Last Night’s Broadcast – Waking Up a Lot of People

February 1, 2019 A.D.

The following was a feedback we received after last night’s Mejanomics special broadcast with a Friend of Medjugorje titled, Diabolical Speed of Evil:


February 1, 2019, 12:09 AM

“Dear Beloved Family,

“The Mejanomics show today was very powerful and insightful. I truly hope that A Friend of Medjugorje’s words wake up a lot of people, because it is truly alarming the speed that evil is progressing. The rollback on abortion among the states is very troubling and tragic. People are not understanding the signs of the times, especially, the strange weather patterns that God is starting to gravely chastise us for our sins. God will not be mocked! I truly believe that Trump is our last fighting chance to turn things around. Trump is taking publicly the brunt of the enemy’s forces and I pray for him. I hope that he knows in his heart that he is loved by many people and that he is doing the right things, even though it looks like the world is against him. I plan to spread your show on my social media.

“God bless your mission and everything that you do for Our Lady.”

In Christ’s Love,
Diana from California

Anyone can tune into the news, but not anyone can get to the truth of the, “who, what, and why” we are seeing so many things happening as such a fast pace. Spread this Mejanomics special with a Friend of Medjugorje to all your family, friends, prayer group members, mail lists and social media. Last night’s broadcast is only for adults. Visit here to listen or download last night’s broadcast titled, Diabolical Speed of Evil
Caritas of Birmingham
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Mejanomics: Diabolical Speed of Evil

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  1. The broadcast gave the listeners a very wide and deep perspective of how the evil one has carried out its plan for a long time now. He is not anymore the ugly repulsive creature in past generations. Evil now appears desirable, dressed in elegant corporate suit, cheering its advances in the battle. I am happy that I just found greater courage after listening to it. I used to be apologetic, “considerate” about my faith expressions. For instance, I would not perform the sign of the cross in the presence of born-again Christians. When non-Christians are present in an assembly, I would omit Christ and address God as God — the more “generic” way of acknowledging Him. But this attitude, this apology, this tolerance has worked against us. Before we realized it, the enemy has advanced to our territory like a Trojan horse, attacking us from within. So I am not apologizing anymore. I am advancing or charging forward, with the Blessed Mother, while there is still time, in this period of grace.

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