July 5, 2008 with Marija at Caritas

July 5, 2008 with Marija at Caritas


** July 5, 2008 **


The last apparition of Our Lady, for the July 1-5 event, took place on July 5, 2008 in the Bedroom. During the week many pilgrims inquired about Our Lady’s Special Blessing of conversion and if they would be able to receive it during the week. Everyone was told to wait until the end of the five days. While A Friend of Medjugorje was speaking to the pilgrims before Rosary in the morning, the question came up again. Though arrangements had been put into place concerning blessing everyone with Our Lady’s blessing in the Field after the Rosary, A Friend of Medjugorje thought it may be possible to ask Our Lady to bless everyone with Her Special Blessing in today’s apparition. Incredibly, Our Lady agreed to this invitation, much to the great surprise and joy of everyone who were present in the Field. What greater gift could the pilgrims receive as they returned home, encouraged to be Our Lady’s extended hands, than the Motherly Blessing of Our Lady who desires to change hearts through this blessing.

To order the booklet about Our Lady’s Special Blessing, A Blessing to Help Save the World
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Marija’s Apparition in the Bedroom on July 5, 2008

The apparition was in the Bedroom today with just the Community of Caritas present. There were several thousand pilgrims gathered in the Field, praying the Rosary in unison with the Community present in the Bedroom. Before the apparition began, A Friend of Medjugorje asked Marija to ask Our Lady if it would be possible for Her to give Her Motherly Special Blessing to all those gathered in the Field. Our Lady appeared in the Bedroom of the Apparitions at 11:48 a.m. The apparition lasted three minutes. The following is Marija’s description of the apparition.

Our Lady blessed us all. Our Lady prayed over us and She blessed us. She also blessed all those gathered in the Field. She also blessed all of our religious articles. I recommended all of our intentions, especially I recommended all the sick people. And afterwards I said, ‘Terry asked me about the Special Blessing.’ Our Lady smiled and said: 

“Today I give you my Motherly Blessing, take it to your homes, to your families.” 

Click Here to Listen to the July 5, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast

Click Here to Download to the July 5, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast

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2 thoughts on “July 5, 2008 with Marija at Caritas”

  1. This man is seriously deluded . He seems to think the Virgin Mary sends personal messages to HIM,through the visionary Mirjana .And he portends to be some leader and prophet that is qualifiedto teach us all what to think andhow to live our lives.I don’t think this situation is goingto end well, down the road. Just sayin’

  2. patricia F. wutke

    this is the third time I am writing, I cannot hear well and would like a transcription of the readings but I can never get them, please help, Pat

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