all of you especially Anthony and the children. I know your hearts are breaking. Please know you are in the thoughts and prayers of so so many.

  29. Edwin De Castro

    In the Great Love and Care of Our Lord, may the dearly departed soul of Andrea Doris Pipp remain with Him. May the Good Lord continue to bless all of us who remain on His Earth to do His Will, for our good and the good of all the world. Most especially, in remembrance of our intentions for the immediate family of Andrea, her loved ones, the friends and acquaintances that the Lord has allowed her, to continue His work with great Joy, Love, Peace and Happiness. In Love of Jesus through Mary, Edwin De Castro

  30. My heart if filled with sorrow for your loss. I know I can feel joy that Andrea and your baby are in heaven. Their suffering is over and will always be in your hearts and she will be with you in spirit to intercede and comfort you. God be with you, Anne

  31. Zsolt Borsányi

    Dear Community, please accept our condoleation. At the same time let me express my admiration of such a pieceful and elevative mourning. God give You peace and strength, Anthony and all of You

  32. My heart felt sympathies to Anthony and the little angles and Andrea’s family. I pray to God and Our most beloved Mother Mary to give all the strength to be strong and bold to her beloved husband and children. I know the loss is big and nothing can replace it. Andrea’s departure will be heart breaking. Lord, Pls be with this family…thank you Jesus, thank you mother Mary.

  33. Dear Anthony and your little beautiful children,may God bless you abundantly and give you all the strength you need to carry this cross and be in peace always,and Andrea you are now with your angel baby together in Heaven in the brightest light and joy of all.Love Mirella

  34. Vincent Machira

    Let us in everything thank God. He gave us Andrea, He has taken her may His name be Glorified. It is encouraging to learn about Andrea’s religious life and our expectation of meeting her in God’s Glory.

  35. Dear Andrea’s Family, Yesterday, God divided a family only to make it stronger. Your loss will be short lived. The promise of heaven is for all of you, just as she wanted. You are blessed above other families, in that you know that you all will be reunited, in heaven. God bless you. Tess

  36. Heartfelt condolences to Andrea’s husband Anthony and to all their beautiful children. I know they are in great hands with the Caritas community. And Andrea with the Holy Family now. Peace be with you all, and thank you very much for sharing her story with the “at large” family of Caritas.

  37. My heart goes to all of you, and I am very sorry for this sad news, but we also know that Our Lord and His Blessed Mother were waiting for her. May Jesus and Mary also bring you peace and strength always. God Bless. A new friend.

  38. Bob and Mary Rio and Family

    Dearest Community of Caritas, We are so sorrowful for the loss of Andrea and the baby. Our prayers and rosaries continue for all of you, a loss for all of us , but a gain for heaven ! We love you all , with heartfelt sympathy, sincerely the Rio Family.

  39. Love is a strong force Anthony -you now have Jesus, the Blessed Mother, Andrea and your youngest angel watching over you. Remember this when it gets hard, it will pull you through-trust the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart-They are there for you.

  40. my sympathy and heart goes out to Andrea’s family and friends. Such a beautiful young mother and wife and community member! same age as my daughter. I am so sorry for your loss. let me know if there’s anything i can do. you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  41. Margarita Clements

    Dear Anthony, children, family and the Caritas community, my deepest sympathy goes out to you in this time of sorrow. May words of comfort rest gently upon your hearts, and in time may they become words of healing. Andrea and her baby are in God’s care now and in the arms of our Blessed Lady. May God grant all of you His peace. God bless you all. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Margarita

  42. Dear Anthony, family and Caritas community, our deepest condolences to you all. We too are deeply saddened by your loss. May Our Lord and Our Lady continue to bless you all. Now dear Andrea and baby can intercede for us. Thank you for living Our Lady’s messages for so many years, and for being a guiding light for many of us. God bles you all. Bill, Maria and family

  43. It is with great sadness that I have heard of Andrea’s passing. As a beautiful young mother, I know that she is now in eternal happiness and will be looking with love and waiting for the rest of her family to join her in heaven. My prayers to Anthony and the children along with my deepest sympathy.

  44. May Andrea rest in peace with her baby. My deepest condolences to her family. Andrea is not suffering anymore and they are in heaven now.

  45. My deepest sympathy to Anthony, children, families and the whole Caritas family. My prayers continue to be with all of you as well as with Andrea. Your courage and love of God and Blessed Mother will be with me always. Andrea, please ask God to be with me always! My prayers and thoughts will be with all of you on April 4 which is my birthday.

  46. Dear Anthony, It is with great sadness that I have learned about the death of your beautiful wife. I would like to offer you my sincere sympathy. Anthony, I will pray for you and your little children, that God will give you the strength to carry the cross he has sent you, God bless you always.

  47. Dear Anthony, I am so sorry to here of your loving and beautiful Andrea’s passing. She was and is so special, I know she has to be with Our Lord and Our Lady in Heaven. May peace be with you and your family. God Bless Darrell

  48. It’s from me very sad to read Andrea died. But she is where all of us aspired to go. Where our Beloved Mother and Jesus promise us we will go if we try to live a life same like her disciples. I am sure Andrea was a good disciple and she is there.Today it’s a day of joy in Heaven because one martyr was died and she give her life and the life of the baby in her womb to be offered in the name of Jesus in sacrifice to save many souls amen

  49. My prayers go out to Andrea, Anthony, their children, and the Caritas Community. How special for Andrea to meet our Lord on Palm Sunday. I will be with you in spirit these next days as you celebrate Andrea’s new life with the angels and saints in her heavenly home. We have a new intercessor in heaven. God bless you all with his peace and consolation. Mary C.

  50. I extend my condolences to everyone at Caritas, with heartfelt sorrow for Andrea’s family. How fortunate she was to have lived her life and passed into eternal life, with her precious baby, with so many family, friends, and loved ones around her and blessing her with love and prayers. This is such a special story that should be shared with everyone. My prayers are with you all.

  51. John & Rosemary Brewer

    We have received this news of Andria’s and her baby’s deaths with, on the one hand great sadness but on the other hand with great joy as she is now with Our Lord and His Blessed Mother Mary. We extend our sincere love and condolences to both their families.

  52. Leli & Lina Vella

    We are speechless. Though we never met and live so far apart, yet we were and still are so close to this wonderful family. Our deepest sympathy to Anthony and the Caritas Comunity. We grief Andrea’s death, but we strongly believe she is among the saints, still looking after her family and all of us. How comforthing to know that “no eye has ever saw or an ear ever heard what God has prepared for those who love him”. May God comfort you, and ANDREA rest in peace.

  53. maria eugenia florez

    God takes good people away to be his angels in heaven. For sure Andrea is a big one up there and will always look after his family on earth, Baby with her will keep her company while she waits for all her family one day meets her in Heaven. This is our faith and that is why Jesus died on the cross to raise into Heaven and promise us that same destiny

  54. I am sad to hear of Andrea’s passing but God needed another angel and He got two. I pray that her family are all well as it is very hard to let go of someone you love. My prayers and thoughts are with her family;

  55. I am so sorry to hear this news but also understand your happiness. I am on trip with my church in Rome, on our way to Medgugoje for Holy week. Andrea and your whole family will be in my prayers. God bless all of you

  56. Art and Babes TIONGSON

    We are mourning with you on the passing away of Andrea and her Angel Baby. We all know that our Cross takes us to Our Good Friday and to our Easter Sunday, The Resurrection of Andrea and Baby Angel. I can imagine Andrea holding and playing with her Angel Baby in Heaven, among the throngs of Heavenly Hosts and Mama Mary. From the Poem of Man God, Our Blessed Lord brought back to life a child who was dead for a few hours, a man, dead for a day, but He chose to resurrect Lazarus after the 4th day. He showed to the Pharisee that He can compose the decomposed. With our beloved Andrea, He chose to take her back to His Embrace, for the reason that we will know later. But I would like to believe that Our Good God is raising a Saint from the Community of Caritas of Birmingham, as one of the Fruits of The Way Of Life. Your way of life in the community and the mission, is giving evidence of the Divine Origin of the foundation of Caritas Community. Anthony, the kids, Mark and Mary, thank you.

  57. Dear Anthony,precious children,parents,and Caritas Community, my deepest condolences to all of you on the death of your dear Andrea. No words can express the sorrow you must have at this time. As someone who knows, the loving support of community and above all the faith in the love, mercy and tender care of Our Lord and Our Lady is what will sustain you now. As you now suffering the Passion of Our Lord in a special way may you be supported by abundant grace and be comforted by the wider Christian community who stand quietly by your sides interceding for each of you, and above all by Our Precious Lord and Our Lady who alone know exactly what you suffer. In the peace and love of Christ, Rita

  58. I am very saddened about the death of Andrea. But I feel happy to know that she is already face to face with the Creator and Blessed Mary. My deepest condolences to his family. God bless you all.

  59. Christine Taglialegami

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Andrea’s family and community. I will continue to pray for her family. What a blessed life and death she had there at Caritas. My heart will be with you all tomorrow as always. All my love, Christine Tag

  60. Dear Anthony, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful children and with your entire Caritas community. My heart aches for you. My husband, Bill, died 17 years ago of pancreatic cancer and I still feel the pain of his loss. May our Blesse Mother enfold you in her mantle of love and give you peace and comfort. Please be assured of my prayers and those of my family now and in the future. Peace in His Holy and Adorable Will, |Margaret

  61. This is a sad news, indeed, but we have gained a great intercessor for us in heaven. May Andrea’s soul rest in Peace in the Love of Our LORD and His Loving MOTHER.

  62. Dear Family, as I went off to 8:30 Mass this morning, my heart was very heavy, after spending a half hour before the Blessed Sacrement the heaviness still did not lift. Only as Mass began and Father said, “Grace and Peace from God Our Father” did my heart suddenly jump with Joy. I wondered at this for we are beginning the reading of Holy Week. Indeed Holy Week as I now return home to your heartbreaking news, My first thought is of Mother Mary heartbroken holding Her Jesus in Her arms as all of you held sweet Andrea and her unborn. Holy week is born in all our hearts this day. I am so sorry we can not be with you all but know we indeed are. Our Fathers love and Peace to each of you, hug each other for us. Rena Weinman

  63. I’m so sad to hear of Andrea’s passing. She has touched me so deeply. I am the same age with a young family of my own and I appreciate them and our health ever the more. I know Andrea doesn’t need prayers anymore because she has gone straight to Heaven. She has done her purgatory on earth. She is a saint now and I will be praying for her intercession every day to bring me closer to God and our Holy Mother. I will continue to pray for her family always. God bless you always and Andrea pray for us . All my love, Fiona.

  64. May God bless her family and continue to give them strength and peace! God, lead her to your Grace and Love! My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  65. I will continue to offer my prayers fasting masses and sacrifices for the repose of her soul. My love and prayers too for her husband, children, and family. I grieve too as though I personally knew her. God’s blessings of joy and healing to all of you at Caritas.

  66. I came to know Andrea for only two days! There is a divine plan in all events in our lives. I wish to commend her soul to our Lady of Peace and to console the family that God does not make mistakes or act outside of love. From the land of Uganda Matyrs we pray that they intercede and welcome Andrea’s soul to eternal peace.

  67. I am touched by this short email about Andrea. Could you tell me more about this caritas community? A web site or other information. Thanks and God bless. Bruno

  68. My day of work and mass this evening will be offered for Andrea and her family and the Caritas family. thank you, for sharing Andrea with us. God bless and keep you.

  69. You know we all struggle mightily with this, certainly no more than her husband, children and Caritas family. My wife and I were blessed to have met Andrea as she came out to say goodbye to us in the Caritas parking lot, asking for our prayers. We know of the innumerable Rosaries, Masses, prayers and fastings offered up. Eli, Eli, lema sabacthani? And after praying to the Holy Spirit, He led me to 2Cor4:7 – 5:10, perhaps you will find His answer there.

  70. Walking to church this morning I found myself praying to Andrea. As a mother with a disability who can’t pick up her children I felt a closeness to Andrea and asked for her intercession to be a better mother, more like she was on earth and continues to be in heaven. I could see her in Heaven in my heart carrying her beautiful baby in her arms. Tears came to my eyes. Not tears of sorrow but tears of joy. Although it would have been wonderful for the baby to have lived here, it seems like such a gift for Andrea to hold her little baby as she is united with Christ and his Mother. She and her baby must be smiling on us down here. Last night I was able to place her name in front of Mary at the apparition with Ivan. Knowing that she had already passed now I wonder if she was smiling with Mary upon us all. God Bless her Family. Amen

  71. Words can’t express how her example has made a huge impact on so many of us…what a beautiful example of living one’s life for the Lord. Truly a light for us in these dark days. Andrea, sweet angel, rest in His arms, just rest in His arms.

  72. I am so sorry for your loss. I didn’t know Andrea personally, however I remember seeing her when I came to Caritas a few years ago. The reason I remember her is her red hair and the peacefulness and joy in her eyes. My prayers go out to her husband and children. And of course to all of you. May the peace of the Lord be with you and the mantle of our Blessed Mother cover you with peace and love as you grieve and give you comfort. YSIC, Pat A

  73. Heartfelt sympathy to Anthony & family on the loss of the earthly presence of his beaufiful wife. However as she is now with God – she is very near to you all.

  74. With great sorrow I read the notice. I ask God to give strength and consolation to Anthony, his children and family. But your story is a lesson of life with Jesus and Mary that will be printed on our hearts to remember for ever. Yeasterday when praying for Andrea I imagined Jesus meeting Andrea and her baby in heaven. God Bless! Luiz

  75. My heartfelt condolences and prayers for Andrea’s family and for the community. A beautiful time of the year to be united with Our Lord and Our Lady. Andrea’s family who has shown us all what faith, hope, patience, humility, perservance, and obedience is. They have became a reflection of Christ, and through Gods reflection in Andrea was His light for all to see. Thank you for sharing your very personnel story.

  76. I have been praying for the whole family and offered my Sunday Mass for them. I woke up at 4:am this morning and felt very sad and started to cry not knowing why and now I know. Please know that I share in your sorrow even though I do not know the family but still somehow feel connected thru Caritas. May Jesus and Mary continue to watch over all. Maryann

  77. Anthony. Have only seen you , Andrea and the kids on the computer but my heart did break when i read the message that Jesus has called her in His beautiful garden. Where she is now there is no suffering , she will watch over her hubby and kids. Sympathies to the family. Am cring dear.

  78. Ruwaichi Beda Meela

    Andreas suffering and faith moved me a lot. I learned that Andreas and her husband Anthony had a great faith which kept them going making choice of accepting Almighty God will.May the faith in our IMMACULATE LADY MARY permeate us all as we learn the mistries of life here on the valley tears ! MAY SOUL OF ANDREAS R. I. P. AMEN

  79. Maseqobela Bernadette Williams

    With great sense of sorrow about Andrea’s death, I would like to thank God Almighty through our Mother Mary for having given us the opportunity to know about our Sister in Christ. I have a strong belief that through her sickness and their dedication to God’s will she is a patron saint of those who are suffering from incurable diseases such as cancer, HIV and AIDS etc.. May God be with her family in these most difficult moments. We will keep them in prayer. May her soul and those who faithfully departed rest in peace. Her death is so timely at the start of the Holy Week. This indicates that Andrea is like the pardoned sinner who was on the cross with our Lord Jesus. So let us rejoice and join for her welcome into the Glory of The Heavenly Father by Our Mother Mary, The Community of Saints, Above all The Holy Trinity. AMEN

  80. Our heartfelt prayers are united with Andrea’s families, and the CARITAS Community. It is sad losing a loved one, but what joy Andrea feels in heaven with Our Lord and Our Lady! God bless you all…..

  81. My sincere condolences to the Pipp family for losing such a beautiful person, wife and mother. She has been on my mind a lot the past few days. She was blessed to be surrounded by a community of love and faith. May her husband and children find peace and consolation during this time. God bless all of you for the love and support that is evident in the community of Caritas that extended to her family.

  82. So sorry to hear of this very sad news regarding Andrea and her baby. The rest of us need our faith to get us through this tragic event. One day God will tell us why: thorns live but roses die. God bless all the family and the Caritas community at this very sad time.

  83. I am deeply sorry and touched by the death of Andreas. May her soul and the soul of her unborn child rest in peace in heaven. Adreas continue to do your wonderful and courageous work when you get in heaven. Pray for those left behind to find peace with God our salvation. Your dedication to Almighty God has shown us that you were and still is the most precious gift God has ever given us. I read lot about you in this website and I consider myself lucky to be aquainted to this Medjugorje webpage. The impact that this website has on me and my life is incredible. May, God opens the doors of heaven for both of you and welcome you in his Kingdom. Pray for us that we seek God and follow him this Easter and keep him forever in our hearts. Assist us to prepare effectively and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit this Easter and subject ourselves to the traditions and readings of our great Catholic Church.

  84. Yes, a beautiful miracle has happened, two angels shine brightly in Heaven beside our Loving Lord and held softly in the arms of our beloved Mother. Such joy, yet such sadness for the family. May you receive many consolations. My prayers, and love. Sandi

  85. Thanks for sharing the life of my namesake. God’s will which surpasses ours in goodness and far sightedness has been fully revealed. We bow our heads in acceptance as repeat: ‘thy will be done’- the most perfect prayer of a Christian. Her death is like that of Lazarus- for the glory of God. united with you in both sorrow of losing her in her physicality while at the same time beaming with the joy of having accepted God’s will.

  86. My condolences to say for this family. and I Know she and her baby are in the presence of Christ now. God bless this family……..

  87. My deepest sympathy to Anthony and the children. Yesterday I was making the nine hrs. Novena to Infant Jesus, but little did I know that Andrea and the little baby were already in Heaven. Andrea pray for us we sinners back here on earth.

  88. My deepest sympathy to Andreas’ family. It is so sudden but it’s all in God’s time. Be strong Anthony for your children.

  89. Thank you for including all of us in Andrea’s and Antony’s jouney. The Community of Caritas is the most loving group of people I have ever met. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have known Andrea. Her husband and children could not be in a better place as they adjust to the changes in their lives. God Bless All of You. I will continue to keep all of you in my daily prayers. Much Love-Marybeth Albert

  90. I am so sad knew about Andrea’s pass away, my prayers are with you and her loved family. I am sure that with her sacrifice help save a thousand souls. God bless her family, and the Blessed Mother will be the mother of her children.

  91. My heart goes out to the family. But, what a blessing to meet Jesus on Palm Sunday with soft songs of joy, Hossana! I’ve always felt I knew Andrea for some reason, tho I never met her. Truly, christians are family. God bless her dear husband and children.

  92. To me, Caritas is Heaven on earth. You are God’s/Mary’s people. I cannot clearly remember Andrea, and that is my loss. But I cannot remember anyone at Caritas since 1992 that I have not felt the Love of God. Andrea goes to God in comfort knowing her family is in the hands of God, Mary, and Caritas. How precious it is to know mom is a Saint (I am not afraid to boast the power of love) and looking over me!

  93. Our Father in Heaven, by Your Holy Will Andrea and the baby are back into Heaven, on this Palm Sunday when we remember Your Son being recognized as a King, by ordinary people. Andrea’s life here looked ordinary but it was so full of everyday love for You and her family. She lived that love. Today You gave us all a touchable sign of the communion of saints by bringing her home to You, and by allowing this miracle of outpouring of love and prayers from around the world unite us all with Anthony, their children and the Caritas Community. Please keep them all in the Palm of Your Hand. May we all remember daily we are one in Christ.

  94. Coralee & Wayne Benson

    Dear Friends, I have joined the world in prayer for Andrea for weeks and am happy her trial is over. I would be joining all of you during this time of sadness and gladness for her funeral if we were already home from Guam. that will be in September 2012. Please know we will be visiting Caritas as soon as possible after we get home. Our hearts are with the Anthony and children. God Bless them all, cory and wayne

  95. Dear Friends at Caritas: I can only imagine the grief and the joy you must be feeling right now. The greif of those who loved her, the blessing of so many prayers,her absolute devotion to Our Holy Mother, the passing on Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. Thank you Caritas for the heavenly blessing you are. May she float on angel’s wings to the Heavenly abode where Jesus and Mary await— blessing and welcoming their sweet and faithful servant. You are all in my prayers as we grieve together, fused in love by our Lady, truly family in the Body of Christ. My love, thoughts and prayers are with you continually.

  96. Dear Anthony, and Caritas family, My heartfelt sympathy and prayers for you all… I was so sorry to hear of Andrea’s passing… I was praying for her and her baby last night in Adoration; that God’s will be done. My continued prayers for her family who mourns her loss… Such a beautiful person. Can’t be there in person, but you will be in my thoughts and prayers.. A devoted field angel,

  97. Andrea and baby will live in our hearts. What a beautiful message of choosing Life and loving Life! Death is swallowed up in victory! Andrea and baby entered the gates of Heaven. What a wonderful Pro-Life message to the world that was displayed in Andrea and her family! God is love! All the glory goes to Jesus and Our Lady of Medjugorje. Thank you for sharing Andrea’s story of life and love! Stephanie of Texas Right to Life

  98. Words are not enough to express my condolences. My prayers are with the dear family who lost their dear wife and mother

  99. What a lovely family! And everyone united in prayer with the same heart Thanks caritas for the update. My prayers are with her admirable husband and children. Rest in peace Andrea.

  100. Helen and Jerry Sheppard

    Dear Hudachek and Pipp famlies our hearts are filled with sadness for you and all at Caritas. We remember the beautiful Wedding celebration we attended for Anthony and Andrea. What a joyous memorie. It is also a joy to know that she is now united with God and all his heavenly angels. God Bless you all.You will be in our prayers during Holy Week.

  101. “A luminous light remains where a beautiful soul has passed”. Thinking of you all there, and grateful for the witness of love and faith you all so courageously demonstrate. Dear Anthony and family, so much love sent your way, as the light of Andrea remains in your hearts and illumines the community in which she lived. So much joy and sadness mixed together but what a beautiful witness to faith and true love as she and her baby enter the gates of Heaven ready to share the holiest time on Earth there in Heaven. How blessed we are to have our faith, how blessed to see it lived so beautifully there at Caritas. How deeply connected we truly are.

  102. Dear Anthony, I know Andrea is now with GOD and Our Bless Mother, this is our consolotion, no more pain, fear, or waiting, it is all come to pass as Our Lord willed, I shall pray for you and your children, My heart is broken, my faith is strong, GOD Bless all of you Anthony, Andrea and your children, your child will be waiting for you in heaven.

  103. Sadness in one hand. Joy in the other! For this Andrea came into the world and her journey through the door of her eternal home is complete. God created Andrea because He couldn’t help Himself, so great was His love for her. He couldn’t imagine eternity without her, and new blossom He placed in her womb. Now He has His hearts desire. O blessed journey! Such rejoicing in Heaven! O such deep sadness! How torn is the human heart! My prayers are with you all. Andrea, pray for us.

  104. My love and prayers are with Andrea’s family, her loved ones, friends and the whole community. It is wonderful that she had her loved ones with her when she went to meet our Heavenly Father. She is now praying for all of you, how powerful and beautiful! God Bless the whole community.

  105. Andrea is in Heaven know with Jesus her brother God her Father. What is nice is she didn’t go alone with her baby in her arm. May Andrea always be in complete joy in the Kingdom of heaven. I Pray for the ones who are in pain, her husband and her three children. When we lose someone to soon it really hurts. I hope thay have peace of earth. I will pray for Andrea’s family.

  106. Dear Community, we are all in this together. My thoughts and prayers are with you all and to Andrea’s family – the peace that only God can give. God bless you all – Joyce

  107. Thoughts and prayers are with Andrea’s family, also Jeff and his family on your loss. She will be in the arms of our blessed Lady and caring for all of you from above. My deepest sympathy, Marcia (a pilgrim from April 2010)

  108. Dear Community,not just in Caritas but throughout the world! As I read all the prayers for this beautiful family, I realize we are all of one heart! What a beautiful witness of Life and Love! May we all live Our Lady’s Message where God has planted us and be ever so thankful for such inspirition from this loving family and the comunity! I will be offering in Adoration and Mass for all this Holy week. May Our Lady of Peace and Jesus Christ the Returning King reign in our hearts forever!

  109. My prayers are with you Andrea and also your baby, you’re both no doubt at all gone straight to Heaven, my prayers are also with your family , I myself am very ill , I don’t know when I’ll ever get back to Medjugorje again, but soon some of my friends are going to Medjugorje on pilgrimage, I will have a Mass said for Andrea and her child, I pass on my condolences, to her family, and may God bless you all .

  110. I lost my father on Good Friday 1998, just seven months after he walked me down the aisle. It was very difficult but I know that our Lord had chosen that day to bring me comfort and peace. I am so very sorry for your loss and my heart is breaking. I will keep all of you in my prayers. May God grant all of you His Peace.

  111. Bridget and Michael Adcock

    How fitting that Andrea and their baby would enter the gates of heaven on this Palm Sunday. We are told that God’s ways are not our ways. The world would not understand Andrea’s and Anthony’s firm decision to make this choice of life. The world would question these values, not understanding the impact of obedience and full consent to God’s will. We know differently. We know that by Andrea’s and Anthony’s obedience to God and full submission to His will that not only are their souls in Heaven, but thousands and possibly more, of other souls that are saved through this beautiful act of love. We cannot fully understand now but someday we will. We keep all of the family in our prayers as well as the entire community of Caritas who mourn their loss. We will be with you at the wake and funeral in spirit and prayer. May our Blessed Mother, the Holy Trinity, and all the angels and saints be with you all in this bittersweet time. Bridget and Mike Adcock

  112. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Andrea. We know she and her baby are with God and the Blessed Mother. She fought a good fight and I know she offered it all up for the sins of the world. Do not loose faith dear husband and always know how much she loved you and your children. God bless all of you.

  113. I have been blessed to watch Andrea grow up. Her dear brother Joe is married to my daughter Jenny. Andrea was a MOST LOVING Mother and a very beautiful young woman, inside and out, very sweet and humble and so like OUR LADY- a TRUE inspiration to all ! I loved her. My heart goes out to her wonderful family and feel we all have a new SAINT in HEAVEN ! You will be forever in my daily prayers.

  114. Dave & Mary Groff

    How can one’s heart break with sadness, yet rejoice at the same time! We are without words. We unite our hearts with yours asking for the consolation that only Jesus and Mary can give. Our hearts are filled with love for you! Dave &Mary

  115. RIP Andrea and baby. May Our Lady receive you both into her loving arms and take you to Her Son. My very sincere condolences to Andrea’s family and to all the community members with whom Andrea shared her life. May The Lord bring His peace to all.

  116. this precious woman and mother,and her baby will be missed by her family,grant them the peace knowing that they are in Heaven with Jesus

  117. Thank you for sharing and may this be a powerful witness to all of us…how life is fleeting… Blessing to this beautiful family.

  118. peter patrick glancy campbell

    We are all only passing through this human step towards Jesus. Life for us here ….is but a blink of an eye to Heaven and eternity, Andrea is now awaiting with all her family and friends to be united once again through the sacred heart of Jesus and Mother Mary. May she rest in joy and peace with God and all his angels, say hello to my daughter Barbara who went to lord on 4th march 2010 r.i.p in God’s house amen

  119. Dear Anthony and family: I offered my Palm Sunday Mass, Holy Hour and prayers all day for Andrea hoping for the best. God knows what is best. I’m very sad to learn that Andrea died but she us in a better place and we have to accept God’s will. May his peace be granted to all of you and I will always keep your family in my prayers. God bless all of you.

  120. Dear Anthony and babies, What a terrible loss you are going through…. there are no words to help yet what a wonderful day to go to Heaven being welcomed like Jesus was in Jerusalem. My continued prayers for you Anthony as you are truly walking “the way of the cross”. Love and prayers, Susan

  121. Thank you for allowing us to share with the Caritas Family in the passing of Andrea and her baby into eternal life. All of our prayers acompanied her and I am sure that she sensed all the love that surounded her here on earth. I grieve for your loss and pray that Anthony and his little ones and the entire Community will be granted solace and consolation in the love of Our Lady.

  122. Steve and Betty Ring

    Long before we are ready We sadly say goodbye But there are those in a far more beautiful place Who are saying “Welcome Home!” God bless Andrea and her beautiful family! He is surely holding you close to His Heart!

  123. I am so sorry to hear the sad news of Andrea’s death R.I.P. My sympathy goes to the Caritas Community and to Andrea’s family. What joy there must be in Heaven to-day welcoming Andrea and her little baby. I’m sure Our Lady of Medjugorje came to meet Andrea. She now has lots of little angels to be with her baby. It is so sad for her husband and little family that she had to leave them but God will look after them and Andrea will too.

  124. may Andreas soul rest in eternal peace and my prayers go to her husband and the little children may they find peace in our Lord. Just keep all her good memories with you and she will be looking after you from above.

  125. You all are in my prayers and will continue to be, especially Andrea’s family. I have been listening to the song from the CD “This is Her Time” and a Friend of Medjugorje says “your witness is critical” and about being like the stars in the night that are silent but say everything by their brilliance. I think the whole song can be applied to Andrea as she was also faced with a question, although different, about her unborn baby. Watching all of this unfold, Andrea’s and Anthony’s witness has been one of courage, faith, hope, perseverance and love. It makes me want to live like that. Everyone in the community has always been and continues through this difficult time to be such an inspiration. I can’t help but smile through the tears when I think that Heaven arranged, maybe as an extra joy, that Andrea would have one of her children with her. God Bless and I love you all!

  126. I am brokenhearted for Anthony, the children, family and your community. I am sure Our Lady welcomed her with open arms. My prayers and thoughts are with you all.

  127. You and your family are in my thoughts… Every vain thing in life disappeared when reading about your last days. Crying, i chose a random medjugorje message and what i got was this: do not worry for them… Everything is in God’s plan….how beautiful is that? I hope your life becomes a message for all mothers. I hope your husband’s dedication becomes a message to all fathers…Jesus… When we go through this coming Holy Friday, remember to pin down every sorrow of this family

  128. The Love of God will embrace the family in this time of sorrow and enternal life and peace be forever granted to Andrea and her little angel. The family will be in my daily prayers. God Bless their lives and strength their faith.

  129. My heart is broken – and joyful. Now you have two more saints in heaven. I know you won’t forget, but heaven is right beside us and Andrea and the baby are right beside you. As always, the Community is in my heart and prayers. Today and through Easter, the Hudaceks and Pipps especially. With the Love of Jesus and His Mother, Kathy

  130. My heart goes out to her and your entire community at Caritas! May God be with you during this difficult time. She and her unborn baby will now be with Our Lady in Heaven. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes that is difficult to understand. We don’t know why God takes our loved one from us early then we would like and we will not know the reason until we are joined once again with them in Heaven. May God Bless you with his fatherly love! I will be praying for you All! All our Love and God Bless The Parkers

  131. Oh look at that beautiful young Mother! She looks like an angel already; and now lives among them. How beautiful is your lives there in Caritas and I’m sure will be a comfort for her loved ones left behind. I will be with you at 4:00 Wednesday as you celebrate her life, holiness, and love for her husband and children. Yes, I feel a part of your beautiful community as I read your letters explaining how you live, work, and obey our Blessed Mother.

  132. May she rest in peace. She’s free of pain and suffering. She is now united with our Creator. For her family you will be in my prayers. For the Caritas community thank you for updating us and she is truly an inspirational for her strong Faith in God and her courage for her trials in life. God Bless you all.

  133. Praise God! Praise God! In all things give Him praise. We know that Andrea and her baby, which I have spiritually adopted is now in the arms of our Savior Jesus Christ, and I have no doubt in my mind that our Lady was there in her last moments, taking her by the hand and leading her home. My prayers are for Anthony, their children & the Community of Caritas. Love Judy

  134. My heart is breaking for this beautiful family but I know God is with them and we do not know His plans. May she rest in peace along with that sweet baby. You are all in my prayers!

  135. i just opened my e-mail and found this message of Andrea. She will be in my prayers at mass tomorrow. may she rest in peace with Our Lady ans Son.. God Bless carmen

  136. My husband died on Palm Sunday, 1986. Holy Week has always been a reminder… of the sorrow that comes with loss…and of the promise of the Resurrection. God bless.

  137. May the Lord bless her and her baby. My sorrows go to Anthony, children, and both sets of parents. May you be blest as you walk with our Lord to His death, and carry Andrea’s light in her raising. You all have inspired the world with your faith, thank you for sharing

  138. Sergio (Speedy) Ochoa

    I’m so sorry about Andrea’s death. I was praying and hoping that she would make it. But Jesus wanted her more than we did. May Andrea rests in peace. I know that she’s at a better place. She’s home with Jesus and Mary and with all the Angels and Saints. God’s children…God bless….Love, Speedy……

  139. George and Pat Carpenter

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Caritas community, especially her husband and children. We are so sorry for your loss. It was certainly heavens gain!

  140. My heartfelt condolences go out to Andrea’s husband, children, family and the Caritas Community Family. I grieve with you in the loss of this beautiful young wife, mother, daughter, friend, community member. Somehow, though I did not know her, she touched my heart and the tears flow, mingled with the many tears which are being shed in that she is no longer with you, yet peaceful in the knowledge that she and her child are with our Precious Lord. May He comfort and console you in this time of parting.

  141. May God grant Andrea eternal life and salvation,may she rest in peace with her baby.,and may God grant her husband ,her parents and her children the strength to go through this hard time and may God and the virgin Mary keep all of you under their loving wings. Therese

  142. Anthony and your 3 little Angels I am so sad for youll and Her mother mary , What a great loss . My heart aches so deep for all of you ! I know She is Glowing in Heaven . Youll have carried a heavy Cross with such courage and youll are in my prayers daily and from now on ! Mary I know How you as a mother feels ! I lost a 19 year old son who was killed instantly in 1991 on April 12, Didnt think I could get through that shock but I Prayed daily many times a day Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on me ! This helped me so much and brought me Through . I instantly thought of Our Mother Mary what she felt and I could feel her Pain . My Son was walking to work and He was Hit by a car and thrown 62 feet in the air and this happened 5 minutes from my house He had just left and said By Moma I love you then I got word he was dead ! So I Do know how you feel right now and you Mary are in my Heart and I feel Your hurt ! My son was so meek and loved everyone he came in contact with an So did andrea

  143. I didnt know Andrea personally, but I have been reading about her and praying for her, I feel so sad, and for her family, and her little baby too, but knowing that she will now be watching over her family from heaven,she looked a beautiful lady,and her journey on earth touched a lot of people around the world, so glad she got to be in the presence of our lady,my heart is with you all, Godbless.

  144. My husband & I wish to send condolence to Andrea’s husband and her entire family and the family of Caritas Community. On Tuesday my prayer group will be here and we had planned to pray the rosary for our country. We will pray for Andrea to join us for all of you there as well. My husband & I will be continuing to keep all of you in our rosary each day. May Andrea rest in God’s arms this Holy week of Easter. We will be remembering you as Holy Week progresses. Thank you for letting us know about her death. Heaven is receiving a beautiful woman/mother with child.

  145. God is Blessing You Andrea,for staying close to Him and You now know it was all worth it.Remember us who have to suffer awhile longer,so we can also say yes it was worth it.Our prayers are with You Ron

  146. Maggie TimmerMa

    Heaven has gained two beautiful souls this day! My tears and prayers go out to her family and community left behind.

  147. Joan and Carl Parlatore

    We must submit ourselves to God’s will especially when we don’t like it. That being said, passing from this life on Palm Sunday must be a sign. We pray that Andrea’s entrance in to heaven included the waving of Palms by all the faithfully departed! We will continue to pray for Andrea and her family and we know that she will be praying for us! Love, Joanie and Carl Parlatore

  148. I now know why I awoke this morning about that time with a sense of — perhaps need — on my heart; I pray the Divine Mercy for Andrea and her family, including Intercessors, and a special Hail Mary for the third hour before her death, an ancient tradition. Godspeed, Andrea and baby; pray back for all of us!

  149. Anthony, words might not heal the pain of losing someone who was close to you. May God’s blessing and memories of your loved one support you forever..My deepest sympathy….Andrea you are with Jesus and Mother Mary pray for us….

  150. Maria Fitzsimons

    I am so so sad to hear that. Thought of her in mass this morning. Tears rolling down my face thinking of Children she has left behind and her poor husband. God has a reason. Don’t know the reason but believe in the reason. God bless you all. xxx

  151. Dolores A. Landry

    My heart hurts for her agony, my heart is full of thanksgiving for Andrea’s life here on earth. I am grateful God gave me the opportunity to meet Andrea and Anthony to pray with them for them and for them bestowing blessings on me. I am thankful that before her death she lay surrounded by her family and loved ones, ensconced in the warmth of their love and by prayers the world over. My soul is joyful her passing was peaceful, my soul rejoices Andrea and her unborn baby are now face to face with Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the saints in heaven for eternity! My thoughts and prayers are with Anthony, their children, family and Caritas family. Godspeed.

  152. How my prayers go out to Andrea and her family! Such a beautiful woman with a beautiful family. I will bind her husband and her precious little ones and all of her family to my daily prayers for all times. You can just see love and beauty radiate from her picture. Thank you for sharing her story.

  153. May you rest in peace Andrea. I so hoped the outcome would be different but at the same time I rejoice that you are in Heaven with your baby. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  154. So Sad to hear of this beautiful Mom Andrea departing so early in life. Gods Mercy to have layed Palms for her and her child to enter His Kingdom in this day he chosed. I can feel her Love, warmth & her smile warms my heart. Know that my continual prayers are with you all at Caritas always. Love Of Our Most Holy Trinity, Mary, Our Most Holy Mother. Hugs of Love Michele Bruno

  155. Jorge Hernandez

    Lord, hear my humble prayer; in your mercy, bring to You the soul of your servant Mrs. Andrea Doris Pipp, whom you have summoned fron this world. Call her to be numbered in the fellowship of your saints. I ask this through Christ our Lord. in His Name, amen.- (To her family left behind, I am truly sorry for your loss, though you may rest convinced that we all will have a glorious and happy reunion with all our loved ones that preceded us in the return to 0ur Father in Heaven.)

  156. When I first read about Andrea my heart and prayers went out to the family and I gave their names to our Prayer Group. To hear of Our Lord’s decision is bitter sweet. But, I also know that Andrea and her baby are truly happy now. Your community gives us such an awesome example of what true followers of Christ are like. Thank you for being that example for the millions that follow Caritas throughout the world. My prayers of consolation are with Andrea’s family. God is awesome and we now have two more angels in heaven! God Bless You All! May the Holy Face of Jesus Shine Upon You All as you continue this walk! In the arms of Jesus and Mary, Lydia

  157. Dearest Anthony and Beloved Caritas Community Members I just heard the news and my heart stopped, though God makes no mistakes, this is a hard pill to swallow. It is only because I know of Our Lady’s daily apparitions thru Caritas’ hard work, that I can absorb this bittersweet news with the joy of knowing that Andrea and baby are in heaven with Our Lady. And I know that as much as Andrea loved Anthony, her children, and all of you she would not trade being in Heaven for anything in this world. Caritas, you now have your special angel/saint in heaven interceding on your behalf. Expect tons of miracles to come your way because of Andrea’s intercessions. I offered up my Psalm sunday mass and holy hour for Andrea healing or transition…not knowing she was already in Heaven. May the Joy of the Lord and Our Lady be your strength. I will be with you all in spirit this week and will continue to pray for the graces of Holy Week to fall on each one of you. I love U & thank God 4 each of You

  158. We KNOW as fervant Roman Catholics that Andrea and her baby are peacefully, lovingly AND HAPPILY resting in the arms of their PRECIOUS LORD in HEAVEN!!!!!! May GOD in Heaven Bless the rest of us so we also may reach this ultimate goal at the end of OUR lives!!!!!

  159. So sorry to hear of Andrea’s passing, she is very happy now and at peace in the Lord’s presence. We can pray to her to intercede with Our Lady for us. May her gentle soul R.I.P Amen

  160. Sometimes God’s will is not for us to be understood momentarily , it brings pain precisely because we don’t understand. At that time all that is left for us tp accept and trust that He only wants for is what is best. May God grant us all the grace to accept His will in silence and peace.

  161. So very sorry for both of your loses. Lots of thoughts, hugs and prayers are being sent your way. Andrea was a TRUE inspiration to us all.

  162. Caritas, you now have two more devoted Saints to intercede for your work in Heaven. Please send our love and prayers on to Anthony and the children as well as to all the Community members. For Andrea, such a sweet face, and the beautiful baby in the womb, we feel a loss even though we’ve never met them. God’s will is perfect. Lots of love sent to you all.

  163. Mike and Sherry

    Dear Anthony, children, Mary, Mark, Robin, Jeff and Caritas Community, Our heart-felt prayers and thoughts are with you all. Andrea’s witness of her life and her death has and will continue to touch the lives of many. Her’s was a heroic and self-less act of love….what wondrous love is this! Our deepest sympathy and loving presence stretching across the miles to each of you. Peace and Love of Our Lady, Sherry and Mike

  164. May her soul Rest in Peace & sincere sympathy to all family & friends during this very sad lost. She is safe in the arms of our Lord Jesus & our beloved Mother Mary.

  165. Medjugorje is the closest place to Heaven on earth. I have taken pilgrims there for 5 years until I was 70. I can see that Andrea was one of God’s chosen ones. How Blessed she is to take her baby to see Jesus just like Mary did for Elizabeth. The world will be a better place becaus of Andrea and her family. Blessings on the family of Caritas for being there when needed.

  166. Colleen Johnson

    I am so aggrieved to learn of Andrea’s passing, for her children, for her husband, for the rest of the community at Caritas. My prayers for her had intensified over the past three days; now I know why this was so. I trust that the suffering her death has caused will serve to expiate any number of wrongs in this world, and thus to glorify the Lord, but my heart breaks for all of you at the same time.

  167. Paul and Barbara Doner

    Dear Anthony, children, parents, family and community, We have prayerfully followed Andrea’s journey of faith and preparation for heaven. We now send our condolences and more prayers to all of you. We are very sorrowful to lose a beautiful young woman from us also knowing that she walked into the waiting arms of Jesus and Mary. We will follow the preparations and events of celebrating her and the new baby’s lives from here; but just because we can’t be there in person, just know we are there with you in spirit. We send you all our love, Paul and Barb Doner

  168. Alyce & Michael Reiner

    Eternal rest grant unto her Oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her; may her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed through the Mercy of God rest in peace. You are all in our prayers in this difficult moment. May the peace of Christ which is beyond all human understanding come upon you and remain with you forever.

  169. May Andrea and her baby rest in peace in the Arms of Our Blessed Mother and Our Savior Jesus Christ in the Heavenly realm that was created for them before they were born. With love and sadness, Marlene.

  170. my prayers are with you all at this sad time and happy that andrea is now in the presence of our blessed lord and our lady.

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