Our Lady of Medjugorje’s July 2, 2014 Message Given on the Day for Nonbelievers

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s July 2, 2014 Message
Given through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers


“Dear children, I, the mother of all of you gathered here and the mother of the entire world, am blessing you with a motherly blessing and call you to set out on the way of humility. That way leads to the coming to know the love of my Son. My Son is almighty, He is in everything. If you, my children, do not become cognizant of this, then darkness/blindness rule in your soul. Only humility can heal you. My children, I always lived humbly, courageously and in hope. I knew, I became cognizant that God is in us and we are in God. I am asking the same of you. I desire for all of you to be with me in eternity, because you are a part of me. I will help you on your way. My love will envelop you like a mantle and make of you apostles of my light – of God’s light. With the love that comes forth from humility you will bring light to where darkness/blindness rule. You will be bringing my Son who is the light of the world. I am always alongside your shepherds and I pray that they may always be an example of humility for you. Thank you.”

* Remember There is Still More to Come:


A Friend of Medjugorje is still working on a major writing for the July 2 message. The writing will be released here in the next few days. Please keep it in prayer, as these writings continue to be a major source of insight to the message, and many say that it leads to a much greater understanding of Our Lady’s message. This will be no different. Keep checking Medjugorje.com for more.

Be sure to listen to the
Radio Wave show, with A Friend of Medjugorje for more real-life, and in-depth insight for today’s July 2 message from Our Lady. To listen to the July 2, 2014 show titled, “Goodbye Will Break My Heart”, visit here…

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