Kneeling and praying before a Crucifix


The Bible tells us to rejoice in and take joy in the measure of Christ’s suffering we share (1 Peter 4:13). Kneeling and praying before a Crucifix relieves us, brings us joy, and makes us whole. Our Lady surprisingly has asked for the “Joyful” Mysteries to be said before the Crucifix many times.


A Cross by St. James Church in Medjugorje

February 27, 1989

“…Tonight when you go home, pray the Joyful Mysteries in front of the Crucifix.”


March 8, 1989

“…Tonight when you come home, pray the Joyful Mysteries in front of the Crucifix.”


 Praying in front of the Crucifix not only brings joy but also teaches us to love. The Crucifix symbolizes the essence of love – Jesus, giving Himself so completely for others. This is a source of untold conversions. The love symbolized on the Crucifix teaches us to give ourselves to others so completely that through God’s graces, we ourselves become a source of conversions. The visionary, Marija, carries a heavy cross and yet she has said that Our Lady has given her the gift of love. Those close to Marija constantly see her give herself to others without reserve, even when she is exhausted. Marija keeps smiling and giving.

We learn how to give while before the Crucifix. To give the highest degree of oneself as Jesus did, even when exhausted, will convert your spouses, your children, your friends, and the world. You become a server rather than a receiver. You become love. 

The love of the world teaches us to serve ourselves, to attend to our needs first or at least as equally as we tend to others’ needs. This selfish love is not the love Our Lady wishes us to receive. Our Lady and Jesus want us to receive Divine Love to be able to give of ourselves without limit and carry our crosses. We can understand what this means before the Crucifix and we will be able to receive Divine Love in the proportion to which we understand it. Our Lady says:

February 22, 1986

“…You will be able to receive Divine Love only in proportion to when you understand that, on the cross, God offers you His immense love.”


Friend of Medjugojre

Taken from “In Front of the
Crucifix With Our Lady

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  1. Mary, answering your question below, please see the link above the title. You will find the Facebook, Twitter, Email and ShareThis links there. God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  2. I never knew about Medjugorje till this year. I would like to send this message out on Face Book. I need the link to spread the word of Jesus. Would you fix this so I can spread this message.This was a good sermon/homily. The Blessed Mother changed my rosary from solid purple to have a rose on each bead after I visited the Holy Spirit Center in Cincinatti,Ohio when I went to visit Aug 30/2014. I knew I could not afford Medjugorje at this time. I would like to bring my husband, non-Catholic, and my son, does not believe in the Catholic church anymore. He has two concussions last year. Never healed from headache every day. Still praying for both of their conversions.I am spreading the word the best way I can. I carry the Rosary Information about the 4 mysteries with the pictures, and virtue gained by this mystery. I carry the Divine Mercy Chaplet too. I give them out where ever I go. What else can I do? I will see about a donation.Thank you for your help.Mary A Purple

  3. Precious, powerful, perfect words that say it all for we apostles! Looks like I just found the perfect CD for Christmas gifts to the Bishop and parish priests. Oh thank you Friend of Medjugorje. Do I have your permission to burn a copy of your whole message?God Bless you all and Merry Christmas!

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